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God Bless you

So, I just want to add a little more Blessings to the one that I Pronounced yesterday (During the Youth Expression DAY on Day 6).

And so, I will ask that you Please Stand on your feet and lift your hands to the Almighty God:


My Father and my God, once again I just want to Thank You on behalf of Your Children.

I want to Thank You for all the “Fantastic Testimonies” we have heard during this RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2023 and Thank You for the hundreds and thousands of Testimonies that will yet come in.

Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

In Your Name once again I’m Blessing Your Children – Like never before, let them be Blessed.

And I decree in the Mighty Name that is above every other names:

– That your Blessings will be Permanent

– That you will move from Glory to Glory.

– That the Almighty God will accelerate your Climbing to the Top.

– That anything that will not allow you to Climb to the Top, the Almighty God will destroy.

– That anything that may want to block your way to the Top, that thing will become Stepping Stone to your Glory.

I decree that even from this moment, once you Pray; the Answers will come.

And by this Time Next Year (2024); when we ask People to shout, yours will be the Loudest.

And even as God has Spoken during the Congress 2023, your Cup will already be Overflowing.

So shall it be!

Your Cup of Blessings will Overflow; your Cup of Joy will Overflow; your Cup of Divine Health will Overflow.

In a way that will cause People to ask: Are you the only one serving God? My God will accelerate your Promotions.

And because God will accelerate your Blessings, because my God, my Father will bless you beyond Human Understandings; even your Enemies will come to admit that your God is the Almighty.

So shall it be!

You will never, never know Failure again; you will never, never know Sorrow again.

Anything causing you trouble, my Father and my God will cancel it.

It shall be well with you: You will go home in Peace, and you will reach home in Peace.

There will be Miracles on your Way and there will be Miracles waiting for you at home,

Anytime I hear concerning you, it will be Good News.

So shall it be!


Ni Oruko Olorun Alaye, a daara fun yin (In the Mighty Name of God, it shall be well with you).

O ti daara fun yin, ko daara mo ko ni sele si yin (It is well with you and it is not well again, will not happen to you)

Oke, Oke le o ma lo (You shall be going Upwards and Upwards)

Iwaju, Iwaju le o ma lo (You shall be going Forward and Forward)

E o ni d’ero eyin (You will become a Backward Person)

Bi enikeni ko se le ri idi Okun, Aye ko ni ri idi yin (As Nobody can see the Source of an Ocean, the world will not know your Source)

Ota ko ni ri idi yin (The Enemies will not know your Source)

Gbogbo awon ti ko mo bi ese se, nigbati won ba ri Ibukun ti Olorun ma ya lu yin; gbogbo won ni o ma wa teriba fun Jesu (All those that don’t know how you are doing it, when they will see the Blessings that God will bestow on you; all of them will bow to Jesus Christ)

Gege bi Oluwa ti so wipe: Ki o to di pe odun to nbo de idaji, pe ago yin a ti ma kun akun wo sile. Bee lo ma ri (Just as the Lord has said: Before mid of next year (2024) that your cup will be full to Overflowing – So shall it be)

Ago Ayo yin a kun akun wo sile (Your Cup of Joy shall be Full to Overflowing)

Ago Alafia yin a kun akun wo sile (Your Cup of Peace shall be Full to Overflowing)

Ago Ilera yin a kun akun wo sile (Your Cup of Health shall be Full to Overflowing)

Lagbara Olorun Olodumare, e o ni so kun mo (In the Name of the Living God, you shall not Weep again)

E o ni s’fo mo (You shall not mourn again)

Ariwo Ayo ni a ma gbo ni ile yin (Sound of Joy is what we shall hear in your Household)

Iroyin Ayo ni ma ma gbo si yin (News of Joy will I be hearing about you)

Iroyin Ayo le o ma gbo si emi na (News of Joy will you be hearing concerning me too)

O ma dara fun yin kaale (It shall be Well with you till the End)

Ewe nla yin ko ni ru wewe (Your Greatness shall not diminish)

Ori yin ko ni ko Adura (Your Head will not reject Prayers)

Tiyin ko ni soro se (Your own shall not be difficult to do)

Adara fun yin kaale (It shall be Well with you till the End)

Eyin na yio sin Jesu dopin (You shall serve Jesus Christ till the very End)

Bi eti lo, e d’ile ba ire (As you are going home, you will meet Joy at home)

Loju on, e o k’ire ni ona (On the way,, you will meet with Joy)

Gbogbo Adura yin ni Olorun ma dahun (All your Prayers shall be answered by God)

Bee ni o ma ri (So shall it be)

Tiyin ko ni soro se o (Your own shall be difficult to do)

Gbogbo ilekun ti aye ti ti mo yin, Olorun Oga Ogo a fo danu (All the Doors that the world had locked again you, the Gracious God will destroy them)

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Ni ijoba Olorun, a o ni wa yin ti (In the Kingdom of God, you shall not be found wanting)

Loruka Jesu Christi Oluwa wa (In the Name of Jesus Christ our Saviour)

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen

Well, I think we will end by borrowing from our son – When I say:

Divine Blessing – I get am
Divine Health – I get am
Divine Promotion – I get am
Divine Anointing – I get am
Divine Success – I get am
Divine Repositioning – I get am
And the one wey I no get – God don dash me!

Let Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


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