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RCCG Convention
RCCG Convention

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BIBLE TEXT: JOHN 8:32 & 36

1. Lift your hands to the Almighty God. Let’s bless His Holy Name. Worship the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob. The Lord Almighty Himself, The Lord of Host, The One Who has never lost a War.

Praise Him, give Him Glory, give Him Honour, give Him Adoration. Praise Him! He is worthy to be Praised. There’s no one like Him.

It is impossible for Him to fail. If He had not been on your side, where would you be now? Praise Him!

Give Him Glory, give Him Honour, give Him Adoration. Bless His Holy Name; bless His Holy Name!

Thank You Father! Oh Father, be Glorified for ever!

I worship You, I adore You, I Magnify Your Holy Name. Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending: the One who was, the One who is, the One who is to come. The One who has made us More Than Conquuerors.

Let’s Praise Him. It is of His Mercy that we are not consumed. Let’s Praise Him!

Praise Him for His Faithfulness that is Great. Praise Him because He is Trustworthy. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Magnify His Holy Name!

Thank You Lord! Glory be to Your Holy Name. In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have given Thanks – Amen.

2. Now I want you to Pray this Prayer (if you want). But if you are going to Pray it, Pray it with all your heart:

Cry to Him loud and clear and say: Father, Arise for me tonight and scatter all my enemies Lord.

Open your mouth and cry to God!

Thank You Lord! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


I have a Father
Almighty Father
He is King of kings
And Lord of lords
I have a Father (Hallelujah)!




Almighty God, the Holy One of Israel, the One who said “Let there be Light” and there was Light we worship You.

You have never lost a War! And tonight, You are going to Arise for Your Children.

You are going to set Captives free, You are going to fight for us and we are going to give You all the Glory.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People – Prophesy to them and say: Your enemies will be scattered tonight – Amen!

If you believe that, let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

And then, you may Please, be seated!

Thank You Lord!


Well, Good News!

Today, God has added to us thirteen (13) children – Nine (9) Boys and four (4) Girls.

And so the total now is Fifty two (52) Babies – Thirty five (35) Boys and Seventeen (17) Girls – Laughter!

Let the Boys shout Praise the Lord! And let the Girls shout Hallelujah!!!

Glory be to God!

Now very quickly, before we go to the Message of tonight, I have Good News for you even as I sat down there rejoicing over the beautiful Testimony of tonight.

… Oh mine! I think your Hallelujah should have been much louder – Hallelujah!!!!

I have warned us because Mighty things are happening among us, we must not take any of them for granted. They happened all the time, so we begin to get used to them. We must keep appreciating God, so He will do more!

Let me hear you Shout another Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

So, as I sat down there, God just reminded me of something that happened last Month – Last Month, I went to the United Kingdom and the temperature was over 40 degrees Celsius. Things were hot.

I know there are some Places where you live that may be hot. I live around here (in the Redemption Camp).

And I said to my Daddy, “I have travelled to where there was Winter and you brought Summer because I Prayed. This time, it is excessive Summer, could You Please cool it down for me?”

And overnight the Temperature dropped from 40 to 28. And for all the Period I was there, Daddy kept things cold.

So, He asked me to tell Someone here tonight and you reading now on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET; He says: Right now Life is hot for you. He said by tomorrow morning, everything will be cool again – Amen.

Now, if that is for you, let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

Tonight is a DELIVERANCE NIGHT. And our Bible Text will be John 8:32 and then Verse 36;

32 And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.

36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

… Somebody is going to be free tonight – Amen.

There is something about Jubilee and is very, very interesting.

The Bible teaches that, if God says to Someone who is in bondage, “you can go free.” The fellow can say: No, I don’t want to go, I want to be with my Boss forever.

God says, if that happens, no Problem! If anybody wants to be in bondage out of Choice, you are free to do so.

But there is no one allowed to keep anybody in bondage after God has decreed Jubilee.

If anyone tries to hold you back from Freedom, like Pharaoh tried and he was drowned. Anyone who after tonight tries to hold you back from Perfect Freedom, the Fellow shall drown – Amen.

Now, that is not a Prayer. It is just a declaration of the way God works when He declares a Jubilee.

Jubilee can mean Deliverance!

Jubilee teaches (if you Study it Properly) that even if you are the one who became bound through your own fault – That is you got into trouble because of your own error.

When God declares a Year of Jubilee, error or no error, you will go free!

God helping us, we will discuss a bit more about this tomorrow (Day 5 – During the Holy Ghost Service).

Tonight is just the eve, the “Big Day” is coming tomorrow. And the icing of the cake will come on Saturday (Day 6).

OPENHEAVEN.NET NOTES: Kindly Watch out for Full details of all the Highlights of Day 5 and Day 6 Only on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET.

And Please, maybe I need to tell you: we will be moving to the 3KM by 3KM tomorrow – The Evening Service will be at that Place. The Morning Service will take Place here (in the Old Auditorium). But you will notice there will be a Long Break to enable you to get to the other side.

But of course if you choose to stay here, there is no Problem. This will be the Overflow tomorrow.

Liberty is Freedom from every forms of bondage.

You can read Leviticus 25-10.

And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and Proclaim Liberty throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a Jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his Possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.

So, anybody who says you can’t go free when God declares Jubilee will be fighting against God.

And I am yet to see Somebody who fought against God and won – That Person is not yet born!

But when we talk about Deliverance, many a times some of us think that for Someone to be in need of Deliverance, it must be Someone who is raving mad. We think he is Possessed by demons: when you see him, his eyes are red, the hair on his head is Standing.

Someone could be under the influence of demonic forces and may be sitting quietly beside you now.

Because in Mark 1:23-27, the Bible tells us that Jesus came into the Temple, and there was a man there with an Unclean Spirit. He was in Church, sitting down cool, joining them when they were singing Hymns.

Nobody knew that there was a little devil living inside of him until Jesus showed up and then the demon inside him began to manifest.

… I expect demons to manifest here tonight. But after their Manifestations, they will be ejected – Amen.

So, what I’m about to do is that in the next few minutes, I will try to describe some Activities of Satan. And by the time I mentioned them one by one – I will try to cover as many as Possible.

If you discovered that the case is describing you, then get ready for Deliverance.


… There is none of them that is Good. But maybe I will take them in the order of “how bad?” OPENHEAVEN.NET


The first Category is called Oppression – That is when the devil is sitting on you.

And I Thank God for the Testimony we heard tonight, of that lady who said she always carry something heavy like a bag of Rice on her head, until God intervened.

And if you are carrying any bag whatsoever on your head, you are going to be free tonight, also – Amen.

To Oppress means to Prevent from rising; to Prevent from increasing.

It means to sit upon, to put a ceiling as to how high the fellow can go.

I mean, there are even Pastors under this Category of Satan’s activity – They Fast and Pray, they Study the Bible, they Preach very well and their Churches remain the same in size – Fifty (50) Members last week, Fifty (50) Members this Week, Fifty (50) Members a year ago.

… The devil is simply saying “don’t go higher.”

In Exodus 2:8-12. The reason the King that didn’t know Joseph said they should begin to deal harshly with the Children of Israel is because he said, “I don’t want them to increase.”

He said, “kill their Boys – I can see how much they are already. But no more increase; no more rising!”

And i give you a Practical Example – In one of the Universities (when I was in the Academics) there was a young man. Only God knows what he did to his Head of Department (HOD)

The Head of Department (HOD) just said this boy is not going to go higher. And as a result, he just took his File and hid it. So, when it was time for Evaluation, his File was not there.

And then he gave his Life to Jesus! And he came and we Prayed.

And there was a Military Coup. The Coup, one way or the other affected some People in the University (in those days) and the Boss was forcefully Retired.

A New Head of Department (HOD) came; and when he was going through the Files of those who are under him, they couldn’t find the File of this Boy. It took a lot of finding before they located it where it was hidden.

And it was discovered that this Fellow had not been Promoted for Years even though he was working very well. And so, he gave him Double Promotion.

I don’t know the Force that has been hindering your Rising, the Fire of God is going to consume it tonight – And OPENHEAVEN.NET FAMILY say Amen!!!!

So, if you have been Stagnant, you are doing well; every time they check on how you are doing, they give you a Good and Glowing Report. When it comes to Promotion they forget you

… That ends tonight – Amen!

2. But there is something worse than Oppression. It is called – REPRESSION

In other words, this force is not just sitting on you, it’s actually Pressing you down; Pushing you down.

… Not just Preventing you from rising, but steadily destroying every efforts to rise.

In Judges 616, the Bible tells us of when the children of Israel offended God and he handed them over to the Midianite for seven (7) years.

The Bible says, the Midianites would stay away, allow the children of Israel to Plant, take care of what they have Planted. As soon as it is time for Harvest, they come in their numbers, they will wipe out every Harvest.

In Yoruba land they have a word for that kind of Problem; they call it “Agbaana” – You make the money but at the end of the year you cannot see what you spent it on.

Many at times with all the money you make, at the end of the Month you are still in debt.

Repression may destroy every efforts to make you rise.

When I was Younger, an incident happened in our Village – One rich man used his Wealth to take over the Land that belonged to another Fellow. That Fellow said, no Problem, I have no money to fight you in Court, but we will see!

The rich man will start the building, the man that he stole the land from won’t say a word. The day the building is roofed, this other man will come and Plant something by the building.

By the following morning there will be cracks from top to bottom in every corners of the house. So they will have to pull it down.

And then the rich man will have to start all over again. And this man will come to pull it down continuously like that.

Whether it is your fault that the enemy has been Pushing you down or not, because this is the year of Jubilee, the Fire of God will descend – Amen. OPENHEAVEN.NET


Then there is something called Regression.

Regression simply means – There is a force pushing you backwards.

It is not even a case of rising or not rising; they are just pushing you backward.

Like the Story I told in the Poem earlier today – The Story of the Lady in Mark 5:25-34.

The woman was healthy and rich, until the devil stepped in and then on a daily basis she was bleeding until she had spent every Kobo. And instead of getting better she grew worse.

… If God had not intervened, only God knows how the Story would have ended.

Regression is steadily pushing back until there is nothing left.

Every Forces making you worse than you were before; steadily saying: No, now you are in from 3 go back to form 2. You are in form 2 go back to form 1; every Forces that is steadily Pushing you backward, the Fire of God will consume tonight – Amen.

And some of you know the Story of this woman – At least if you are old enough you have Probably heard her Testify:

Wealthy woman, living somewhere in the centre of a Town on a Storey building – Dry ground all around, no marshy ground. And she sat down to eat pounded yam. And all of a sudden out of no where a frog jumped on the pounded yam. Ha, from where? No marshy ground anywhere around.

Then she said okay! You jumped on my pounded yam? She tried to slap the frog, it jumped into the bowl of stew. She took the bowl of pounded yam cover it on the bowl of stew and she said “I won’t eat this pounded yam, neither will you.

She Pressed the thing down! And when she thought, by now the frog would have drowned in the stew, she opened the bowl of pounded yam: and there was no frog!

But from that day onward, she began to cough – The kind of coughing that when she’s coughing, she will be urinating.

She went everywhere, but no cure.

Until one day she heard that we were holding a Program in the Town and she came. She gave her Life to Jesus Christ and the coughing stopped!

… You will have your own JUBILEE tonight – Amen!

But the Story is more beautiful in the sense that, the demon that was causing her to cough, when it left her, it went back to Sender!

And so, the woman who sent that demon began to cough. And she came to the one who had been delivered and said, “I don’t know how you did it, but the demon I sent against you had no cure. It has returned to me. What do I do to be free?”

I Decree to Someone here today and you reading now on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET: every attacks from the enemy will go back to Sender – Amen.

… And then God will use it to bring the Attacker to Jesus Christ – Amen.

The one who used to be the Attacker now became more or less a Messenger to the one who had been attacked – Hallelujah!!!!

4. And then there is another kind of Operation of the enemy – it is called – VEXATION

It means attack at Intervals!

It is not actually sitting on your head or Pressing you down or Pushing you back; but it comes and goes – Comes and goes!

In Matthew 17:14-18, Jesus was coming down from the Mount of Transfiguration and a father brought his son to Him and said this my son has a Problem.

Occasionally, when this demon comes he will throw him into the fire, at times it will come and threw him into the water – It is just coming and going.

Some of us have that kind of Problem – Today you are okay! And then another time it comes and create a Problem.

I am sure you have seen People who have Epilepsy.

If you have never seen them, Glory be to God! I only Pray that you will never see them.

It would attack at a time that it will bring tremendous embarrassment to the Fellow being attacked. All is well for one moment, and then the attack comes! And no Signal that it is going to come.

There was a Sister in the Mission several years ago, in the 1970s. Wonderful sister! But she had a child who was always suffering from Vexation of the enemy – Like I have described.

She would rent a house and everybody would welcome her because she was nice. And everything will be very fine until the son has an attack.

And then of course, our People have this belief that if the Fellow has an attack and he gets up why you are still there; they believe that the thing will jump on you too.

So, as soon as her child has an attack the Landlord will chase her out of the house. “Woman you are nice, but we don’t want danger here.” And she kept moving from one house to another.

Until one day, right in the centre of the Town she was going to the Market with the child. Riht at the centre of the Town the child had an attack.

… So it can no longer be hidden!

As soon as the child had the attack, everybody fled. And then she grabbed the child and looked up to the Almighty God and said Father, my Secret is out now. I have no help except You: Arise for me!

And that was the last day the child had an attack – Hallelujah!

Do I hear Somebody say Lord Arise for me? LORD AND ARISE FOR ME!

5. And then, there is another kind of activity of Satan and it is called – OBSESSION

Obsession simply means, the enemy fixes your Mind on one wrong thing knowing fully well that thing is enough to finish you.

Oh, for some it is something you can’t even believe to be dangerous – It could be food.

We might not see that kind of obsession here in Nigeria. The devil is not likely to use that one here because he knows that you have to Pray before you get the food.

But in some Countries you will find People – Their mouth can never stop chewing. They have just finished eating food, they will get something that they are biting again and again – They are obsessed with food!

You will see some People, they look tiny but they can eat the food of ten (10) People, and at the end of it they still are not feeling satisfied.

For some it is Alcohol – They just can’t stop drinking.

For some drugs.

For some sex – It troubles even married People. They can’t pass a day without having sex.

… It is called Obsession!

That is what destroyed Samson.

Somehow, he must look at Strange women. When he couldn’t find one to marry, he looked for harlots.

But it must be strange women and it finished him! OPENHEAVEN.NET

There are some People who have obsession with something and we told them, “this thing will destroy you”.

But whatever you are obsessed with; that thing that the enemy has settled into your System; that you keep on doing and doing it, knowing that it is going to ruin future – Today in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, you will be set Free – Amen.

6. And then there is one that is called – CONFUSION

Confusion is a Mental bondage and it comes in various forms.:

I. It could come in the form that, no matter how hard you Study you just don’t understand.

II. Or you think you understand when they are teaching you; but when they ask a Question, you blank out.

III. Or it could come in the form of always forgetting – You just keep on forgetting.

IV. Or it comes in the form of not even knowing what you are doing.

Take the Story of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4:28-end.

The King woke up one morning on the Throne, the attack came. And all of a sudden the King was sitting there and the Queen said, “your Majesty what will you have for breakfast?”

And the King replied like a goat. And the wife said “Kabiyesi (King); what kind of joke is that?” Is it bread you want? and Kabiyesi (King) got up from the Throne and went to the flower pot.

The flower looks very beautiful, it’s very delicious and he began to eat it.

Very soon Kabiyesi (King) looked out of the window and saw the grass – Ha, the grass there is greener. And he went for it.

Very soon he was wondering, “what is going on I am feeling hot? What am I doing wearing clothes in this Hot Season?” And he began to remove his clothes – You know the rest of the Story!

… For seven (7) years he was having a nice time among animals.

But when the Almighty God decided to have Mercy on him, he said (after 7 years) “My reasoning came back to me.”

That means the reasoning traveled!

When the enemy attacks Someone with Confusion, he will begin to call what is Good, Bad; and what is Bad; Good!

I have told you the Story of a boy – The father a Professor, the mother a Professor. But this boy never Passed any Examination. He was always the bottom of the class.

They moved him from a Class of Thirty three (33) children to a class of Thirty five (35) his Position moved from 33rd to 35th. The Parents did everything – They got him Extra Teachers to teach him but still in every Examinations he scored zero.

Then they brought him! And the Almighty God decided to intervene. Next examination the boy came First. The teacher said, No Way! We Can’t believe this.

They said, even if you give him the answer to copy he will copy it wrong. So they decided they must give him another Examination. They gave him another Examination and he scored higher.

Everyone of you whose brain is in bondage, the Fire will fall tonight – Amen.

7. And then that brings us to the big one. The one that is called – POSSESSION

Possession is when the enemy has taken over Completely – Having Full Control.

Like in Mark 5:2-20.

And when the enemy takes Possession. it affects everything – It affects the Thinking, it affect the Actions, it affects the Body.

The madman of Gadara was not just mad, he was cutting himself with Stones.

When the enemy takes over Completely,, the Fellow Possessed would be doing things that he knows will destroy him.

… The Madman of Gadara was cutting himself with Stones.

But when the Lord of Host came in; just one Word and all the Legion that had taken over were sent Packing in one day. OPENHEAVEN.NET

So, if you are even Possessed of the devil, God will set you free tonight – Amen.

And when we talk about Possession, the number of demons could vary.

I. The man in the Church with an Unclean Spirit, he had only one (1).

II. Mary Magdalene, she had seven (7).

III. The Madman of Gadara, he had a Legion.

I remembered one funny Story way back in 1984 (or so) here in the Camp. Because in those days if anybody goes crazy they bring them here.

We had a little hut for them where we put them and Pray until they get well.

So, one had been around for about four (4) to five (5) days; and was already returning to Normalcy. And then they brought one – He was still hundred Percent under the control of Satan.

Because there was only one room for them, when they put him in the room; the one that was already returning to Normalcy ran out. He said, “come and see these People ooh, they brought a mad man to come and dwell with me.” (Laugher)!

But Thank God, both of them got free!

… I said that one to say this:

It doesn’t matter how many demons are dwelling in you tonight; because this is the Year of Jubilee, you are going to be Free – Amen!

You are going to be Free because, Declaration of Jubilee is actually a Declaration of War!

God is saying to the Master, “I Decree, let your slaves go!” And if you don’t let them go I will deal with you.

And they have no Choice in the matter.

When they try to fight back, the One Who is called the Lord of Host will operate.

So tonight, we are going to do something we used to do when we were in the first Auditorium – At that time we were few, and we had Space.

We stopped doing it (may God forgive us) when we became many! We didn’t have much Space.

When it is Deliverance Night in those days:

I. We got our boys to begin to beat War Drums.

II. We began to sing Songs that will irritate the enemies.

III. And when the enemies get irritated ( because the Fire of God Falls) there will be Manifestations

… I think we are going to do that again tonight!

We are going to need the help of the Ushers, the Brigade and other People who can help us. Because when the Fire of God Falls and these People begin to manifest, we need People to carry them out of the crowd and bring them to the front.

How many of you want the Captives to be set free tonight? The OPENHEAVEN.NET FAMILY MEMBERS!

Let me hear you say Amen – Amen!

On the Battlefront there is no Lady and Gentleman – So, if Fire Falls tonight and God knows that you need Deliverance he will give it to you – Amen!

This is the Night of Deliverance.

But before we get into that Segment, you have to notice something that happened in the Story of the Madman of Gadara – Even as mad as he was, when he saw Jesus coming he surrendered to Him.

Because the Bible tells us that this man was always bound. But deep down inside him is a longing for Freedom.

So, when they bind him, even with the feeters of iron, he will break them assunder.

He wanted to be Free!

Then one day he saw the One Who can set him Free; and he ran forward and surrendered himself. And transferred the battle to the Lord of Host.

I am Praying for you tonight, the Lord of Host will Arise for you – Amen.

… But that is if you are truly a Child of God!

1. So for your own Good, if you are not sure of your Salvation you must surrender to Jesus tonight. So that He can take over the battle and fight for you

That is Number one – You must surrender to Jesus tonight.

2. Whether you believe it or not; demons are going to fly out of those People they are occupying tonight – Amen.

And if they fly out and discovered that Somebody is not covered in the Blood of the Lamb, they will just exchange house – They would come out of the one who is a Child of God, who wants to be Free; and enter into Someone who is not a Child of God.

And you don’t want any demon to sneak into you tonight – You have enough Problem without them coming in. OPENHEAVEN.NET


So, if you are not sure of your Salvation, I beg you! I know we are very many tonight, so I am going to count from one (1) to fifteen (15).

If you want to surrender your Life to Jesus and you mean business, come now let us Pray for you – That His Blood will save your Soul, that you might become covered in the Blood of the Lamb.

Come now very quickly.

Okay! Cry to Jesus now, ask Him to have Mercy on you, ask Him to save your Soul, ask Him to cover You in His Blood and wash you clean with the Precious Blood of the Lamb.

The Bible says that they overcame the devil by the Blood of the Lamb.

Pray that the Blood of Jesus Christ will cover you now. and wash you Clean from all your sins.

Cry to Him and say: Lord saved my Soul; I don’t want to have anything to do with the devil anymore. I want to become a Child of God. Please, Lord save my Soul.

And the rest of us, Please let us Stretch our hands to this our New Brothers and Sisters – Intercede for them, that the One who saved us will save them also.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Saviour, Thank You for Your Promise that will whosoever shall come unto You, You will in no wise cast out.

These People have come to You now: Please Lord, receive them! Let Your Blood wash away their sins. Write their names in the Book of Life.

That Blood that conquered Satan, let it cover them now!

From tonight onward, let them remain Your Children. And when the Fire begins to fall tonight my Father, and my God; let It be to destroy the yokes in Your children.

And let them serve You till the end.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Congratulation! Today is not just going to be your Day of Salvation; it will also be your Day of Deliverance.

Kindly submit your name, your Address and Prayer Requests. And I Promise you that from now on, I willl be Praying for you

God bless you!

The rest of us let’s talk to the Almighty God now. This is a Prayer between you and God.

You are going to Call on the Lord of Host to fight for you tonight. Lord of Host I Decree:

I. Any force that might be holding me Captive, working against my Life in one way or the other – Whether: Oppression, Regression, or the Confusion, whatever!

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The Lord of Host Please, show Yourself to be the Almighty in my Life today. I want to leave here Completely Delivered, Completely Free!

… Talk to God and Pray with all your Heart.

Thank You Lord! in Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

*Now we are going to begin gently:”

I. We are going to sing Songs that will invite the Fire of God to come upon us first. So that anything that needs to be dealt with would be dealt with.

If it is the case of the enemy coming in once in a while; if you become too hot for the enemy to touch you and then they won’t be able to come anymore.

II. And then we will move on to some aggressive sounds then we will see what we shall see!

So the First Song is:

1. Holy Ghost Fire
Fire fall on me (twice)
As in the Day of Pentecost
Fire fall on me.

2. In Jesus’ Name
Every knee must bow
In Jesus’ Name
Every knee must bow!

Alright it’s War Time!

How many of you believe you are going to win tonight? The OPENHEAVEN.NET FAMILY MEMBERS!

Go ahead, spend the next three (3) Minutes crying to the Lord of Host:

Father, Fight my Battles for me tonight! Remove every forms of demonic influence from my Life.

Fight my battle for me, Let my Freedom be Complete and Total tonight.

Thank You Daddy! Almighty God, Thank You Lord. Thank You my Father.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


In the Name that is above every other names, I Decree: Be Free!

Every Forces sitting on you will be consumed by Fire now!

Every Forces that is Pushing you down will be consumed by Fire now!

Every Forces retarding your Progress, Pushing you back, will be consumed by Fire now!

Every Forces trying to destroy your Destiny will be consumed by Fire now!

Be Free in Jesus’ Name!

Be Free in Jesus’ Name!!

Be Free in Jesus’ Name!!!

And so shall it be!

I Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – AMEN!!!!

Let me hear you shout a big Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!!!!


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