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Thank You Lord! Thank You Father. Glory be to God.

Some years ago, a woman had a Problem that Medicine could not handle. The Problem was that whatever she ate, she vomited. She tried everything and nothing worked.

Then one day she came to the National Headquarters at Ebute Meta. And it was time to Preach (like this) – And as usual, I asked People to shout Hallelujah. As she opened her mouth to shout, a worm came out of her mouth.

… A worm that didn’t appear on X-ray, a worm that is alive.

I have an assurance from my Father in Heaven that whatever is in you that causing you sickness, disease; is coming out of you tonight if you would shout hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Thank You Father!

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We are serving the God of Miracles
I know, Yes I know;
We are serving the God of Miracles
I know, Yes I know (Hallelujah)!

We are serving the God of Miracles
I know, Yes I know;
We are serving the God of Miracles
I know, Yes I know (Hallelujah)!


Miracle Working God, the Great Physician. The God Who has never failed. The God Who has never referred a case. The All-Sufficient God. Glory be to Your Holy Name.

Thank You for Monday, Thank You for yesterday (Tuesday, Day 2), Thank You for what You are about to do today (Day 3). Thank You in advance for tomorrow (Day 4). Please, Receive our Thanks, in Jesus’ Name.

Almighty God, the God Who is More than Enough, Please tonight, in the Life of every one of Your Children, Prove Yourself.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Let someone shout hallelujah – Hallelujah.

Again, you are going to Prophesy to your Neighbours – You are going to shake hands with one (1) or two (2) and say: Neighbour I like you, but tonight I am likely to get my Miracle before you get yours – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah.

… You can Please, be seated!

Tomorrow is a Special Day for Deliverance. Again, the Senior Pastors would be here before 8am to Minister to anyone who might think he or she needs Deliverance.


I have Good News for you: As of today, additional fourteen (14) Babies have been born – Seven (7) Boys and Seven (7) Girls. Bringing the total to Thirty Five (35): fourteen Boys and twenty one (21) Girls

So Girls, shout Praise the Lord! Boys shout hallelujah – Hallelujah.

… I told you Boys, don’t worry, we will catch up! At least we have become neutral now. So we’ll move further by tomorrow.

Thank You Father!

I have a feeling that something Great is about to happen tonight – Amen

Because I will be speaking to you for few minutes (so that you can have time to Pray) on the Topic: BEYOND HEALING.

The Bible Text would be: 1 Peter 2:24.

Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto Righteousness: by whose Stripes ye were Healed.

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Immediately you were saved, you have access to Divine Healing.

The day Jesus Christ hung on that Cfoss, shed His Blood for you, cried “it is Finished!” (John 19:39) your Healing was Purchased.

The Bible says, “by His stripes you were healed”.

You don’t need to beat a man that you want to Crucify – They knew they were going to nail Him to the Cross; they were going to kill Him.

So why did they still beat Him – With Forty (40) Stripes?

I know a little about what goes on in the Prisons – By God’s Grace, I’ve been a regular Visitor to Prisons; not as an inmate, but as a Pastor since 1975.

And I know that in all the Civilized Countries in the world, when a man is about to be executed tomorrow, they would ask him today, “what kind of food will you like to eat?” He would choose his Last Meal.

Occasionally, they may even ask, “do you want to watch a film!” Because they know he is going. So they treat him with some, shall we call it ‘Last Respect’.

So they knew they were going to Crucify Jesus – They knew it! And yet they beat Him.

*Because He died on the Cross, the shedding of the Blood on the Cross was to buy you Salvation; with all the Benefits that I told you yesterday (DMC NOTES: You can get to read full Text of that Message

But they beat Him – It’s for your Healing! “By His stripes ye were healed.”

I think I’ve told you before; several years ago – I said I am sad that I didn’t keep that Magazine; one Great Scientist said that all the Sicknesses and Diseases in the world could be Classified into thirty nine (39) Categories.

And so the Lord Jesus Christ took Forty (40) Stripes – One (1) Stripe for each Category of Sickness and Disease. But then He took one extra, because He knew that the Thirty nine (39) Categories were those that were known then.

At the time they were classifying those diseases, Coronavirus had not yet come. But Jesus knew that there are Sicknesses and Diseases; the type the world has never seen before that were still hiding somewhere.

So He took the 40th Stripes to be ready for them – ‘By His Stripes you were healed’.

That you are going to be healed tonight is not the discussion – The discussion is something Greater; something Beyond!

Oh! The Lord Jesus Christ can heal you by any Method He may choose:

1. He can REPAIR:

Like in Mark 3:1-5, He saw a man with a Withered Hand and repaired.

2. He can Replace any Part of the body that is not functioning well.

Like in Mark 8:22-25; He found a blind man, touched the blind man, ask the man “can you see?” He said, Oh! I see men like trees. “I’m okay, but not hundred Percent (100%).

So He gave him a Second Touch.

3. Or Jesus can Completely Recreate – Give you a Brand New Part.

In John 9:1-7, He found a man born blind, spit on the Ground, put it there. He told him to go and wash. He went, he washed, and came back seeing.

4. But there is something beyond Healing – Something called Wholeness.

Bcause it is Possible for you to go to the Hospital with a headache and then they give you something and the headache disappears. But the Doctor might not know that, apart from the headache, you also have Stomach Disorder.

So when you are made Whole, everything, every form of Sickness disappears.

And in the Name that’s above every name: Somebody is going home tonight Whole – Amen!

At times you get healed but there are some little, little left behinds.

But when God decides to make you Whole, He sees to it that there’ll be no leftovers.

In 2 Kings 5:1-14, when God healed Naaman, He gave him skin like that of a Brand New Baby.

… Total Healing, no scars left behind – It is called Wholeness!

God is going to Heal Somebody tonight and there’ll be no sign that you have ever been sick – Amen.

5. And then Beyond Wholeness: that is living a Life with an assurance that you would never be sick again.

In Exodus 15:26, God made a Promise that if you would obey Him, obey all His Commandments; He said He would make sure that no Sickness would come near you at all! He says He would become your Personal Physician.

Years ago, when I was sharing this with some of my children, one of them asked, “if I can never be sick again, how am I going to ndie and go to Heaven?” You don’t have to be sick to go to Heaven!

There are some of us here like I’ve always told you, when it’s time to go, we will go to Church on Sunday, dance, rejoice; come home, eat pounded yam and go! – No Sickness at all.

That’s what I require for you – Amen.

… But then, there is still something beyond that;

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6. And that is the ability to carry the Healing Virtue in yourself that anybody who touches you or you touch; will receive an Overflow of Healing, of Health from you to them.

I am believing God that tonight, someone will begin to lay hands on the sick and they recover – Amen.

Acts 3:1-8, Apostle Peter touched a man born Lame and the Power of God flowed through him into that man; and the Bible says, his ankle bones, “Reveived” Strength – Strength was poured into that man and the Strength went to where the trouble was and solved the Problem.

So the fellow got up – Walking, Jumping, and Praising God!

But Thank God for one of the Testimonies we had tonight, of a child that couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk couldn’t do anything. And then God moved in. The boy is now jumping, is now singing, is now dancing, is now doing everything!

Oh! Everything you have not been able to be doing before, you will be it doing tonight – Amen!

I am not talking to everybody ooo – I am talking to those People who know that the Message is for them (The DMC FAMILY MEMBERS). They are the People who should say Amen – Amen!

… But there’s something beyond that;

7. The Almighty God can so load you with Anointing that your Sweat will be Healing the sick.

In Acts 19:11-12, the Bible spoke of the Handkerchiefs and Aprons – Anything that has touched the body of Paul Healing the sick.

Years ago (you’ve heard this Testimony before) some young Brothers went to the Riverine area to go and Evangelize.

So they were staying in a classroom. And because they were in the Riverine area there were many mosquitoes.

So as they were sleeping, mosquitoes were paying them courtesy call. And so everybody was slapping, trying to get rid of the mosquitoes.

But there was this Boy who was just cool. And the others said, “Ha! Brother, the mosquitoes are not troubling you?”

He said, they dare not! “What are you talking about?” He stretched out his bare hand and the mosquitoes came quickly, bombarded the hand. But as People watched, the mosquitoes fell down dead one by one.

That Anointing that would kill any Virus that comes near you instantly, receive it tonight in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

….But there’s still something beyond that;

8. The Almighty God can so Anoint you, that your Shadow – Not you, not your handkerchief; will be Healing the sick.

It’s there in Acts 5:14-16 – It tells us of a time when the Shadow of Peter was Healing the sick.

And I have shared the Testimony with you before – The older ones were there.

When we were in the very, very first Auditorium, having a Convention like this. And God spoke to me and said there were some People who had severe back Pains;

So bad that for a long time they were not able to bend down to touch their toes. He asked me to call them forward that He wanted to heal them and I was glad! I called them forward – Some of you were there!

And I was expecting that God will say: lay hands on them or slap their back. No! He said I should dance round them.

Because I know His Voice, I did what He asked me to do. It looks stupid:

Why will I be dancing round the People? I am dancing because your back is aching?

But after some five (5) Minutes of dancing, He asked me to tell them: everyone of them go ahead, touch your toes. And they were all healed!

I am not going to dance round you tonight. You are too many to dance round! But in the Name that’s above every other name, even as I Wave my hand, receive your Healing – Amen!

… Now that’s Part One (1)

Let’s go to Part 2 and apply what we have just learnt!

And because we are serving a God who is More than Sufficient; let us apply the Theory we’ve just learnt.

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1. Application No. 1:

The Bible says in Matthew 18:18, Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven.

In Plain Man Language, that is saying, whatever you allow on Earth will be allowed in Heaven; whatever you disallowed on Earth will be disallowed in Heaven.

So a time is coming when you are going to Pray; and you will disallow certain things. And I will give you an illustration;

About Forty (40) years ago, I suddenly discovered that I was losing my hearing – Some of you have heard the Testimony before. And I called one of my daughters (a Medical Doctor): “Please, look into my ears, what’s going on?” She pointed some kind of light and said, Oh God! And If your Doctor says, Oh God! You know that’s trouble.

“Daddy, there’s a Growth in your ear, and it looks very terrible. We have to do something about it very, very soon. It is in a delicate Place but we have to operate.” I smiled!

She said, Daddy this is not a joking matter. I said, easy my dear. Give me seven (7) days! On the seventh (7th) day, come back: If the Growth is still there, then you can do what you need to do.

….Because I refused,! I disallowed Growth in my ear.

Those of you who have heard the Story before you knew the result – She came back seven (7) days later, pointed her light again and said, Oh God! “What is the Oh God now?” The Growth has disappeared!

How many of you will refuse Sickness, Disease, anything that is ugly?

. Say loud and clear – AMEN.

Thank You Father!

Some Growth are already disappearing – Amen!

2. Application No. 2:

God said in Mark 16:17-18, in my Name, you will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.

I think I have told you this one before; why He says you will lay hands on the sick:

I. He didn’t say you are the one who would make them recover. Your own is to lay hands!

II. He didn’t say you lay hands on so and so and so; He just said you’ll lay hands on the sick.

Which means, if the sick is yourself and you lay hands on yourself, what’s going to happen to you? You will recover!

And I told you the first time I travelled to Zambia (1993 I think) and I ate something that I wasn’t accustomed to. And then throughout the Night I began to stool. I can’t remember how many times but it was around 23rd or 24th time that I went to the toilet that I suddenly realised:

God said “you’ll lay hands on the sick.” I am the one sick now.

So I laid hands on my head, “Adeboye in the Name of Jesus Christ I Command, be healed!” The Stooling stopped!

So somewhere along the line tonight, you are going to lay hands on yourself and you are going to Command Healing to your body.

And someone shall be healed – Amen.

Who is that someone?

If you are the one, shout a big Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Application No. 3:

In Psalms 107:20, the Bible says, He sent His Word and healed them.

He sent His Word, the body heard the Word and the body was healed.

So somewhere along the line tonight, you are going to speak to your body – You are going to tell your body: Body, hear the Word of the Lord! And your body must obey God you know!

And so your body would be saying: “wetin to hear?” – What is the Word of the Lord that you are asking me to hear?

And so you will tell your body that it is written in Matthew 15:13 – Every Plant that My Father has not Planted shall be rooted up.

You are going to be speaking to your own body – Body, hear the Word of the Lord, everything in you that was not put there by my God must come out tonight.

Application No. 4:

And then somewhere along the line tonight, we are going to apply Matthew 18:19. What does it say?

The Lord Jesus Promised that if two of you shall agree as touching anything you ask on Earth, it shall be done for by your Father in Heaven.

So somewhere along the line (and we will soon get there) – You are going to get a Partner; you are going to hold that Partner and tell the Almighty God: I agree with my Brother, I agree with my Sister for complete Healing tonight.

… And then like I used to say – “then we shall see what we shall see!”

However, because like I told you yesterday, “Nothing goes for Nothing!

Some of you would say, I have laid hands before and there was Nothing; I have spoken to my body before it didn’t respond, etc.

What is the Secret? What is the Fine Prints? What must we Know before we begin to Pray?

1. The one who would be healed must be Prepared to Testify.

Thank God for the Choir – They were brilliant again tonight as usual..And one of the Songs they rendered said: “I will Testify.”

When they were saying that, I knew they were talking about me.

How many People would Testify tonight?

Because when you look at Mark 1:40-45, the Bible tells us that Jesus cured an incurable fellow – He was a Leper. And the Lord told him: Okay, I’ve healed you now! Go home keep your mouth shut.

He said, Haa! Keep my mouth shut? He told everybody!

The Bible says the next time Jesus came to town, because of the Testimony of one man, Jesus could no longer walk freely. Because he kept on telling them, “He healed me, I was a Leper; He made me Whole!”

– There are many of us here or reading now ; who have been healed before, we didn’t Testify! That’s why we lost the Healing.

– There are some of us, God would have healed you but He knows you – He knows you won’t talk!

– There are some of us who have been Born Again, only God knows for how many years. Even in our Place of work they don’t know! Because we won’t Testify.

2. The one who is going to move from Healing to Wholeness must be someone who would come back to say Thank You to God.

In Luke 17:11-19, Jesus cleansed ten (10) Lepers; only one came back to say Thank You! It is to that one that Jesus Christ said, Alright, move from Healing to Wholeness.

3. The one whose touch will begin to make the Lame walk

Acts 3:1-8 (That we mentioned Peter); will be the one who would stand out as a Testifier.

Because on the day of Pentecost Acts 2:1-41; when the Holy Spirit came and every Disciple was speaking in Tongues.

…. And Tongues is very important! I don’t know whether God will allow us to even do something about that during the Convention.

But while everybody was enjoying Tongues, Peter stood up and Preached.

He stood out!

One of my Pastors has a nickname given to him by his Peers. You know the name they call him? Mr. Testimony.

Because anytime we had a Meeting, anytime! “Daddy, I have a Testimony.” Anytime!

So finally, his Colleagues began to call him Mr. Testimony.

What a Good name!

4. The one whose Sweat, whose Handkerchiefs and Aprons will begin to heal the sick (as Apostle Paul) is.

He is the one who said in 2 Corinthians 12:15 – He said, “I will gladly spend and be spent for God.”

I thank God that God has used me in the area of Waving my hands and Handkerchiefs become Anointed and you return with Testimonies;

But I’m telling you, when there is work to be done for God, as much as it’s Possible I won’t allow you to do my own.

Some years ago we were building a little Church in Ijesha (NOTES: Ijesha is a town in Lagos State Nigeria) and everybody was carrying head pan, and so on. And I was carrying my own – And I was a Lecturer in the University of Lagos.

Somebody came and saw me, “Ah! Oga (Master), how can you be carrying head pan?” No! Go and get your own head pan.

I might be an important Man as a Lecturer, I am Nothing without God. But with Him, I am everything!

The Bible says I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me – Philippians 4:13

The one whose sweat will Heal must be willing to Spend and be Spent for God.

5. The one whose Shadow is going to heal like in the case of Peter that we mentioned. If you go back to Luke 5:1-11; the day Jesus stepped into his boat that was the day Peter decided, I will follow you anywhere!

There are certain things that God would only give to those People who are hundred percent (100%) committed to Him.

There were many sons of the Prophet, only Elisha got a Double Portion because he followed his Master all the way!

6. Finally, the one who is going to get Beyond Healing must be somebody with the Faith of a Child.

In Mathematics we have what we call Set of Numbers;

….Don’t worry I am not about to teach you PhD Mathematics stuff.

But whenever a Number can be divided by 2 what do we call that Number? – Even number!

Thank you, at least you know that. That’s Simple.

And whenever a Number cannot be divided by 2 what do we call it? – Odd number!

That’s all. You know the Mathematics you need to know.

In the Spiritual Realm, we have a Set called “The Set of the Almighty.”

I. The first Person in that set is GOD – For with God Nothing shall be impossible (Luke 1:37).

II. The Second Fellow in that Set according to Mark 9:23 is the one who Believes.

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are Possible to him that believeth.

“Child-Like Faith” is required if you are to belong to the Set of the Almighty.

– The one who can say, “My body, I Command you, hear the Word of the Lord.”

– The one who can lay hand on himself and say,  I Command you, be healed!”

“Child-Like Faith” – Faith like a baby, you are going to need that tonight.

And then in Conclusion; many times I have Prayed for someone with all the Faith I can muster. I’ve Fasted, done Vigils and I don’t get the results I want.

Many atimes I run to my Father, “Ha ha! Daddy, if I don’t know anything at all, I know You love me. I know there is Nothing You cannot do, I know that! You have Proved that to me again and again and again! What is going on?”

And Many atimes God would say to me: Son, you don’t know all the Story. The one you are Praying for has not told you all the Story. And I will give you an illustration;

… Don’t worry I’m about to close;

I am going to all these details because this Convention, you are not going to forget it for Life – Amen.

There was this woman who was sick and we Prayed all manners of Prayers – And I mean, all manners of Prayers: Intercession, Supplication, all manners! And she didn’t get well.

When I complained God said, ask her now, tell her to tell you the whole Story.

Woman tell me the whole Story Please!

And She said well, I happen to be the Second wife of my husband and the first wife had given him some boys before she left (or I think she died), then I came in. And saw that with the boys ahead, whatever children I have, they are not going to be Prominent. So I killed the boys!

Oh! I said alright, the Blood of Jesus Cleanses from all sins. The only thing I believe that you need to do now is, let’s settle this matter with your husband. So you’ll restitute.

She said, stop Praying for my Healing because I can manage the Sickness. Because the day I tell that man that this is what happened, that day I’ll die!

God is here tonight and he is about to Heal. Don’t hide anything that can Stand between you and your Miracle.

Finally, in Mark 2:1-12, they brought a man through the roof to where Jesus Christ was Ministering -The man was Paralysed from neck down.

Four (4) People brought him in. And Jesus saw them bringing in this Boy; He saw the kind of Faith that can break the roof open;

And you would think that (I mean): there’s no need to ask any Question – Everybody can see that this man needs a Miracle.

And when Jesus turned to him what did He say? “Son, thy sins be forgiven thee.”

I thought He will just say, “Son Be Healed. No! He said we have to get sin out of the way, for the Power of the Almighty God to be able to do his work.


So if you are here tonight – Whether in this Auditorium, or in the New Auditorium, wherever you are reading this Message now on the Label of DMC;

And you don’t want the Extraordinary Move of God, the Healing Power of God that’s already flowing like a river – You don’t want it to be useless in your Life. And you know that you are still living in sin, you need to come forward and let Jesus Christ take care of the sin.

Because unless He saves your Soul, unless His Blood washes away your sin; unless the dog that has returned to its vomit wants to come back to God to be called a son again; unless Backsliders want to return.

Hmmmm! When you hear the Testimonies of tonight, you would say, “and I was there!”

So if you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ, come forward now or Stand up wherever you are right now. So that we can cry together and ask the Almighty God to be Merciful unto you; to save your Soul, wash away your sin: so the Healing Power of God can reach out to you tonight.

You must be washed in the Blood of the Lamb; your Soul must be saved before the Healing Power of God can touch you. It is those He saved on the Cross that can claim the Healing Power of His Stripes.

Come! Tonight is your Healing Night; but you must be saved first.

Backsliders come too, He will restore.

Now those of you who are ready to Genuinely Surrender your Life to Jesus Christ; begin to talk to God – Ask Him to be Merciful unto you, ask Him to please, save your Soul, ask Him to Please, wash away all your sins with His Blood;

So that Nothing will Stand between you and the Healing Power of God.

Promise Him that you will serve Him from now on, for the rest of your Life.

Ask Him to become your Lord as well as your Saviour.

And the rest of us, Please let’s Stretch our hands towards these our Beloved Brothers and Sisters, and intercede for them – That the One Who saved our own Soul would save their own Souls also.

That the Blood of Jesus would wash away every sins in their lives; that God would give them a Brand New Beginning.

Please, Pray for them!

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


My Father and my God, I want to Bless Your Holy Name. I want to give You all Glory and Honour for Your Word.

I want to Thank You for these People that have come forward to Surrender their lives to you today.

Father Please, have Mercy on them, save their Souls, let Your Blood wash away their sins, write their names in the Book of Life, and let them become Children of God.

And anytime they cry unto You for anything, answer them by Fire!

When You begin to Heal tonight, Father include them among the People!

Thank You Almighty God! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Now those of you who have just surrendered your Life to Jesus Christ – Congratulations!

I can assure you from now on that I’ll be Praying for you.

So I will need your names, your Address and your Prayer Requests. God Bless You!

You can begin to Thank God in Advance, because tonight, God is about to heal somebody – Amen.

….And I believe that somebody needs to begin to thank God now in advance!



Like I said, we have three (3) Major Prayer Points;

1. You will be laying hands on your own head, commanding in the Mighty Name of Jesus, that you would be healed.

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2. You will be speaking to your body, telling the body to hear the Word of the Lord. That every Plant the Lord has not Planted in that body be Uprooted.

3. You will be Praying the Prayer of Agreement (and we are going to start with the Prayer of Agreement).

You are going to find a Partner – If you are a husband and your wife is here, automatically, your Partner would be your wife. If you are not a couple here, then the fellow who is next to you is the fellow you would join hands with and Pray!

… So I am going to ask you to Please, Stand!

And if you believe God is going to answer you tonight, let me hear you shout hallelujah – Hallelujah!

So I am going to join my hand with my wife; you find your own Partner, join hand with your Partner;

1. Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say: FATHER, I agree with this fellow I am holding, give him or her Total Wholeness tonight.

Go ahead, talk to the Lord.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

2. Now lay your own hand on your own head;

Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say: FATHER, In the Mighty Name of Jesus, The DMC FAMILY MEMBERS be healed!

Go ahead, just mention your name – call on the Almighty God.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

3. Now you’ll still keep the hand on your head and command the body;

Say: Body, I command you in the Mighty Name of Jesus, hear the Word of the Lord, everything in you that is not of God, get out now!

Open your mouth and command your body!

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


And so in the Name that’s above every other name; in the Mighty Name of Jesus, I am in Total Agreement with all of you:

Be Whole! Be absolutely Whole!

Even before you go to bed tonight, may your Testimony come!

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Then for the next five (5) Minutes, you want to show the Almighty God that you believe; by singing, by dancing, by Praising God, by doing what you’ve never been able to do before. Just Thanksgiving for five (5) minutes!

Go ahead! Begin to Praise Him, begin to Worship Him, Clap to Him, Dance before Him.

Just go ahead and Praise God. Praise Him!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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