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Open Heavens For Saturday December 26 2020




You are watching the first thanksgiving service in 2020. Pastor E.A Adeboye is ministering and prophetic blessings for the year will be given.

Why should we thank God E.A Adeboye

1. 1 Thessalonians 5 18 in everything give thanks this the will of God

Philipinas 4:6 The Bible says, be careful for nothing, everyone who says thank you get his answere to prayers

2. You have good reasons on your own as an individual to give thanks Psalms 150:6 says let everything that has breath Praise the Lord. Everyone that people thought has no hope, this year God will surprise you in Jesus name Eclist 9:4 Even a dog has hope, Genesis for 25 years God was promising Abraham that he will have Children the day came He changed it to a decree

I stand at this alter and declare every promise you have head will become a Decree in your life in Jesus name


For the Woman with issues of Blogg Mark 5;24 her acceptable year came after 12 years, Luke 13 John 5:-9 the man by the pool of Bethesda his acceptable year came after 30 years, John 9;2 his acceptable year came after 9 years,

I have a strong feeling this shall be your acceptable year in Jesus’ name. Before the end of this year, somebody will be thanking God

3. Devine mercy: Lamentation 3;22 It is the Lord that has mercy Romans 9:15-18

There are songs, there are songs, there are songs that come directly from God “Modupe Orianugba”

If you have received Mercy from the Lord shout Hallelujah’ Roman 9 it’s just because of the mercy of God – You are where you are because of the mercy of God, is not because you are clever or wise its God who shows mercy.

Psalms 124:1 you think you have no enemies? you must be joking, if you are succeeding you have enemies, you are suffering you have enemies like blind Bartimaeus crying to Jesus and not to the crows, the crows told him to shut up so he had enemies, you don’t know how many enemies you have, enemies from your fathers house, from your inlaws side. they hate you maybe just because you SWAGGER, whether the enemy likes it or not you will swagger more In Jesus’ name, why because the Lord is on your side.

The issues is not why should I praise God but how should I praise God.2 Samuel 6:12

David committed a very grave sin, adultery, murder and so on God was looking down from heaven, one day God sent his servant to Him, The prophet said you did this and that David said am in trouble, i have sinned, He has not even said am sorry am going to repent, as soon as he said I am sorry the prophet said God has forgiven you. I went to God to explain this to me, I know people who have not done 1/3 of what David did, adultery, murder, hypocrite, But God said I have nobody like this one to praise me, let him be praising me, I will punish him because am a Holy God, but not kill Him.

Anyone who knows how to praise God, one way or the other will make it to heaven. When you praise God, he will do for you what He did not do for others. Solomon offerd 1000 burnt offering, people said you are overdoing this, He said I know where i came from, yet God look into all these and Choose me as King, he said He will praise God, God responses and showed him what God can do in return.

This a mystery musicians use, they go to a party and start praising and calling you names, even if you borrowed money to get to that party, but because the praise singers are calling you great names, you carry money and give them its a mystery.

Why praise God?

Psalms 34:8 We have tested and have seen what praises do, we have tested and found that the Lord is Good. If you are here and have not tasted this God, you can begin to experience God now by giving your life to Christ and see how Good the Lord is.


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