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Manchester Miracle Crusade Pastor Korede Komaiya 21 September 2023

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Manchester Miracle Crusade Pastor Korede Komaiya 21 September 2023

Manchester Miracle Crusade Pastor Korede Komaiya 21 September 2023

Manchester and the United Kingdom brace yourself for the BIG BANG of the Miraculous at the Manchester Miracle Crusade, scheduled to take place on Thursday, 21st September, to Friday, 22nd September 2023, at The Lighthouse, 12 Coronet Way, Salford, Manchester M50 1RE, United Kingdom, by 6:00 pm daily on Thursday and Friday, and 10:00 am on Friday for the Business Meeting.

Ministering in songs are Travis Green, Eben, and Jonuel. It’s going to be an atmosphere of incredible signs, instant creative miracles, and massive healings.
Kindly register with the link in my bio or click http://bit.ly/ManchesterCrusade to reserve your seat.
Nothing will ever remain the same again!
Thursday, September 21
Manchester Miracle Crusade
The Manchester Miracle Crusade is back!! get ready for a life-changing event where lives will be changed and hearts will be transformed.

When and where

Date and time
September 21 · 6pm – September 22 · 9pm BST

The Lighthouse church 12 Coronet Way Salford M50 1RE United Kingdom

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Opening Session

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Morning Session

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Closing Session

About this event
1 day 3 hours
Mobile eTicket
Manchester Miracle Crusade is n Apostolic Event divinely organised to stir up a revival in the land, churches, among believers, and more importantly a massive harvest of Souls.

We trust God to break every stronghold of darkness in our cities via the crusade and overshadow our cities with HIS glory!

The event shall be characterised with intense Worship, Signs and Wonders, Diverse Miracles and Breakthrough.

Please, Plan and Prepare to attend!

About The Master’s Place International Church

The Master’s Place International Church is a ministry that embraces and welcomes individuals from all walks of life, aiming to provide a spiritual home where everyone can discover their purpose and contribute to the fulfillment of God’s plan for their lives. This church operates under the belief that every individual has a unique role to play in shaping the world positively.

The core mission of The Master’s Place is to bring about a transformation in humanity’s trajectory. The church sees itself as an instrument of change, designed by a divine mandate to reshape the course of history by nurturing individuals who will have a positive impact on their surroundings. Their overarching goal is to Reform, Rebuild, and Restore both humanity and the planet to a state of glory, honor, and dignity.

Empowered by a strong sense of purpose, The Master’s Place International Church aims to address deep-rooted, generational issues that have persisted over time. Through their teachings, community engagement, and various initiatives, they aspire to solve these long-standing problems and create a lasting, positive impact on society.

This ministry recognizes the value and potential in each person, and they extend an invitation to individuals to learn more about their mission and how they execute it. By encouraging people to join their community, The Master’s Place seeks to establish a network of like-minded individuals who share a common goal of bringing about positive change.

In summary, The Master’s Place International Church is a congregation driven by a divine calling to uplift humanity and restore it to its rightful place of honor. With a focus on reforming, rebuilding, and restoring, they endeavor to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and in the world as a whole.

The Master’s Place International Church, Warri, Nigeria, 330102

Warri, Nigeria
Service area


About the Senior Pastor

Pastor Korede Komaiya is a remarkable individual who embodies a diverse range of gifts and talents. He is recognized as an apostle of reformation and a perceptive teacher, known for his ability to impart wisdom and insight to those who listen. As the Presiding Pastor of The Master’s Place International Church, he plays a pivotal role in guiding the ministry’s mission and vision.

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Headquartered in the vibrant city of Warri in Delta State, Nigeria, The Master’s Place International Church is a dynamic and progressive congregation. The church’s central goal is to initiate a significant transformation in both humanity and the planet itself. This transformation is envisioned as a journey back to a state of honor, dignity, and glory. The ministry is focused on nurturing and equipping individuals to become positive influencers who can reshape the world around them.

Pastor Korede Komaiya stands at the forefront of this endeavor, providing leadership, inspiration, and guidance to the congregation and the community at large. His multifaceted graces and insights make him a revered figure within the church and beyond. His teachings are aimed at instilling a sense of purpose, encouraging personal growth, and fostering a deep connection to spirituality.

With a strong commitment to reformation, rebuilding, and restoration, Pastor Korede Komaiya and The Master’s Place International Church are dedicated to confronting generational challenges and creating lasting solutions. Their work is driven by a divine mandate that seeks to uplift humanity and the environment.

In conclusion, Pastor Korede Komaiya is a respected spiritual leader known for his diverse talents, insightful teachings, and commitment to positive transformation. Through his role as the Presiding Pastor of The Master’s Place International Church, he spearheads a mission to reform, rebuild, and restore, with the ultimate aim of raising influencers who will contribute to the betterment of humanity and the world.

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