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September 2023 HolyGhost Service Special Hymn

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God Bless you

We brings to you the Lyrics of The RCCG September 2023 Holy Ghost Service Hymn.

Theme: Multiple Wonders.

Composed by Pastor E.A. Adeboye and rendered by RCCG Mass Choir.


My God is a wonder
A wonder to me
A wonder in healing
A wonder indeed
He heals by restoring
Repairing, makes new
There’s no type of sickness
That He cannot heal

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He is wise
He is strong
Wiser than wisest
He is great
He is nice
Greater than the greatest
He is the Almighty
Jehovah supreme
Does multiple wonders
Shout hallelujah

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2 My God is a wonder
A wonder to me
A wonder provider
A wonder indeed
Providing something
From even nothing
Abundance provider
Abundance giver


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3 God is a wonder
A Wonder to me
A Wonder deliverer
A wonder indeed
Delivering from demons
Furnaces, lions
There’s no yoke or bondage
That He cannot destroy

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