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Day 1 Prayer Points Winners Church 2023 21 Day fast

Day 1 Prayer Points Winners Church 2023 21 Day fast

Winners Church
Winners Church

Day 1 Prayer Points Winners Church 2023 21 Day fast

1. Start by worshiping the LORD now! Take any song of
praise and worship as led now.
2. Psalm 113:1; Wow! Glory to God! Lift up your voice again and
bless the Lord for another fasting programme and for the results
that will unfold this year.
3. Psalm 134:1; Bless His name for this year 2023 and for the
breath of life amidst challenges.
4. Begin to praise and worship the Lord now. TAKE YOUR BEST SONGS AGAIN TO YOUR GOD NOW!
5. Holy Ghost, take over this territory and environment now and
let every opposing force bow now in Jesus name.
6. Lamentations 3:22; LORD, show me mercy today and indeed
in this fasting programme. Silence the accuser for the sake of
the BLOOD of Jesus.
7. Vs. 22; O God, I refuse to fast in vain this year; let Your mercy
speak for me a new beginning in Jesus name.
8. Vs. 22; O mercy of God, insult and disgrace every insult in my
life and ministry in Jesus name.
9. Vs. 22; O God, let Your mercy provoke my SUPER RESULT
STORY in this fasting programme/this year in Jesus name.
10. O spirit of holiness, possess my soul and deliver me thereof
from sin in Jesus name.
11. Romans 6:12; O LORD, I will not be meat for the devil through
sin this year; there shall be spiritual results in my life by fire.
12. O Lord, I open up my heart to You; purge me with Your Blood
today and cleanse my soul in Jesus name.
13. Hebrews 12:14; I receive the grace to pursue holiness today/
this year. Lord, let Your holiness fire insult every sinful
tendency around my life in Jesus name. 14. Father, I open up my heart to Your holy fire of purity today;
my soul is not for sale in Jesus name.
15. Revelation 12:11; Blood of Jesus, rewrite my story, change
my story in 2023; RESULT is my name.
16. I break free from any secret sin/sinful tendencies that are
meant to insult my expectations now in Jesus name.
17. Zechariah 3:3; O filthy garments of bitterness and
unforgiveness, catch fire and burn now in Jesus name.
18. Vs 3; Enough is enough; this filthy garment of immorality must
reject my soul now by fire in Jesus name.
19. Vs 3; Father, I cannot help myself; unrobe me from the filthy
garments of envy and malice now by fire.
20. Vs 3; O garment of unrighteousness, I tear you off today and
I put on the garment of righteousness by the power of the
Holy Ghost.
21. Ecclesiastes 10:8; My hedge shall not break this year; satanic
deception of sin, scatter now by fire and thunder.
22. Zechariah 3:4; “And He answered and spake unto those that
stood before Him, saying, ‘Take away the filthy garments from
him.” O God, separate me this year from the evil garment of
23. Vs 4; I put off this filthy garment of lying and backbiting; catch
fire and burn in Jesus name.
24. Vs 4; O God, this garment of retrogression and backwardness
will not waste my destiny; tear to pieces now in Jesus name.
25. Vs 4; Evil garment of stagnation, my destiny rejects you; tear
to pieces and scatter now in Jesus name.
26. Vs 4; …”And unto him He said, ‘Behold, I have caused thine
iniquity to pass from thee, and I will clothe thee with change
of raiment.” My iniquity shall pass from me in this fasting
programme by the Blood of Jesus. I shall be declared not
guilty in Jesus name.
27. Vs 4; O God, my past will not catch up with me; by Your mercy,
cause my iniquity to pass from me and clothe me with Your
righteousness in Jesus name.
28. Vs 4; Lord, make me uncomfortable in this garment of sin;
take away my peace until I discard it in Jesus name.
29. Vs 4; Father, undress me this year from the sin or sins that
constantly beset and trouble my soul and clothe me with
Your mercy. Day 1 Prayer Points Winners Church 2023 21 Day fast
30. O Lord, change my garment today; dress up my destiny with
Your divine presence in Jesus name.
31. Vs 4; Abba Father, clothe me with change of raiment this
year; remove my insults and clothe me with tangible career
and business results in Jesus name
32. Job 1:10; Any calculated blackmail meant to sabotage my
hedge this year, scatter now by fire.
33. Vs 10; O you hedge breakers, you will not fulfill your mission in my life and destiny; be arrested now in Jesus name.
34. Vs 10, Satanic envy and jealousy, enough is enough; backfire,
backfire and backfire now in Jesus name.
35. Vs 10; You satanic accusation working hard to deny me of
my results and blessings in 2023, accuse yourself and die in
Jesus name.
36. 2 Corinthians 6:14; Every association this year that will lead
me into sin, shame and reproach to the name of Christ, I cut
it off now in Jesus name.
37. Vs 17; I receive grace to come out of every sinful habit or
lifestyle from henceforth in Jesus name.
38. Vs 17; O Lord, I take cover under Your divine power and I
come out from the demonic arrow of sinfulness; I denounce
any affinity with the synagogue of Satan in Jesus name.
39. O God of my undeniable results in 2023, rewrite my story of
insult through sin and announce me in Jesus name.
40. Psalm 39:1; Lord, deliver me from the sin of the tongue and
its effects this year. Rewrite my story of insult Lord! Open for
me a new chapter of results by fire in Jesus name.
41. Matthew 7:7; You negative voice whispering sin, lust and the
love of money into my spirit in order to pollute it, cease and
dry up now by fire.
42. Powers mandated to lure me into sin in order to break my hedge
and insult my salvation, dry up now by fire in Jesus name.
44. Matthew 21:19; Every evil tree producing the fruit of sin in
my life, family and ministry, wither and dry up now by fire and
thunder in Jesus name.
45. O God, empower me to resist any attempt to break my hedge
of divine protection; scatter now in Jesus name.
46. Ecclesiastes 10:8; My hedge of holiness shall not break, insult
shall not be my name this year in Jesus name.
47. O God, let my life and ministry command the results and
success that will be a revenge to the mockery of my haters
in Jesus name.
48. 1 Samuel 1:6; When Hannah gave birth to Samuel, Peninnah’s
insults expired. O Lord, this 2023, let the testimony that will
cancel every insult in my marriage locate me by fire in Jesus
name. Day 1 Prayer Points Winners Church 2023 21 Day fast
49. Vs 7; O you my Peninnah, you must cover your face in shame
this year; take your insults now by fire.
50. Mark 5:29; When the woman with the issue of blood was
made whole, her mockers were ashamed and dumbfounded.
Abba Father, let my mockers be ashamed and dumbfounded
by my open-ended results this year in Jesus name.
51. My Father, my Father, reverse the insult of delay, stagnation,
and poverty; break its grip from my life and destiny now by
fire in Jesus name

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Day 1 Prayer Points Winners Church 2023 21 Day fast

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