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Daily Walk With Christ COCIN Devotional FRIDAY 20TH JANUARY 2023

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Daily Walk With Christ COCIN Devotional FRIDAY 20TH JANUARY 2023


Daily Walk With Christ COCIN Devotional
Daily Walk With Christ COCIN Devotional
TEXT: JUDGES 8:22-28.
22 The *Israelites asked Gideon to be their king. They said, ‘Rule over us, you and your sons. You have saved us from the rule of Midian’.
23 But Gideon said to them, ‘I will not rule over you. Nor will my son rule over you. The *Lord will rule over you’.
24 He said, ‘I will ask for one thing. Will each of you give me one ear-ring from the riches you have taken? (The Ishmaelites wore gold ear-rings.)
25 They answered, ‘We are happy to give them to you’. So they put a coat on the ground. Every man threw a ring on to it.
26 The weight of all the rings was 1700 shekels (about 40 pounds or 19 kilos in weight). They also had many other valuable things. They had *ornaments and rich clothes from the Kings of Midian. And they took the rich *ornaments from the necks of the *camels.
27 Gideon made the gold into a beautiful *ephod. He put this in Ophrah, his own town. All the *Israelites came and *worshipped the *ephod. They made it into a false god. It pulled Gideon and his family away from the true God.
28 Midian could not fight *Israel again. While Gideon was alive, *Israel kept Midian down. The land had *peace for 40 years.

MESSAGE: Daily Walk With Christ COCIN Devotional

Good leadership and followership enhances peace. Gideon led Israel with some exceptional qualities that they wanted his lineage to continue ruling them. But Gideon pointed them to the divine leadership of God, “The Lord will rule over you”. Gideon then made an ephod, an apron worn by the priests and placed it as a symbol of God’s authority. So, Israel enjoyed peace for many years.
Sorrowfully, İsrael turned this ephod into an idol. Today, some leaders fail to point people to God; instead they become the object of worship. Others would want to perpetuate themselves in office even when their followers reject them. We are in dire need of selfless and patriotic leaders for peace to reign. Be one!

REFLECTION: Daily Walk With Christ COCIN Devotional

Allow God to rule through you.
Lord, rule and grant us peace in the land. Amen.
“The God of peace be with you all. Amen”.
Daily Walk With Christ COCIN Devotional FRIDAY 20TH JANUARY 2023

COCIN stands for the Church of Christ in Nations. It is a Christian denomination based in Nigeria. The church was founded in 1948 by the Rev. Dr. Domingo B. Martins and is known for its strong emphasis on education and community development. COCIN is also known for its biblical literalism and conservative stance on social issues. It is considered one of the largest Christian denominations in Nigeria and has a presence in several other African countries.
The leader of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) is known as the President. The President is elected by the general assembly of the church, which is made up of representatives from the various local churches and districts. The President serves for a term of four years and can be re-elected for a second term. The President is the head of the church, and presides over the meetings of the general assembly and the executive council, which is the highest decision-making body of the church. He also serves as the spiritual leader of the church, and is responsible for the overall direction and guidance of the church.

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