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Being Extracts from Pastor E.A Adeboye Message during the Day of The RCCG Abuja 22nd Special Holy Ghost Service with the Theme: “EBENEZER”.

Ancient of Days we are Grateful.

Thank You for this Memorable Night – Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!

Thank You for what You’ve done in the Past; Thank You for what You’ve done now; Thank You for what You will yet do – Please, accept our Thanks in Jesus’ Name.

Father, everything Your Children have asked for, before December 24th (2023) Father release unto them.


ALso see; using-balloons-as-the-best-illustration-for-enlargement-and-special-fathers-blessings

In the lives of everyone of these Your Children, let this Christmas be the Best they have ever had.

In all their homes, the shout of Joy that Neighbours would come and say, “what is going on?” Let that noise be heard, in Jesus’ Name.

And Father, all the Handkerchiefs lifted up to You now, I decree that Your Anointing will go into each one.

That the Anointing would be so Mighty that whenever any of these Handkerchiefs or Pieces of Cloth is used, Yokes will be destroyed.

Father I Pray that beginning from now, if the road is blocked and Your Children wave these Handkerchiefs, let ways be Opened.

From today onward, every Doors that Your Children would knock at, let it be Opened unto them.

By the Authority You have invested in me Lord, I hereby decree that everyone of these Your Children will be blessed.

You will be blessed in the Morning, you will be blessed in the Afternoon, and you will be blessed in the Evening.

You will be blessed when you go out, you will be blessed when you come in.

All the evils locked in this Old year would never come near your house; you will enter the New Year with Joy and you will spend the New Year in Joy.

The Lord will bless your Offering, He will Sanctify it, He will use it for His Glory.

And in the Mighty Name of Jesus, You will never beg again.

And just like the Testimony we heard – All of you who are in debt, before the end of this Year (2023), your debt will be cancelled and you will never borrow again.

Your Joy will always Overflow.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

As you go home there will be Miracles on your way.

By the time you get home, Miracles will be waiting for you.

The next time I hear from you, it will be Good News!

And in the Kingdom of God, none of you would be missing.

So shall it be!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Let’s wave our Handkerchiefs and make the devil mad.

Look at that!

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Then lay the handkerchief on your own head and Prophesy to yourself – Mention your name:

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Go ahead, Prophesy to yourself!


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