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Text: Gen 4:1-16;Psalm 19:8-14; Eph. 4:26-27
Key Verse: Genesis 4:6-7
Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why Is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But If you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; It desires to have you, but you must master it.”(NIV)
For some decades now, cigarette manufacturers are required by law to place health warnings on their products. Since that time, cigarette advertising has been banned from radio and TV. Despite all these positive measures, a great number of people still smoke cigarette, they even smoke worse things. It shows that warnings often go unheeded. Teens, in particular, tend to think that the bad thing they hear about can’t possibly happen to them-or that they have plenty of time to get serious about life.
This study will fully remind students that some warnings-especially God’s warnings-should receive our full attention. As you prepare for the session, try to remember a time when you paid a price for disregarding a warning. Consider sharing a personal story with your students as you encourage them to pay careful attention to God’s warnings.
>>The Basic Message: Explain to students…
God provides warnings to help us overcome sins.
Failing to heed God’s warnings leads to loss and separation from Him.
Study God’s Word, pay careful attention to His warnings, and ask Him to help you resist sin.
>>Activity Option: FUNNY WARNINGS
Read and discuss the following actual product warning labels:
• Insecticide: ”Do not inhale or spray on persons, food, or animal.”
• Cough medicine: “May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate heavy machine.”1
• Matches: ”Keep out of reach of children.”
• Manual for micro wave oven: ”Do not use to dry pets.”
>>Guide: Explain that in our world today, it’s easy to feel like we’re bombarded with warnings. Some sound so silly that it’s hard to believe they are necessary. Of course, that doesn’t mean we should shrug off warnings altogether. Many warnings are useful. Even more importantly are the warnings God provides in the Bible; His words of caution must be taken seriously.
>>Study Overview: Explain that today’s study considers…
• Cain’s mistake in failing to pay attention to God’s warning.
• Why it is important to respond to the warnings God provides.
• The destructive power of sin, and God’s ability to help us overcome it.
>>Inform and Discuss
a).God’s Warning
1. Read or ask a volunteer to read Gen 4:1-5.Why do you think God rejected Cain’s offering? [Hint: Though the Bible is silent on this, however, it would be reasonable to assume that Cain’s attitude may have been the factor. Verse 5 says that God did not look favourably “on Cain and his offering” (NIV). This seems to suggest that God considered Cain first, then the offering. When we come to God in worship, He looks past outward appearances to examine the attitudes and motives of our hearts.]
2. How did Cain react? Why is this dangerous? (Hint: Rather than being willing to change so that he could please God, Cain became angry. Unless it’s deal with right away, such anger is usually destructive. It can cause us to lose sight of the most important thing – maintaining a right relationship with God. When we become focused on our resentment, we’re in danger of missing out on all that God has planned for us.]
3. Read or ask a volunteer to read Gen 4:6-7. God told Cain to do what is right. How do we know the truth about what is right?[Hint: Some people say that all opinions are equally valid-that different things are “right” for different people. But that is not always true. God’s Word gives us instructions and principles to follow. Anything that contradicts His Word will ultimately lead to destruction. The Bible is our standard for discerning right from wrong. We also need to rely on the Holy Spirit to help us.]
>>Guide: Explain that God warned Cain that sin was crouching at the door. Satan wanted to defeat Cain, but God said that Cain could “master or overcome” sin. It has always been God’s desire for people to gain victory over temptation. He knows how devastating sin really is.
4. Read or ask a volunteer to read Eph. 4:26-27.What does it mean to “not give the devil a foothold”? [Hint: American Heritage Dictionary defined the word foothold as “a firm or secure position that provides a base for further advancement.” When we allow sin to enter our lives, Satan will attempt to use it to destroy us. That’s why we must be careful to avoid sin in the first place. When we do make mistake, we should be quick to humble ourselves before God and ask for His forgiveness. We should also go to those we have hurt and make It right.]
b).Cain’s Failure
>>Guide: Read or ask a volunteer to read Gen 4:8-12.Explain that rather than listening to God’s warning and turning to Him for help, Cain opened the door to sin. Overcome with rage and jealousy, he murdered his own brother
1. List and discuss some of the things Cain lost as a result of his sin.[Hint: Include the following in your discussion:
• Blessings – Cain’s sin brought him under a curse. Sin causes people to miss out on God’s blessings.
• Home and Family – Cain was driven away and separated from his family members. Sin still breaks up families and damages relationships.
• Innocence – Cain would have to live with the consequences of killing his brother. Sin brings shame, guilt, and regret.
• Potential – Cain even lost his ability to produce crops. Sin often leaves people in positions where they are unable to use the talents God gave them.
• Peace – Cain became a restless wanderer. Sin keeps people from experiencing the rest and peace that only God gives.]
>>Note: When we allow sin in our lives, we risk losing a lot – including a good reputation, a growing relationship with God, and even eternal life. We must be careful not to sell out to sin.
>>Guide: Read or ask a volunteer to read Gen 4:13-16. Explain that verse16 contains a tragic statement: “…Cain went out from the presence of the LORD….”Sin leads to separation from God. Adam and Eve had learned this hard lesson in the Garden. Now It was Cain’s turn.
2. How is God’s mercy revealed in this passage (Gen 4:13-1)? [Hint: Even though Cain deserved to die for his sin (Exodus 21:12, 14;Lev 24:21).God protected him in exile by placing a mark on him.]
3. How does God demonstrate His mercy toward us today?[Hint: Jesus died for our sins so that we no longer have to be separated from God. Instead of bearing the marks of our past, we can start afresh because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for our forgiveness.]
>>Involve Them: The Bible is full of warnings. Have students read each of these Scripture passages: 2 Kings 17:13;Luke 12:15; 21:8;1Cor 10:12;Gal 5:19-21.Ask them to summarize the warning message in their own words. Then discuss with students how each warning could apply to their lives. Explain that just as God warned Cain to turn from sin, His Word warns us and teaches us how to avoid spiritual pitfalls. It is important to study the Bible and take God’s warnings seriously.
>>Inspire Them: Remind students THE BASIC MESSAGE of this study(pg. 18), even as you explain WHAT the Big Idea behind the study is; WHY it matters; and HOW we can live the lesson captured in this study.
>>Invitation Option: Remind students that everyone has sinned and that sin separates us from God. But through Christ, we can find forgiveness and be restored to a right relationship with God. Offer to pray with students who want to invite Jesus into their lives.
>>Ministry Activity: Read or ask a volunteer to read Psalm 19:8-14.Distribute paper and pens or pencils and have students write down the Scripture reference and list the things the Psalmist prays for in verses 12-14(forgiveness for hidden faults, help in avoiding sin, freedom from sin, and purity in speech and thoughts). Encourage students to spend a few minutes in prayer, using the Psalmist’s prayer as a model for seeking God’s help.
Conclude the study by encouraging students to keep their papers so they can read this passage and repeat their prayer throughout the week.
>>Teacher Hint: Ask Yourself…
1.Can students explain how and why God warns us?
2. Do they understand why it is important to heed God’s warnings?
3. Can they name some things people often lose when they fail to obey God?
>>Daily Dew Drops
Mon: Keep the Covenant – Psalm 78:10;Isa 3:8
Tue: Wasted by Disobedience – Joshua 5:8
Wed: Disobedience Reverses Blessing -1 Sam 2:30-34
Thu: Walk the Talk: Titus 3:3
Fri: Stop Trading Blames – Gen 3:12-13
Sat: Don’t Be Blinded by Prosperity – Malachi 2:2

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