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God Bless you

Being Extract of Pastor E.A Adeboye Message from The RCCG October 2023 Holy Communion Service held on Thursday 5th October 2023 as Transcribed by Discovery Media Crew (DMC)

You want to be Great, you want to Enlarge – And God is going to grant your Request (Amen).

But I’m here tonight as your daddy to share a Secret with you before you eat the Holy Communion so that you will know that the Meal of tonight is not a “Ordinary Meal” but a Meal to Prepare you!

As a Younger Christian – I’m still Young as I’m just 81 years Old. Moses began his Ministry at the age of 80 years Old.

As a Younger Christian, I spoke to God because I told Him that I don’t want to be a Pastor but He insisted and won.

So, I told Him that I don’t want to be Ordinary –

I don’t want to be an “Ordinary Christian”; I don’t want to be an “Ordinary Pastor”. So, if you want me to be who you want me to be; I want to at least do the works that Jesus Christ did and do Greater Works.

Because He Promise in John 14:12 – Greater Works than this shall ye do.

And the Lord said no Problem – It is just that we start with what Jesus Christ started.


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And what did He start?

He Fasted for forty (40) Days and forty (40) Nights before He Performed His First Miracle.

And I’m telling you that at that time, the only time I ever Fasted was on a Good Friday – And that Fast was from Morning till 12 Noon. And by 10am, I was already checking the Clock.

Forty (40) Days and forty (40) Nights? He said, well you are the one who said that you want to do what Jesus Christ did and you want to do Greater Works. So, let’s start where He started.

I almost said: Lord, don’t worry. I will do whatever I can.

But my Mathematical Brain came in – It says what is your Problem? You don’t get a PhD in Mathematics in one Day?


Also see; rccg-international-youth-convention-iyc-2023-daily-program-schedule-2


If there is anything you learnt in Mathematics; it is that:

– You start from the Known to the Unknown.

– You start from Simple Equation to Simultaneous Equation, then to Quadratic Equation, and then to Exponential Equation et cetera et cetera.

So I started with three (3) Days and three (3) Nights – And I’m telling you that it was like three (3) Months.

But after sometimes, three (3) Days and three (3) Nights every Month became a joke and so I moved on to five (5) Days and then seven (7) Days; until we get to forty (40) Days and forty (40) Nights – Not once, not twice; even on one occasion two times in one year.

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Because we want to talk about Enlarge! Enlargement is no joke.

All the Teqchings of the Lord Jesus Christ as I told you before is Simply Summarised in “Nothing goes for Nothing”.

You want to Enlarge, you want to be Great – There is a Price to Pay!


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