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Holy Ghost Service Message For Wednesday 8th November 2023

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Extracts from Pastor E.A Adeboye Message during The RCCG Annual Workers Meeting of the Abuja Special Holy Ghost Service 2023 on Wednesday 8th November 2023



When you read Mark 12:22; the Bible said that they brought a Man to Jesus Christ – He was Blind and Dumb.

And He (Jesus Christ) healed him – So that the Man who was Blind and Dumb both Speak and Saw.

… He speaks first before he saw!

“Speaking” is more Important than “Seeing” because the Man who can speak can cry for Help!

Bartimaeus was Blind but he could speak – So, he used his mouth to cry for Help and then he got his sight back.

The Almighty God created your mouth to do so many things!

Part of which is to cast out Demons!

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When the Lord asked you to cast out Demons, He didn’t ask you to beat Demons out of the People.

He created your mouth so that you can Command and say: Demon, get out of here! And they will obey you.

But you know what?

Psalms 89:1 tells you the “Real Purpose” for God creating your mouth and for making sure that you can still speak till today.

David said: I will sing of the Mercies of the Lord Forever, with my mouth will I make known what?

God wants you to make use of your mouth to do two (2) Principal Things:

I. To Sing of His Mercies.

II. To Testify of His His Goodness – To tell People what God had done for you.

He expects you with your mouth to make it known to all Generations.

That is why David said in Psalms 116: 12-14 – He said: What shall I render unto the Lord for all His Goodness to me?

He said that I will take the “Cup of Salvation” and Call upon the Name of the Lord.

You want to show your Gratitude to God for all God had done for you?

I. God wants you to Praise Him.

II. God wants you to Testify, to Witness and to tell others what He has done for you.

Do you know what?

I have always said it each time that we had a Workers’ Rally like this – Nothing will Please God more than to see you telling everyone about what He has done for you and how He can do the same thing for them!

He wants you to use your mouth and go after those who are Backsliding and say: Hey, come back; the Lord is still Good!

He wants you to be His Agent – Advertising Agent for that matter.

Oh, we can have Bill Boards, we can distribute Flyers, we make make Announcements on Television and Radio; but there is never a means as effective as you telling your Neighbour that in this so and so Program, God is going to do something New!

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I have told you before – When you expect one (1) Fellow to come, then you must invite ten (10). That is the Law!

So, the Almighty God is expecting you to use that your mouth; to use your Telephone and to use every Methods you can think of, to tell everybody within your Territory!

… God is set to Reposition you Divinely in this Great Revival Program – Make it a date with Jesus Christ!


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