1. Now, let’s lift our hands to the Most High God and bless His Holy Name – Let’s give Him Glory, let’s give Him Honour, let’s give Him Adoration.

Thank the Almighty God for all He has done for you since the beginning of the Year – For His Protection, for His Mercy, for His Support. Let’s bless Him.

Thank Him for Nigeria – Give Him all the Glory, give Him all the Honour, give Him all the Adoration that Nigeria is Still Standing today. Give Him Glory because there is Hope for Nigeria. Magnify His Holy Name.

Praise Him because He is “The Prince” – The Prince of Peace Himself.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

2. Let us Pray for our Governor, his Cabinet Members, all those who are Rulers and even our Traditional Rulers; that the Almighty God will continue to guide them. That He will guide them alright so that there will be Peace in our Land.

Let’s talk to the Almighty God – Call on God.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

3. You will lift your Voice to Him and say: Father, this Year is going to and end again; Please fulfill all our Promises to me, my family, my Town, my Nation. Please, fulfill all your Promises before this Year runs out.

Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God.

Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


I have a Father
Almighty Father
He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords
I have a Father


King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Ancient of Days, the All Sufficient God – We Worship You.

We say Thank You for January, Thank You for February, Thank You for March, Thank You for April, Thank You for May, Thank You for June, Thank You for July, Thank You for August, Thank You for September and now Thank You for October. Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

It takes a Miracle to Sleep and wake up, it is of Your Mercy that we have not been Consumed.

Thank You for Nigeria, Thank You for Sixty two (62) Years of Existence, Thank You for what You have done in the Past, Thank You for what You will do in the Future. Please, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Father, we commit all our Rulers into Your Hands – From the President, to his Cabinets; our Governors, to their Cabinets; our Traditional Rulers; all those who are in Authority over us. Father, Please bless them, give them Wisdom, give them Understanding, anoint them, guide them aright.

Please, for the sake of those of us who are under them, Please guide them aright, anoint them. Almighty God You are “The Burden Bearer” and they are carrying the Burden of our Nation, carry their own Burdens too.

And Please Lord God Almighty, this Month, like never before; favour all of us.

As for Your Children who has Faithful in the Payment of their Tithes and in the Giving of their Offerings; this Month, embarrass them with Your Blessings. Let it be Well with them, don’t let them Lack, Open New Doors to all of us.

And we Pray Lord God Almighty that this Month will be a very Successful Month for all of us.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah. Greet one (1) or two (2) People and say: It will be well with you in Jesus Name.

And you may Please be seated – God Bless You!

I have been asked to speak on: “PERFECT PEACE IN THE LAND”.

And I will be taking my Bible Text from: 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14.

2 Chronicles 7: 13-14

13. If I shut up Heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the Land, or if I send Pestilence among my People;

14. If my People, which are called by my name, shall Humble themselves, and Pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their Land.

God says:

I. If I shut up Heaven and there is no rain: This tells us something Straightaway – God is the Controller of Rsinfall.

II. He said that if I Command the Locusts to devour the Land – Locusts does not mean “Ordinary Insects”.

There are areas in Nigeria today where People are even afraid to go to the farm.

And the Action of the Locusts is to make sure that there is no food – So, all those Forces that will not allow the farmers to go and farm; they are Locusts!

III. Or if I send Pestilence among my People.

Do you know what is called Pestilence? – You consider something like Coronavirus, then you know what Pestilence is.

IV. God said that if these things should happen and “My People” who are called by “My Name” – “Christians are called by the Name of Christ”.

If these People shall Humble themselves and Pray – He didn’t ask the Whole Ciuntry to Pray; He said “My People” called by “My Name”; if they will Humble themselves and Pray and turn from their Wicked Ways, then will I hear from Heaven, I will forgive their sins, I will heal their Land.

If there is trouble in any Land, the fault belongs to Christians – If we do our duties; God will heal our Land!

That is why you need to get ready because very soon; I will be calling on you before the end of the Year to join me in Fasting and Praying a very, very Special Time for Prayers. When the time draws near, I will let you know and I will give you the details!

But then the Man in Charge of the Headquarters Parish here say today that they want me to speak on: Perfect Peace in the Land.

Let’s start by saying:

1. What exactly is Peace?

I. They may say: Peace is the absence of War.

1 Samuel 10: 1-19 tells us of a time when the enemies of Israel discovered that each time they they come against them, they are defeated. So they decided that no more war.

I Pray that all the enemies of Nigeria will be defeated so that we can have Peace – Amen!

II. Another definition of Peace of course is absence of Storm.

Mark 4: 35-41; Jesus Christ and His Disciples were in a boat and then Jesus Christ was sleeping and then arose a Storm. They woke up Jesus Christ and then He spoke a Word – “Peace be Still” and everything became quiet.

I Pray today that the Controller of Storm will speak Peace to our Nation – Amen!

2. Then what do we meet by Perfect Peace?

Perfect means without Blemish.

For us to understand the Phrase: “Perfect Peace”; we need to know that there is something called “A Truce”.

A Truce means: We are still fighting but we want to suspend the fight for one reason or the other – Maybe we want to celebrate Christmas; so we said that for the next three (3) days, we enter a Truce. We are not going to fight.

So, a Truce means that the battle is not over yet, we just want Peace for a while.

And you can find Example in the Bible.

When King Saul was after David – He wanted to kill him. On more than one occasion, David had the Chance to kill him and he spared him. And he (Saul) heard that you got as close to me as to cut off the hem of my garment and you didn’t kill me? Ha, you must be a Very Good boy.

Okay, no more Problem.

But a couple of days later, he was after him.

When we talk about Truce, what will be a very Good illustration will be a Woman in Labour.

You see a Woman in Labour? Pain will come when the Contraction begins. Many atimes you hear the Woman screaming and then all of a sudden, the Contraction will ease to let her get some Strengths back.

But the battle is not over because as she is relaxing, the Contraction comes again.

That is a Truce – You have a little bit of Peace until that Fellow comes out.

I am Praying for Someone today who has been going through a Truce; God will give you Peace – Amen!

But Perfect Peace means Permanent Peace – Not a Truce.

In 1 Kings 4: 21-25 – Throughout the reign of Solomon, there was Peace all around. All the time Solomon was King, he did not fight a Single War.

You know he was a Wise Fellow – When he discovered that there is a King who will be interested in his Kingdom; he will go and marry his daughter.

That is how he ended up with not too many wives – By the time you add the wives and the concubines together everything total of one thousand (1,000).

It wasn’t sex that he was interested in, it was Peace – All Round about. Anyone who could think of fighting him, he made an In-Law.

“Solo” is a very interesting Fellow – Permanent Peace, throughout his reign.

May I decree to Someone here today or reading now on the Label of OPENHEAVEN.NET – That for the rest of your Life, you will know Permanent Peace (Amen).

But before we say a word or two (2) about Permanent in the Land because I’m sure that when they are thinking about this Topic, they have our Nation in Mind.

Do you know that a Nation is made up of Individuals and it is Possible for a Nation to be at War and yet Somebody can be in Permanent like a Child – It doesn’t matter to a Child that it is raining or Storm because they don’t even know what is going on anyway. So, they just enjoy Peace.

When we are thinking of Peace for the Land; maybe we should think about Peace for you – Because a Nation is made up of Individuals!

I was talking to my children a couple of days ago – Some People don’t know that Bread will increase in Price twice in a Week.

Why? – They don’t buy bread as they just eat it.

When we talk about Storms, Storms are in Categories:

1. There is Physical Storm.

In Mark 5: 25-34; there was a Woman that the Bible says has an Issue of Blood for twelve (12) Years.

In Gatherings, we all look fine, well dressed. It is the one who Fire is burning inside that will know Fire is burning him. If the Fellow next to you will tell you some of the things that he is going through Physically; you will want to relocate.

Someone may be in a Gathering where everything seems to be going on fine and the Fellow knows that he has Cancer – That Fellow is in a War.

The Woman with the Issue of Blood – No one knows what was going on. She wasn’t telling anyone but she was fighting a war until she came in Contact with the Prince of Peace and then she knew Peace.

Everyone of you with any form of Sickness or Disease; in the Name of the Prince of Peace, be healed in Jesus Name – Amen!

2. There could be Storm Financially.

Not everybody who is “Well Dressed” is at Peace Financially. Some of the “Big People” you see, the reason why some of them can’t sleep is because they had Problems with their Bankers.

In 2 Kings 4: 1-7; the Bible tells us the Story of a Widow who was a Destitute. And the Creditors came and said that if you don’t Pay by tomorrow, we will sell your two (2) sons.

Every day they see the Sister because she happened to be a Widow to one of the Son of the Prophet – Sister, how are you? – All is well. Praise the Lord, the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

But the day the Creditor came and they said if you don’t Pay by tomorrow, we sell your children. Sister, how now? She said that all is not well.

She ran to the Almighty God and within a day, her debts were Cleared and she has enough money to live on for the rest of her lives.

Those of you who are in “Financial War”; the King of Kings Himself will solve that Problem today – Amen!

3. There are Storms Marital.

When you read 1 Samuel 1: 1-20; the Bible talks about a Woman – Hannah by name and she was barren. The husband has two (2) wives and the other one was Producing children like Rabbit. And she made sure that she robs it on Hannah – Stupid Woman, what are you doing in my husband house? You are just eating our food and nothing to show for it.

The Bible said that the Adversary (That is the Second Woman) vex her scorn – She was at home fighting a War. Until one day that she went to Shiloh and she returned home not weeping again.

In the Name of the One who Called me, I decree to those of you who are fighting battles in your home – “PEACE BE STILL”.

4. At times, it is not the Woman trusting God for the Fruit of the Womb that is in trouble.

If you know the battle that a “Barren Woman” is fighting, you will understand when I Pray for Peace.

But at times, it is not you but your son or daughter who is under attack.

You find an Example in Matthew 15: 21-28 – The Woman who came to Jesus Christ crying for Mercy, saying: My daughter is grievously vexed of the devil.

It is not the Woman that is sick but the daughter.

You may not have any War Physically – You are Strong; you may not have any War Financially (If you threaten to take your money from a Bank, the Bank Manger will catch a Cold).

But if all is not well with just one of your children, then you are at War!

I remembered an occasion that I’m asked to come and Minister at an Occasion for some Eminent People at Ikoyi (OPENHEAVEN.NET NOTES: Ikoyi is a City in Lagos State Nigeria).

When I arrived there because I arrived to time as I don’t know that “Big People” don’t worry too much about time.

So, they asked me to wait for the People I’m supposed to come and Minister to. So, they put me in the house of the Hostess for the day.

And I sat in the Sitting Room that is one of five of the Sitting Rooms – Each one ascending in order of Splendor.

And I wanted to Change my Topic to: Oh, that Men will Praise the Lord.

But the Lord said: Don’t Change the Topic.The owner of this house is in trouble – The son is on drugs.

I thank God that God intervened – God saved the Soul of that boy that day.

Those of you who are going through Fire in your Family; in the Name that is above every other names, today there will be Peace – Amen!

5. There are Storms Mental.

If you read Daniel 4: 11-34; you find a King who became an animal.

If you talk of wealty, he was Wealthy, Physically he wasn’t sick but he became an animal and eating grass.

I don’t have to begin to give Examples but the Elders will tell you that Madness is in Categories:

I. The Lowest Category of Madness is the one on the Street walking Naked.

That one is Madness of the Lowest Level because when you see him coming, you know that danger is here and you can dodge.

II. They say that there is a Madness of Higher Degree and they call it: “Were Alaso” – That is a “Well Dressed” Madman.

And before you know it, you are dealing with trouble – The Person has come close because he is “Well Dressed”. Highly Intelligent and Well Dressed.

Many atimes, you don’t know who you are sitting next to.

But it doesn’t matter how mad that Fellow is, today God will intervene – Amen!

So, we can go on and on to talk about Categories of Storms!

Now, when we talk about “Perfect Peace” – We are talking about Somebody who has No Problem Physically, No Problem Financially, No Problem Maritally, No Problem Mentally, No Problem Spiritually!

And in the Name above every other names, from today onwards; your Peace will be Perfect – Amen!

An example of that you find in 2 Kings 5: 1-19 – It talks about a Man called Naaman. He was Successful, he was Popular, he was Rich but he was a Leper.

That Fellow has a Storm – As Popular, as Successful, as Rich as he was; he couldn’t even Play with his children because he was a Leper. Until one day that he came to a Man of God and he was Cleansed.

That was Perfect – From that day onwards, he just have Peace.

When we talk of National Peace; that is what we meant by Peace in the Land – A whole Nation (Like Nigeria) can be in a Storm.

I. I mean if a Governor cannot go out of his house and feel safe. And he went out with Bodyguards and he has to thank God that he could run because the bandits wanted to kill him?

… A Governor! When we talk of Security, then a Governor should be Secured.

II. As Young as I am, I remembered that at a time in this Country Nigeria, when a “Kabiyesi” is coming and unless you are one of the very “Special People”; you move out of the way. You don’t even want the dress the “Kabiyesi” is wearing to touch you – That is how it was in those days!

(OPENHEAVEN.NET NOTES: “Kabiyesi” is the name a Royal Father is called in Yorubaland – A Tribe in the Western Part of Nigeria).

Oh things is different now – Now, Kidnappers can go to the Palace and kidnap the Traditional Ruler (“Kabiyesi”).

Don’t let anybody deceived you – We are in a War!

I mean in 1 Samuel 17: 1-53; the Bible tells us of a Terrorust (Just One) – His name was Goliath. He terrorised a whole Nation for forty (40) days – He just Stand Up and say any of you who wants to fight, come.

Just a contest between me and you – You win, my Nation will become your Slaves; I win, your Natioj will become our Slaves.

This Fellow was so terrified that after he spoke, the Bible says Soldiers will go and hide. For forty (40) days, he terrorised Israel until God raised up one “Small Boy” and what has been on for forty (40) days ended in Minutes!

I want to decree to my “Beloveth Nation of Nigeria” – That what the King cannot do, what Soldiers cannot handle, what Whatever, Whatever cannot handle; the Almighty God will do for us today – Amen!

Well, what do we do to have Perfect Peace in my Nation (Nigeria)?

In 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14; God said that if “My People” that are called by “My Name” shall Humble themselves and Pray, He said that I will heal their Land!

So, God wants us to Pray! – How do we Pray?

Well, if we spend “More Time” Praying for our Rulers because in 1 Timothy 2: 1-2; the Bible says that: We must Pray for the Kings so that we can live a “Peaceful Life”.

Why? Because we know that it is easier for us to cricticise – They are not doing well, they are not taking care of us.

There are battles that Human Beings cannot fight and win – There are “Certain Battles” that “Only God” can win!

So, God says: Pray for your Rulers!

Because in Proverbs 29:2; the Bible says that when the Righteous are in Authority People rejoice. But when the Wicked bear rule, People mourn.

Pray for your Rulers because for every mistakes they make, it is the People that will suffer and not them ooo!

In 2 Kings 24: 1-15; David conducted a Census against the advise of those who knows God. When he finished the Census, God decided that it is now my turn.

He (God) sent the Prophet to go and tell him to choose between three (3) things as your Punishment.

He said that I will rather fall into the hand of God than to fall into the hand of the enemy. God said fine.

Then He (God) sent an Angel to Pay the Nation a Visit – Seventy thousand (70,000) Men died in one day.

Do you know that not a Single Fellow died in the Palace? – It was David who made a mistake o, it was the “Innocent People” who Paid the Price.

Pray for your Rulers – We spend a lot of time criticising them. Do your Duty – Pray for them!

The Bible made it clear in Proverbs 21:1 – It says that the Heart of Kings are in the Hands of God. And like a River of Water, He turns their Heart,

Pray to God who can turn the Heart of the Rulers so that the Rulers will do the “Right Thing” and then we the People will enjoy!

So, why are we Suffering?

Because we have not Prayed – The fault is ours and not that of the Rulers!

Oh, we are murmuring – Because it must be “The Wicked” that is in Authority!

Why don’t you Pray for the Salvation of the Souls of those in Authority!

There is Someone who is a Saviour, there is a God on the Throne who can do all things!

And I am Praying today (And I Pray that you will join me to Pray) – That God will continue to Guide our Leaders aright so that they won’t make mistake(s) and we won’t suffer (Amen).

The other day, I was asking – How much is the Flight Ticket from Lagos to Abuja (Both are Cities in Nigeria) and they said two hundred and fifty thousand Naira (#250,000).

Hey, it used to be sixty something thousand Naira. What happened? And they told me what happened.

Let me tell you one thing – It doesn’t matter how much Bread is costing; there will be Bread in “Aso Rock!” Right or Wrong?

OPENHEAVEN.NET NOTES: Aso Villa (Officially The Aso Rock Presidential Villa) is the workplace and Official Residence of the President of Nigeria since 1991, when Nigeria moved its Federal Capital City from Lagos to Abuja. It is located at Yakubu Gowon Crescent, The Three Arms Zone, Asokoro, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria).

It doesn’t matter how many times the Electric Grid Collapses, there will be Light in “Aso Rock”.

If our Leaders, our Rulers makes mistake(s); who is going to suffer? – We! So, if you love yourself, Pray for our Rulers!

But then, let me Close with “You” because you are the most important Fellow in a Nation.

Do You know that you can have Peace in the midst of Storms?

Psalms 23:4 says: Even though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil. Why? – Because the Lord will be with me.

It doesn’t matter the Storm in a Nation, just make sure that Jesus Christ is with you and you will enjoy Peace even in the midst of the Storm!

And I will just wrap up by telling you Stories because the issue is very serious. Storm can come anytime – Its just a matter of “When” and not “If”.

God said in Isaiah 43:2 – He said: When you walk through the Fire, it won’t burn you, when you walk through the River, the River will not Overflow you. He said because I will be with you!

1. I was going to London in our Beloveth Nigeria Airways of Blessed Memory. We got to Heathrow Airport and the Pilot came and said: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a “Small Problem” – The tyres at the belly of the Plane refuse to come out.

On that Day by accident, I was travelling First Class because Somebody bought the Ticket. That Day, I know that “Rich People” don’t want to die – Pandemonium broke out.

You know “Rich People” – People when they laugh, you will know it is a Rich Man laughing. They don’t laugh like those of us who are “Common People”.

When the News came that we might Crash, I saw fear. And I should tell you the Truth too that I waa scared – Anointing doesn’t put fear away.

So I said Daddy: When I was saying Goodbye to my son at the Airport yesterday night, You didn’t tell me that is the Last Time I will be seeing my son.

And then God spoke – You are not going to die my son. He said that I want to talk to you and I know that as soon as you get to London; they won’t let us talk. And so we need to talk urgently.

For another forty five (45) Minutes, the Plane was Cycling and the Crises was getting bigger and bigger because the Pilot came back and said why the commotion? At least you know that the Fire Fighters in Heathrow are very Efficient.

After forty five (45) Minutes, my Daddy and I finished our conversation; the tyre came out. They didn’t send for any Mechanics.

You can have Peace in the midst of the Storm if you realised that God is with you!

OPENHEAVEN.NET NOTES: Heathrow Airport, called London Airport until 1966 and now known as London Heathrow, is a major International Airport in London, England. It is the largest of the six International Airports serving Greater London. The Airport facility is owned and operated by Heathrow Airport Holdings.

2. This time, I was travelling by Air also – This time I was in British Airways.

We have settled down and about to eat – And I was travelling Economy this time because Nobody bought the Ticket.

And as they served us food – Small food and as a Young Hungry Man, we usually shock it with as much Coke as Possible.

And the Pilot made an Announcement – Ladies and Gentlemen, you are Welcome on Board. This your Flight will be Pretty Smooth until the time we get to Heathrow because as we are arriving, there is going to be a “Big Storm” over there but don’t worry we will manage to Land.

As soon as he said that, the Man who was sitting next to me Frooze.

But I have been in a Storm before and I knew that my Daddy was with me and I landed safely and so I enjoyed my food.

When I finished eating, this Man wasn’t touching his food at all. I looked at him and said: Sir, are you not eating?

He said that you mean you understand English? I Said Yes. He opened his mouth.

I asked again: You are not eating? He said No. Can I help you?

So, I took his food, enjoyed it and fell asleep.

Sooner, the Pilot came out and said: Ladies and Gentlemen, the “Weather Boys” must have deceived us. The Storm is going to be in Scotland and not in London.

So, I looked at my friend and the two (2) of us began to Laugh – It is too late for him to take his food as it is gone. But he was so relaxed that we can Land without Storm.

And then my Father spoke to me and said: Son, the Storm was coming to London but because of you, I diverted it.

Sooner or later, the Storm will come – It is a matter of “When” and not “If”.

He said that: When you walk through the Fire, it won’t burn you – “When” and not “If”.

And if you don’t have Physical Storm, no Marital Storm; sooner or later it will time to face death – That is the Biggest Storm of all time!

But if the Lord is with you, you will have Nothing to fear!



That is why if you have not given your Life to Jesus Christ, you are Playing with Fire.

Because if you wait till the Storm comes before you begin to invite Jesus Christ in; It will be “Too Late”.

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But today, you can invite Him into your Life and then it doesn’t matter what is happening, you can have Peace even in the midst of Storm.

So, if you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ, you should step forward to the Altar now – We will Pray for your Salvation and then you can face the Future with Peace of Mind.

I will count from one (1) to five (5). After five (5), if you are not already Standing here, we will know that you are not coming. We will then Pray and continue with the rest of the Service.

If you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ, Please come now – He is the Prince of Peace, He is the One who can give you Perfect Peace. Perfect Peace in your home, Perfect Peace in your Place of work, Perfect Peace for the rest of your Life – Come now because sooner or later, the Storm is coming. And it takes the Prince of Peace to give you the Permanent and Perfect Peace.

I’m counting now!

And if you have Backsliden, you better run back to Jesus Christ because you can never can tell when the Storm will Strike.

So, those of you who are already infront – Talk to the Almighty God: Jesus you are the Prince of Peace, I surrender my Life to You today, come and take over and I will serve You for the rest of my Life.

And the rest of us, let us Stretch our hands towards these People and intercede for them – Pray that the One who saved your Soul will save the Souls of these People. That God will give them Genuine Salvation and then the Prince of Peace will continue to abide with them.

Pray for them!

Thank You my Father. Glory be to Your Name. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!



My Father and my God, the Prince of Peace; we bless Your Holy Name.

We Thank You for Your Words and Thank You for these People who has come forward to surrender their lives to You today – Please, receive them, have Mercy on them, save their Souls, let Your Blood wash away their sins.

As they have come to You today, Please receive them, let them become Part of the Family of God.

From now on, anytime they call on You for anything at all; Please answer them by Fire. So that from today onwards they will enjoy your Peace.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Now, I rejoice with those of you who have come forward – Because from now on by the Grace of God; I will be Praying for you.

So, I’m going to need your names, your Address and your Prayer Requests. I Promise you that I will be Praying for you.

Before the Counsellors will take you away to attend to you; I want you to join us in Prayers.

Is there anybody in Church today who needs Peace – If you need Peace, Stand on your feet and shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Lift your Voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, Prince of Peace; send Peace into my Life – Peace in my Body, Peace in my Family, Peace in my Funance.

Prince of Peace, speak Peace to me today!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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