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RCCG Digging Deep Topic 3 January 2023 Blessed is The Man Text: Psalms 1:1

RCCG Digging Deep Topic 3 January 2023

TOPIC: Blessed is The Man


Text: Psalms 1:1


There is a difference between the meanings of the word “Blessing” and “types of blessings”. What is the meaning of blessing? How many types of blessing do you know?

There are three categories of blessings:-
a) Physical
b) Soulish
c) Spiritual

A. PHYSICAL: include among others; Money, Servants, Cars, Buses, Animals, Wealth
Etc. Genesis 24:35.
a. Health – Exodus 23:25
b. Large estate i.e. plenty of landed property – Isaiah 30:32
c. Large harvest or sufficient Income – Amos 9:13
d. Ability to make money – Deuteronomy 8:18
e. Sound sleep – Psalms 127:2
f. Protection from enemies – Isaiah 25:4

B. SOULISH: blessing include among others:-
a. Honour, fame popularity, l Kings 3:13
b. Promotion – I Samuel 2:7
c. Rest of mind – Matthew 11:28
d. Wisdom – Daniel 2:21, Ecclesiastes 2:26

a. Glorious Name – Isaiah 56:4-5
b. Ability to know God – Jeremiah 24:7
c. A soft heart – Ezekiel 11:19
d. The Holy Spirit and His gifts – Luke 11:13, I Cor. 12:4-20
e. Eternal Life John 10:28
f. Spiritual crown Revelation – 2:10
g. Hope – Proverb 14:32, Heb. 6:18-19, Titus 2:13
h. Divine kingship – Revelation 1:5-6
i. Answered prayer – Psalms 91:15, Isaiah 65:24.

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