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God Bless you







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God Bless you



Let’s lift your hands to the Most High God – Bless His Holy Name, Magnify the Name of the One who can make everyone Fruitful.

Give Him Glory, give Him Honour; Thank Him for Life, bless His Holy Name for the Salvation of your Soul.

Thank Him that He has kept you up till this moment. Give Him Glory because you are alive and when there is Life, there is Hope.

Worship Him because your tomorrow will surely be alright.

Thank Him for what He did during the RCCG Convention 2021; give Him Glory for the “Fantastic Testimonies” we have heard tonight – That there is still a God who can Perform Miracles, the God who can do the Impossible – The God who will say I can make a Way when the world is saying there is no Way out.

Bless His Holy Name!

Thank You Father; Oh Glory be to Your Holy Name.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


You are the Mighty God
The Great I am
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
You are the Mighty God
The Great I am
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

… Repeat!


King of Kings and Lord of Lords; The I am that I am; The Unchangeable Changer; The Resurrection and The Life; The Word from the Beginning; The One who said: Let there be Light and there was Light; The One who can never fail, The One who can never lie, The Holy One of Israel – Glory be to Your Holy Lord.

Thank You for what You did Last Month; Thank You for the RCCG Convention 2021; Thank You for the Salvation of Souls; Thank You for Healings; Thank You for the children born; Thank You for Deliverance; Thank You for Victory – Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Father, Thank You for January, Thank You for February, Thank You for March, Thank You for April, Thank You for May, Thank You for June, Thank You for July, Thank You for August, Thank You now for September – Glory be to Your Holy Name Lord. Please, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Tonight Father, do the Unusual; do the Miraculous, do the Glorious.

Today, wipe away all tears from all our eyes; let our Laughter begins afresh.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Well, since this is the beginning of our own Redeemed Calendar for this Year (2021/2022); I want you to wave at two (2) or three (3) People and say: “Happy New Year”.

And then wave at another two (2) or three (3) People and say: “You Shall Be Fruitful”.

And then you may Please be seated except those who are born in the Month of September.


My Father and my God; I’m committing all those Children born in the Month of September into Your Hands – September is the Ninth (9th) Month of the Year and Nine (9) is Three (3) Times Three (3).

Father, Son, Holy Spirit – The Blessings of these Your Children let them come in Triples – Triple Promotion, Triple Success, Triple Testimonies.

And Lord God Almighty; if there is anyone of them here today or reading now on the Label of DMC, who is considered barren; give them Triplets.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Now, those born in the Month of September; let’s hear your Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

God Bless You – You may Please be seated!


1. Next Month – The Month of October 2021 by the Grace of God is the Time for our Youth Convention (RCCG Youth Convention 2021).

And that tells you one thing that: Next Month is going to be loaded with Youthful Energy, Youthful Anointing, Youthful Preaching because they will be Preaching in Zones.

And it is Interesting to Note that the Holy Ghost Service Night (Friday Night) of Next Month (October 2021) is going to be “October 1st”.

… And that tells you that it will be Extra Special!

And the Theme for the RCCG Youth Convention 2021 is: “EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS” – God Bless You – Part 9 (Exceeding Expectations).

Bible Text: Genesis 1:28:

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be Fruitful, and Multiply, and Replenish the Earth, and Subdue it: and have Dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the Earth.

The two (2) Peachers (Pastor Emmanuel Seun Odekunle and Pastor (Mrs) Sola Balogun) who spoke before me (I don’t know how they did it); they must have seen my Note. One way or the other, they must be very high in the Spirit.

So, they have Practically Preached all my Sermon.

But for one (1) or two (2) things that I am sure God didn’t let them see – I should have just Prayed for you and then we go home.

… Why don’t you give the Lord a big round of applause for these two (2) Wonderful People.


You shall be Fruitful; that’s my Will for you – Amen.

You shall be Fruitful; that’s my Prayer for you – Amen.

You shall be Fruitful; that’s my Decree for you – Amen.

You shall be Fruitful; that’s God’s Decree concerning you – Amen.

… Please, be seated!

This Night is going to be extraordinary. It has been thus far – Beginning from the Opening Choruses; all along, you can feel there is something Special about tonight.

The Worship Songs, the Choruses, the Choir Ministrations, the Testimonies – Everything has been Special.


1. Because (like one of the People who spoke before me said) – It is GOD’S WILL

There is what is called ‘The Law of Priority’.

The Bible says in Luke 6:45 – Out of the Abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Out of the abundance of the heart of the Almighty God; when He was speaking to Man for the first time, He said: ‘You are Blessed.’ Then the next thing He said: ‘Be Fruitful.’

And you know, Isaiah 55:10-11 says: The Word of God WILL NOT return to Him void.

Psalms 33:22 says: The Counsel of God shall Stand!

We have been told again and again tonight; we have been reminded: Exodus 23:26 says: None shall be barren.

… When God says ‘NONE’ it means None!

Why are we so sure that you are going to be Fruitful?

2. Because God Himself is a FAMILY MAN.

When the Lord Jesus was Teaching His Disciples how to Pray (Matthew 6:9-13), the first thing He said is: “Our Father which art in Heaven.’

God is a Father – He is a Family Man. He has a Begotten Son (John 3:16).

He isn’t a barren Father – He has a Son, a Begotten Son. And He loved His Son so much that according to Acts 10:38 – He followed Him everywhere:

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with Power: who went about doing Good, and Healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him.

Everywhere He went, the Father went with Him – He was what is called a “Dotting Father”. He went with Him everywhere He went.

And because He wanted more children; He didn’t want to have just one Son. According to Romans 8:29, the Bible says: He applied the “Law of Harvest”.

That His Only Begotten Son can become the First Born of many children – He sowed the One Son. And that Son now Produced a Harvest of Billions of children – Some of which are here today; some of which are reading this Message on the Label of DMC, all over the world.

… If you are a Child of God, let me hear you shout hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Now, one of my children who spoke before me said – Be Fruitful is a Divine Command.

Yes, I taught them that!

You know, as I was Preparing for tonight, God corrected me;

He said: ‘Be Fruitful’ is not a Command! He said a Command is something.

As a Man, you have Freewill (you can disobey).

He said ‘Be Fruitful’ is a DECREE – A Decree you cannot dodge

That is why again I say tonight: My Decree to you tonight is; in the Name of the Almighty God – YOU SHALL BE FRUITFUL – Amen.

I. It is a Decree of my Daddy in Heaven; the One Who spake and it is done.

Psalms 33:8-9 says: Let all the Earth fear the LORD: let all the Inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him. For He spake, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.

It was a Decree that brought Light – “Let there be Light.” And Light had no option but to come.

The same Decree says: Be Fruitful. And you shall be Fruitful – Amen.

II. It is a Decree that came from my Daddy – The One Who will speak and make it Good.

The One Who would never lie.

Numbers 23:19 says: God is not a Man, that He should lie; neither the son of Man, that He should repent: hath He said, and shall He not do it? Or hath He spoken, and shall He not make it Good?

… When God speaks, it is a settled matter.

III. When He issues a Decree, even the Dead must Obey.

Oh, Thank You Daddy!

Whoever is concerned will know.

My Daddy says the Baby is kicking again!

Thank You Daddy! – The Baby is kicking again! Regardless of the Doctor’s Report, the Baby is back to life – Amen!

Even the dead responds to His Decree.

When Jesus stood in John 11:39-44; He said: “Lazarus, come forth!” The man who had been dead and buried four (4) days, knew that – That’s a Decree. He had to come back.

And so in Romans 4:16-21; the Bible made it clear that it was a Decree of the Most High God that brought back the dead womb of Sarah and she brought forth a son.

Tonight, I want to be brief, because, like I said – My children have covered a lot of grounds.

I want us to go back to the Original Definition of Blessing.

I told you that when the Almighty God says you are Blessed; it means all the Forces in Heaven, all the Forces on Earth, all the Forces Underneath the Earth; Angels, demons, human beings, they MUST assist you to Succeed – Amen.

That’s why I am still a bit disturbed, when I am going for my walk at Night, and Somebody keeps seeing me and is running towards me. And I say God bless you! And they still say ‘Pray for me.’ Ah! I have already said – GOD BLESS YOU.

God Bless You means: Let all the Hosts in Heaven help you to Succeed on Earth; help you to succeed Underneath the Earth.

I say one more time: GOD BLESS YOU – Amen.

So when God blesses you, it means: Angels would assist you.

I hope you Paid attention to the Special Hymn for the Holy Ghost Service – Verse 2 says:

I know I am blessed
Fruitful I’ll be
Angels will help me
Bring me Good News
Barrenness over
My Joy so soon
I know I am blessed
Fruitful I’ll be.

… Somebody is going to receive Good News tonight – Amen.

You see, the Bible says in Hebrews 1:13-14 that Angels are Ministering Spirits, sent forth to Minister to us who shall be Heirs of Salvation.

In Judges 13:1-end, it is an Angel that brought Good News to Manoah’s wife – ‘Lady, you are going to have a son, and he is going to be a great son.’

The husband said: The Angel came to you and you didn’t call me? Almighty God, Please send down the Angel again. And God did!

Tonight or as you read on the Label of DMC, an Angel will visit somebody – Amen.

It was an Angel that God sent to Zachariah in Luke 1:5-25 – He was there Ministering in the Temple, when an Angel appeared and told him: I know you are old, I know your wife is old; but you are going to have a son.

Each time I read Daniel 6:1-end, you know – By the time they threw Daniel into the Den of Lions, they even put a Stone across the mouth of the Den; so that there is no way he could Possibly escape. So his enemies thought, it’s finished!

But an Angel came and blocked the mouth of the Lions, so that by the following morning, those who sealed the Den of Lions were the same People who removed the Stone. And those who threw him in ended up becoming the food of lions.

An Angel will visit Somebody tonight or as you read on the Label of DMC; and all those who have written you off will get a Surprise – Amen.

And if you look into the third (3rd) Verse of our Special Hymn, it says:

I know I am blessed
Fruitful I’ll be
God’s Prophet will speak
Will notice me
God grant your request
He’ll say to me
I know I am blessed
Fruitful I’ll be

I Stand today as a Representative of the Most High God and I say: GOD WILL GRANT YOUR REQUESTS – Amen.

In 1 Samuel 1:9-21, the Bible tells us that God’s Prophet noticed Hannah, thought she was drunk. She said ‘I am not drunk, if I am drunk, it is with sorrow.’ The Man of God said alright, right now, what you want from God, God will give you – And it happened immediately!

Because you see, the Word of God says in Matthew 18:19 – When two of you agree as touching anything that you ask for on Earth, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven.

I am in Agreement with everyone of you: Wherever you are now or reading this Message on the Label of DMC, God will grant your Request – Amen.

Ah, Thank You Daddy!

The Lord asks me to tell Someone, He said: From now on, you will have Peace of mind – Amen.

I am sure you know the meaning of that? – You don’t have to worry anymore. Your case has been Settled – Amen.

In 2 Kings 4:8-17, it is the Story of the Shunamite Woman. It was a Prophet that said to her: Nine (9) Months from now, you will carry a son. The woman said, don’t deceive me! The Man of God said, I am not advising you; I am not suggesting – I am Decreeing!

I Decree to everyone of you, in the Name that is above every other names: In nine (9) Months from now, you will be carrying your Babies – Amen.

So, Angels will help you, the Prophet (the mouth piece of God) will help you;

But the biggest of all is that, GOD Himself will help you.


1. He will Remember you.

Because if you check the Special Hymn, it says: “GOD WILL REMEMBER ME.”

And when He remembers Somebody, that Fellow must be Fruitful.

In Genesis 30:22-24, the Bible says God remembered Rachel – He remembered Rachel.

And anyone God remembers must be Fruitful – Whether it is an Individual or whether it is even a Nation.

And so I am Decreeing tonight or as you read on the Label of DMC: As an Individual, God will remember you; as Families, God will remember you; as a Church, God will remember us; as a Nation, God will remember us.

… Because where we are now, unless God Remembers us …. God will remember us!

The Bible tells us that when they threw Joseph into Prison and he interpreted the dreams of some People; and one of them was killed, the other was restored. Joseph said: When you get there, don’t forget me.

But he got there and forgot! But when the Appointed Time came, God remembered him – God will remember you tonight – Amen

Now when God remembers you, the Next Thing He will do is, He will Open Doors.

Verse 4 of our Special Hymn says:

I know I am blessed
Fruitful I’ll be
God will open door
Door of my womb
And when He opens
No one can shut
I know I am blessed
Fruitful I’ll be

Genesis 40:22 says: God remembered Rachel and opened her womb.

You see, when God remembers you, He will Open Doors – Particularly, the Door of womb.

Thank You Daddy!

The Almighty God asked me to tell Someone and I think this is something everybody would Probably need.

He says: Your Marriage will experience a New Dawn – Amen!

He asked me to tell Someone (This can have Multiple meanings) He says – I will fill the void in your Life – Amen.

… Maybe I need to further explain that one.

When He says He will fill the void in your life, it goes beyond just becoming Pregnant:

I. It could mean that the one who by now should have been married and is not married; will marry!

II. It could even mean that the one who had been overlooked in Promotion would get Promotion!

III. It could mean the one who has no Joy would have Joy.

IV. It could mean the one who is feeling Hopeless would have Hope again.

Now, Revelation 3:7-8 says: When He opens, no Man can shut.

When God opens a Door for you, the one who will shut that door is not yet born.

Whether the door is the door of Prison, as we find in Acts 12:5-22; when they threw Peter into Prison and they thought that by tomorrow they would kill him. When God was ready, the doors were opening on their own accord.

God is the Manufacturer of the “Fenced Automatic Door” – You know why? Because He is the DOOR Himself.

And the One Who is the DOOR is going to Pay Somebody a visit today – Amen

Now if He remembers you, He opens the door of your womb. And then if need be, He will come Himself.

Like in Genesis 18:1-14; He visited Abraham and Sarah. He came Himself. He came so that the Previous Prophecies can become a Decree.

You know, because for Years He has been saying: Abraham, you are going to be the father of Nations, etc. But when He came Himself, He said, no more Promises – Now a Decree of nine (9) Month’s Time!

As the Lord lives, before Whom I Stand – Nine (9) Months from now, your Babies will be crying in your hand – Amen!

Now when I say, God will Visit you, usually when God wants to do so, He would Probably put on the Shape of Somebody you know (who is connected to Him).

Because if God Himself comes – ‘He says: ‘You can’t see Him and live’.

And if you have seen a real Angel before, you will be frightened.

But you have heard Testimonies before – I mean, there was a Testimony of a Man who had Zero Sperm Count. I mean, it is not Low – it is water! Just Zero. Then he came to the Holy Ghost Service, a Prophecy came!

On Saturday morning he went home, sat on a chair in his house; and because it was at the All-Night, he dozed off. And when he dozed off, he said he had a dream and he saw me coming into their sitting room (of course I wasn’t the one) – It must have been an Angel of God.

And that as he was looking at me, I waved at him, I smiled and left. Nine (9) Months later, he was carrying his baby.

God will visit you tonight – Amen.

Now, because God Himself is going to Help you – Every Child that will be born as a result of tonight’s Meeting will be Special like Isaac – Amen.

You know one thing about Isaac – Not only is his name Laughetr, he is a child who never gave the Parents any form of Problems. He was Obedient and Submissive.

Ah! Thank You Lord.

The Lord even has decided the Song you are going to sing during the Next Convention (RCCG Annual Convention 2022).

He says as you lift up your children during the RCCG 2022 Convention, your Song will be:

He has given me Victory
I will lift Him Higher (Jehovah)
I will lift Him Higher.

… Who is God talking to? Let me hear you sing that Song again:

He has given me Victory
I will lift Him Higher (Jehovah)
I will lift Him Higher.

Amen! – I am already rejoicing with you. Glory be to God (Hallelujah).

Isaac was such a nice boy – Well Trained and he accepted the Training.

You know it is one thing to train a child; it is another thing for that child to accept the Training. He loved his father, he loved the God of his father.

I mean, in Genesis 22:1-18 – When the father was going up the Mountain to offer his Sacrifice as God commanded him; it was Isaac who said to his father: Papa, I can see the fire, I can see the wood; where is the animal that we are going to use for the Offering?

He knew you shouldn’t come to God Empty Handed. He learnt that from his father, and he was correcting Papa – In case he has forgotten.

And you know when papa grabbed him and began to bind him – I have said it before; Isaac was around fifteen (15) Years or so Years old. Papa was already over a hundred (100) Years. If he decided to run, do you think Papa can catch up with him?

But he was so Submissive: ‘Let the Will of God be done. Papa have your way.’

That is why God said: I swear Isaac, I will Multiply you.

Every Child that will be born as a result of tonight’s Meeting will be a Child of Multiplication – Amen

And you know what?

The children that came through Isaac; they were the first set of twins (Esau and Jacob).

Indeed Isaac was a Child of Multiplication – He was the one who brought forth the real meaning of Israel.

Because by the time they went to Egypt, they were seventy (70) People; by the time they left Egypt they were already six hundred thousand (600,000) Plus.

One of my children who spoke before me said that the Plan of God for you is that you are not going to be the Last one in the family. Some People will come from you, and they will be many. Out of your womb shall come Nations – Amen.

Special children like the Child that came out of Manoah and his wife – He was Samson; a mighty Judge (Judges 13:1 to end).

And consider the Child that came out of the womb of Hannah – Samuel.

In 1 Samuel 3:19-21, the Bible tells us that a Great Prophet was established in Israel – When Samuel spoke, it was settled. God didn’t allow his words to fall to the Ground.

He was the first King Maker in Israel – He was the one who decided who will be the King, and he was the one who also decided who is not; he was the first King Recoverer – A Powerful Prophet of God.

I don’t know which one you want: Do you want a Judge or do you want a Prophet?

Whatever Child you get from tonight will be a Special Child, in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

Oh mine! This one is for me. Thank You Lord!

The Lord says there is Someone here or reading now on the Label of DMC – He says the Sweetest moments of your Life is near – Amen.

Consider John the Baptist; the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth.

In Matthew 11:11 – The Lord Jesus Christ said: “Of all men born of a woman, there had not arisen a Greater than John the Baptist.”

In other words, up to his own time he was the Greatest of all.

Your children will not be Ordinary; they will be Great – Amen!

And among those of us who are here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC is going to come a Child that will be regarded as the Greatest – Amen.

… If it’s going to be your own Child, let me hear your Amen loud and clear – AMEN!!!

Almost every other thing that I would have said have been said (and I am happy); because we want to have time for Ministrations tonight.

But then, as I have told you before – And as one of the People who spoke before me tonight said it: “if you summarised all the Teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, it could come to: “Nothing goes for Nothing!”

Salvation is Free because Somebody Paid for it with His Life; Healing is Free because by His Stripes we are Healed – Somebody took the Stripes; Deliverance is Free – Why? Because Someone went to Hell to go and yank the keys of death and Hell from Satan.

Somebody Paid for those things that are Free – You give, you shall be given. You sow, you shall reap.

… Something goes for something!

When I look at all these People in the Scriptures who have these Mighty Breakthroughs – Oh mine; it’s been quite a while since we had such a Night like this.

Daddy says (and definitely, I can say Amen to this before I tell you at all).

Daddy says: I gave Peter a Miracle that he Needed help to handle. He said, I will do the same for you – Amen.

There are many ways I could interprete that one – I mean, if you are expecting a Child and all of a sudden God gives you Triplets; I am sure you will Need Help for that!

I remembered a woman who was the first one to give birth to Quadruplets during a Convention here. She needed Help because she was getting ready for one, and four (4) came!

If He gives you more than one, He will Provide the Help – Amen.

All those who got these Mighty Breakthroughs, they all had something in common – Let me quickly look at them:

I. Take Abraham – Read Genesis 18:1-14.

Abraham was sitting infront of his tent and he saw People, he thought were men going – Three (3) Men.

But somehow he felt, these Men are not Ordinary! And they stopped briefly infront of his tent and he ran to meet them and said you can’t go. I know you are traveling, come to my house – Come and drink water, let me wash your feet. And if you don’t mind, let me give you some food to eat.

… It was after they have eaten that God now said: Where is Sarah thy wife?

I learnt a big lesson from Abraham – He said, I will not sit on the fence.

There are many of us who are benchwarmers in the House of God.

Abraham didn’t wait for the Visitors to say: Can you give us water to drink? Please can you give us food to eat? – No, No, No! He ran; he Volunteered Service.

… That is Abraham!

II. Let’s talk about Manoah – The father of Samson (Judges 13 1-20).

The Angel came to the wife – ‘You are going to have a Child.’ The wife told the husband ‘an Angel appeared to me.’ He said let us Pray that the Angel will come back. The Angel came back, repeated the Message.

And Manoah said: Sir, you can’t go without food. We must offer you food, we must entertain you.

You must contribute something if you are expecting a Major Breakthrough from God.

You are in the Church, you are Idle – You are not doing anything. You just go, sit in the pews, listen to the Songs, listen to the Sermons, Pray.

… Nothing goes for Nothing!

You can join the Choir, you can become a Worker, you can become an Usher, you can join the Prayer Warriors, you can be in the Evangelism Team.

III. Let’s take the Shunamite Woman in 2 Kings 4:8-17.

She saw Elijah Passing by and said: Man of God, you must come to my house and eat. And the Man of God said: Who told you I am hungry? The Lord is my Provider.

The Bible says the woman compelled him, constrained him and said: You are not going, you are coming to my house to eat.

… She contributed!

And the Man of God kept coming back and she kept feeding him. She didn’t stop after one time – She kept on. Then she moved further, she even built a house for the Man of God. Before the Man of God said: Wait a Minute, this woman has been taking care of me all these days, what can I do in return?

Get involved, to the best of your Ability! If the Pastor says there is Nothing you can do; force yourself on him – Tell him ‘there is something I can do.

I remembered Years ago – I went for the World Conference of Pentecostals in Nairobi Kenya, way back in 1976. And at the end of the Conference (People came from all over the world) the Chief Organiser said – Brethren, I want to Present to you the one who has done the Greatest job during this Conference.

And we were looking forward to seeing one of the Big Preachers to step forward. And he introduced a very Young Girl.

He said, this Girl came to me: ‘I heard that there is going to be a Conference, I want to Participate, I want to contribute.’

And the Man of God looked at her and said: What can you contribute (laughing)? This is no joking matter.

The Girl said: at least I can help you go and Post the Invitation Letters.

Ah, sorry Girl, that has already been done.

Then the girl said: ‘I can clean the shoes of all the Preachers when they come – At least that has not been done.’

He said, that is the girl who has been cleaning the shoes of all the Preachers since they came. And that is a girl who has contributed the Most because in her little way, she has touched every Preachers.

We all stood up and clapped!

Get something doing – Nothing goes for Nothing. Let God see you in Action, contributing, Winning Souls, Increasing the Kingdom of God.

IV. Let’s take the case of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1:19-20 (Which one of the Previous Speakers also mentioned);

… That is why I said Probably they spied my Note.

When Hannah said ‘Oh God ‘give me a Child (a Man-Child) and I will give him back to You.’

You know what she was saying because she didn’t know she will have any other Child other than that one.

She was Practically saying: God answer my Prayer and all I can ever be is Yours. All I am, all I can ever become, is Yours. I submit to You completely, I will be involved in whatever You do Permanently.

V. What about Zachariah and Elizabeth? – Look at Luke 1:5-25.

1. The Bible says the two (2) of them – Husband and Wife were blameless.

You know what that means? – Not a Single trace of sin in their lives. They were blameless.

2. The husband didn’t say I have no child therefore, I won’t serve God.

As a matter of fact, the Angel met him while he was busy for God.

The Angel appeared to him when he was Ministering to the Most High God

If God is to Pay you a visit; will He find you busy for Him?

I mean, leaving aside the issue of the fruit of the womb, there are many of us who want to have Breakthroughs.

Because one of the People who spoke before me spoke about all forms of barrenness:

A. If you have been Labouring for Years and there is nothing to show for, it is a form of Barrenness.

B. No Promotion for all these Years, it is a form of Barrenness.

C. Mentally speaking, if you are not Producing the kind of results you were supposed to Produce; it is a form of Barrenness.

D. The Student who studied very hard, when examination comes you get to the Examination Hall, you forget everything you have learnt; it is barrenness.

And Barrenness is ending tonight in Jesus’ Name -Amen.

What are you doing for God? What is your contribution to his Kingdom?

I know a Man who is a Graduate and couldn’t get a job.And finally he decided, at least he will start a job of cleaning Offices wherever he could find opportunities to clean.

And he went to his Pastor and said: Pastor Pray for me, I want to be doing a Cleaning job. And the Pastor said: through Cleaning, God can turn him to a Millionaire. But I have a suggestion for you – go and be cleaning the Altar of God.

Let God see you there Cleaning His Altar. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, one day He will remember you!

He took the advice.

We had a little Altar here in the Camp then – There are Altars and there are Altars!

And he began to clean the Altar, and God remembered him.

Today nobody can recognise the Cleaner anymore because God has opened Doors on to him.

He will open doors unto you – Amen.

In closing, they have said it before me; and in essence, what they said is simply – We cannot continue in sin and expect Grace to abound.

The Word of God says: God forbid! – Roman 6:1-2

And so I’m going to just tell you one Story.

I have told it before several times – You will noticed that I have not told you too many Stories tonight because I can feel the Power of God already here.

I have told you the Story of a Lady who came to the Holy Ghost Service, we were Praying for those who were trusting God for the Fruit of the womb.

And then after one Year, she came back very angry – They told me if I get to your Convention and you Pray for me; if you lay hands on me and I fall down under the Power of the Anointing, then by the following Year, I will have a baby. Why has it not happened to me?

And the Spirit of God said to me: Ask her how many boyfriends she has apart from her husband?

And this is a very Important Lady – So I had to tremble before I asked the question.

If I didn’t know Who was speaking, I will not have ask such a question.

“Please Ma, it’s God who told me to ask you, don’t be angry. God said I should ask you: How many boyfriends have you apart from your husband?

She said six (6) (Laughing)

… And you want the Holy One of Israel to give you a Child!

How are we going to even know the father? – Husband Plus six (6) Other Men. How will we know the father?

You cannot continue in sin and expect Grace to abound. You have to forsake your evil ways for the Almighty God to grant your Request. He is the Almighty; He has never failed before.


So, if you are listening to me tonight or you are reading now on the Label of DMC; if you are hearing the sound of my voice and you believed very firmly that today is your day – But you know that you are still harbouring sin; It is time to forsake your sins and the Almighty God will come through for you.

So, if you want to give your Life to Jesus, this time you really mean business; I want you to cry to God for Salvation. Wherever you are, tell God: this time I mean business. Be my Saviour. I am saying bye-bye to a Life of sin and He will answer you.

… And then I will Pray for your Salvation.

The Choice is yours! – You cannot continue to habour sin in your Life and expect God’s Grace to abound. The Word of God says: God forbid!

Thank you those of you who are ready to surrender your Life to Jesus Genuinely. Cry unto Him now, ask Him to be Merciful unto you, ask Him to save your Soul, ask Him to forgive all your sins. Promise Him that from now on, you will serve Him.

Ask Him to be your Lord, and be your Saviour. That you are saying bye-bye to a Life of sin, that you want a New Beginning in God.

And let the rest of us; Please stretch our hands to our New Brothers and Sisters and intercede for them – That the One Who saved our Souls would save their Soul also. Pray for them, Call on God for them.

Let’s call on the Almighty God to have Mercy on them, to save their Souls, to wash away their sins in his Precious Blood.

Thank You Father! Oh Father be Merciful. Your Blood has never lost its Power! Let that Blood wash away their sins. Give them a Brand New Beginning in You. Save their Souls Lord, save their Souls.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we Pray – Amen.


Saviour I Thank You for Your Word and I Thank You for these People who have come to You for Salvation.

I Thank You because Your Word says: “Whosoever would come on to You, You will in no Wise cast out.” They have come to you now Lord, Please receive them in Jesus’ Name!

Save their Souls Lord, let Your Blood wash away their sins. Please receive them into the Family of God; write their names in the Book of Life and from now on anytime they cry unto You, Please answer them by Fire.

Please Lord God Almighty, very, very soon let them have Beautiful Testimonies!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Now I am rejoicing with those of you who have come forward tonight. I want to assured you that from now on, I will be Praying for you; and you will be receiving Testimonies of Miracles, even that you have not asked for, in Jesus’ Name.

So, I’m going to need your name, Address, your Prayer Request – God Bless You!

Let’s give the Lord a big round of applause for all these People! Give them a really big round of applause.

… I thought you are clapping for God?

Those of you who have been clapping, your hands will never whither! Thank you for clapping.


You may want to write down the Prayer Points so that you can Talk to God:

1. Thank God – Especially that you are still alive and that as long as there is Life; there is Hope

Thank Him for all the Decrees that He has spoken tonight that: You will be Fruitful!

2. You are to Pray this with all your Heart: Father, Please remember me now.

3. Father, Please send me a “Visitor of Joy” this Month (September 2021).

4. Father, Please put a Permanent End to Barrenness and Sorrow in my Life, in my Home and in Your Church.

5. Father, Please let me be “Abundantly Fruitful” in every facets of my Life.

6. Father, I beg You; Kindly Personally visit my Home soon.

7. This is Your Own Personal Prayer Request.

Tell God in various forms that you need Him – Maybe you want a Set of Twins (2 Boys or 2 Girls or a Boy and a Girl) or even more.

The Altar is open – I will give you fifteen (15) Minutes to Pray to God before we Proceed!

Thank You Father! Thank You Lord. In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


The Almighty God will Grant your Request; He will Remember you today; He will put a Permanent End to Barrenness in your Life.There will be no more sorrow in your life homes.

This very Month, you will receive a Visitor of Joy; you will be Abundantly Fruitful, in His infinite Mercy, God Himself will visit you. He will Grant your Request your Joy will Overflow.

You shall be Fruitful – In every facets of your Life, you shall be Fruitful; and you too will serve God to the end.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Well, let someone shout hallelujah – Hallelujah!

God Bless You – AMEN.

… You can go back to your seats.

Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus.


There is something Special that the Lord instructed me to do tonight, and that is that each and everyone of you would be Anointed. And that the Anointing of tonight is is Specifically to destroy the Yokes of Barrenness.

And so those of you who are reading this Message on the Label of DMC, if you can get a bottle of Anointing Oil within the next couple of minutes, Please do so. As I Pray over the Oil here, I will use it as a Point of contact for all the Oil that you may be lifting up to Him in your various homes.

The Anointing of tonight is so Special, that the Lord said that even the Pastors before they Anoint you, should Anoint themselves – It is a very, very Special Anointing that will destroy the Yokes of Barrenness, the yokes of Fruitless Efforts.

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And in the Name that is above every other names, we will Testify – Amen.

The Pastors would line up infront, then you will come. And when you are Anointed, if you are trusting God for the fruit of the womb – As soon as you are Anointed, you will lay your hands on your belly and continue to Prophesy to yourself: I AM BLESSED, I SHALL BE FRUITFUL.

Just keep on saying so – it doesn’t matter how many times, keep saying so. Remember the Testimony of the Second Speaker – Pastor Shola Balogun (Read the Full Text of that Message on the label of DMC).

When that Fellow put a Bible on her belly and another Bible on her back, and kept saying: ‘I carry my baby.’ Some People may think that she’s foolish. The end will Justify the means.”

As soon as you are Anointed, you lay your hands on your belly and just keep on Prophesying to yourself: I am Blessed, and shall be Fruitful.

And the Almighty God will grant your Request – Amen.

If you are already Fruitful Physically, but you want to be Fruitful otherwise; then instead of laying the hands on your belly, lay your hands on your head and keep on Prophesying: “I am Blessed, I shall be Fruitful.” And God will grant your Request.

…. Those of you at home, you may go ahead and Anoint yourself now.

Thank You Father!

Now all of us (in one voice) we are going to Call on the Almighty God to send down his Fire. That anything at all that may want to Stand between us and Great Fruitfulness, be consumed by the Fire of the Holy Spirit.

So go ahead, cry to the Almighty God: Send down Your Fire Oh God, any obstruction to my Fruitfulness and Obstruction to my job, send down Your Fire Lord and let the Fire of the Holy Spirit consume.

Let it consume every of obstructions to my Fruitfulness, every obstruction to my Success, every obstruction to my job, every obstruction to my Progress, every obstruction, Lord God Almighty to being Abundantly Fruitful, send down Your Fire Lord.

Let the Fire of the Holy Spirit come and consume tonight; even as I Pray, Father send out your Fire to consume every obstruction to my Health, every obstruction to my Progress, every obsolution to my Serving You with Gladness and Joy.

Father send down Your Fire from Heaven, let the Fire consume tonight every obstruction to my rapid Progress and Joy; every obstruction to Abundant Fruitfulness – Send down Your Fire Lord tonight, to consume – to the Glory of Your Holy Name.

Thank You Father! Thank You Lord. Thank You Jesus. Oh, Thank You Father. Glory be to your Holy Name. Thank You Almighty Father. In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


If any demon from now on tries to stand in your way; the Fire of God will consume!

Any door that the enemy has shut against your Fruitfulness, the Fire of God will consume!

Anyone that the enemy has directed against your Success; against your Progress, against your Joy, against your Fruitfulness – The Fire of God shall consume.

So shall it be!

You shall be Fruitful; you shall be Abundantly Fruitful.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Decreed – Amen.

Let me hear you shout hallelujah – HALLELUJAH.

… Well, let’s be seated for a while!


If you have been blessed tonight, like I have been Blessed, then let’s take our Thanksgiving Offering, and bless the Lord Mightily.

With Joy, with rejoicing, singing, dancing, showing the devil he has lost the battle – Glory be to God!

Okay, over to you Band!


Father we Thank You! – Thank You for the Anointing, Thank You for the Fire that fell, Thank You because definitely, we have a New Beginning now.

Thank You because we shall be Fruitful.

Accept our Thanks in Jesus’ Name!

Father, Please accept the Offering of Your Children, Sanctify it, use it for Your Glory.

And in Your Name I Decree: Everyone of you who has given, you will never borrow again!

Whatever you touch shall Prosper! – Materially you shall be very, very Fruitful.

And as you go, God will go with you! evil we stay far away from you. I will only hear Good News concerning you.

By this time Next Year, even your own children too will be Giving their own Offerings.

So shall it be. In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Decreed – AMEN!!

If you believe that your Fruitfulness will be Exceedingly Great, then shout an Exceedingly Great Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!!!!!!

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