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Whether the devil likes it or not – There is Somebody here today or reading now who will see the New Year!

If you are thar Fellow, let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Let Us Pray!


We bless Your Name Oh Lord
And we confess You
That You are the Lord



Ancient of Days, we bless Your Name.

The Alpha, the Omega; we Worship You.

The Beginnjng and the Ending, we say: May Your Name forever be Glorified.

Accept our Worship in Jesus Name.

Thank You for all You have done for us this Year (2023) – Thank You for the Up’s and Down’s; Thank You for the battles You fought for us; Thank You for Victorious Innumerable; Thank You because You are still the same – Accept our Worship in Jesus Name.


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Thank You for another Opportunity to dine with You one more time before the Year runs out.

Father, we give You all the Glory and Honour – Please, accept our Worship in Jesus Name.

Tonight Father, in all our lives; like never before, do something New.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People and say: You are going to see me in the New Year you know!

And then, you may Please be seated.


Psalms 105: 37-38

37. He brought them forth also with Silver and Gold: and there was not one feeble Person among their Tribes.

38. Egypt was glad when they departed: for the fear of them fell upon them.


After tonight, your Enemies will become afraid of you – Amen!

When the Children of Israel ate the Passover Meal in Exodus Chapter 12, they were starting something that we will be remembered for Life because that’s the Origin of the Lord’s Supper.

And when they had that Meal, several things happened.

And to fully understand all the things that happened, I will mention just a few of them.

When you are a Student in the University, and you don’t Pass all your Exams but you have done well enough for them to allow you continue your Studies; then those Papers you failed they will ask you to carry them over to the Next Year.

So that by the time the Students returned Next Year, in addition to whatever the Courses he has to do for that New Year, he has to deal with the Carry Over Courses.

In other words, even as he is going to the New Year, there are some Problems waiting for him there already.

But in the Name that is above every other names, you are not going to Carry Over any Problem over to Year 2024 – Amen!

1. When the Children of Israel left Egypt after the Original Lord’s Supper; they did not carry Bondage over.

Now according to John 8:36; the Bible says that when the Son shall set you Free; you shall be Free Indeed.

So, in the Name of the One who sent me; the One who kept me alive till today; any form of Bondage that has been in your Life in 2023, it will not follow you into Year 2024 – Amen.

2. And in the Bible Passage we read to you as Bible Text (NOTES: Psalms 105: 37-38); the Bible made it clear that they did not carry Sickness over.

It says that there was no Feeble one among them.

This simply tells you that God has the Power to heal a Whole Nation in one Night.

I don’t know how many of you are listening to me now all over the world or reading now  but as the Almighty God lives, by the time they are saying Happy New Year in 2024, in a way no Human Being can explain, your Sickness and Disease will be gone – Amen!

3. When they were leaving Egypt after that Original Lord’s Supper, according to Exodus 12: 35-36; they were loaded down with Treasures!

Everything that their Parents had worked for – For hundreds of years, every Salaries the Egyptians should have Paid their forefathers that they didn’t Pay, because they are being treated as Slaves; they Paid in one Day.

In the Name of my Father – Every Opportunities that you have lost shall be restored tonight (Amen).

You will not carry Poverty into the New Year – Amen.

4. When they left Egypt after that Special Meal, they cease to be Backwards again and they cease to be a Worthless kind of People.

Because the Bible says in Exodus 12:32 – It says Pharaoh himself:

– Their Number One Tormentor.

– The one who had kept them under Subjection for all these Years.

– The one who said that I didn’t know your God and I won’t let you go.

The same Fellow begged them and said: Please bless me also.

Now, the Bible says in Hebrews 7:7 – It says that: The Less is blessed by the Greater/Better.

In other words, overnight the People who had been treated as Nobody, suddenly become Superior to their Tormentors!

I see a Glorious Future for Somebody – Amen!

All those who has been Suppressing you will come and beg you for Help – Amen!

5. And finally, Pharaoh said to them in Exodus 12: 30-32 – He said: Go and Worship your God!

Every Hindrance in your Life, everything in your Life that has not allowed you to Worship God the way you wanted; you won’t Carry it Over – Amen!

There are some of us who wants to Praise God.

One day, I saw Somebody on a Wheel Chair – Dancing, Shaking and Raising his hands.

I said oh God – Here is Somebody who wants to dance for God but something is holding this Fellow down.

Anything Physical that is not allowing you to Serve God the way you wanted to; you will not carry it over – Amen!

I remembered when I became Born Again and the Joy of Salvation was shaking me as a dog will shake a rat – I wanted to do so much for God but I didn’t have the Money.

You Probably know the Origin of the Holy Ghost Congress:

There was going to be FESTAC (Festival of Arts and Culture) – People are going to come together to sing and Praise all manners of idols and there was going to be Public Holiday for the Period – Schools in Lagos and her environs were going to be Closed.

I said oh, while they are Praising idols, how I wish I have the Money to gather all Students who are now on Holidays together so that we can sing and Praise the Lord Jesus Christ; so that we can Study the Word of God and so that we can Pray together.

And so I shared the idea with one friend of mine and he said that this must be God!

I came to my father-in-the-Lord and I asked for Permission and he said Permission granted.

And so, I decided that I will do it.

I went to WAEC (West African Examination Council) – I collected the Addresses of every Secondary Schools, every Teachers’ Training Colleges and I Printed an Invitation Card to send to all of them; inviting them to come together.

And I got Permission to use Ilesha Grammar School – Which was where I went to Secondary School; to use their Compound and Hostel for the Program.

And then, after I finished Printing the Invitation Cards, suddenly I realised that I didn’t have enough Money to buy Stamps to send out the Invitation Cards.

But I was determined and I told all these People to come and that they will be fed Free.

… The one who is going to fed everybody Free doesn’t have Money to buy Stamps.

What did I do? I sold my car and used the Money to buy Stamps and begin to trust God for Resources.

And I trust God and He met me at the Point of my Needs.

Somehow, the crowd came from all over the Nations and they were all fed.

NOTES: The acronym name FESTAC, which stands for Second World African Festival of Arts and Culture that was held in 1977 in Nigeria. Between January 15th and February 12th, 1977, more than 16,000 Artists, Performers, and Intellectuals from 55 Nations across Africa and the African diaspora came together in Lagos for FESTAC ’77, the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture.

NOTES: WAEC stands for the West African Examinations Council. It is an Examination Board established by Law to determine the Examinations required in the Public interest in the English-Speaking West African Countries, to conduct the Examinations and to award Certificates comparable to those of equivalent Examining Authorities Internationally.

Every Financial Hardship that will not allow you to Worship God the way you wanted to; you won’t carry over to Next Year (2024) – Amen!

I beg you tonight to come to this Table with a Determination that you are not “Carrying Over” any evil to Year 2024 – Amen!



This is why I’m appealling to those of you who are not yet Born Again – You don’t want to go into Year 2024 as a Child of the devil. You must go into the New Year as a Child of God.

So, I appeal to you that if you are not sure of your Salvation, run forward right now – Let’s settle the issue of your Salvation tonight.

I will count from one (1) to five (5) – This is a Cross Over Night and a Night never to be forgotten.

As so, I’m counting now!

Now, those of you who are infront and those of you who are on the way; cry to the Almighty God and say: Lord Jesus, have Mercy on me; save my Soul; let me become a Child of the Living God; let Your Blood wash away my sin and receive me into the Family of God.

And the rest of us, let us Stretch our hands towards these People and Intercede for them.

Pray that the Almighty God, the Only One who can save; will save the Souls of these People and translate them out of the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


My Father and my God, I want to Thank You.

I want to Thank You very much for what happened that Day in Egypt – When You set the Children of Israel Free.

I want to Thank You for what happened at Calvary – Where You set all of us Free.

Thank You Lord God Almighty for Your Promise that whosoever will come to You; You will no Wise cast out.

These People has come; Please receive them, let Your Blood wash away their sins, receive them into the Family of God, write their names into the Book of Life and from now on, let everything become New for them.

Anytime they cry to You, Please answer them by Fire.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Now, those of you infront; let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!



We have only one Prayer Point to Pray tonight when we take the Elements of the Holy Communion.

It is Simply: In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ; “NO CARRY OVER”.

So when they give you the Bread – Just Pray that “No Carry Over into the New Year”.

The Lord Jesus Christ; the very Night in which He was betrayed took the Bread and when He has given Thanks, He broke it saying: Take, Eat; this is my Body broken for you; do this in Remembrance of Me.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – Amen!

In Jesus Mighty Name we Pray – Amen!

Let’s Stand on our feet.

That as you drink the Wine tonight by Faith; let us decree that there will be “No Carry Over into Year 2024”.

… No Carry Over of Sorrow, Bondage, Failure into the New Year 2024.

After the same manner also; He took the Cup when He has sup, saying: This Cup is the New Testament in my Blood, Please do ye as oft as you drink it in Remembrance of Me.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – Amen!

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

And so shall it be in Jesus Name – Amen!

Let’s be Seated.



Let’s take our Thanksgiving Offering.

It is our Custom after the Holy Communion Service, we want to say Thank You to the Almighty God who has made it Possible for us to enjoy the benefits of the Holy Communion Service.

So, dancing and rejoicing, you take your Offering, and go to the nearest basket.

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And after you dropped the Offering, Celebrate with one (1) or two (2) People that have also obtained Mercy – And there will be no “Carry Over” for them either.

Over to you Band!



And so my Father, we say Thank You.

Oh, what a Great Opportunity to Partake of this very, very Special Holy Communion Service.

Glory be to Your Holy Name.

And in Your Name, I decree that for all these Your Children – All those who has Participated in this Holy Communion Service; there will be “No Carry Over”.

No Carry Over of Sickness, no Carry Over of Poverty, no Carry Over of Failure and no Carry Over of anything Devilish.

It shall be well with you.

God will bless your Offerings, He will Sanctify it and next time that you Give, you will Give more than this.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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