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Prayer Point 6 RCCG Holy Ghost Service July 3, 2020

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Prayer Point 6 RCCG Holy Ghost Service July 3, 2020


Prayer 6; Acts 9:10-12, Lord at this moment, send destiny helpers to me.

Prophesy; The Lord said the fellow will understand, Read Isaiah 6:1-8. You have done well thus far but want you to know, I break down in other to build-up

1 Samuel 16:1-13, David was looking after his father sheep in the bush not knowing Samuel is coming. The light has shown from heaven but didn’t realize it. 1 Samuel 19:15-21, Elisha was busy on the farm not knowing his case has been discussed between God and Elijah.
God, please send me a destiny helper in this time of crisis. Some of us might be expecting someone coming from America, but the destiny helper might be already in your house, 2 Kings 5:1-14

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Lord, please send a destiny helper to me. If he is already in my home let him speak up. All my destiny helpers wherever they may be at home or abroad, Almighty God, don’t ever let them rest until they contact me, let him show up for me.

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