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Lakewood Church Service 8 January 2023 with John Osteen

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God Bless you

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Catch us LIVE here on Facebook at 7 p.m. CST to experience a Lakewood Service! Powerful messages along with inspiring music and worship!
Be prepared to be filled with fresh hope and victory to overcome whatever is trying to come against you, in Jesus’ name!
For more information about in-person service, click here: LakewoodChurch.com/HopeAgain
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Lakewood Church
Lakewood Church

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God Bless you

“I am blessed,
Not Average,
Not mediocre.
I am the child of the
Most High God.
I will become all He’s
Created me to be.
In Jesus Name.”
When someone hurts you, they do you wrong, if you keep thinking about it, then you’re letting them continue to hurt you. Don’t give them your power. You have to let it go. Give it to God. He saw what they did. He saw your tears, your heartache. He has beauty for those ashes. Here’s the key, you have to let go of the ashes, before you can see the beauty. It’s an exchange. God says, “You give me the ashes, you quit dwelling on the hurts, you forgive them, move forward with your life and I’ll give you the beauty. I’ll do something so great, so rewarding, you don’t think about what you lost.” The new thing God has for you, the new people, the new opportunity, the promotion, the healing, the influence will be better than you ever dream. – Joel Osteen
A Prayer for Today
Father, thank You that with Your calling upon my life comes the power to release any old thinking, old habits, discouragement, and dysfunction that would keep me stuck. I’m dropping the excuses that hold me back and taking steps of faith for a new beginning today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

About Lakewood Church

Lakewood Church is a megachurch located in Houston, Texas, United States. It is the largest church in the United States, with a seating capacity of over 16,000. The church was founded in 1959 by John Osteen, who pastored the church until his death in 1999. His son, Joel Osteen, then became the senior pastor of Lakewood Church and has led the church since that time.

Lakewood Church is known for its positive, uplifting messages and its focus on practical Christian living. The church’s services are televised and broadcast around the world, reaching millions of viewers. In addition to its weekly services, Lakewood Church also offers a variety of programs and activities for all ages, including small groups, Bible studies, and children’s and youth programs. The church is also involved in various charitable initiatives and outreach programs, including disaster relief efforts and support for the poor and disadvantaged.

John Osteen was the founder and senior pastor of Lakewood Church, a megachurch located in Houston, Texas, United States. He was born on August 21, 1921, in Marvell, Arkansas, United States. He received his education at Southwestern Assemblies of God University, where he graduated with a degree in theology in 1952.

After completing his education, John Osteen pastored several churches in Texas and Louisiana before founding Lakewood Church in 1959. At the time, Lakewood Church was a small congregation that met in an abandoned feed store in Houston. Under John Osteen’s leadership, the church grew rapidly and eventually moved to a series of larger facilities.

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John Osteen was known for his positive, faith-filled messages and his emphasis on the power of the Word of God. He traveled extensively and preached at conferences and evangelistic campaigns around the world. He also wrote several books, including “Your Best Days Are Ahead” and “The Power of the Spoken Word.”

John Osteen pastored Lakewood Church until his death on January 26, 1999. He was succeeded as senior pastor by his son, Joel Osteen. John Osteen was married to Dolores “Dodie” Osteen, who served as co-pastor of Lakewood Church and played a significant role in the growth and development of the church. John and Dodie Osteen had six children together.

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