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How To Become More Relevant And Purposeful As A Youth

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This article seeks to shed light on what purpose is and how to live purposeful, as a youth.

In a world of duplicate humans, choose to be the original version of yourself.

This will be an impossible task if you haven’t found or know who you are, why you are here.

The need for you to discover your purpose cannot be over-emphasized.

Without purpose, at your best state of life, you’d just be existing and not living.

Living begins the moment you discover your purpose.

When you find what to live for, your life becomes sacred and well-regulated, cared for, and controlled.

This article, therefore, seeks to shed light on what purpose is and how to become purposeful as a youth.

Our world has many regretful adults and reckless youths.

The old groan for their past mistakes and wasted lives. While the young ones queue right behind them, walking down the alley impatiently, and expecting different outcomes.

The man at the top – the last end of the ladder, cries woe that the ladder he climbed leaned on the wrong wall.

Others at the lower part are envious of him and hoping to take his place.

This is the picture of the entire humans race, regardless of color, nationality or gender.

The only way out, the only means by which a youth can become purposeful, is to discover the reason for his existence.

I believe that, in the nucleus of your heart, you desire to live differently from what goes on around the world.

I advise you to shun every distraction and zero your mind on the few succeeding slides of this calligraphy to gain wisdom.

It is time to find your path in life and make a difference in your world.


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What is Purpose?

To determine what purpose is, it is adequate that we decipher what it is not.

First, your purpose is not the same as your vision, it is her mother.

Your purpose is not your dream, goal, or ambition. No, it is their grandmother.

Your purpose is not the great commission, as many Christians are, erroneously, taught to believe. No, it is not.

It is not your job, career, skills, gifts, or talents, per se. Nay, rather, you got them all because of your purpose.

Your purpose gives you all the endowments you have today.

To proceed, I like to define the word PURPOSE with the simplest term feasible.

I define purpose as the reason why a thing was made, created, or formed. That is to say, without purpose, there would be no existence or creation of anything.

In other words, purpose predates creation. It, therefore, determines who and what were and should be made or created into presence. PURPOSE is powerful!

God was and still is intentional about you and your existence here on earth. And if He is, then, you should be, too.

And you can only become purposeful as a youth by discovering from your Manufacturer, who He made you to be.

You’re a product of Elohim Eternal Triune Company (EETC).


Questions T o Ask

Here are some personal development questions that could help you discover your purpose.

Before I put them forth, I like to echo a favorite quote made by my revered mentor – post-mortem:

“Where you are, how you are, what you are, and who you are, are all because of why you are.”

Primary Questions
> Who am I?

> Where am I from?

> Why am I here?

> What can I do?

Where am I going?


Secondary Questions
What am I so good at and will do perfectly without any rival in sight or anyone looking over my shoulder?
What do I love to do and will do tirelessly, even if I am not paid for it?
What is it that I know so satisfactorily by nature and can teach others the same?
What makes me angry, what is it that irritates me, that if I have my way, with the support of others, will eradicate it?
What problem around me is that I am and can be a solution to?
What am I known for, what will the world remember me for?
PS: you must answer these questions in solitary.

Google, AI, … and all the other search engines cannot give you accurate answers to these questions.

Neither can the professionals of whatever field grant you the Maker’s deep intention for creating you. The answer is deep within you.

God, by His Spirit which is at work in you, will fray and reveal this eternal truth about your existence to you.

That is to say, you must, first, have a lively and working relationship with God, the Creator – there are no shortcuts to this.

As you establish this relationship, by way of surrendering all of your life to Jesus, forsaking your past sinful life with a promise to live righteously.

God will lead you and direct your way towards full realization and complete fulfillment of His purpose in you. Amen!

However, it’s one step at a time; eternal secrets are not known in one day. Patience will do.


How To Become a Purposeful Youth

1. Be Different
To become a purposeful youth, you MUST determine to do things differently.

Differently, I said, not a new thing, per se.

But putting into, thorough, practice what others have only learned and have a head knowledge of with no experiential proof in their lifestyle.

They are held captives by their emotions. They know what to do, but lack the power, willingness, and discipline to do the same.

Doctors still smoke. Law enforcement agents do fight in the streets, and occasionally, sexual purity advocates still do sexually dumb stuff.

Knowledge and wisdom are not enough.

If educated people carefully put into practice 60 percent of what they know upstairs, their lives will improve by 200 percent of what level they already are.

My mentor, W.F. Kumuyi once said, “Emotions are stronger than Knowledge.”

We learn a lot and do so little. This is because knowledge is not the same as wisdom, and wisdom is not as strong as discipline.

Discipline, therefore, is the secret to becoming a purposeful youth.

So, to become a purposeful youth or adult you have to start from the realization stage.

You were created by Someone and He had an intention for creating you; you’re not a mistake.

This realization should lead you to surrender the government of your life entirely to Him, the Worthy Creator. That’s the best place to start.

2. Cultivate A Good Lifestyle
You must intentionally and painstakingly strive to live within the confines of the lifestyle suitable for the realization and fulfillment of your purpose.

This entails selecting your friends, choosing the books to read, sermons to listen to, and hobbies; movies, music, games, sports, … to engage with in leisure time.

Be selective in courses to study in high institutions, who’s counsels to listen to, your marriage and life partner, and more.


3. Read The Scriptures
To know the mind of the Maker and Creator, one has to read the Manual attached to the product.

Manuals simply mean the Maker’s mind in texts.

The Eternal Creator provided a manual, wherein written every single piece of information man, as a species, will ever need for effective and purposeful living from birth till death.

This Manual is called the Bible, though it has, down the centuries, been mistaken to be a religious dogma.

It is indeed the only human manual made available by the Creator of all. It is a global book for all of humanity.

Here’s a quote from the human manual; “These people have I formed for myself; they shall show forth my praise,”

It says, these people, not this person— you’re one among the people.

And for the symphony of God’s to be complete, you must produce your musical tune by the type of instrument you were gifted with.


4. Embrace Fellowship
A standard Philharmonic led by a conductor, consists of anywhere from 80 to 100 musicians composed of four sections; brass, woodwinds, percussion, and strings.

That unique sound of music that comes from you and you solely, which must be played to complete the orchestra— for perfect melody, is your purpose in existence.

Nobody else can do it as you will, you were crafted out by God, for such intent. You have no rival, whatsoever, when you’re on purpose.

Again, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”

It is expedient that you know that nobody else has ever existed who’s cloned with your identical clone.

Nobody has lived your purpose for you so that you may say that you’re to duplicate or become a photocopy of such.

And nobody will ever be or do that, even after you have gone.


5. Develop Yourself
Fourth, work on your discovered area of strength till it overwhelmingly overlaps your weaknesses with mastery.

Work on your discovered areas of gifting so you become exceptional and unbeatable.

Develop yourself until the day stars arise. Do it in the dark until the bright spotlight shines on you for glory, recognition, respect, recommendation with awards, and rewards.

Only then will you become the leader God intends that you should be. Not over fellow human beings, but over your gifts, dexterities, and innate talents.

And with that, you would have contributed your quota in dominating the earth on behalf of God, the sovereign Owner, and Ruler of all and overall, whose colony the earth is.

To end with, let’s hear a quote of confirmation from the Human Manual OT, Genesis, section 1 subsection 26;

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have Dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and the cattle, and all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.”
Now you know, this helps you to put into practice all that you’ve learned.

Conclusion On How To Become A Purposeful Youth

Whatever has a beginning, sure has an end. This article got underway with an introduction and here you are reading the concluding facet.

I like to say that, your greatness and success in life— in God’s reckoning, lies in how well you use your gifts (tools) to play your part (work) in accomplishing the task ( co-mission/commission).

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And also be the answer to the prayer – “Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

When you make the discovery, you would have lived true to your part of seeking first the kingdom and its righteousness.

And then God, who never fails nor lies, will fulfill His own part by adding into your life all the other things that you need for a happy living.

We live with, and on things— material possessions, we don’t live for them. It’s Kingdom First. Other things follow.

Your job, education, pursuits, … must all be for God’s glory, that’s the essence of our residency on earth, that’s the spelling of purposeful living.

Remember, when you self yourself out to live purposefully, it will be tough.

But you need not fear for you have an heavenly insurance company covering you against all forms if lost.

Hear the Humans Manual;

“For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.”
And lastly,

“There shall nothing cast their young, nor be barren, in thy land: the number of thy days I will fulfill.” “The LORD will perfect that which concerns me: thy mercy, O LORD, endures for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.”
With all these promises, tell me, how can you or why will you fail to live a purposeful life as a young person who fears God? You won’t, because He won’t.

Thank you for reading through till this point. The Lord blesses you and guides you towards a purpose and effective living, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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