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God Bless you


Being Extract from Plenary Session 4 of Day 3 of The RCCG IYC Convention 2023 by Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye

Our Father and our God, sincerely I want to thank You.

I didn’t know how You made it, You did it while I was still in my Mother’s womb.

I return all the Glory to You because it is not by Power or Might.

I honour You, I salute Your Majesty again.

And I thank you Lord for this Session You have given me this Morning with Your Children.

As a mother, what You have put in me I have shared with them.

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And I’m saying Jehovah, as Rebecca revealing the Secret to Jacob I have done.

As Bathsheba try to remind King David of the Promises he had for Solomon I have done.

By Your Special Grace and I am asking this Morning that in Your Love, in Your Faithfulness; I ask that the ears of Your Children that have heard the Word this Morning, this advise or reading now on the Label of DMC, has already been opened.

I Pray that they will be doing the doings in the name of Jesus.

Let the Heaven be opened unto them.

Let them hear what they should hear.

Help them to be diligent.

Let them have the Determination for Enlargement.

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Every forms of Laziness, be removed from their lives.

Where they have fallen short of Your Grace or in their Prayer lives; this Morning come to their aid.

Help them Lord, Strengthen them from their inner man, Enlarge their Coast.

Your Pronouncement from the Beginning that we should be Fruitful and Multiply, let it be their Portion.

Help all of us to continue to have Dominion – Dominion over everything we need to have.

Every Spirit of Covetousness and every Spirit of Greediness, lack of Contentment, we rebuke and we reject – It will not be our Portion.

We commit them into Your hands, because Underneath are the Everlasting Arms.

Brother Paul told Timothy that he is Persuaded, that whatever is committed into His Hands, He will do it.

We commit them into Your Hands, they are Yours, and they are Your own.

Encamp them with Your Angels – The Angels of Enlargement.

Don’t let anyone of them escaped from Enlargement in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Because there is a Cloud of Witnesses around them, right now anything that will serve as a road block to them, we demolish in the Name of Jesus.

We Pray, Your Children will move from Strength to Strength, from Grace to Grace, from Glory to Glory.

No more Shame for you.

God will send Help to you from Zion.


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Favour will be your Portion – Anywhere you go, you shall be favoured.

Jesus increased – He had favour with God and Man. You will increase, you will find favour from God and from Man.

You will not die Young.

You will fulfill your Days.

The Lord will bless you.

You will even give to Nations.

You will make your Parents happy.

You will obey God and His Commandments.

You will fear God.

You will teach others.


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You will be Good Example to others and in this world.

You will continue till the end of the Day, and at the end of the Day; we all make a Heaven.

So shall it be!

In Jesus Mighty Name we Pray – Amen.


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