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Let Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

I am referring to anyone knowing that anything called Reproach or Shame are to be removed from his or her Life.

If you are the one, let your Hallelujah be louder – HALLELUJAH!


1. I will like us to rise on our feet as we wave our hands to the God of the whole Universe – The King of Heavens, the Lover of our Souls, the Lord who has gathered us together for such a Great occasion as this. The Lord who has Prepared a Banquet for us – The kind that we have never experienced before.

Just lift and wave your hands to Him – Bless His Holy Name, rejoice in His Very Presence, appreciate Him for all what He has done thus far.

Thank Him for how He came down Mightily on our behalf on Monday, Day 1 of The RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2022.

Thank Him for what He will yet do today (Tuesday, Day 2) and Thank Him for all He will continue to do this Particular Week.

Thank Him because this is a New Beginning for you.

Just go ahead and Worship Him – In Jesus Mighty Name we have Worshipped – Amen!

2. I want you to lift your Voice to God and say: Heavenly Father, tonight erase every Reproaches from my Life.

Go ahead and Pray that Prayer to Him with all your Heart.

Thank You Father. Blessed be Your Mighty Name. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Glory be to God in the Highest, Amen
Glory be to God in the Highest, Amen
For His Mercy endureth Forever, Amen
For His Mercy endureth Forever, Amen


Almighty Father, we bless Your Name tonight, we appreciate all you have done for us thus far, we Thank You for what You are Set to do tonight on this 2nd Day of The RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2022.

We Thank You Lord because from time to time, You show up from Heaven for Your Own Children; we Thank You Oh Lord because we know tonight without any doubt that You will show up for us again. Accept our Thanks and Praises in the Name of Jesus.

Tonight, we have only one Request – And that Request is Fundamental to everything we want in our Life. We are asking Oh Lord, Erase every Reproaches in our lives tonight in the Name of Jesus.

By Your Mighty Power, by Your Grace, by Your Mercies that endures forever, erase every Reproaches from every lives in the Name of Jesus.

And at the end of everything, let Your Name be Glorified.

Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

And everybody will say – Amen!

I will like to begin by Thanking our Daddy and Mummy in the Lord for this Unique Privilege to bring the First Word tonight in this Unique and Great Program – The RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2022.

We want to thank them for Mentoring us over the Years, for Coaching us, for Consistency, for helping us at every Point in time.

We want to thank them that they have been focused on their Calling.

And we Pray that the Lord will continue to keep them for us in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

  • This is a Program like None other, coming at a time like None other.
  • Whether Nationally or Individually; we all have all kinds of Reproaches all around us!
  • We know the Nature of the Reproaches that we carry, that has come to hibernate with us as a Country, as a Family and as Individuals. And they have situated themselves around us. But that is about to Change Permanently today – Amen!

I will take my Bible readings from:

2 Kings 5:1 – Now Naaman, Captain of the Host of the King of Syria, was a Great man with his Master, and Honourable, because by him the LORD had given Deliverance unto Syria: he was also a Mighty Man in Valour, but he was a Leper.

… But he was a Leper – That is a Reproach!

1 Samuel 1: 5-7

5. But unto Hannah he gave a worthy portion; for he loved Hannah: but the LORD had shut up her womb.

6. And her adversary also provoked her sore, for to make her fret, because the LORD had shut up her womb.

7. And as he did so year by year, when she went up to the house of the LORD, so she provoked her; therefore she wept, and did not eat.

  • That which has brought you to the Position of weeping continuously, such that weeping has become Permanent with you – That Particular Thing shall be removed tonight in the Name of Jesus (Amen).

Hannah has this Reproach of Childlessness in her Life – The Reproach of Barrenness.

We know that without any doubt in this Part of the world that we live in, how those who are Childless are being looked down upon. We know all kinds of Stories that we have been told about them.

  • It doesn’t matter what is your own Nature of Reproaches tonight; it doesn’t matter what may be the Source of the Reproaches; because the God of the Whole Universe is here today to remove all Reproaches in the Name of Jesus – Amen!
  • I will be looking at few Questions:


A Reproach is a Curse or occasion of blame, discredit, or disgrace.

It is something that brings blame, shame, discredit, disgrace, dishonour, disrepute or even disapproval or sanction from the Regulating Body.


Reproaches bring that tiny but “Negative But” into a Glorious Storyline. It usually obliterate Light from your Tunnel of Hope.

Reproaches operates like an Eclipse over a Glorious Destiny.

  • I don’t know exactly what Eclipse the Enemies, the Adversaries had brought upon your Glorious Destiny; I don’t know exactly what has removed the Light from your Tunnel of Hope; I don’t know exactly what is that tiny but “Negative But” in your Life – That has made you not to be able to raise up your Head among your Colleagues. Whatever it may be; the Lord will remove it tonight – Amen!

1. Now, I want you to consider the Passage that we have read:

Naaman – A Powerful Man, a Man who had been Victorious in various battles of Life; a Successful Individual without doubt and Wealthy.

But the Story did not complete without a “But” – That was his Reproach.

2. Or consider the Life of Someone like Ruth.

A Woman who must have been a very Pretty, Brilliant Mind and Promising. A Woman who carries a lot of Plans and Dreams concerning her Life.

But her Marriage brought her to Nothing.

3. Or consider a Woman like Hannah.

The Story that we read in 1 Samuel Chapter 1 – She was loved by her husband.

But the Story did not complete without telling us that her Womb was shut – She was barren.

4. Or consider a Woman like Mary Magdalene.

Beautiful, Highly Connected, Rch – But she was a Landlady to Demons.

The Bible tells us in Luke 8:2 – And certain women, which had been healed of evil Spirits and Infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils.

  • It is Possible that you find yourself in that situation tonight – Highly Connected, Wealthy, Rich, you have all the Monies that you need but this Reproach just refuses to go.
  • Whatever may be the Reproach that has been hibernating with you and dwelling with you that you have accommodated all these years. Tonight, God will reposition them in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

1. How do you complete the Story of Samson without mentioning the fact that he died in Bondage in the Prison of his Enemies because of his “Loose Life” and he became a “Wasted Destiny”.

2. How do you tell the Story of Abraham without mentioning Ishamael and Abraham’s contributions to the troubles in the world today?

3. How do you tell the Story of Saul the King without mentioning that he died a Mad King, consulting Withches and Wizards?

4. Can you tell the Story of David – The Giant Killer, without mentioning his Adultery with Bethesda and the Curse over his Bloodline?

5. Do we rejoice or weep over the Life of Noah that after Preserving the remnant for the New world; the sin of Alcoholism brought upon us Racism and Generational Disparity?

6. How do you tell the Story of the Human Race without Adam’s sin, Adam’s Guilt and the Adamic Nature that we all inherited from him?

  • As we begin to look at the Stories and Narratives; as you begin to look at all these Biographies – All of a sudden, you will discovered that it was so Glorious at the beginning of the Story but somewhere along the line; that “Tiny Negative But” was introduced.
  • That has always been the Plan – The Game Plan of the Adversary concerning the Human Race!
  • But the Almighty God is about to deliver Someone and erase Someone from every forms of Reproaches tonight in the Name of Jesus – Amen!
  • As you consider all the Stories, you begin to ask yourselves – IS THERE A WAY OUT?

That is the reason why God has gathered us here together tonight.

*Whether you are here Physically or wherever you may be Watching or reading now on the Label of DMC all over the world – That is the reason why God has directed your attention and He is having your attention at this time!

*God of Heaven is saying: I am here to erase your Reproaches – Amen!

*As you consider all the Stories, you might begin to say – IS THERE A WAY OUT?

*Then all of a sudden, I discovered “The God’s Factor”.

*The God’s Factor Changes that “Tiny Negative But” to a Positive One!

1. Consider Naaman.

A Man who carries that “Tiny Negative But” in his Life for several years.

But one day, the Almighty God remembered him.

Someone told him – There was a Prophet somewhere, the Power of God is working in a certain Place. If only you can get there, your Reproach will be erased and you will come back a different Person.

And the Bible tells us in 2 Kings 5:10 and 13

10. And Elisha sent a Messenger unto him, saying, Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and thy flesh shall come again to thee, and thou shalt be clean.

13. And his Servants came near, and spake unto him, and said, My father, if the Prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it? How much rather then, when he saith to thee, Wash, and be Clean?

Now, consider the fact that this Man has been carrying this Reproach for several years – Maybe for decades.

As he was steering the Army of Syria, he was still carrying this Reproach in his Life.

Other Generals could not even help him because Nobody wants to be like him – Oh, he has gotten so many Victories but he has Leprosy.

And so, when he (Naaman) got to Elisha, he sent a Simple Message to him – Go and wash in River Jordan.

He was thinking within himself – If it could be as easy as that? If it is just to wash in Jordan or wash in a River, there are better Rivers in my Country.

But the Servant came around to tell him – My father, if the Prophet had bid you to do something Great, will you not have done it? How much then when he say to you – Wash and be Clean!

Then he obeyed – He went down and dip himself seven (7) times in River Jordan according to the saying of the Man of God. And his Flesh came out as the Flesh of a little child and he was Cleansed.

*Something Supernatural is about to happen to Someone here tonight – The kind of Newness and Freshness that you have never felt before – Amen!

*As our father-in-the-Lord will be Ministering from this Particular Altar tonight, that Newness that you have never felt before will happen in your Life in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ – Amen!

*All that God expects you to do is to Obey.

That Man obeyed even though initially, he was contending with that Particular Instruction.

*Those who wants their Reproaches to be erased, they don’t contend with Instructions – They simply Obey!

*If only you can obey tonight, you will leave this Place tonight a different Person in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

*And I know that as we are speaking upon Nigeria tonight – Just as the Lord has sent the Message from Isaiah to this Particular Country: Every Reproaches upon Nigeria whether the enemies like it or not, shall be erased tonight – Amen!

2. Consider the case of Jabez – You know the Story very well in 1 Chronicles 4: 9-10.

This was a Man who was born with Sorrow, he was given a name that means “Sorrow” – No Comfort.

That was the meaning of the name Jabez – Simply because the mother said that I bear him in Sorrow.

And he carried Sorrow for a long time in his Life; until the God’s Factor entered into the Story.

*May I tell you – When the God’s Factor enters, the enemies has no answer to that.

*When God’s Factor enters into your Life tonight; everything must Change!

*That is the reason why you must Position yourself – You must be wide awake, you must open your eyes for Instructions as the Word of God Proceed from this Place.

This Man went to the House of the Lord, crying to the Lord Day after Day – Oh, that thou will bless me indeed.

His Prayer was Simple, his Prayer was Powerful, his Prayer was Intentional – He knew exactly what he needed.

I Perceived that the Man does not know too much of Theology – All he knows was that: There is a God who can Change the Story.

And as he was going to Him, and saying: This is what I desired, this is what I want – Oh that thou will bless me indeed, enlarge my Coast, let Your Hand be with me, that thou will keep me from evil, so that evil will not grab me.

And the Bible tells me – And God granted him that which he requested.

*Every Prayers that you will Pray here tonight or as you read now on the Label of DMC; the Lord will grant you Request – Amen!

3. In the Life of David.

Something happened one day – As Jesus Christ was Passing, there was a Man called Bartimaeus who heard that Jesus Christ was Passing by.

The Bible tells us in Luke 18: 37-38:

37. And they told him, that Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.

38. And he cried, saying, Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me.

Look at the same David who had carried the Reproach for all years.

One day, God removed that Reproach when the King of King Himself stood Still saying: You know my Name – I am the Son of David.

Jesus Christ was Proud to call Himself Son of David! – Every Reproaches were removed from his Life.

*It doesn’t matter how many Generations your family had carried those Reproaches; tonight by the Power in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of David; all such Reproaches shall be Cleansed off in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

*All that God is expecting tonight from you is to make sure that you utilised this opportunity.

*This is not a Night to Pray the kind of Prayer that you are not sure about.

*It is time to Pray a Specific Prayer – Telling the Almighty God those things that are in your lives that you don’t want there again.

I. It doesn’t matter how long they had come.

II. It doesn’t matter how shameful they are.

III. It doesn’t matter the kind of Disease that it has brought upon yourself.

*Tell God because whenever God Provides an opportunity, He wants you to utilise it.

May I round up:

But before we Pray, let me round up with the Story of the Woman who was caught in Adultery in John 8: 10-11.

10. When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? Hath no man condemned thee?

11. She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.

*I want you to turn to your Neighbour and say – Go and sin no more!

*If you want your Reproaches to be removed completely, then you must look at what Jesus Christ did to this Woman – After forgiving her, the Lord Jesus Christ said: I don’t condemn you but I’m giving you another opportunity – Go and don’t sin again!

*And the Woman grabbed that opportunity with both hands!

*I know that there is Someone here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC; who will do the same thing tonight – Who will grab the opportunity with both hands, who will Pray through and will hear: Go and sin no more!



If you are such a Person, I want you to jump on your feet tonight and rise up – You can even come before the Throne of Grace.

*I want you to cry to the Almighty God and say: Heavenly Father, this is the Night you have given to me. I have carried Reproaches all my Life but I am deciding tonight that every Reproaches must be erased.

Go ahead and Speak/Pray to God – Cry to Him, you can even mention the Reproaches you want removed one by one.

I. Do they have to do with the sins you have committed in the Past?

II. Do they have to do with Sicknesses that you bare?

III. Do they have to do with Poverty?

IV. Do they have to do with Labels that has been Placed upon your Life?

V. Do they have to do with Bloodline to which you belong?

*Whatever may be the cause of the Reproaches, tonight talk to God about them – Tell him Specifically that You (God) has not brought this Message tonight for fun. You have a reason.

I. You helped Naaman out of his situation – My Father, You Changed the Story.

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That “Negative But”; You Changed it to a “Positive But” – But he was healed and he was Cleansed.

II. Oh, You Change the “Negative But” in the Life of Hannah – But she gave birth to a Prophet.

My Father, You have done it before, You can do it again.

III. You Changed the “Negative But” in the Life of Jabez – But he became Prosperous.

You did it for Him, You can do same for me too – You can Change my Narratives as You have done it before and You can do it again.

*It doesn’t matter how long I have been carrying this Reproach – If You have helped others, You can help me also. That is why You have gathered us here today.

Thank You my Father. Blessed be Your Name. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


And as we have Spoken in His Ears, so will He do for us in the Name of Jesus.

As He erased Reproaches from the lives of others before us, so will He do for us tonight in the Name of Jesus.

As He gave a New Beginning to some, so will He do for us tonight in the Name of Jesus.

And at the end, His Name will be Glorified.

Thank You Father. Blessed be Your Holy Name.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

And everybody will say a “Glorious Amen” – AMEN!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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