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God Bless you

Pastor Adeboye preaching
Pastor Adeboye preaching

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God Bless you






Lift your hands to the Almighty God and bless the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.

The One who can raise the Dead, Praise Him; the One who can confuse your Attackers, Praise Him; the One who can make the barren Fruitful, Praise Him; the One who can make sure that you don’t fail again, Praise Him.

Give Him Glory, give Him Honour, give Him Adoration, give Him Double Portion Praise. Magnify His Holy Name because He is Worthy to be Praise.

Thank You Lord. In Jesus Mighty Name we have given Thanks – Amen!


We give You All the Glory
We give You Honour
We give You All the Glory
We give You Honour


Ancient of Days, the I am that I am, the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning, the Ending, the Unchangeable Changer, Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Holy One of Israel – Oh Glory be to Your Holy.

Thank You for what You have done in the Past; Thank You for what You are about to do Today – Please Lord, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

All that I am asking Lord God Almighty is that in the lives of all Your Children all over the world, let Your Name be Glorified today.

Before this Service is over, let Your Children know the meaning of Wonderful.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Now, you may be seated except those of you who are born in the Month of January.


*If you are born in the Month of January, let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!*

My Father and my God, I commit all Your Children born in the Month of January into Your – January is the First Month of the Year.

For these Your Children, in everything Good, let them come First.

In every Facet of their lives Lord; give them a New Beginning – A New Beginning of Success, of Joy, of Miracles, of Signs, of Wonders and of Serving You.

So let it be Lord!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

*Well, those born in the Month of January; shout another Hallelujah – Hallelujah!*

I am going to sit tonight and I will tell you why.

*I don’t know what God wants to do tonight, but this will be your Year – Amen. But I suspect that it will be Extraordinary – Amen!*

To start with – When yesterday at the Holy Communion Service (DMC NOTES: You can get to read the Full Text of this Message on All the Social Media Handles of DMC or on our Website: www.discoverymediacrew.com).

I was telling those who are here that one of the Powers of the Double Portion Anointing is the ability to make Decrees and see them come to Past. I didn’t know how far God wanted to take that.

I explained to those who were here yesterday that Prophecies are Good; Paricularly if they come from God.

And there are some funny People in Nigeria who call themselves Prophets – They don’t even know the meaning of Prophecy. I am not a Prophet but I know the way God Speaks because He talks to me once a while.

But when Somebody said that he is Prophesying and he says: Three (3) People are contesting for a Post. If the first one wins, there will be Plenty of food; if the Second one wins, there will be Plenty to drink; if the Third wins, there will be Plenty to wear.

*That is not Prophesy – That is Conjecture!*

*DMC NOTES: A Conjecture is an Opinion or Conclusion formed on the basis of Incomplete Information.*

*If God is the One Speaking – He will tell you that there are three (3) People contesting and this is the one who will win.*

And then I explained that Prophecy could come and something could happen along the way that could cause God to Change His Mind – He is the Almighty!

He said: Tell Eli that I said indeed that you and your father’s house will serve me forever but now I said be far from me. I Change my Mind. If you don’t like, go and sue me. (1 Samuel 2:30)

But when it comes to Decrees – When He said to Abraham: Tell your wife that in nine (9) Months from now, she will be carrying a baby. Sarah laughed. And He said that you are Laughing! Well go ahead and Laugh but I have decreed it.

That is why when the baby came they called him Laughter!

*When God Decrees, Nobody can Change it. Believe it or not, He Himself cannot Change it.*

*So, when I was Praying for this Evening and Daddy says that the first thing I should do is to issue “Certain Decrees”; I knew that something is about to happen!*

So, I said: What do I decree? Fortunately, He has given me the Song that you sang tonight. He said, look at the Song that I gave you as the Decrees are there.

*So, I hereby Decree:*

1. This will be your Year – Amen.
2. This Year, you will Succeed – Amen.
3. This Year, you will Rejoice – Amen.
4. This Year, you will be Glad – Amen.
5. This Year, you will move from one Success to a Greater One – Amen.
6. On a Daily basis this Year, God will move you from Glory to Glory – Amen.

*If you receive it, shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!*


1. Our Fasting for this Year 2023 will start on the 11th of January 2023.

*As usual, it will be for Only fifty (50) Days – I was expecting a Hundred (100) Days.*

*And it will be from 11th of January to 1st of March 2023 – And you can break on a Daily basis.*

I. If you are already seventy (70) years Old and above; then you are Excused. But if you insist and still want to join us to Fast and you are seventy (70) years Old and above; you can break by 3pm.

II. If you are eighty (80) years Old and above; definitely you are Excused. But if you insist, you can break by 12 Noon.

III. And as usual, if you miss one day – May be your friend is getting married and you can’t resist the Jollof Rice.

*If you must miss one day, then you add two (2) Extra days to yours for every Day that you miss!*

Which means that if you miss ten (10) days; you will Probably end your own Fasting by the end of March 2023.

IV. But some may just want to Fast continually – Then twenty one (21) days will be enough.

*So, you can do Singles (Daily) Fasting for fifty (50) days or Continuous (Dry) Fasting for twenty one (21) days.*

I know that some People may be saying that this Man is Clever – He said that you may not Fast if you are eighty (80) years Old because he is eighty (80). But you know me – Not only will I do the Singles (Daily) Fasting; God helping me, I will do the Continuous (Dry) Fasting too.

*Just Pray that God will give me Strength and I know He will – Amen!*

2. By the Grace of God; beginning from Next Month (February 2023); we will be Closing a “Little Later” than usual because everyone who comes will have Hands laid on you.

The Bible says that two (2) better than one (1).

So, you will come; I will Preach, you will Pray and the Elders will lay Hands everytime on you – Unless the Almighty God instructed Otherwise.

*It is a Year of “Double Portion” – He (God) will answer all your Prayers and He (God) will answer the Prayers of those who will lay Hands on you!*

*Tonight, we want to start discussing a Series called: “WONDERFUL”.*

*So, we will be discussing: “WONDERFUL – PART 1”.*

2 Kings 2:8-15:

8. And Elijah took his Mantle, and wrapped it together, and smote the waters, and they were divided hither and thither, so that they two went over on dry ground.

9. And it came to pass, when they were gone over, that Elijah said unto Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee. And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a Double Portion of thy Spirit be upon me.

10. And he said, Thou hast asked a hard thing: nevertheless, if thou see me when I am taken from thee, it shall be so unto thee; but if not, it shall not be so.

11. And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into Heaven.

12. And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his own clothes, and rent them in two pieces.

13. He took up also the Mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and went back, and stood by the bank of Jordan;

14, And he took the Mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and smote the waters, and said, Where is the LORD God of Elijah? and when he also had smitten the waters, they parted hither and thither: and Elisha went over.

15. And when the sons of the Prophets which were to view at Jericho saw him, they said, The Spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha. And they came to meet him, and bowed themselves to the ground before him.

*Everything that happened on that day can only be described by one word – Wonderful.*

Elijah took his Mantle, smooth River Jordan, River Jordan Parted ways – Divided into two (2). Wonderful!

Himself and Elisha got to the other side; Elijah said to Elisha, “what do you want?” “I want a Double Portion of your Spirit.”

Boy, can’t you see what I have done with one Portion? I mean, with one Portion I raise the dead, I shut the Heavens, I multiplied the food of a widow. With one Portion I did some marvelous things. And you are asking for Double – wonderful Boy!

How many of you want Double Portion? – The DMC FAMILY MEMBERS.

Then look at the fellow next to you and tell him or her: I am Wonderful, you know.

Wonderful Request!

And why they were still talking, the Heavens opened – Horses of Fire, Chariots of Fire. The Special chariot of the Almighty God came down, grabbed Elijah, pushed Elijah to some side.

Before we knew it Elijah was gone! Elisha grabbed the Mantle that fell from his father, went back to River Jordan. Rolled the Mantle together (just like he saw his father doing). And said, “where is the Lord God of Elijah?”

The God of Elijah said, I am here. Wonderful!

Everything that happened that day, there is only one way to describe it – That is Wonderful.

*I have a feeling that something is about to happen here tonight that can only be called wonderful – Amen.*


I have said the definition of a Wonder before, that Somebody described it as something that causes you to Wonder.

*A Wonder is something that happens, something so big that your mouth will open involuntarily; that you do what you normally won’t do. You would have done it before you even knew what you were doing.*

For example, when that girl was Testifying about her mother who died, the mouth stuffed with cotton wool. And then they applied Anointing Oil. And all of a sudden (after hours), the woman came back to Life.

I saw all of you Standing up to Praise God. Nobody asked you to, but you saw a Wonder!

*Something is going to happen in your Life today and it will be Wonderful – Amen.*

When my Pastor was Testifying and he said about those Killers that waylaid them; and then the one who was Pointing a gun at them suddenly began to dance!

Who was beating the Drum? Which music was hearing? And he danced away from them, danced to their back so that they can continue on their Journey. What do you call that one? Wonderful!

*This Year (2023); all your enemies will be confused – Amen.*

In Acts 3:1-11, the Bible tells us the Story of a man who was born Lame: who for more than forty (40) years, everybody in the Temple knew him as the one who was born Lame.

And these People coming into the Temple – Some of them had given him Kobos and Naira. When all of a sudden they saw the same man rushing in – Walking, Leaping and Praising God. The Bible said they wondered!

*In the Name of the One Who sent me: By the time God finishes with you, People will be wondered – Amen.*

Let’s take this Series from the very beginning. It is a Series – I don’t know how long it is going to last. It might take the whole Year; I don’t know.

Let’s go to the very Beginning: In John 1:1-3 and Verse 14; the Bible says,

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld His Glory, the Glory as of the Only Begotten of the Father,) full of Grace and Truth.

*Who is that one? – JESUS!*

So, if you want to know the beginning of Wonderful you need to know this: What was the Name that the Father of Jesus gave Him?

Isaiah 9:6 tells us that His Name shall be called Wonderful. He added other names: Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. But the first name was Wonderful.

Wonderful means, Full of Wonders. Two (2) words combined – ‘Wonder’ and ‘full’.

*I decree in the Name of the One Who sent me, the Wonders that will happen in your life this year will be many – Amen.*

Jesus and God are the same, according to to John 1:1 – In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

*So, let us consider tonight a little bit about the Wonders of God. Let us consider the Size of God – How Big is God?*

… If we can finish that one tonight we would have done very well.


In 1 kings 8:27; the Bible says the Heaven of Heavens cannot contain Him – Now, that is Big!

1. *Maybe we should start by considering the size of His LEG.*

How big is His Leg?

In Isaiah 66:1, God said, The Heaven is my Throne, and the Earth is my footstool: where is the house that ye build unto me? and where is the Place of my rest?

We don’t know exactly how far away Heaven is, but we know that it is at least far, far, far beyond the Sun. And Science has shown us even the Sun is very far away.

“Heaven is His Throne, the Earth is His footstool”. So that must be one very Big Leg!

What is the implication of that kind of Leg? It means when God is seated in Heaven, He is controlling everything that is going on here on Earth because the Earth is His footstool.

When you read Psalms 2:1-4, David was telling us, “what is wrong with all these People who are saying they are going to deal with the Anointed of God; you are going to trouble the Anointed of God?” He Said, He that seated in Heaven shall laugh!

*You know what that means?*

I. When Somebody is threatening you, God is laughing. If anybody says you are not going to be Promoted – He that seated in heaven shall laugh!

II. When the Doctors told that Lady, “take your mother home, there is nothing more we can do for her, she’s going to die. There’s no way she can live.” – He that seated in the Heaven shall laugh!

III. If somebody tells you that there is no way you can ever have your own children – He that seated in Heaven shall laugh!

IV. If anybody tells you that you are not going to see the coming Year (2024) – He that seated in Heaven shall laugh!

V. If somebody tells you that there is no way you can make it in Life; that you are going to die Poor – He that seated in Heaven shall laugh!

In Isaiah 54:15 God Himself said: Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.

*Are they holding a Meeting to describe how they are going to destroy you? He that seated in Heaven shall laugh!*

In Isaiah 54:16-17, the Almighty God said: Wait a Minute, even all the Weapons they say they want to use I made them. He said that is why no Weapon formed against you shall Prosper.

*That is why for the rest of your Life, you will work about Victorious – Amen. Why? He that seated in Heaven shall laugh!*

Even when He is sitting down you are secure.

*What happens when He Stands?*

Psalms 68:1-3 said, let God arise – what will happen to His enemies? They will be scattered! He says if they don’t run then they will melt just like wax will melt before fire.

I have told my children, when the fire of God fell on Samson and the robes binding him were burnt by the fire, he took the jawbone of an ass and he began to fight. The reason why he killed only a thousand (1,000) was because the rest were wise – They ran!

*Any enemy against you this Year (2023) that fails to run, the Fire of God will consume – Amen.*

In Psalms 104:32, the Bible says when God looks on the Earth – Just looking at the Earth (Preparing to Stand); the Earth will already begin to tremble. And when He begins to move on Earth, the Earth begins to shake.

Every step He takes, the Earth trembles. So that by the time He arrives at any Place, the trembling will be so much there will be an Earthquake.

If you don’t believe me read Acts 16:25 to the end. Make sure you read it.

*… Take note of certain things that would happen:*

I. The Foundation of Prison will begin to shake;

II. All Prison doors will open;

III. Every Yokes would be loosed;

IV. Enemies would become Servants.

V. And Captors would come to beg.

*Do you know that is what God is about to do for you tonight? Yes!*

You see, the reason I always ask you to shout Hallelujah; the reason you find Hallelujah in all my Songs; is because, whenever you shout Hallelujah God draws near.

2. *How Long is His HANDS?*

In Deuteronmy 33:27, the Bible says underneath are His Everlasting arms.

That means there is no way you can measure His arms: Very, very long – Everlasting Arms.

And you may want to Perform a little experiment, this is Scientific. That if you stretch your hands wide the left as far as it can go; to the right as far as it can go;

And you measure from the tip of your forefinger here to the tip of your forefinger there. And then you measure your height – the two (2) will be the same.

*So if you want to know how tall you are, all you need to do is just go against the wall, get somebody to mark where the forefinger is there and where the forefinger is here. And measure the gap between the two – That is your height!*

Now, what has that got to do with God? You seem to be bringing Mathematics into this.

Psalms 90:2 says, from Everlasting to Everlasting, You are God.

*When He stretches out His hands, He covers everything from your far beginning to your far ending.*

*From your beginning to your ending He is in Charge!*

When He said in Jeremiah 1:4-5, before I formed thee I knew thee…

Thank You Father!

… Well, Somebody will have to Stand Up now.

The Lord says when you said ‘Amen’ He heard you. But He is saying there is still some things left in some People;

*And whatever those things are, they will go when they shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!*

Amen! Please, be seated.

You will Testify – Amen!

I say it again: you will Testify – Amen.

*You will Testify because, when next you visit your Doctor, what they thought they saw will no longer be there – Amen.*

*Now, when we are talking about Origin, the Question has always been: “When is the Origin of a House?”*

And some People will say, I mean, the beginning of a house is the Foundation. But No! Anybody who knows anything about a building will tell you, before we dig the Foundation, there must be a drawing.

Then you may say, okay the beginning of a house is the Drawing. But No! Before the Architect began to draw, the Owner of the house had a Vision of what the house must be like – Whether a three-bedroom bungalow or something.

So, you could say the beginning of the house started in the Mind of the Landlord. But No! Somebody will say, the beginning of the house started when the Landlord was born.

*There are many of you who are here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – You have no idea of what God is going to achieve; but they will begin to Pop up now – Amen!*

But No! The beginning of the house was not when the Landlord was born; The beginning of the house was before the father met the mother. “before I formed thee I knew thee.”

But No! The beginning of the house was not when the father met the mother. The beginning of the house was even before the father and mother were formed. And you can go on tracing it.

And you will discovered, that the beginning of the house was in God – Before He made the Heavens and the Earth, He knww who is going to build a house.

When I was Praying and I said: Lord, build me a Boys Quarter in Mushin (Lagos Nigeria). He said son, don’t ask me for a Boys Quarters, I have decided to build you a City.

This Place was a total jungle then, but God had already seen a Place where Millions can gather to shout Hallelujah to Him. I wasn’t born here!

That is why, when one Big Officer of the Nation said that he was going to pull down the Camp. I said, “this is not my building, you can’t pull it down what God is building.”

He said, we will cancel your Certificate of Occupancy (C of O). I said, “my Father will cancel your Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) on the Earth.” Somebody is bigger than somebody!

*Anybody threatening you, tell them: You are not my Alpha, you cannot be my Omega; if you don’t behave, I will hand you over to the Alpha and the Omega.*

*Tell the Fellow next to you: Your tomorrow will be alright. So stop worrying.*

*From everlasting to everlasting He is God.*

But there is something very interesting about His Arms, and that is as we read in Deuteronomy 33:27 – The Everlasting Arms are Underneath.

*You know what that means?*

I. You can never go so Low that God cannot reach you;

II. Your case can never be called Hopeless as a Child of God;

Because the lower you go, you will just find out that His Arms are still underneath.

In John 11:39-44, the sister of Lazarus said: Master, he has been dead four (4) days. By now he is stinking.

The Lord said: Dead four (4) days, so what? What about those who have become dry bones in Ezekiel 37:1-10? If I can raise dead bones what is the Problem with somebody who has been dead only four (4) days?

*Every Sickness in your Life that they attribute to Old Age my father will pull them out – Amen.*

Thank You Father!

This one is for one Particular Fellow: He said your Parents are among the Poorest in your Village.

*Daddy asked me to tell you, very soon you will be the Richest in your Village – Amen!*

Underneath are the Everlasting Arms of God.

That means, no matter how you are, He picks you up from there and can then begin to Promote you. Because His Arms are Underneath, He can pick you up and begin to lift you up.

1 Samuel 2:7-8 tells us it is God who brings down, He is the One Who raises up, the One Who makes Poor, He is the One Who makes Rich. And He says He can pick up a beggar from the dunhill and can keep on raising him up until he gets to sit among Princess.

The first Preacher tonight made a Point I don’t know if you all noticed it. He said: All the People he referred to in his Sermon were all in the Book of Kings.

*When we talk about Kings, we are talking about Royalty, we are talking about Wealth, Influence and Power.*

That is why everyone he referred to: From the one who was so broke they are going to sell the children, to the one who hadn’t borrowed but had only one male left; all the way to the one who could Sacrifice a thousand (1,000) Burnt Offerings in one day.

*… They all turned out to become Royalties.*

The one who had one (1) Meal left, the Meal just kept on Multiplying. The one who has just a bottle of oil left, that oil multiplied so much that, after she Paid off her debt, she never had to borrow again.

*I have Good News for Somebody: I will see you at the Top – Amen!*

I wasn’t Planning to tell you Stories tonight, even though I have illustrations for each one. But there is one Story I want to remind some of you here. Some of you have heard it, before. But some have not.

That was when we went to an African Country and I just felt led to see the Head of State. Of course, they told me it cannot be Possible!

After sometime, we met an old Bishop who said: Well, I taught him in school, I will take you to see him, because he will always see me. Good!

We got there and they told me, Monday Morning, maximum time you can get from him is fifteen (15) Minutes. I said, that is more than enough!

After fifteen (15) Minutes, he rang a bell. The fellow who came in thought he was coming to take me out. He said, bring me a pot of tea and two (2) cups. Because he asked me, “Pastor, would you like to drink tea?”

… Who am I to refuse Royal Tea? (laughter).

For two (2) hours, we were talking, we were enjoying ourselves. The Cabinet was to meet – They were waiting. Because the President was seeing the son of a Farmer whose name was not known before.

*I Decree in the Name that is above every other name: I will see you at the Top – Amen!*

*Not only can He Promote you, He can Promote Everlastingly!*

You know, my Prayer is that everyone of you, one way or the other, you will end up a Pastor (laughter)! Some of you didn’t want to say Amen to that. I will explain;

Government come, Government go! President come, President go! But the Pastor remains forever.

Let me tell you one thing – There is nothing like the Promotion that comes from God. If human beings Promote you, they are the People who will bring you down.

Oh, I don’t know whether I should say this on?

I am sure you’ve been watching the Campaign Rallies. I watch it in the News. I don’t know if you have noticed that two (2) different People don’t hold their Campaign simultaneously in a Town.

Have you noticed that? You don’t know why? Because majority of the crowd are rented! So I come, I pay, you gather. After I have gone, another man comes, he pays, you gather.

Somebody said, “Daddy you keep on saying that you haven’t heard from God about who will win or who will not.” Maybe because there are several things occupying my Mind.

And one of it is, when I see the crowd gathering – And if you look at the crowd, majority of them are young. When I see the hundreds of thousands of Youths – You have to be jobless to be attending all these rallies.

What’s going to happen when the Campaigns are over and there’s Nobody to rent any more? Don’t worry, God will have Mercy!

When God is the one Promoting you, He keeps on Promoting you Everlastingly. You just keep on going higher and higher and higher!

*I Decree once again: I will meet you at the Top – Amen!*

*Let me take just one Example – DAVID:*

I. The first Promotion he got, he was a Shepherd Boy and he was Anointed to be King among his Brethren.

II. Then he was Anointed the Second time to be King over Judah;

III. Then he was Anointed the third time to be King over Israel.

But by the time you get to Mark 10:46-52 you discovered; long after he was dead, he was referred to as a father to the King of kings. Bartimaeus cried, “Jesus, Thou Son of David, have Mercy on me.”

*David was Promoted Everlastingly!

*If you consider ELIJAH:

… Because he is the one that we are dancing around for now.

I. He became the Son of a Prophet in 1 Kings 19:19-21. A wealthy Farmer needs Promoting to become a son of the Prophet.

II. Then in 2 Kings 2:15; he became the Prophet – Because all the Sons of the Prophet came to bow down before him.

III. Oh, do you know that even when he died, his dead bone was still raising the Dead?

… That was great men!

I will tell you this Story – I went to America and one of my sons put a bit of Pressure on me that I should come to his house to eat. I said alright!

So I went and I sat on a chair before going to the dining table. And after I left he sat on the chair and discovered that the Prayer he Prayed was instantly answered!

So he shared the Testimony with his friends, and they began to come to his house to sit on the same chair and Pray. And they were all getting their Miracles. So, the News spread!

And this my son happens to be a very funny fellow: he said, what is going on? This People want to turn my house to Mecca. So he said, I know what to do.

He went and bought another chair, the same type. He took the one I sat on into his bedroom, and put the new chair where the old one was. So when the People came he will say, “that is where he sat!” And they were still getting their Miracles.

Then he discovered that the Anointing did not stop on the chair – it went right down into the Ground!

*Tonight, as I am sitting here, the Anointing is flowing out to you – Amen.*

There is something about the hand of the Almighty – Wonders of Wonders: It is that, when He hides you in the hollow of His Hands, you are forever secured!

He said it in John 10:27-30: Nobody can pluck you out of my hand; Nobody! He said, it is my Father who gave you to me, I have decided to give you Everlasting Life. He says, Nobody can take you out of my hand, because they can’t take you out of my Father’s hand.

You know, we used to sing a Song When I was Younger:

In the hollow of his hand,
In the hollow of His hand;
I am safe no matter what betides me;
In the hollow of His hand.

*From today onward, anybody who tries to harm you will come in contact with the Hand of God – Amen.*

*Now, when we talk about Wonders, then we have what is called Wonders of Wonders.*

*I am only talking about the size of God tonight. Next time we will take talk more about Him.*

*Wonders of Wonders is that, as big as God is: His Hands are from Everlasting to Everlasting, His legs reaching down right from Heaven to the Earth.*

*God can make Himself so small, as to be able to dwell in the heart of a man.*

Oh Thank You Father!

Let me say ‘Amen’ to this one. 0h Lord Thank You very much!

The Lord said there is Someone here

*He said the Biggest Chapter of your Life is about to open – Amen!*

*Tell the Fellow next to you: you have not seen anything yet; I am going to be very Great – Amen.*

Well, since Daddy asked me to tell you this Story I will:

Years ago when the Almighty God Provided us with a Jet; Oh there was a lot of Noise. People were criticizing me right, left and centre.

They sent EFCC (Economic and Financial Crime Commission) to come and Probe me – Where did he get the money to buy a Jet? The noise was much!

Then one day I was flying: because I didn’t buy a Jet for Pleasure. The work had expanded to a level there is no way I can do it by Commercial Plane.

Because if you want to do it by Commercial Plane you have to wait for their timetable. And if I have to wait for their timetable I won’t be able to do what God wants me to do.

I give you an Example: I finished our European Convention in Spain one Night – Thirty three (33) Nations gathered together. As soon as I dismissed the Program around 12 Midnight, I headed Straight to the Airport to travel over to Hong Kong.

I arrived Hong Kong the following day did what I needed to do and then moved on to Singapore. I arrived in Singapore did what I needed to do and then headed to Australia. I got to Australia, did what I needed to do and headed to Papua New Guinea.

And I needed to touch all those Places – Minister to them, Dedicate the Churches, Ordained Pastors and be back before the next Holy Ghost Service.

… There is no way I can do that by the Commercial Plane – That is what led to the Jet.

The Noise was great and I was becoming a bit disturbed: “Father, what do I do now?”

And then one day I was flying – it was during the day, far above the Cloud. And I just felt the Holy Spirit saying “look out of the Window!”

And I looked out of the Window I said Lord, I can’t see anything. He said look down at the Cloud. So I looked down and I saw a Rainbow.

Normally, a Rainbow is an arc. But this Rainbow that I saw was a Complete Circle and it was extremely Big.

And I looked down into the centre of the Rainbow and I saw the Shape of a Plane. It looked as if the Rainbow was moving always – Keeping the Plane in the middle.

And the Lord said to me: “Son, the Plane you are seeing is your Plane. I have you surrounded.”

*I Decree to Somebody here today  – My Father, who is a Consuming Fire will surround you – Amen.*

He said to me, don’t answer them, I have you surrounded.

*Oh, may the God who surrounds me and surround you – Amen.*

Now, 1 John 4:4 says, Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.

Who is this Greater one? GOD! As big as He is, He can make Himself so small that He can enter into you. And when He is in you, automatically you just keep on Succeeding.

Philippians 4:13 says, I can do All things through Christ who Strengthens me.

When He is dwelling in you, when anything comes from outside to attack you He will answer the fellow who comes to knock at the door!

Death comes knocking, the One Who is the Resurrection and the Life will go and answer: Yes, death, what do you want? “Sorry, I don’t know You live here!”

Sorrow comes knocking at the door, the One Who says, “ask until your Joy is full” will go and open the door. Yes, what do you want? No, No, No. I don’t know You live here!

*From this moment, no evil will come into your house – Amen.*


The Conclusion of the matter is that, right now He is asking for your Permission to come in.

In Revelation 3:20, He says: Behold, I Stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my Voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

… He says, I Am ready to come into your heart.

Somebody has said, Daddy while you are Ministering, you stop and say “there is somebody here…” And then we discovered later on when the fellow is Testifying. He said, how do you hear His Voice in the midst of all the noise around?

He is not up there, He is in me! When He comes in to you, you will begin to hear His Voice – A Still Small Voice.

How many of you will love to Prophesy?

You want me to Decree! Are you sure? Yes. Some of the things He may tell you may not be the things you want to hear; but it will be the Truth. Are you sure you want me to Decree? Yes!

*Before the end of this Month, you will be hearing from Him – Amen!*

*And that is a Decree not a Prophecy!*

The beauty about hearing from God is that, no fake Prophet can deceive you.

A Prophet will come and say, “I received this one from the Lord”. You say, “well, I didn’t receive it.”

The Bible made it clear, “my sheep hear my Voice.” You can never be deceived again when you begin to hear from God yourself.

Let me tell you one thing (and this is for your ears only).

*Anyone who is Prophesying now telling you, “this is the fellow who will win,” the fellow is deceiving you.*

You know why? Daddy has not spoken yet. He hasn’t said anything!

So, if you say Somebody released a Prophesy saying that somebody from this place is a … “Na lie ooo!” Who said so? Your Daddy!

Daddy for one reason or the other, He has been very quiet on this one.

You will say, “Ha, Daddy this is January …” I know. “… You should tell us so that we will know.”

How can I tell you what he hasn’t told me? You want me to lie to you?

*What are we going to do – Get your PVC ready. If He doesn’t say anything, when it is time to vote, vote as the Spirit of God will direct you. If He tells me, well, I may tell you, I may not.*

That’s why you must let Him come into you so that you can hear from Him directly – And Nobody will be able to deceive you any more.

Those of us who are already Children of God, Congratulations!

If you are not a Child of God yet, you have an opportunity tonight. Come forward very quickly and surrender your Life to Jesus Christ now. So that I can Pray for you and God will save your Soul.


Greater is He that is in me,
Greater is He that is in me,
Greater is He that is in me;
Than he that is in the world (Hallelujah)!

Now, those of you who are ready to Genuinely surrender your Life to the Almighty God, tell Him: I want Your Salvation Lord. I want You to come and dwell in me so I can begin to hear Your voice. So that You can begin to direct my Path.

Save my Soul, wash away my sins and I will obey You. Whatever You say, that is what I will do. Cry to God now!

And the rest of us, let’s Stretch our hands towards these our New Brothers and our New Sisters and intercede for them;

That the One Who saved our Souls, the Greater One Who is dwelling in us also will begin to dwell in them too.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


King of Glory I just want to worship Your Holy Name. You are very, very Wonderful.

One of the Wonders that You do is Salvation of Souls. You can take a sinner and turn him or her to a Saint.

Thank You for those who have come forward tonight to surrender to You. Please, receive them, save their Souls, let Your Blood wash them Clean.

Please Lord God Almighty, come and dwell in them and begin to speak to them. Begin to guide them.

From now on, anytime they cry unto You, answer them by Fire! And don’t let them ever backslide.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

I want to rejoice with those of you who have just surrendered your Life to Jesus Christ. This is a very Special Night indeed! And I can assure you, the Almighty God Himself will Preserve you.

I want to Promise you that I will be Praying for you. So I’m going to need your names, your Address and your Prayer Requests.

God Bless You – Amen! Congratulations!


Now, you may want to write down all your Prayer Points – Please, you need to get really, really ready to Pray to God tonight.

1. You may want to Praise God Double tonight – Praise Him more than you have ever done before.

Please, spend “Quality Time” Praising God tonight!

2. Father, Please put all my Problems under Your Feet Permanently.

3. Father, Please Arise for me tonight.

4. Father, Please Pay me a “Personal Visit” tonight – Give me a “Divine Earthquake”.

5. Father, Please go to my “Earthly Source” and uproot every evil there.

6. Father, Please go to my Future tonight and erase any evil waiting for me there.

7. Father, take me up tonight, and Promote me Everlastingly.

8. Father, Please keep me “Forever Secured” in the Hollow of Your Hands.

9. Father, Please Increase my Strength, my Ability to Succeed from within me.

10. Father, reign Supreme within me.

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11. Father, Please begin to speak to me Loud and Clear – Let me begin to hear from You.

12. This is your Individual Prayer Request for this Year (2023)

*The Altar is Open and I won’t disturb you for the next thirty (30) Minutes so that you can have Plenty of Time talking to the Lord!*

Hallelujah! Thank you Father. Blessed be Your Holy Name Lord!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


In the Name of the One called Wonderful, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself;

All your Prayers tonight will be answered by Fire!

Before the sun rises tomorrow, you will be shouting Wonderful.

And for the rest of this Year (2023); on a daily basis, God will do something Wonderful for you.

So shall it be! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Let someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

God Bless You – Amen!

… Let’s go back to our seats.


Now very quickly, let’s say Thank You to the Almighty God for what He has done tonight.

Let’s our Offering be big, and like never before let’s dance to the nearest basket (Or Give Online).

And after you have dropped your Offering make sure you celebrate with others. Shake hands with as many People as you can. Rejoice with them.

And even as the Bible says that “Iron Sharpeneth Iron”; as you are sharing Joy with them, Joy will be multiplied back to you – Amen!

So let’s take our Thanksgiving Offering. Band Please, give us Songs that we can dance to the nearest basket as we will be Giving and Dancing.

Over to you Band!


My father and my God I want to bless Your Holy Name. Thank You!

Thank You very, very much for what You have done tonight.

Thank You very, very, very much! Please Lord, accept our Thanks, in Jesus’ Name!

Father Please, receive the Offerings of Your Children. Bless it Oh Lord, use it for Your Glory!

My Father and my God I Decree concerning all Your Children who are here tonight or Watching and reading now on the Label of DMC:

From now on, let them be able to give Double of what they have given now!

Don’t let them ever Lack again!

Father I Decree that within this Year (2023); before this Year ends, let Poverty become a Stranger to Your Children.

Please, go with them as they go! Confuse their enemies.

And by the time we meet again, I Pray my Father my God that Testimonies will be very many!

Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Let me hear a “Double Portion” Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!

God Bless You – AMEN!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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