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Being Extracts from the Day 1 Sermon of Pastor E.A Adeboye during the RCCG Young Miniters’ Retreat (YMR) Conference 2023

You see, when you read the Book of Acts of the Apostles Chapter 6, from Verse 1 downwards.

The Bible tells us that when the work of God began to expand and there were Problems about the Distributions of Materials, Somebody brought a Suggestion that they should appoint some People who will be helping with the Distribution of food.

And then the Bible said that they choose seven (7) People and they mentioned certain names – One of the names they mentioned was Stephen.

Then they said that: Stephen, a Man full of the Holy Spirit and Power!

Now, you may just read that one and gloss over it. But the heart of a Mathematician in me asked the Question: What do you mean?

On the Day of Pentecost, they were all filled and everybody was full.

So, how come now that you are talking about a Man full of the Holy Spirit?

And then, I got the Understanding – “There is “Full” and there is “Full” – Full differs from Full.

The tyre of a car is full of air but the amount of air you put into the tyre of a car is not the same that you put into the tyre of an Aeroplane.

The tyre of a car is about to carry just a “Small Car” that will carry maybe about five (5) People.

But the tyre of an Aeroplane is about to carry a Giant; carrying at times as much as five hundred (500) People, travelling at an Extraordinary Great Speed.

And from my little Knowledge of Mathematics, I know that there is something called “Kinetic Energy” – Which is a Multiplication of the weight and the square of the Speed with which that thing is travelling.

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NOTES: Kinetic Energy is the energy of Motion, observable as the movement of an Object or Subatomic Particle. Every moving Object and Particle have Kinetic Energy.

And when I calculated the Kinetic Energy of a Boeing 747 Plane, travelling at a Speed of about 500Km/Hr Landing, the Force with which it lands is not like a car just travelling on the road.

And yet when that massive Plane lands; it lands on its tyres – The tyre bumps up and down and says to the Plane: Is that all you can do?

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NOTES: *The Boeing 747 is a large, long-range wide-body airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes in the United States. After introducing the 707 in October 1958, Pan Am wanted a jet 2+1⁄2 times its size, to reduce its seat cost by 30% to democratize air travel.

There is a difference between soaking in the Rain Casually and Soaking it in that even in a crowd, He will Pick you out just as it Picked out Stephen!


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