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HolyGhost Night December 2019 Prayer Points Pastor Adeboye

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God Bless you

HolyGhost Night December 2019 Prayer Pastor Adeboye

Final Night


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God Bless you


1. Father in the name of Jesus anyone who will not allow me to reach the goals of my life Lord deal with them the way you want, Enough is enough, if you want to drown them drown them, father just deal with them the way you want.

2. I Decree that tonight anyone who is stopping your joy, they won’t see the new year in Jesus Name

Jeremiah 3:3 Psalms 50:14&15

Tonight we are going to call on Him to send to us Destiny Helpers when Bartimaeus cried, Jesus said to Him, because the crowd who were telling him to keep quiet where the ones sent to Him. Jesus said Go and bring Him when they got to Him, he started prophesying, but they told him to be of good comfort for today your darkness will soon be over, be of good comfort as the one calling you said he will never leave you nor forsake you. Be of good comfort as your barrenness is over, the one calling you is the fruitful vine

1 Samuel 15:11 God sent a destiny helper, and when a destiny helper comes to you from God, the turn around will happen to you suddenly, urgently, irresistibly. 1 Kings 19: 15-21 God sent a helper to Elisha, He thought he will die as a farmer but God said I have something greater for you.

3. Father in the name of Jesus send helpers of destiny to me wherever they may be send them to me Lord. Those who will help me reach my goal send them to me send destiny helpers to me oh Lord, I know they are many out there Lord send helpers to me, don’t let them rest, quickly let them come to my help. Let them come urgently, Lord send them to me. Those who will help my destiny from the East from the West, from the south from the North send them to me.

Blind Bartimaeus threw his garment, that garment of shame, barrenness you won’t wear it again in the mighty name of Jesus. When God speaks trice on an issue, its because the matter is important. When he says Very Very I say unto you, it means you should pay attention. Habakkuk 2:4 Roman 1:17, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38 Four times God said, the just shall live by faith. And He promised in Joel 2:26-27 He said my people shall not be ashamed. God is talking to someone tonight, you will not be ashamed. But the just shall live by faith. you have to believe the word of God, when the word of God comes to you, grab it like your own by faith, testimony will follow.

4. Father, i believe you for my turn around if my faith is not enough help my unbelief


Then blind Bartimaeus came to Jesus and the most crucial part Jesus told Him what do you want? and he said let darkness leave me. Luke 13:11-17,

5. Father tell forces of darkness to leave me alone, father command forces of darkness to leave me alone, leave my children alone, father command forces of darkness leave me alone In Jesus Name. Forces of darkness  stay away from me and my family and those around me in Jesus name

Daddy said someone listening, some of your testimonies will not only be great, but some will also frighten you. Daddy said relax, what God has planted in your life will stay permanently in Jesus name

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Blind Bartimaeus said I want to see, and Jesus issues a decree, Let there be light, suddenly darkness disappeared. Genesis 1:1 Psalms 33:8 and 9

Daddy said there is someone here, I am going to open the door of the Dam of blessing to you, but He said you must be careful how you handle the flood of the blessings. The blessings will come like a flood, be careful how you handle when it comes

Tonight Daddy said I should give you 5 minutes, to ask for anything, don’t ask small things ask things that only God can do if you like waste the 5 minutes but if you like ask something very serious. Go to God now in prayer and pray it seriously.

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