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Pastor Adeboye preaching
Pastor Adeboye preaching

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God Bless you



DATE: 4TH JUNE, 2022
One day, a Man woke up a Shepherd Boy, by the end of the Day, he was a King.
*God is a “God of Suddenly”!*
*This Month (Month of June 2023); your Miracles will be “Sudden”; your Promotion will be “Sudden” – Amen!*
But God is not Arbitrary, even though He is Sovereign.
He said concerning David – He said: I have found a Man who will do all my Will.
That means that He was seeking!
And when you talk about David; ask any Child and said who is David?
I. He may say the King.
II. He may say the Giant Killer.
III. But almost all over the world, everybody agreed that the most important thing about David was that he was a Musician – He knew how to Praise God.
To make your Promotion certain, I want you to spend the next five (5) Minutes Praising God, Magnifying His Holy Name, giving Him Glory, Worship Him, Adore Him, Lift Him High – He is an Unlimited God.
There is Nothing He cannot do – He can Promote you and He can do it “Suddenly”.
But Praise Him, give Him Glory, give Him Adoration.
Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!
I will Praise Him
From Everlasting
Everlasting to Everlasting
I will Praise Him
From Everlasting
Everlasting to Everlasting
I will Love Him
From Everlasting
Everlasting to Everlasting
I will Love Him
From Everlasting
Everlasting to Everlasting
I will Serve Him
From Everlasting
Everlasting to Everlasting
I will Serve Him
From Everlasting
Everlasting to Everlasting


King of Kings and the Lord of Lords; the I am that I am, the Ancient of Days, the Almighty God; the One who can kill and make alive; the One who can save; the One who can Provide; the One who can Promote; the One who can Support; the One who can Defend – Oh, Glory be to Your Holy Name.
Thank You for January, Thank You for February, Thank You for March, Thank You for April, Thank You for May and now Thank You for June – Glory be to Your Holy Name. Accept our Worship in Jesus Name.
My Father and my God, I have a Very Special Request today concerning all Your Children: Father Promote them; every Yokes of Retardation in their lives destroy it today; every Force that has been holding Your Children down, destroy it today; every Force that has been Pushing Your Children backwards, destroy it today.
In Your Own Miraculous Way, in the lives of everyone of Your Children, let “Good” become “Very Good”; let “Very Good” become “Very Great” – Promote Your Children.
Every Obstructions on their Way, turn to Stepping Stone to Glory.
Oh Lord God Almighty, in the lives of Your Children today, Prove Yourself to be the Almighty.
As for Your Children who has been Faithful in the Payment of their Tithes and the Giving of their Offerings; this Particular Month (June 2023); Open Mighty Doors unto them, and embarass them with Your Blessings.
That kind of Blessings that they will say: God, this is becoming “Too Much”; God give unto them.
I Pray that every Day of this Month of June 2023, that it will be Days of Miracles for Your Children.
I Pray that we will Serve You till the End.
Thank You Almighty God.
Father, I Pray that even before the Sun Sets today; Your Children will have Testimonies.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!
Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!
Shake hands with two (2) or three (3) People – Tell them that your Miracles will come “Suddenly” – Amen!
And then you may Please be seated!
*This Morning, we are talking about: “THE UNLIMITED GOD”.*
Our Bible Text will be: Jeremiah 32:27:
*Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?*
*When God asks a Question; He is Probably even not expecting an Answer from you because He is the Answer Himself.*
The Lord God of all flesh is asking the flesh – Is there anything “Too Hard” for me?
*We are talking about “The Unlimited God” – Two (2) words here: “Unlimited” and “God”.*
1. “God” is the Noun and so we will Probably start by defining “God” because there are all kinds of God around and so we need to know which one we are talking about.
The God that we are talking about is the One who is in Genesis 1:1.
Genesis 1:1 says: In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.
*So, who is God:*
I. The Creator of All Things.
II. The One who was there at the very beginning.
2. And then the word “Unlimited” is the combination of two (2) words – “Un” and “Limited”.
I. “Un” is another word for “Not”.
So, Unlimited means “Not Limited”; Unpleasant means “Not Pleasant”; Unhappy means “Not Happy”.
II. Or that word “Un” could also means the Opposite.
So, Unlimited means “The Opposite of being Limited”.
*So to understand “Unlimited”; we need to understand “Limited”,*
*To be Limited in the Language of the Market Woman is to say: Thus far you can go and no further!*
That means that you are Limited.
If Somebody is Lame, we will tell the Fellow – Well you can crawl but you can’t Stand, you can’t run, you can’t jump.
*And so, the God that we are talking about is the One who is not Limited, who cannot be hindered, who cannot be Stopped from doing whatever he wants to do!*
1. He is not Limited by Oppositions.
In Isaiah 43:13; He said that I am God. Who can deliver out of my Hand? He said that if I said that I want to work, who can hinder me?
… That’s the God we are talkimg about!
2. He is Unlimited by Circumstances.
It doesn’t matter what the situation may be, He is not Limited.
In Genesis 18: 9-14; when He said that a ninety (90) years old woman will become Pregnant and the woman laughed; the woman had a Good cause to Laugh – She has not menstrurated for forty (40) years; the husband was a hundred (100) years old man and yet God said that nine (9) Months from now, you will have a baby boy. And the woman laughed.
God said that do you know the One who is talking? Is there anything “Too Hard” for the Lord?
*Tell the Fellow next to you – My own will not be “Too Difficult” for God (Amen).*
3. He is not Limited by Time because He Controls Times and Seasons – Daniel 2: 20-22.
So, there is Nothing called “Too Hard” with God because He is not Limited by Time.
You can read John 11: 1-44 – I mean that the Sister of Lazarus said if you have been here earlier, my brother won’t have died.
He said: Don’t worry yourself; I am never Late.
No sir, you don’t understand. By now, he is already sinking.
He said that is no Problem with me!
*In the Name that is above every other name; everything that the enemies has considered “Too Late” for you will be done today – Amen!*
4. Now, because He made Heavens and Earth, He is not Limited by Resources.
Psalms 24:1 says that the Earth is the Lord and the Fullness thereof.
Haggai 2:8 says: Silver is mine, Gold is mine.
Psalms 50: 10-12; it says that even the Cattle upon the thousand Hills; they are all mine.
5. He is Unlimited by Age – He doesn’t grow Old.
Daniel 7: 9-10 calls Him the Ancient of Days.
He has been around for very, very long time and yet according to Exodus 3:14, He still calls Himself “I am”.
6. Because He is not Limited in Age, He is not Limited in Strength.
Isaiah 40: 28-31 tells us that He is never tired.
And it says that even if you are a Young Man and you wake up in the Morning feeling Fresh and Strong; you will grow Weary – That is why you Sleep at Night.
*Because He is Unlimited:*
1. Whatever you need, He can Supply.
Bible Scholars (Those who knows the Bible very well – Professors); they know Hebrews, they know Greeks, they know everything and they tell us that when God said in John 14:14 – If you ask anything in my Name, I will do it.
That He is actually saying that if you ask for something that I forgot to create; I will create it for you.
That if all of a sudden you think of something that I never created and you say that you want it; I will create it for you.
Someone challenged the Professors once when they said that one – He said: Okay, suppose I asked God for a cow with four (4) heads, will God create it for me?
The Professor said: What do you want to do with heads? Why don’t you just ask for four (4) cows?
But if really you are that Stupid and you are so interested in the head of the cow and you ask Him for a cow with four (4) heads? He will create it.
In John 6: 5-13; the Bible said that Jesus Christ had a crowd coming to Him – He has been Teaching them and they are hungry and so on and so forth.
He called one of His Disciples and said: Where are we going to get food for these People?
The Bible said: But He Himself knew what He will do.
*I have Good News for Someone – God already knows how He is going to solve your Problems!*
He took five (5) loaves of Bread and two (2) “Small fishes” as the Bible called it and used it to feed five thousand (5,000) People and there were twelve (12) Baskets Leftover.
*Somebody said that where is the Bread coming?*
*He Himself is the Bread of Life – So, He just kept on creating more Breads as He was breaking the Bread.*
*In the Name of the One who called me – Before the end of this Month, you will have More Than Sufficient (Amen).*
2. Because He is not Limited in Time and Age; He can move any Mountain.
Psalms 90: 1-2 tells.ls us that from Generation to Generation; He said before the Mountains were brought forth, He is there.
*He knows the Foundation of every Problems!*
One of my sons was Preaching on Friday Njght (During the Youth Presentations at the RCCG June 2023 HGS) – And He said that before your Problems started, God has a Solution. He created the Solution even before the Problem.
A friend of mine said something very funny but so true – He said that what use is the ear lobes?
Ask the Scientists; they will tell you all these things has no real Purpose.
It is there for you to hang your Spectacle because God knew before you were born that some of you will wear Glasses.
*He has a Solution for every Problem(s) before they started!*
*Every Mountains that has been Plaguing your family; God will reveal the Solution today – Amen!*
But then, I can go on and on because you know the Joy of every son is to boast about his father.
And when you give me a Topic like this, if you don’t hold me tight; we will be here till tomorrow because I’m Proud of my Father – He will do anything; absolutely anything!
Let me just tell you this Story!
We wanted to start a Church in a Particular Country and I told our Ambassador there – Please, we have come, we want to start a Church here in Israel. He laughed and I said: Why are you Laughing?
He said that everybody knows that America is the best friend of Israel – Yes sir.
He said that the Government of Israel has told America – We know that you are a Christian Country. You can have the “Roman Catholic”, you can have Anglican, you can have “The Methodist”, you can have “The Baptist” but we don’t want to hear about anything about this Pentecostal something. Don’t bring that here.
So, he said that if they said that to America and you are coming from Nigeria of all Places and you say you want to start a Pentecostal Church? He said forget it.
I said that my own will be different.
*Tell your Neighbour that when it comes to Miracles; my own will be different!*
And so being a Diplomat, he became Diplomatic – If you are not going to listen to reason; then he said what do you want me to do?
All I want you to do is to help me Submit the Application and leave the rest to my God.
He Submitted the Application and six (6) Months later; we were Registered.
*One more time; tell your Neighbour with all Faith – My own will be different!*
But you see, that makes Him (God) a very “Great Friend” – If He is your friend; Oh you got it made!
Because Psalms 46:1 says that He is the Ever Present Help in the Time of Trouble.
… Anytime that you need His Help, He will be there!
*And He can Help you in a manner you cannot ever Dream Possible or Imagine.*
1983, we were about to go and host the first ever Convention at the Redemption Camp – Everywhere was Jungle in those days and we were Struggling to build “Little Camp” on some thirteen and half (13½) Hectares of Land.
And all of a sudden, there were these “Little, Little Pest Birds” – Tiny, Tiny Things and they just came by the hundred of thousands; they cover every trees around us. And within a day, they had finished all the leaves and trees.
And the Problem was that they were defecating everywhere, turning the whole “Little Camp” to a very, very smelly Place. And there was Nothing that we could do – They were so tiny.
And one of the “Little Boys” around said: I have a “Dane Gun” and he will Shoot it to their midst. Dozens will die but it looks as if – If one dies, hundreds will take its Position.
: The “Dane Gun” was originally a type of long-barreled flintlock musket imported into West Africa by Dano-Norwegian Traders prior to the mid-19th Century. The term is now used Chiefly by Europeans living along the West African Coast to generally describe any indigenously made firearm of this type.*
God, what am I going to do? People are coming for the Convention? Look at these Birds!
And He (God) said: Leave it to me.
And all of a sudden, Mighty Eagles from no where came by the dozens and they were just killing these birds.
Within hours, not a Sungle one of those birds remained. And then the Eagles flew away!
*I decree into the Life of Somebody today or reading now on the Label of DMC – If God has to send Somebody from Heaven to come and Solve your Problem(s); so shall it be (Amen).*
*It will not be right for me not to tell you as a Man of God that He is also a “Dangerous Enemy”.*
*You can’t run from Him – Where are you going to run to? Where are going? He is there!*
David said that If I get wings and I fly away, You (God) will be there waiting for me. If I said that I want to go to the bottom of the Ocean, he (David) said that there Your Hands will find me *(DMC NOTES: Psalms 139: 9-10)*
*His Arms are Everlasting Arms.*
You remembered that funny Fellow called Jordan.
God asked him to go to the East, he said that I’m going to the West.
And then funny enough, he decided to go by boat.
And God said that I made the Sea – The Wind and the Sea obeyed me.
So, He (God) started a “Little Storm” and until they threw that Fellow out of the boat, the Storm didn’t stop.
Some People say why do you keep on saying: Be Holy, be Holy? Because I know Him as He is my Daddy.
*When He is your friend, then no Oppositions. But if He becomes your enemy, you are downfall.*
Just one more Story and then I will Close:
One Man came to The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) when we were in the Old Auditorium (At Ebute Metta – National Headquarters Parish).
He had swallowed a Charm to make Money and for one reason or the other, Money didn’t come and he had made a Promise to die after seven (7) years.
When he saw that it was about two (2) weeks to seven (7) years and something was biting him inside; he ran to the Church.
When he told us the Story, we said that is no Problem, our God is a Great Deliverer. Will you give your Life to Jesus Christ? He said Yes sir.
We Prayed a Simple Prayer, he vomited the thing.
Whether you believed it or not, as soon as he vomited the thing, the thing looked like a crab and tried to escape (It was still alive then). We had to chase it to kill it and then set it on Fire.
For about two (2) weeks, our Brother was coming – Rejoicing that I have my Life back.
Then all of a sudden, we didn’t see him again and so we decided to Follow Up. And he said that they told me that I swallowed that one wrong.
Meaning what? You swallowed another one?
And then, this time around Money came but then seven (7) years came.
Seven (7) may seems like a long Period but ask Somebody who is in debt, who borrowed Money from the Bank; he will tell you that seven (7) years can fly.
When another seven (7) years was about to end, He had a Brain Wave – Ha, demons can operate only in Africa. I will run to London – The cold Weather there won’t allow them to touch me.
He died on the Plane.
You don’t run from God – He is Unlimited; Unlimited by Space.
*And like Somebody would say – If you know that you can’t beat them, join them!*
*You can’t beat God – He is a Great Friend. He is my Friend.*
*You are on His Side if He is your friend – He will Solve your Problems in a manner that you can’t even Dream Possible!*
I don’t want to tell you the Story of how I get my PhD – I Solved my PhD Problem by God showing me the Crossing of the Red Sea.
He said that the Sea Parted into two (2) – The children of Israel Passed through on Dry Land and the Sea came back together.
God said: Take your Problems and let me help you to Solve them – By then I had one hundred and eighty six (186) Simultaneous Equations.
Anybody who knows anything about Mathematics will know that is a Serious Problem. And I didn’t even know what to do and I had been on this thing for eighteen (18) Months.
And then He (God) said: Bring your Equations – I spread it before Him and He said put this on the Right, put this on the Left.
… You think that God doesn’t know Mathematics?
And all of a sudden, after I separated it; I saw that all the Equations on the Right has something in common and all those oj the Left has something in common.
And the Equations contradicted quickly – Five (5) hours later, the work that I had been doing for eighteen (18) Months was over.
That’s God – He is my friend!
*Let Him become your friend and Promotion will come easily!*


So, those of you who will want to surrender your Life to Him, you want to Cross Over to His Side – Stop resisting Him.
Come now – Come and Surrender your Life to Jesus Christ. Let me Pray for your Salvation and everything will Change for the better.
I will count from one (1) to ten (10) – Come now!
Those of you who are already infront, talk to the Lord that I have come to surrender to you; Help me. I am Limited but You are Not.
Save my Soul, let me become one of Your Children and then Your Unlimited Power will become available to me – Just save my Soul Oh Lord and I will serve You for the rest of my Life.
Please, the rest of us let us Stretch our hands to our Brothers and Sisters and intercede for them.
Pray that the One who saved your Soul will save their Souls also.
Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Saviour of Mankind, I want to Thank You – You are Unlimited: Unlimited in Power, in Resources, by Age, by Circumstances. Please accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.
These Your Children has come forward Lord – They said that they have come to surrender their lives to You.
Please receive them, have Mercy on them, let Your Blood wipe away their sins, save their Souls Lord, receive them into the Family of God.
And from now on, anytime they cry unto You, answer them by Fire.
From today onwards Lord God Almighty, remove every Limitations from their lives and let them serve You to the end.
Thank You my Father!
And Lord God Almighty, Your Children are going to cry unto You – You are “The Unlimited God”; this Month (June 2023), Prove to everyone of us that You are Unlimited.
Lord God Almighty, no matter the Opposition that they might be facing; even before the end of this Week, let them taste Your “Unlimited Power”.
Thank You Almighty God.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!
Now, if you believed that your God is Unlimited, I want you to Stand on your feet and give Him an “Unlimited Hallelujah” – HALLELUJAH!
*And then cry to Him (God) and say: Father, You are my Father and You are not Limited – Remove every Limitations in my Life!*
Go ahead and talk to the Lord!

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