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Pass me not, O Gentle Savior,
Hear my humble cry;
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by.


Saviour, Saviour,
Hear my humble cry;
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by.


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Father, we are saying Thank You for this Wonderful Evening – Thank You for showing us Mercy, Thank You for Your Love, Thank You for Your Peace, Thank You because You helped us all the way from January till now (Month of June), Thank You for the many Victories, Thank You for the Answers to Prayers, Thank You for the Prayers You have refused to Answer and Thank You for the ones that the Answers are going to be tonight. Be thou Exalted Almighty God.

We are Grateful Lord for as many mouths that will say they are Grateful; Father let them receive their Blessings today in Jesus Name.

Father, You know that I am just a Messenger – I didn’t put myself to be here but Your Words says in John 15:16 that even we didn’t Pick ourselves but You have Chosrn us so that we can go out to bear Fruits.

Father, I ask this Evening just as my Predecessor – The Prophet Moses said: I don’t want to go anywhere without Your Presence coming with me.

And because I’m on Your Altar Lord:

For the ears that are here this Evening that might be deaf, by the Power of Your Presence, let that ear be opened in Jesus Name.

The eyes that are Watching, Father let those eyes see You in Jesus Name.

The Minds that may be troubled right now or having Emotional issues; Father let them receive Clarity and Peace in Jesus Name.

Thank You Almighty God. In Jesus Precious Mighty Name we Pray – Amen!

Firstly, I will like to appreciate our father and mother in the Lord for this Privilege.

Pastor Seed Family (PSF) is going to be fifteen (15) years this August.

So Please, for every Seeds that is in this House tonight, that is Watchijg Online anywhere or reading now on the Label of DMC – Can you rise up or Stand wherever you may be right now and let us appreciate this Mission for giving us this Opportunity to Serve continuously for the Past fifteen (15) years!

Help me Celebrate our fathers and mothers that has allowed us to do that which we do – We are Grateful and we Pray that this work will not die in our hands in the Mighty Name of Jesus (Amen)!

Okay be seated Seeds!

In a Relay Race, there is usually four (4) People that run the race.

My brothers had gone ahead and they have done “Amazing Work” – Please, help me Celebrate them!

It I’d only Jesus Christ that can be the 5th Person in a Race.

What I have is just a baton that they have been Passing around from Person to Person.

So this Evening, “Understanding The God of Wonders” with a Mini Sub-Title of “The Two-Sided God”.

Leviticus 11:44 – For I am the LORD your God: ye shall therefore Sanctify yourselves, and ye shall be Holy; for I am Holy: Neither shall ye defile yourselves with any manner of creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth.

… “You shall be Holy for I am Holy” – That is in the Old Testament.

But just in case you don’t believed in Holiness, in the New Testament:

1 Peter 1:16 – Because it is written, Be ye Holy; for I am Holy.

At the beginning of my Research work as an Aerospace Engineer and moving towards the Final Year Project; I had to ask my Biological father, our father-in-the-Lord; who is also my Boss and my Main Mentor – How does one carry out Research?

And he said in his reply that the best way is to look at what your Project Supervisor had done, then try and go deeper than what he has done.

… Try and have an understanding more than what he has done before.

So when you are talking about “Understanding God”; I have also in my Research found out that our father-in-the-Lord said that God is like Two-Sided God:

1. One-Side of God is the God of Love – 1 John 4:8.

2. On another Side of God is the Consuming Fire – Deuteronomy 4:24.

If you are on God’s Love Side, then you have gotten it made.

Romans 8:37 says: We are More Than Conqueror through Him who loves us.

Then if God is for you, no one can be against you – Romans 8:31.

Now, I love my wife very much – She is an “Amazing Woman”.

On one of our Journey, we were walking along the way – My wife was with our mother-in-the-Lord and father-in-the-Lord, with many People around.

A Gentleman came and step on the back heels of my wife’s foot, breaking her Slippers.

Because of the Love that I have, I lost my cool for two (2) Seconds – My hand was raised up and I was about to slap his Destiny back in line so that he will know where he is supposed to walk.

But our father-in-the-Lord said: Leke! Raising his voice sharply and loudly – Put down your hand.

As if to say: Put down your Sword; as if to say: This is not the Garden of Gethsemane.

If you are on the other Side of God – Which is the Consuming Fire Side, then you will have an Issue.

Hebrews 10:31 says that it is a dangerous thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.

But the Consuming Fire Side of God is actually not meant to destroy you if you are Holy.

If you are not Holy, then you will be in trouble.

His Words says to us in Malachi 3:34 – It says: It is there to Purify the sons of Levi as Silver and Gold so that their Offerings (Service, Life, Time) will be Acceptable unto God.

The Purpose of the Consuming Fire Side of God is for Purification for those who are Holy!

So, it means that if you are not against Holiness, if you are not finding it hard to keep the Ten Commandments, if you are not finding it difficult to remain Pure; then the Consuming Fire Side of God is to your Advantage.

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I grew up on this Campground – I have been here since I was six (6) Months Old (So, I was told).

But while we were here – Myself and my Amazing brother of Blessed Memory; the Original PDee; our mother will tell us to go and wash our clothes. We will soak it and sometimes leave it there and won’t answer her – Keep dodging her as children will do.

But then on this Particular time, after a whole week; Daddy GO came back from a Ministerial Visit and immediately that we heard his Vehicle, we ran to start washing these clothes that we should have washed seven (7) days before.

At this Point, your Righteousness in the clothes had already risen up to the top of the water and it was just clothes left.

Now, my “Wonderful Mother” did not let the Man of God rest or eat; she was briefing him of all what has been happening while he was away.

And on that briefing, our names came up – So, we heard him (Daddy GO) walking through (This is now the Consuming Fire approaching us).

We heard him coming towards us with every Energy, the Anointing and Annoyance.

And when he came to the back of the house where we were rushing to wash the clothes, he came with a Cutlass.

Now, I have been beaten with a “Coat Hanger”; I have been disciplined with a Belt but which one is a Cutlass?

There are two (2) of us – So the thinking is maybe this is some Abraham-Isaac kind of situation.

I was looking for the closest thing that I could find – Maybe a ram or goat or a cow but in this case, God did not answer in that Direct Way.

I looked at my brother (PDee) and said: Well, it is good spending this Short few years with you.

But then our father-in-the-Lord gave us the Cutlass – Oldest first and said: Go and cut your cane and I will give you three (3).

He (PDee) has Wisdom, so he cut a very big tree and he got his own three (3).

I was given the same Cutlass and I cut something not as Strong.

Long and Short of it, I was beaten twenty four (24) Strokes that day because I didn’t do it well.

Because you are on the Side of God that loves you; receive Grace to do that which God is telling you to do now so that your Sufferings can end in Jesus Name – Amen!

If you are on the Lord’s Side of God, then you will win!

If you don’t object to be Holy and living a Pure Life; then you are on the Consuming Side of God and you will also win because that Fire also does so many things – Purge any Resistance that the enemies may put on your Way!

This is how you get to a Win-Win situation with Understanding the God of Wonders!

If you are on His Love’s Side and you are on the Consuming Fire’s Side; then Life for you is Win-Win!

That would have been my Conclusion but as my Mentor taught me to always look for more and to keep on Digging.

And I have seen that there is one more Side – Take a look at a Coin:

I. There is one Side which is the Love Side of God.

II. And there is another Side, which is the Consuming Fire Side of God.

III. However, there is a Side on the Middle Part – A Side between the two (2) Sides mentioned earlier (I and II).

That is the Third Side – That Third Side is called “The Mercy Side of God”.

In Mark 10: 46-52; the Bible said that Jesus Christ and His Disciples went into Jericho and came back out.

That baffled me completely.

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… Jesus Christ and His Disciples went into Jericho and came back out.

This is not the first time that Jesus Christ went into Jericho. So, why did He go in this time?

Apparently, the Person that Jesus Christ was looking for wasn’t inside Jericho. Hence, why He came back out.

Infact, when He went in; He went in with His Disciples and when He came out, He came out with His Disciples and the Multitude.

Which means that there were many People around!

But there was a Man called Bartimaeus who was blind.

He was not loved by the People – Infact the People were mean towards him. They were shutting him down when he was screaming.

He was also not Clean because just sheer dust from the crowd and Multitudes following Jesus Christ would have dirtied him anyway.

But he used his Voice to invoke the Mercy Side of God!

I want you all to jump up on your feet:

Your cry this Evening will come into two (2) Phases.

That cry is a cry of Mercy because Mercy made Bartimaeus the one Jesus Christ was looking for.

You have gotten the Love Side; you have gotten the Consuming Fire Side; this Evening, you need to get the Mercy Side.

Your Prayer is very Simple – On this Ground that you have been walking upon, I don’t know what you are looking for today that you don’t know how to ask or say or do.

It is already on this Ground – You just need to Scream to God: Jesus, thou Son of David, have Mercy on me!

Go ahead and turn that to Prayer – Oh Lord, Please have Mercy on the entire DMC Family Members!

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And so shall it be in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – Amen!

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My Father and my God; I commit Your Children into Your Hands – We have listened to Your Words Oh God and we are Standing on this Ground which You have touched with Your Fingerprints all over the Place.

We are asking Father that from now on, let Your Love give anyone that will shout a “Loud Amen” a “Sudden Miracle” in Jesus Name.

Father, Please the Grace to be on Your Consuming Fire Side, so that, that Fire can burn all ropes that the Enemies has been using to hold us back – All ropes tying our feet, all ropes tying our Destiny; Father Please send that Consuming Fire to us in Jesus Name.

And Lord, because of Your Mercy the one that will say Amen, be the one to see it tonight in Jesus Name.

Thank You Almighty Father.

In Jesus Precious Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Now, show three (3) People that I am Stepping into my Second Half of the Year of “Sudden Wins” in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

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Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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