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TEXT – GENESIS 26:1-6 & 12-14

1 And there was a famine in the land, beside the first famine that was in the days of Abraham.
and Isaac went unto Abimelech king of the Philistines unto Gerar.

2 And the lord appeared unto him,
-MyprayeristhatGodwillappear to you today.
and said, Go not down into Egypt; dwell in the land which is hall tell thereof:

3 Sojourn in this land,and I will be with thee,and will less thee;for unto thee,and unto thy seed,
I will give all these countries, and I will perform the oath which is ware unto Abraham thy father;

4 And I will make Thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven, and will give into thy seed all these countries; and in thy seeds hall all the nations of the earth be blessed;

5. Because that Abraham obeyed my voice,and kept my charge,my commandments,my
statutes,and my laws.

6. And Isaac dwelt in Gerar:


12 Then Isaac sowed in that land,and received in the same year an hundred fold:and the Lord blessed him.

13 And the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great:

14 For he had possession of flocks, and possession of herds, and great store of servants: and the Philistines envied him.

The Bible teaches that there are three heavens according to 2Corinthians12:2-4, the first
heaven is the one we see during the day;it goes all the way to the Sun. We see the second heaven at night; it goes all the way to the stars and beyond.
We can only see the third heaven by faith because the Bible calls it paradise.

The first heaven has tremendous influence upon the Earth ;the air we breath,the rain that must Fall on our land if we are to have any product, etc.
The second heaven has greater influence; the one we see at night. For example in Matthew 2:1- 11 ,it was a star that led the wise men to where Jesus Christ was born. Nighttime is a very crucial time;it’s time when you seethes second heaven,it is a time of dream,a time of divine visitations. When you hear God visited so and so, it is usually at night (not always) For example, dreams in Chronicles 1:6-12, Solomon offered a thousand offerings to God and God visited Him, while God was visiting him,God was asking Him what do you want,…He didn’t know He was dreaming. It was after he woke up that he discovered that he was dreaming…

The reasons i’m saying this to you is because the world is passing through a night time and i think i heard some thing during the Holy Ghost Service that during this night time lockdown,the star of someone is about to rise, so i have a feeling that during this period, the almighty God is about to pay someone a visit give human idea; a dream,a proposition and something that is going to change the life of the fellow forever. I want you to remember something that happen in Genesis 30:27-43. There was a discussion between Laban and Jacob; Laban asked Jacob,what would be your wages; what do you want me to pay you for working for me and they’ agreed. Jacobs aid anytime your flock give birth and the animal is not plain In color, that will be my wages and the uncle said
wonderful,so he went through all his flock and removed animals that have spot or speckle far away and said let us see how the remain will produce children that have speckles and spots.
The Bible tells us that anytime the animals come to drink water,Jacob will get some wood,
carved white spots on them and place it where the animals will drink water and the animals will
conceive while drinking, looking at the white stripped and spotted rod,when they began to
deliver,they will produce children that have speckle and Jacob will remove the rod
whenever a weak animal is coming to drink water and put the rod when a strong animal is drinking water. At the end of the day,he got strong animals,anyone would ask,where does this
boy get the idea from?he explained it to us in Genesis:10-13,he said god showed me a
dream;the idea came to him in a dream,during this lockdown,God is going to give someone an
idea that as you put it into action,you will end up becoming extremely successful,such
breakthrough that people will ask you,this is the time to be open to God for him to drop ideas into your spirit,then as soon as the lockdown is over,you jump into action. Because dreams and ideas no matter how beautiful(divine)will not work themselves, you have to work them.
Prophecies don’t work themselves;when god speaks to you and says there’s someone here, this is what I’m going to do,He’s saying,get to action. The Almighty God told Isaac in the text we read to stay and promised to bless him mightily. Isaac sowed, if you expect God to do everything without you moving a finger, with all humility I will call your faith an irresponsible faith, God expects you to be responsible, if you don’t play your part, you do not commit God to play
His part.
Isaac Sowed that very year that God spoke to him, and he reaped that year a hundred folds, i wasn’t there,but reading the scriptures,you can see that the following year,he sowed more and more,because the bible say after he waxed great(became great by force,irresistibly great).The circumstances around him were negative,he still went forward,grew and kept on moving (acting) and repeating what had worked for him in the past until he became very great.

God will send help after he has shown you what to do but He will only send help after you have proved to him that you will be responsible.

When did this boy discover his destiny? It was at night,he had two dreams;in the first dream,he saw his brothers bowing down to him symbolically. In the second dream,he saw that the entire
family would bow, the brothers were so determined that this dream wouldn’t come to pass; they tried to kill him but God didn’t allow it.
I’m praying for everyone of you,no matter how hard the enemies may try, they won’t kill your dream.
He proved to God,I’m committed to you oh God,when we got to Genesis:1-9,When the boy
began to prosper suddenly even as a slave, the wife of his master says come and lie with me and he said the One who gave me the dream is holy,he said to the woman, how can i do this

and sin against God;to sin against the One who is in control of my destiny, I won’t do it. He
landed in prison and God was with him and another night came and the only one that God could
use to propel this man to the fullness of his destiny had two dreams again at night,by the following day,the prisoner had become prime minister. God will do His own,will you do your own? God will give you a dream and idea but He expects you to jump to action as soon as the lockdown is over,begin to work.


Alot of people you hear about today who are extremely successful had only one idea, if you meet Bill gates,ask him,just one idea and the whole world will pay attention when Bill Gates is talking.


One of my pastor was lamenting;he was on his way to Church in Ebute Metta years ago and he
saw a building for rent and thought the building will be good for a private school and he continue
his journey,three months later,he saw a signboard of a school,another fellow passed the
same way,saw the same building,got the same idea and jumped to action. He said that would
have been my school.

Years ago,God asked me a question out of the blues,son,what kind of pastor would you like to
be?And as a mathematician,I don’t answer questions until I understand it,Daddy,I’m sorry I don’t understand the question,what do you means sir?He explained,would you like to be the best?The opposite of the best is the worst,if it is the question of the best,I would love to be the best. Would you like to be the greatest? The opposite of greatest is the least,I would love to be the greatest. Would you like to be richest?I have tasted poverty,poverty is not good. Lord,I would love to be the Best,greatest and richest. I’m not there yet but Issac didn’t get there in one day. It wasn’t long after that that we were in a gathering they wanted to take an offering and He spoke to Me again,son,what kind of pastor do you want to be and I was ready with the answers, the best,the greatest and the richest and He said why don’t you give me the highest denomination in your pocket,the highest denomination then was #100 and it was “heavy”. If I didn’t know His voice I would have said get thee behind me Satan but I gave the money, it wasn’t long after that he came back with the same questions;son,why don’t we double that offering?yes Lord, later he came again and said why don’t you multiply offering by three and I said yes Lord and then he began to respond, He will give you a dream and demand that you pay your part.

Waybackin1979,we went to America for Kenneth having scamp meeting ,it was a Thursday night and they wanted to take a special offering for their Bible College and the man came to the altar and ask for permission to speak,he called his wife and the man of God spoke to us(about 78,000)and said brethren,in appealing to you tonight to give very well because the total
amount you all give is what my wife and i will give,we thought he was mad,so those who didn’t want to give,gave to get him into trouble,when we finished giving he said they should count, they counted it and it was $3.500000 and we said he is in trouble,he took the microphone and said brethren,is this all you can do?I said in my heart,this man must know something I don’t know. As soon as we finished,I asked for his secret and he said years ago,I started a company with $500 and I said to God,this company is yours,I will not insult you by giving You10%;I will give you 90% of my profit and I will keep 10%,if you like,prosper the business,if you don’t like, it’s up to you it’s your business. He said,son,as in talking to you,what i started with $500,I had a turnover of $50,000000 last year,In not in the level of 90%,but if God can be faithful to one man,since he’s no respected of persons,I know what he did and I know what i’m going to do.

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some of you will say I have never heard from God before,the first thing he ever says to anybody
is come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest, He is talking to
you now saying,come.
Cry unto the burden bearer to help you:Lord,save my soul,I will serve you for the rest of my life,
I’m surrendering everything to You;my life,family,business,my present and my future.
The rest of us,please for one minute intercede for these people who are surrendering their lives
to Jesus,pray that God will give them genuine salvation that the One who saved your soul will save theirs,God will give them a brand new beginning even as I pray.

my father and my God,we want to less your Holy Name,we want to Thank You for your word
again,we want to Thank you for those who are surrendering their lives to You now allover the
world,please Lord,receive them,have mercy on them,save their souls,let your blood wash
them clean,please Lord,receive them into the family of god,write their names in the book of
life from now on,anytime they call on You please,answer them by fire,takeaway their burdens
Lord and give them peace,Thank you my Father and my God.
Lord GOD almighty,the rest of us will be crying to you today,at this night time in the whole world,give us ideas,give us big dreams and give us the grace to play our parts,let us prove to You that we will be responsible children,Lord God almighty,you can see into the heart of your children;You know those that are determined to be Your treasurers if You will just open the windows of heaven and pour blessings upon them, please Lord, as soon as they will do Your will;seek the kingdom of God and its righteousness, please Lord God Almighty,this very night,visit
Them. Give them ideas that will bring tremendous breakthrough in their lives.
Thank You Almighty God.


In Jesus’mighty name we have prayed.
Let Someone Shout Hallelujah.

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