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Well, let Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


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1. This is the Day
This is the Day
That the Lord has made
That the Lord has made
I will rejoice
I will rejoice
And be glad in thee
And be glad in thee
This is the Day
That the Lord has made
We will rejoice
And be glad in thee
This is the Day
Another Day
That the Lord has made

2. What a Mighty God we Serve
What a Mighty God we Serve
Heaven and Earth Adore Him
Even Angels bow before Him
What a Mighty God we Serve

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King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Ancient of Days; the Unchangeable Changer – We Worship You.

We give You all the Glory, all the Honour, all the Adoration for arranging today. Please, accept our Worship in Jesus Name.

It is in Your Name that we have come to Dedicate this Place of Worship.

We are Praying that beginning from now, this Place will be a Miracle Center.

Every Sinners that will ever enter here to Worship, Father save his or her Soul.

If the Sick comes here, let the Sick be healed.

If the Barren comes here, let the Barren becomes Fruitful.

If the Poor comes here, let the Poor begins to Prosper.

Even when they bring the Dead here, let the Dead rise.

And Father, let the Miracles begin now.

Everything that Your Children will need to make their Joy full; release to them today.

Everything they Hunger for, everything they Thirst for; Father let it be done today.

As we Dedicate this Place to You Lord in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – Amen!

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People and tell him or her – My Time has come at Last!

And then you may Please be seated – God Bless You!

It takes the Miracle of God for me to be here today and there is no doubt about that.

Usually when we come like this and we come to Worship on Sunday; we always make it clear to the “Big Boys” and “Big Girls” that it must not be more than one hour from my home – That is the Rule of the Thumb.

Because coming to this way is like going from the Redemption Camp to Ile Ife (A Town in Osun State Nigeria) – And that is a long one.

But there must be Someone here whose Miracles cannot wait – And you will get your Miracles today (Amen).

There is Someone here who is expecting some very Special Miracle – Well, in the Name of Jesus Christ; it is done (Amen).

Psalms 30: 4-5:

4. Sing unto the LORD, O ye Saints of His, and give Thanks at the Remembrance of His Holiness.

5. For His anger endureth but a moment; in His favour is Life: weeping may endure for a Night, but Joy cometh in the Morning.

There is Somebody here today, who will never weep again – Amen!

There is Someone here, your Morning of Joy has come – Amen!

Sorrow is always associated with Darkness – That is why you find out that when People are Mourning, they wear Black Clothes,

Joy is associated with Light and Joy comes in the Morning.

When your Pastor was talking, he kept on mentioning “Dawn”. The word “Dawn” means early in the Morning.

DMC NOTES: The PIC of RCCG His Glory Tabernacle (HGT) United Kingdom is Pastor Sam Odaudu

For everybody here today or reading now  get ready for your Dawn – Amen!

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There are certain things that are associated with Joy which you should get ready to receive your own:

1. Associated with Joy is Healing.

If Somebody has been sick – Particularly if the Fellow is considered incurable; and all of a sudden Healing comes, automatically Joy follows.

In Acts 3: 1-8; when the Lame Man by the Beautiful Gate who was born Lame, had never walked, had thought that he would live the rest of his Life’ Lame.

When all of a sudden a Miracle happened and he was healed; the Bible tells us that he was walking and leaping and Praising God.

I have Good News for Somebody here today – You are going to go home dancing because your Doctors will be surprised – Amen!

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2. Another thing that Joy is associated with is Victory.

You can never see anybody who is Victorious who will be sad; unless the Fellow is Mentally disturbed.

When you are a “Big Man” – President or whatever in that Place; Particularly in this area of the world. When you are going to laugh, you will laugh Politely because of your Position.

I remembered years ago, Somebody took us to Harris – He said, well everything there is expensive except for the “Afternoon Tea” and anybody can Pay for that.

So we went there and we sat down drinking the tea they bought.

And without looking back, I told him that the People behind us must be People of the Aristocracy.

And he said how do you know? I said that by the way they laugh.

But this same People, when the football Clubs they support scores a goal, they don’t laugh quietly.

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 NOTES: Harris Grocery is a Supplier of Grocery and Halal meat to Stores, Restaurants across the UK and a famous Retailer for the Local People.

NOTES: Britain’s Aristocracy Nobility, in the United Kingdom, are Members of the Upper Social Class, who usually Possess a Hereditary Title. The Titled Nobility are Part of the Peerage, which shares the responsibility of Government. It normally consists of five ranks in descending order – Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts, and Barons. There were no Legal distinctions among these ranks, but it was generally understood that a Duke would be far wealthier and more important than a Viscount or Baron.

When Victory comes your way, as it will do today; you will shout for Joy – Amen!

Because in 1 Samuel 17: 34-52; when finally Goliath fell and David cut off his head and lifted it up; the Bible said that the whole of Israel shouted.

When that Victory that you have been expecting and that you are not even thinking can come anytime soon; when it comes today, you will shout for Joy – Amen!

When in Exodus 15: 1-11 – When Moses looked back and saw that all the Enemies that has been waging war against them had suddenly Perished in the Red Sea; the Bible said that Moses sang a Song.

Moses was not a Songwriter but when your Joy is full, all of a sudden; you will begin to sing a New Song.

And I’m decreeing today for everyone of you here, Inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC – From this moment onwards, you will sing a New Song (Amen).

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3. Another thing associated with Joy is Breakthrough.

When you have been struggling and struggling and failing; and it looks as if you don’t know what to do because you see others Succeeding.

And some of these People Succeeding are not even working as hard as you.

You know what I am talking about – I mean you and Someone employed on the same day in the same Company. And you are working as hard as anyone else.

And before you know it, your Colleague becomes your boss; not to talk of Somebody coming after you becoming your boss.

We have seen it before – I remembered when I was in University of Lagos (Unilag) as a Lecturer, a Colleague of mine went to attend an Interview as he wanted to leave the Academic world and begin to work in a Company.

When he got there and entered the Boardroom where he was to be Interviewed and he found out that his Student was now the Chairman of those that will Interview him – He said, I have come to the wrong room but they told him that this is the correct room.

He looked at the fellow – David, you mean you are the one who will be Interviewing me?

He said that I withdraw my Applications.

I decree today – All those who has gone ahead of you; you will Catch Up with them and you will even go higher (Amen).

Because if you read 1 Samuel 1: 1-20; you will hear the Story of Hannah.

She was a Good Woman and Good Wife but was just barren. The other woman in the house was just bringing forth babies like a Rabbit.

And then one day, she cried unto God and her Breakthrough came.

Hannah wasn’t a Poet but by the time you get to 1 Samuel 2: 1-10; you will see many of the Songs we are singing today coming from that Passage because her Breakthrough came.

NOTES: A Poet is a Person who Studies and creates Poetry. Poets may describe themselves as such or be described as such by others. A Poet may simply be the Creator who creates Poems, or they may also Perform their art to an audience.

I Pray in the Name of the One who sent me – That the Breakthrough you have been waiting for, will come your way today (Amen).


4. Another thing associated with Joy is Prosperity.

I have made it clear – Don’t let anybody deceived you that there is Nothing to rejoice about in Poverty.

Poverty is not Good – I have tasted it and I was born into it.

For the first 18 years of my Life, I had no Pair of shoes – Poverty is not Good,

That is why I decreed – Everyone of you here or reading now on the Label of DMC – From today onwards, Poverty will leave you alone (Amen).

When you read 2 Kings 4: 1-7; when a woman was so Poor and so heavily indebted that the only thing of Value in her house that the Creditors could sell are the children – Now, that is Poverty.

That is what Poverty can do to you!

When the Bank comes and say: You don’t Pay up before the end of the Month, we throw you out of this house.

And suddenly, you discovered that the house you have been calling your house actually belongs to the Bank.

When that woman ran to the Man of God and the Man of God told her what to do.

And she woke up in the Morning a Debtor but went to bed with all debts Paid and enough money to live on for the rest of her Life.

I’m sure that she didn’t return home weeping – She must have gone home rejoicing.

I have Good News for Somebody here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – Before the end of this Year, your own Financial Breakthrough will come (Amen)


5. Another thing that brings Great Joy is Salvation.

The Bible says in Isaiah 12:3 – It says that it is with Joy that you draw water from the well of Salvation.

If you are truly saved, you will understand what we mean by “Joy Unspeakable” – Particularly if you have been very close to Hell before God intervened, you will know the meaning of Joy.

I mean I could remember – Several days after I just became Born Again, you wake up in the Night and you are just singing and you wondered: What am I singing about?

It is Joy like a River Springing Up because you realised how closed you are to Hell before all of a sudden God intervened!

I still remembered very well that I used to go to University of Ibadan every Month to go and Minister to Academicians like myself. Because I feel we Academicians, we always think that we know more than everybody else – You know we are the People Lecturung in the University.

And when you become Born Again, you suddenly realised that I thought that I have Common Sense but didn’t know that I was heading for Hell. And there are Simple People who knows the difference and are already heading for Heaven.

So there was this Professor who got Born Again in one of my visits and when I came back the following Month; he said to me: Sir, I want to ask you a Question.

And when a Professor says he want to ask you a Question, then you better tightened your belts.

I said yes sir, how can I help? I was expecting some Deep Theological Question like – If God knew that satan is going to tempt Adam and Eve, why did He allowed satan to be in the Garden?

That is the kind of Question that you should expect from a Professor.

He said, Sir I hope that it is not dangerous to be happy all the time? He said because since I gave my Life to Jesus Christ last Month, I am just drunk with Joy.

I said that is the Plan of God for Man – He wants you to be happy all the time. It is sin that Spoilt everything.

And so everyone who is not Born Again today; today is the Day of your Salvation and Joy – Amen!


6. Another thing that brings Joy is something called Restoration.

Those who has known Jesus Christ, they have tasted of the Joy of Salvation and who for one reason or the other backslided. When they come back to Jesus Christ, they know the meaning of Joy.

The Joy at a Level that it is very difficult to describe!

You remembered the Story of the Prodigal son in Luke 15: 11-24.

This boy was happy at home, he was enjoying everything. And then one day, he just said: Papa, you are taking “Too Long” to die; give me my own Inheritance as I want to enjoy Life.

And he took the money and went away and wasted the money. And when he ran out of the money, Coronavirus came and he found himself in want.

The Bible says that He became so Poor that he joined himself to one farmer there to look after Pigs.

You may not fully understand that – Israeli are not supposed to come near Pigs at all but this boy because he was hungry, he decided to tend Pigs. And they will not even allow him to eat the food that Pigs are eating.

So he woke up one day and said that I will go back to my father; I will tell him: Father, I made a mistake; make me a Servant as at least Servants are eating and don’t consider me as a son again.

And then he got home and the father hugged him and the father threw Party and said: We should rejoice.

I wasn’t there but I know that day, the boy knew Joy.

And I will tell you a Story about myself:

When I got Born Again – Very, very Young in the Faith; Somebody took me to a Fellowship at the University.

We got to the Fellowship, they were Singing and Dancing and it was so beautiful.

And then all of sudden, it was as if Somebody gave a Signal – Everybody became quiet. The Signal must have come from Heaven and then Somebody began to Prophesised – Doeth said the Lord; this will happen, that will happen.

I said to the one who took me there – Hey, when did God said that? He said keep quiet, God is talking.

I said that I didn’t hear anything. He said, shut up.

That Day, I Prayed that whatever is it that is allowing that fellow to hear You, give me. I want to be hearing from You.

… That was my first Major Request from God.

It wasn’t long after that, that I began to hear from God – I will be going to Church, God will tell me when going to Church who is going to Preach, the Songs that we are going to render. I can tell the Sermon before the Preacher Preached.

And because I was living in Lagos and you know the Traffic in Lagos, God was guiding me – Don’t go that way, there will be Traffic there, turn left here, turn right there etc.

Oh Life can be beautiful if God was guiding you.

Then one day, because I was the most Educated, I was translating for the General Superintendent and every other Pastors when they want to Preach, they get another Translator.

But one day, one Pastor just came and said: Brother, you will be Translating for me. I looked at him, who do you think you are?

But I obeyed. But if he had known what was going on in my Mind, he would have asked me to go and sit down.

When we finished the Service, as I got out of the Church going into my car, God spoke – Okay, you are now “Too Big” to translate for my Servant.

And that was the last I heard. Suddenly Heaven was Closed and I couldn’t hear Him anymore.

And satan discovered that I couldn’t hear anymore and he got me into every Traffic Jam in Lagos.

I Prayed, I cried to God – Please I won’t do so again, I will obey every Instructions, I will translate for anybody.

Some People always wonder – Why is he so humble? I learnt from experience.

I’m telling you – If you have been hearing from God and you stopped; it is better to die. That is the Truth.

I was so desperate and finally said to God: Please forgive me this once. If tomorrow I am going to offend you again; take me away today.

And He knew that He got me finally and then He began to speak finally.

The Joy when I heard His Voice again, there is no way that you can describe it.

There are few Joy that can be compared to the Joy of Restoration!

So if you are backsliden, let this Day be your Day.

If you are already doing those things that you said you are not going to do again; come back to Jesus Christ today and let Him restore you.

Then you will know what is called “Joy Unspeakable”.


7. One more thing that can bring you Joy is Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Those who has been Baptised in the Holy Spirit will tell you.

But if you see what happened on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2: 1-11 – On the Day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came on the Disciples and they began to speak in other Tongues. The People who gathered together said: What is going on? We are all hearing in our own Language what these People are saying. We know their mother tongue but we are hearing them declaring the Good works of God.

They were rejoicing, they were saying that God You are Good, God You are Wonderful, God You are the Great Physician, God You are the Great Deliverer, God You are the Great Provider – They were Overflowing with Joy!

When I became a Child of God, they used to tell us in those days that there are three (3) Major Steps:

Step 1: Salvation

Step 2: Sanctification – That is when you get to a level that by the Grace of God, you won’t sin anymore.

Step 3: Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

I was saved; Oh I know that I was Sanctified because I was saved and I was so afraid to sin. But this Baptism in the Holy Spirit – Oh God!

When I heard People speaking in Tongues, I look at them and say: What is going on here my God, I want to speak in Tongue too but it didn’t come.

Then one day just like this; unexpectedly the Holy Spirit came. And we went to hold a Meeting far away from my house and all of a sudden,, the Holy Spirit came down.

Up till today, I cannot tell who drove the car home – I was the one who drove the car home but how I managed I can’t tell because I was so full of Joy and I must have been a Drunken Man.

Do you know the reason I have taken you through all these is because like your Pastor (DMC NOTES: Pastor Sam Odaudu) said; it will be a Miracle for me to come this way again.

And he said that I should leave with you everything God want me to leave.


I. My God wants you to be Saved.

II, He wants Backsliders Restored.

III. He wants those of you who are not Baptised in the Holy Spirit to be Baptised in the Holy Spirit.

IV. He wants a New Dawn for you.

V. He wants Joy in every ramifications to become your lot

And so, you already have this opportunity and you must grab it.

I. So this Day will be a Day that you will never, never forget.

II. The Day when a New Day Dawn.

III. A Day when you can boldly say in years to come – Ha, I was going through a Night Time weeping with Problems and Sorrow and then God in His Infinite Mercies brought Daddy GO to Town and suddenly my Morning came.

30 years from now, that will be your Testimony – Amen!


And so Please I beg you:

1. If you are not sure of your Salvation; come and Stand before the Altar now and let us make Assurance sure.

2. If you have been Born Again before but you know that you have backslided. You are already doing those things that you said that you won’t do again – Come back for Restoration!

3. And those of you who has not been Bapttised in the Holy Spirit, today is the Day we are going to cling to God and say: Before this Day is out, Lord I want to be Baptised in the Holy Spirit.

And then, I will Pray for you later.

So, if you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ, I will count from one (1) to seven (7) – Before I say seven (7); come and Stand before the Altar so that I can Pray with you.

If you know that you are Backsliden, don’t deceived yourself as you won’t have another Day like this – Come back for your Restoration.

Now, those of us who are already infront and those on the way – Talk to the Almighty God.

That Please save my Soul, I want Genuine Salvation today.

And if you are coming for Restoration, cry unto Him – Lord, Please Restore me. I want to be back in Fellowship with You; I want to know the Joy of Restoration.

The rest of us, Please let us Stretch our hands towards these People and intercede for them – That the One who saved our Souls, the One who has kept us in Him; will save the Souls of these People and He will keep them till the end.


And so my Father and my God, I want to say Thank You. You are the Saviour of Mankind.

Thank You for Your Words, Thank You for Your Promise that whosoever will come unto You will no wise cast out.

These Your Children has come, Please receive them, save their Souls – The way You saved my Soul, save their own Souls too and give them Genuine Salvation.

And all those who has backsliden and come to You, restore them and let Your Blood wash away their sins.

I’m Praying that beginning from today, when any of these Your Children will call on You, You will answer them by Fire.

And Please Lord, don’t let them ever backslide again. Keep everyone of Your Children till the very End.

And the Joy of Salvation, the Joy of Restoration; make it available to them.

Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

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Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Now, I’m about to Pray for you – My Prayer is just to open the Windows of Heaven for you.

After I have Prayed, then it will be your turn to ask God for what you want.

And I can assure you that this Morning, He is going to do something Special for you.


And so my Father and my God, I want to Thank You.

I want to Thank You for Your Words, I want to Thank You for the Opportunity to be here today.

I want to Thank You for the People who came to Church because I’m sure some People heard about this Gathering today but didn’t come because they are not included in the Miracles of today.

Thank You for these People who has come – Lord, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

My Father and my God, I am not the one who decided to be here but You are the One who directed my steps.

And because You have directed my steps Lord, everything that these People will need to make their Joy full give to them today.

Very soon, they will be asking You Lord God Almighty for Big and Mighty Things – Whatever they asked You for, I decree that it is done.

My Father and my God, in Your Name, I decree that it is done.

And Please Lord, before Next Sunday, let everybody here have a Testimony.

Much more than they can expect, Father do for them today.

Grant all their Requests and let them Serve You till the End.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Now it is your turn:

You will forget everybody on the Right and Left and focus on God.

And talk to Him now – Tell Him what you want Him to do for you. Ask for anything – No matter how Big.

This is your Day and Opportunity – So ask Him for Mighty Things!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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