Well let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

If you are sure that you are going to begin to enjoy your Jubilee from now on, shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


1. I want you to lift your hands to the Almighty God and begin to bless His Holy Name because He is about to do something Special to you tonight.

Give Him Glory, give Him Honour, give Him Adoration. He is Worthy to be Praised and Adored. Praise Him, let Him hear you, bless Him. There is no one like Him, He is Worthy to be Praised.

Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

2. Then lift your Voice to Him loud and clear and say: Father, surprise me tonight; give me a Pleasant Surprise tonight.

Go ahead and Pray.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


1. What a Mighty God we serve
What a Mighty God we serve
Heaven and Earth Adore Him
Even Angels bow before Him
What a Mighty God we serve.

2. Hallelujah for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth
Hallelujah, Hallelujah; Praise the Lord
Hallelujah for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth
Hallelujah, Hallelujah; Praise the Lord


Ancient of Days, the One who has No Beginning or No Ending, the Lord of Host, the King of Glory, the Alpha and the Omega; the Beginning and the Ending, the One Who was, the One Who is, the One Who is to come, the Almighty.

The God of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), we bless Your Holy Name. Please, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Thank You for Seventy (70) Years of Your Favour, Thank You for Mighty Things that You have done in our Church, Thank You for what You are doing now, Thank You for forty (40) Years of Convention on this Campground.

Thank You for days of “Small Beginning”, Thank You because we know that You are taking us a Great and Higher Place.

Thank You for all those who are here tonight, Thank You for those who are connected to us all over the world or reading now on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET. Accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Tonight, Glorify Your Name, do what You alone can do. Let everybody leave here with a New Testimony this Morning.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

You will shake hands with two (2) or three (3) People and repeat the Prophesy of yesterday (Day 4).

Tell your Neighbour: I will get the First Miracle and then it will be your turn.

If you believe that, then shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Then you may Please be seated except those born in the Month of August!


If you are born in the Month of August, let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Father, I want to Thank You for Your Children born in the Month of August – The Month of August is the Month of New Beginning!

In every areas of their lives, let there be a New Beginning – A New Beginning of Joy, of Success, of Progress, of Divine Health, of Promotion, of Anointing, of q Determination to serve God.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

So Children of August shout another Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


1. Next Month (September 2022); is a very Special Month.

It is a Month set aside for those Trusting God for the Fruit of the Womb.

And the Theme for the September 2022 Holy Ghost Service (HGS) is going to be “COVENANT KEEPING GOD” and it going to take Place on the 2nd of September, 2022.

2. And then The RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2022, will take Place in December 2022.

God has given us the Theme as: “DOUBLE PORTION” and it is going to be from 5th to 10th December, 2022.

3. And then for the Convention Next Year (Year 2023) if the Lord chooses to tarry.

God has given us the Theme as: “BEYOND EXPECTATIONS” and it will run from 7th to 13th August, 2023.

4. I want to make an appeal.

This Year’s Convention has revealed something New to us.

You know that we have not met like this since coronavirus came – And we discovered that we have run out of Accomodations.

In fact, it is obvious now that even if we build a thousand (1,000) Dormitories between now (2022) and Next Year (2023), it’s not going to be enough but we will try our Best.

And so, I am appealling for your Support – If you will like to give something towards the building of the “New Dormitories”; we will deeply appreciate it

Whatever you give, God will accept it – Even if it starts from #1,000 and continue to #10,000,000.

I. If you are sending it by Cash – Write at the back of the Envelope: “Dormitory Project”.

II. If you are sending it by Cheque, write at the back of the Cheque: “Dormitory Project”.

You don’t have to write it down – It is between you and God!

… But the Almighty God will Surprise you Pleasantly!

I told my People that what we have is a “Good Problem”.

And I want to decree to Somebody – Very soon, you will be having “Good Problems”.

5. Tomorrow Evening (Saturday, Day 6 and 13th August 2022); there will be “Perfect Anointing” from 7pm Nigeria Time.

You are Welcome to the Icing of the Cake!


Good News, today, God has added fifteen (15) more children to us. And today the girls seem to be doing well – Six (6) Boys and nine (9) Girls.

So, the total number stands at sixty seven (67) Babies – Forty two (42) Boys and Twenty six (26) Girls.

And we had another set of twins today – one Boy and one Girl.

So today, I think we will ask the Sisters shout Praise the Lord! And let the Boys shout Hallelujah!


Alright! Last Year some People came trusting God for the fruit of the womb and now, the Babies have come!

It is our Custom that they will bring forth the children so we can Pray for them.

And some came two (2) Years ago or they were in contact with us through the Internet or they read on the Label on OPENHEAVEN.NET. They werere trusting God for the fruit of the womb.

By last Year they were already Pregnant but we said we will wait till the babies arrive.

So if you fall into either of these two (2) Categories and your children are here now Please, bring them forward so that we can Pray for them.

I love Children, because my Father in Heaven loves children. If I had my way, I would have had twelve (12) of my own. But what I couldn’t have Biologically, I can now have.

And I have some very Good News for those of you who are waiting for the Lord for the fruit of the womb – My Daddy was talking to me in my Prayer Room overnight: Son, what do you want for this Jubilee Celebration?

Daddy, I want children. How many do you want? I said, it is the 70th Anniversary – Seventy Thousand (70,000) children will be okay.

Then He said, but you are also celebrating Forty (40); Years of being in this Camp. Daddy said: Add forty (40) to seventy (70).

He said I will release a hundred and ten thousand (110,000) Jubilee Children into those wombs that are considered barren. And you will see them at the next Convention – Amen.

I thought somebody would be excited. I thought somebody would shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

What a Great God we serve!

Our Mission, by the Grace of God is a Mission where God Multiplies.

And very soon, there will be nothing called barrenness in our midst – Amen.

… If you agree with me, Please say Amen loud and clear – Amen!

Now I want you to Pray for all these our New Babies:

Pray that God will bless them; that He will Protect them from evil.

Pray that no Sickness will come near them; that no death come here them. That our Joy over them will last forever.

… Please, Pray for them. Intercede for them.

And those who don’t have, your own will come very soon – Amen.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


And so my Father and my God, I just want to say Thank You!

These are Miracles that cannot be denied; these are Miracles that cannot be manipulated. Thank You for granting my desires to have more and more children.

Please, accept my Thanks, in Jesus’ Name!

Bless these children, lay your Mighty Hands on them; keep Sickness away from them; keep death away from them; keep demons away from them.

Let them grow up to become Mighty Vessels of Honour in Your Hand. And lets our Joy over them last forever.

Those who are still trusting you for the Fruit of the Womb, by Next Year, let them be here carrying their Babies!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Leviticus 25:9-10.

9 Then shalt thou cause the Trumpet of the Jubilee to Sound on the tenth day of the Seventh Month, in the day of Atonement shall ye make the Trumpet Sound throughout all your Land.

10 And ye shall hallow the fiftieth Year, and Proclaim Liberty throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a Jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his Possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.

As we have been learning since the Convention began, Jubilee is basically made up of Two (2) Things – Restoration and a New Beginning.

Restoration means that you had something, then you lost it. And then you got it back.

And every Good Things you have lost, you will regain them today, Jesus’ Name – Amen.

… I am going to be very quick, because I want you to have time to Pray.

Man is a Trinity – 1 Thessalonians 5:23 says you are made up of Spirit, Soul and Body.

You are a Trinity – You have a Spirit, you have a Soul and you are living in a Body.

For Jubilee to be Perfect therefore, it must affect your Body, affect your Soul, affect your Spirit.


And when we talk about Body – Body can be spelt out in some Special departments: flesh, bone, blood and so on.


So, when we talk about Jubilee in the Physical, a very good example will be Naaman.

2 Kings 5:1-14, we heard the Story of a General who had everything except Good Health.

Now Naaman was not born a leper, he was once healthy but then Leprosy came!

But his Jubilee came when he had contact with the God of Jubilee.

He was sick, then became well. And he didn’t just become well; the Bible says the healing he got gave him an opportunity to start afresh.

… His flesh came back to him like that of a Newborn baby.

And I am Standing on the Authority of God’s Word that, by the time God finishes with you tonight, there will be no evidence that you have been sick before – Amen.

When I was a Lecturer at the University of Ilorin, there was a Lawyer – He was very brilliant. And then he began to suffer headache. And before we knew it, he began to wither. The hands could no longer function.

At a Point, everything became weak – Only the brain remained. So he couldn’t appear at the Court again, they will bring cases to him, he will be lying on the bed dictating how the case will be handled to his Subordinate.

… He was healthy before; he lost it!

One day the Almighty God moved in and in the twinkling of an eye, he was completely made Whole again.

I decree to Somebody here today and those reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET: before the Sun rises, there will be no Sign that you have been sick before. – Amen.


Jubilee Material means somebody had Plenty before and then he lost it; and then God restored it.

A Classical Example will be Job.

If you read Job Chapter 1; there was a time Job had seven thousand (7,000) sheep, three thousand (3,000) camels, five hundred (500) oxen, (500) horses.

And then something happened, and he lost everything in one day!

But then a time came in Job 42:12. God restored. And then he now had fourteen Thousand (14,000) sheep, six thousand (6,000) camels, a thousand (1,000) oxen and a thousand (1,000) horses.

Everything you have lost Financially, as my God lives, even before the end of this Month, you will get them back – Amen.

Some.of you have heard the Story before – There was a man who had a quarrel with his wife (because he didn’t know the kind of woman he married).

He had fourteen (14) cars and then the wife said to him during a quarrel, that she will see to it that the husband will trek in Lagos. The husband laughed at her! I have fourteen (14) cars; how can I ever trek?

But within a couple of Months, everything began to crumble; only one (1) car remained. And he had Fifty (50) Kobo in his Pocket and he said to himself (because he was hungry).

… And Fifty (50) Kobo was some money in those days!

“If I buy food with this money, when I run out of Petrol, then I will trek like my wife said.” He made up his Mind – I think it is time to go to God. He came to Ebute Metta (National Headquarters Parish of RCCG), surrendered his Life to God and God took over!

The day he was sharing his Testimony, he had just built two (2) Mansions in Lagos.

I don’t know who I am talking to – The Almighty God will take over your situation – Amen!

And whatever the enemy has stolen from you (Financially) before the end of this Month, you will Testify – Amen.

Thank You Father! Oh Thank You Daddy.

The Lord asked me to tell Someone here tonight or reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET:

He said, Medicine has no Answer to your situation; but I will give you the Answer – Amen.

Thank You Daddy!

Daddy asked me to tell Someone here tonight or reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET

Your Barrenness is not Natural – The Source of it is Someone very Close.

The Lord asked me to tell you: The one responsible for your barrenness will be buried Next Month – Amen.

Oh Thank You Lord!

The Lord asked me to tell Someone here tonight or reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET:

Your Victory this time around will be Permanent – Amen.

… I know this is going to be a Special Night.

The Lord asked me to tell Someone here tonight or reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET:

To you it looks as if you have come to the end of the road.

He asked me to tell you:

I. The road before you will be Widened – Amen.

II. The road before you will be Smooth and it will be Straight – Amen.


So, when we are talking about Jubilee-Marital, a good example will be 2 Kings 4:8-37.

2 Kings 4:8-37 tells us about the Shunamite woman. She was no longer looking for a child – She just saw a Man of God passing and she just wanted to bless the Servant of God.

And then the Man of God kept coming. And then this woman decided: I will go beyond feeding him; I will build a house for him. And then she became Pregnant at the Decree of the Man of God.

Let me Stand as a Representative of God and Decree to all of you who have been generous towards your Pastors – Whatever money cannot buy, receive it, in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

So, this woman became Pregnant and had a child? And she was glad! And then the devil came in and killed the boy.

Ha! Daddy asked me to Prophesy to Somebody listening to me tonight or reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET:

Every Plan of the devil to steal from your family is already void – Amen.

Anyway, the devil came and stole the son but the woman got it back! That is the meaning of Restoration – She had it, she lost it and got it back.

And when we are talking about a situations like this in the family, you will remembered the Testimony of a Sister – She was barren for Years. Her husband was wealthy and they have gone everywhere!

Finally, one Professor did a very Special Test and discovered that the woman had no Ovaries. He called the husband, “why are you wasting your time? This woman is not even Producing eggs for you to fertilize – Forget about it.”

The woman heard! And of course she was very sad. But the husband said, that is the Doctor’s Report. Let’s go to the Redemption Camp and go and hear the Lord’s Report.

I Decree tonight, every evil Doctor’s report concerning you, I destroy it in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

She came during the Convention. We were still in the very first Auditorium. And in those days, we were so few, I used to lay hands on everybody who came. And I laid hands on her and she landed on the floor.

She was there for hours, I thought she was sleeping; that she was using the opportunity to just sleep. I didn’t know God was Performing a Miracle on her. The following Year, she came with her baby.

You see, there is a God who can do a Creative Miracle.

I thank God for the Testimony of our Pastor from Canada – I don’t know if you saw the Pictures: The back was broken. Not just broken, I think one (1) or two (2) of the ribs were gone. They joined everything together with an iron.

I didn’t even see him; we just Prayed over the Phone. And now by the Grace of God, the ribs that were missing are back. The Doctors could not believe what happened.

I decree to Somebody here today, or reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET: everything that God needs to recreate to restore you into full Health, it shall be done before I leave this Place. – Amen.


… And then, we can move to your Soul.

When we are talking about the Soul, a very good example will be Daniel 4:28-37.

When we are talking about the Soul, we are talking about your Mental Capacity, your Emotions (Joy, Sorrows, Ability to Understand, Ability to Reason).

When Somebody has been trying to explain something to you and then you suddenly understand, you’ll say, I see!

When you say “I see!” It doesn’t mean you have been blind and suddenly your eyes have been opened. We are talking about your Soul eyes.

When Nebuchadnezzar went under attack, he became like an animal, he thought like an animal, ate like an animal; he walked about naked like an animal.

But then one day, the Almighty God in His Infinite Mercy remembered him and suddenly he said, wait a Minute, what am I doing here? What am I doing among animals? What am I doing naked?

He got a Restoration and from that moment onward, things began to go smoothly.

If you read Luke 15:11-25, you’ll hear the Story of the Prodigal Son who thought he was enjoying Life when he took what belonged to him from his father, went to spend it all.

But one day he had a Jubilee: because the Bible says, one day he came back to himself – He began to reason correctly again: What am I doing here suffering? I want to go back home to my father, even if I’m not a son, at least as a Servant, I would get something to eat.

He had a Jubilee; when he got home, everything Changed!

I remembered very well when I came to the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG); I was already a Lecturer at the University of Lagos. I came because they told me that God answers Prayers in this Commission and I came with money (to buy my Miracle.

But they told me, we are not after your money, just surrender your Life to Jesus. And for a long time I argued with them – What do they know? These semi-illiterates, I am a Lecturer at the University. All these things they were calling sin, you know, just enjoyment.

But one day, I had a Jubilee! Something told me: Yes, you have all the Degrees, but you have a Problem that your Mathematics cannot solve. And these People; ook at their faces, look at the Peace, look at the Glory of God radiating. And they are not asking you to surrender to them; they are asking you to surrender to your Maker.

I answered the Altar Call: Jesus saved my Soul. And because that happened that day, that is why I am Standing before you today. My Jubilee has not yet ended, it is just continuing.

And everyone of you that the devil has been messing up your Understanding, you will have a Restoration – Amen.

There was a man, married to a dangerous wife…

And I have Good News for somebody – If you are married to a demon, God will take over your case today – Amen.

If you are a woman and you are married to a demon, God will take care of the situation today – Amen.

We heard the Testimony, that the woman got his Picture, took it to a herbalist and told the herbalist, I have married him – A man, he is rich, he can be generous; but once in a while, he becomes too Clever. What do I do?

The herbalist did something and gave her a pot, put the Picture inside the pot and told the woman: anytime he is becoming too Clever, cover the pot, he will become sober. But be careful – If you keep him covered for too long, he will become an imbecile.

… So the woman was controlling the husband that way by opening and closing the pot.

One day, during the Period when she opened the pot, the man heard the Gospel, gave his Life to Jesus. The charm was destroyed. The woman covered the pot for as long as she could, it had no effect on the man anymore.

I don’t know who it is that Somebody had been covered up, whatever it is that is covering you, the Fire of God will consume it today – Amen.

It was when the wife discovered that the charm was no longer working; and that the reason was that the husband has given his Life to Jesus, she discovered that “Power Passes power!”

That’s when she too gave her Life to Jesus – She’s the one who gave the Testimony.

And so I Decree in the Name that is above every other names; every evil force that has been Pushing you down, the Fire of God will consume tonight – Amen.


When we talk about Jubilee Spiritual, the best example I can give you is in 2 Kings 3:11-15;

Alright! Daddy asked me to tell Somebody here tonight or reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET:

The Custoners will begin to come – Amen.

And I think this one is for one of my children who is a Student.

Daddy asked me to tell whoever that one is – Either here tonight or reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET:

He says you are barely average. He asked me to tell you – In the coming Session you would be described as a Genius – Amen.

Daddy asked me to tell Somebody here tonight or reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET:

Every aspects of your Life is confused right now.

The Lord asked me to tell you: I will Restructure your Life – Amen.

In 2 Kings 3:11-15, the Bible says, some Kings came to Elisha because they had Testimony that the Word of God was with him: “But if you want a Prophet to tell you what to happen, go to Elisha.”

But when they got to Elisha and he saw an Idol Worshipping King among the Kings, he was upset.

… And God has discovered what this Boy can do whenever he is upset – He has killed children before when he was upset.

So, as soon as he began to speak and he was getting angrier, immediately the Holy Spirit moved away from him. He had to say, “bring me a Minstrel, let me woo back the Holy Spirit.”

He had the Spirit, he lost Him. But Thank God he got Him back.

I. There are many sons of God – They had Communion with the Holy Spirit before; they can hear Him clearly. something went wrong and now, they can’t hear anything.

II. There are some Men of God – They Pray a Simple Prayer and Miracles will happen. Something happened, they lost contact.

They need Jubilee for Restoration to come, that they might start afresh.

Because when we are talking about Jubilee, it is at that Spiritual Level that the thing is most Crucial.

If we lose it at the Spiritual Level, it is better to just go!

That is why you find some People, when they started with God, they started very well – Things were happening: Miracles were happening, Prophecy was flowing. When they lost it, many of them turned to herbalist for power.

I Pray for all my Pastors today, all our Ministers:, if you have lost it, may God Restore you – Amen!

… You better say Amen for them: because you are the one who will be affected – Amen!

So I am going to Pray that Prayer one more time:

For every Ministers of God here Present and those of you reading now on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET – If you have lost contact with the Almighty God or you are no longer as Close to Him as you used to be, may today be your Day of Jubilee – Amen.

Some of you have heard my Testimony – When I was a baby in Christ at the University of Lagos, I went to attend a Fellowship. I was singing Choruses, everything was beautiful.

… I didn’t know most of the Songs, but I was making a Joyful Noise with them.

And all of a sudden, everything became quiet as if Somebody said, “hush, shut up”

And then, one fellow began to Prophesy, “Thus saith the Lord…”

And I nudged the man who took me there – “When did God say that? He said, be quiet, God is talking.” I said, I can’t hear anything. He said, keep quiet.

That day after I left the Fellowship, I Prayed to God, “I want to be hearing You.”

Cry to God and say: God, from now on, let me begin to Hear from You.

It wasn’t long after that, that I began to hear from Him. He would direct me “don’t go in that direction, there will be traffic jam there; Turn left here, turn right there.”

Before I get to Church, He would have told me who is going to Preach; and He would have told me what Text he is going to use – Oh, it was Sweet!

Then something happened: because I was Probably the most Educated in the Church at that time, I became the Interpreter for my Father-in-the-Lord.

And when the People saw that I was his Interpreter, they left me alone to him. They would take other Interpreters.

… I was glad! – “Special Interpreter to the General Superintendent.”

Then one day, one Pastor came to me before the Service and said: “Brother, you will be interpreting for me today.” I was shocked! “Who does he think he is? Me, the Special Interpreter for the General Superintendent?

I was angry, but I interpreted because I was just a Worker. But if he knew what was going on in me, when he was Preaching, he would have asked me to relocate.

We finished the Preaching; I was on my way to my car and God spoke to me! “So you are now too big to interpret for My Pastor?”

… From that moment, Heaven was silent!

I Pray for everyone of you here today and those reading now on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET – Heaven will not be shut against you – Amen.

I Prayed, Fasted, I told God, “I am sorry, I will interpret for anybody from now on. I won’t be Proud anymore.” Silence!

There is nothing as terrible as having been hearing from God and you don’t hear from Him anymore. Death is better!

Finally one day I said to God: “Restore me this once. If I am going to offend You tomorrow, take me away today.” And then, God knew He got me!

And He began to speak again. And He has been speaking since then.

I Pray for everyone of you here and those reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET – if you have lost contact with God, today will be your day of Jubilee – Amen.


… And then we said Perfect Jubilee.

Perfect Jubilee means Physically, you have a Jubilee. Mentally, you have a Jubilee. Spiritually you have a Jubilee.

Because it is Possible to have Jubilee in the Physical – You are Healthy, rich; no Problem with your Marriage but you may not have Jubilee in the Soul.

There are People who are Healthy and rich and they are always afraid because fear is a Spirit and fear can torment.

To have a Perfect Jubilee means you have All-round Jubilee.

Ha! Thank You Father.

The Lord asked me to tell Someone here tonight or reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET:

You are almost bankrupt. He says even before the end of this Month (September), your Mighty Financial Breakthrough will come – Amen.

I have been expecting something for myself and this one, I have to say Amen to it before I tell you.

The Lord asked me to tell Someone here tonight or reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET:

You will land Safely – Amen!

I was a Healthy man, a Sportsman and a Lecturer at the University of Lagos. I had built my first house when I was just around Thirty (30).

Then my Relatives came to me – “The way you are going, we need to fortify you because enemies are many.” I said, that’s true!

Then they took me to one herbalist in Osogbo, he was a Strong man (that’s what they said)? We drove to his Hut and I saw the house and the man they brought me to.

… I think he noticed that I was looking down on him.

When they told him why they brought, he said: “No Problem! I will make a charm for you that will Protect you from every forms of evil.

The Bible says, many People are held in bondage because they have the fear of death.

So, the man asked me to bring a goat. And then, he added; “don’t bring the goat in a car. You must lead the goat by hand.”

So, I went to Osogbo Market, bought a goat and I was dragging the goat in the midst of the Town (and the goat gave me a tough time). But I was afraid of death!

… Spiritually, I was in bondage!

And the man made the charm (3 of them) and told me to tie one round the steering of my car; tie one in the boot and then tie one under my seat. He said, as I drive I will never collide with anybody in front, if Somebody is coming from behind, they won’t be able to hit me.

And then he said: if anything should happen and I was wondering – “Protected in front and behind, what is going to happen again?”

He said, if anything happens, the one you are sitting on will just transfer you out of the car!

I came home thinking I am now secured. Within two (2) weeks, I had three (3) accidents in Lagos. And then, I tore the three things up and threw them into the Lagoon.

Jubilee is not Perfect if it takes care of your Body, takes care of your Soul; and does not take care of your Spirit.

Thank You Father!

Daddy says there is Someone here tonight or reading on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET who is Preparing to die:

He asked me to tell you, “I will extend your Lifespan” – Amen!!!

… That brings me to the Final Question;

The Big Question is: WHO CAN HAVE A JUBILEE?

I Thank God for my son who Preached at the beginning (OPENHEAVEN.NET NOTES: Reverend Joe Adeolu Olaiya – You can get to read the Full Text on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET)

He has told you:

You want Jubilee? You must surrender to the God of Jubilee.

… I thank him for making that Statement ahead of me.

But the most important thing about Jubilee is that; to have it, you must want it.

God made it clear – Jubilee is a Decree from God.

When He Declares the Year of Jubilee, Nobody can Stand in the way.

But He adds that if anybody says, “I don’t want to be free, leave him alone” (Exodus 21:1-5);

If I say let all those in bondage go, and Somebody say, “I don’t want to go, let him remain in bondage.”

… If you say you don’t want Jubilee, God cannot force you.

So, How Do I Show God that I want Jubilee?

1). Hundred Percent Surrender:

– Whatever You want from me Oh God, that’s what I want;

– Whatever You ask me to do, that’s what I will do.

– Wherever You want me to go, that’s where I will go.”

2. You have to Tell Him yourself:

– You have already declared a Year of Jubilee, include me Lord;

– I want it as a Person;

I want to be free Physically, I want to be free Materially, I want to be free Mentally, I want to be free Maritally, I want to be free Spiritually – I want to be Free!

Years ago, God told me: it doesn’t matter your Anointed you are, you can’t cast out a demon out of Somebody who does not want to be Free.

If the fellow has chosen that, No, no, no! leave me alone!

You can’t force Deliverance on Somebody who does not want to be Free.”

How many of you want Jubilee tonight? – The OPENHEAVEN.NET FAMILY MEMBERS!

I am going to give you fifteen (15) minutes to Pray! If you like Pray the fifteen (15) Minutes as if you are joking. If you like, Pray it as if your Life depends on it.

… Because Jubilee depends on you!

You know, David said “Thou Preparest a table before me in the Presence of my enemies.”

That is how far God can go – Set a table before you. If you like, you eat; if you like, ignore!

But before we go to the fifteen (15) Minutes of Prayer – I know my son had already made an Altar Call.

But there might be some of you who came late. And now you want to surrender your Life to Jesus Christ, so that you can be included in the Mighty Miracles that is about to follow:


I will count from one (1) to ten (10), because I am not sure you will be many.

If there is anyone that is yet to surrender his or her Life to Jesus Christ, come now – I will not wait. The rest us want to Pray!

Pray as you come – Ask God to have Mercy on you; ask Him to save your Soul. Pray!

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Saviour, I want to Thank You once again for Your Word.

And Thank You for these People who have decided to surrender to You and to seek Your Salvation.

Please, receive them, save their Souls, let Your Blood wash them Clean. Today, write their names in the Book of Life, receive them into the Family of God.

And today as You Declare Jubilee, let them be included!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Well, those of you who have just surrendered your Life to Jesus, let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

I rejoice with you! And I Promise you, by the Grace of God, I will be Praying for you. And so I will need your Name, your Address and your Prayer Requests.

Now the rest of us, let’s begin to Thank the Almighty God. Because right now, our Destiny is hanging on the balance. Very soon, things Will never be the same again.

So begin to Thank the Almighty God well in Advance for what He is about to do in your Life. Begin to Thank Him!

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Somebody is going to be Free tonight – Amen!

But first, we have to Pray. So, you will need to write down your Prayer Points:

1. Thank the God of Jubilee that He has fixed this Day for your Resurrection and your New Beginning.

… Just Thank Him!

2. Tell Him and say: Father, from now on; I surrender to You Totally – Body, Soul and Spirit.

From now on, I will never argue with You again.

3. Father, I want my Jubilee Now!

In my Body, Soul and Spirit – I want my Perfect Jubilee.

4. Everything that I have lost – Whether through my carelessness or has been Stolen by the enemies; before the Sun rises tomorrow Please restore them to me fully.

5. Once I’m Free today, anything that I can do that will send me back to Bondage; Father don’t let me ever do it again.

6. In all my Actions from now on, let it be a Brand New Beginning in You – The way I serve You, the way I Praise You, the way I Obey You.

7. Finally, cry to God and say: Father, we are many here, Please Remember me Specially tonight.

8. Then if there is any Special Prayer Point you need to add.

You need Resurrection? – Maybe Physically. Maybe due to Old Age, you have lost certain things.

… Just add anything that you want.

The Altar is Open. Come and Cry to God for just 15 Minutes!

Thank You Lord! Glory be to God! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen

Oh Lord, Thank You.

… Please remain where you are and Stand on your feet.

Those of you who have your Smartphones with you, switch ON the Touch. Because the first Jubilee that the world experienced happened at the very beginning – When God said “Let there be Light.”

Before then, there was Darkness and Confusion; there was Emptiness. But the moment God said “Let there be Light” everything Changed!

… If you don’t have your touchlight there, the rest of us will Stand in for you.

But those of us who have our own, Please WAVE it! If you don’t have your Phone, you just wave your hands and shout.


In the next one (1) Minute, by the Authority vested on me by the Almighty God, we are going to declare your Jubilee.

Please, don’t take this moment lightly, because everything is about to Shift!

Before I make the declaration, the Trumpet will Sound.

Whether you go to the Church or Registry to have your Wedding; there will be all kinds of celebrations.

In the Church, they will Sing Choruses, they will Pray, they will read the Bible – All kinds of activities are done.

But until the Priest says, “I declare you husband and wife” everything Previously done is just Preparation.

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All we have been doing since Monday is Preparation for this Minute. So, get ready Please!

Let the Trumpet Blow!!!!

Now, in the Name that’s above all names, I declare that:

I. Your Year of Jubilee begins!

II. Your Restoration begins!

III. Your New Beginning begins!

So shall it be, in Jesus’ Mighty Name I Decree – Amen.

As soon as the Year of Jubilee has been Decreed, the next thing will be rejoicing.

Go ahead and Rejoice!!!



Because of time let’s combine two (2) things. We want to Thank God!

Because, whether you believe it or not it is already done – Amen.

We want to Thank God; after which I will want to release Jubilee Anointing into your Handkerchief and even the dress you are wearing.

So you may get ready your Thanksgiving Offering; and get ready your Handkerchief for Jubilee Anointing.

.. Very quickly, get your Thanksgiving Offering already.

Oh Lord Thank You for tonight! Glory be to your Holy Name.

We will dance to the nearest basket to drop and give our Thanksgiving Offering. And then we get out our Handkerchief after that.

Alright, over to you Band!

If you know what has just happened you will Dance.

In the meantime, lift up your Handkerchiefs – I am going to be Praying in the Spirit for a couple of Minutes.

But the Jubilee Anointing that will be going into all the Pieces of Clothes that are lifted up is such that:

I. Anywhere there is Stagnation, when you Wave this Handkerchief, Acceleration will come – Amen.

II. Anywhere you suspect that maybe the enemies are attacking you and you Wave this Handkerchief, there will be shout of Victory – Amwn.

III. When you feel cornered and you Wave this Handkerchief suddenly ways will open – Amen.

So just for two (2) to three (3) Minutes, as I Pray in the Spirit, you just keep on saying AMEN!

… Are you ready?

In the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!!!

(Daddy GO Praying in the Holy Ghost and waving his hand)….

Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord. Amen!

In a manner that even the devil would hear you, Say: I RECEIVE!

Say it again: I RECEIVE!!

For the third time say: I RECEIVE!!!


Father Thank You! Oh Lord Thank You!

Thank You for Your Mercy. Thank You for remembering us; Thank You for Visiting us.

Thank You for Anointing me; Thank You for the Grace to Share.

Bless the Offering of Your Children. Like never before, Prosper them.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we I have Prayed – AMEN!

Now shout the biggest Hallelujah you have ever shouted – HALLELUJAH!!!!

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