Let’s Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

Your Joy will last forever. Please, be seated.


Let me start by telling you that today, God added seven (7) more Children to us. And this time around, the girls has finally started arriving – 1 boy and 6 girls.

So, let the girls shout Praise the Lord and let the boys shout Hallelujah!

So, we finally had 82 babies – 48 boys and 34 boys girls. Glory be to God!



I want to thank all Departments.

If I begin to mention them one by one, there is always a Possibility of forgetting one – So, I will just say: “Thank You All”.


But there are three (3) Departments I must mention:

1. The Sanitation Department.

They were all over the Place picking up the refuse, keeping the Camp as “Spotlessly Clean” as much as Possible.

I think we should give the Lord a Big Round of Applause for them.

2. And of course, there is the Kitchen Department.

Do you know that, that Department works 24/7 – They are busy all the time.

And if you know the amount of cooking that are being done Particularly this Year (2022); it’s amazing.

They hear all their Sermons or read it on the Label of DMC right there in the Kitchen – They are there cooking.

I have stopped asking them – How many cows lost their lives as a result of the Convention. But they have been Slaughtering cow now more than two (2) weeks and they have been busy.

I wish we should give a round of applause to the Kitchen Department.

3. And then Probably, the most Important of them all is the Prayer Department.

They are the Engine Room of the Convention – They have been Praying Non-Stop.

It is because of People like them who never “Showed Up” throughout the Convention that the Almighty God has been able to keep all Agents of satan away from us.

The Bandits know that we are meeting, the Terrorist know that we are going to be gathering in Millions – And I’m sure that they don’t mean us well.

But because there were some People who are holding on to the Throne of God – Saying: Let there be Light and so the Enemies has not been able to do anything.

Let’s really give the Lord a big round of applause for the Prayer Department.

I can’t continue to mention the Other Departments because they are all extremely Important!

I. I mean: What can you say about “The Greatest Mass Choir” in the world?

II. What can you say about the Ushers who are always on their feet? – Et cetera et cetera.

So, I just want to say: “Thank You All” – The Almighty God will bless you (Amen)!


I just want to bless you so that you can be on your way!

But as usual, I will give you two (2) Minutes:

If there is something that you suddenly remembered that you should have asked God for during this Convention 2022 that you haven’t yet asked Him. Go ahead for two (2) Minutes – Ask God for that Extra Thing. That something you forgot, something Supernatural that only God can do.

… Ask Him for it now!

Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Lift your hands to the Most High God:


My Father and my God, I want to say Thank You. All Glory belongs to You – Without You, who is the General Overseer, without You, who is his wife.

You made it clear in Your Words that without You, we can do Nothing – The Grace to Praise, the Grace to Fast, the Grace to receive from You, the Grace for Revelational Knowledge; it’s all from You.

So, we return all the Glory to You Daddy – Take all the Glory in Jesus Name.

Thank You for Journey Mercies – Millions has travelled and You kept them all safe.

Thank You Lord God Almighty for all the barren that You have already Promised that You are going to release one hundred and ten thousand (110,000) Jubilee Babies to their homes!

Thank You God Almighty for the Midwives, the Doctors, the Nurses who are busy in the Maternity Center, in the Hospital. That while we are here dancing and jumping for Joy, some People are going through Labour and we come here only to announce. Every Deliveries has been easy. Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

And now, Your Children will be on their way home, in Your Name I decree:

I. On your way, there will be Miracles.

II. At home, Miracles will be waiting for you.

Your Jubilee will last forever, you will never be in Bondage again, you will never borrow again, you will become a Blessing, you will be Lending to Nations.

When you lay hands on the Sick, they shall recover; if you Pray for the dead, the dead will rise.

In your Business, God will bless you; in your Offices, God will bless you; in your homes, God will bless you.

God will bless you in the Morning; He will bless you in the Afternoon; He will bless you in the Night.

You will never run into the ambush of the Enemies; Kidnappers will stay away from your family; we will only hear Good News concerning you.

God will Promote you, He will defend you, He will fight your battles for you, your Victory will be Permanent.

All the days of your Life, it shall be well with you.

By the Time we meet again, your Testimonies shall be many and you will serve God till the End. You will never backslide and God will never depart from you.


Ati Omode yin, ati Agba yin, a dara fun yin (It shall be well with both Young and Old of you)

Ile yin a roju (Your house shall be Peaceful)

Ona yin a laye (Your ways shall be well)

Bi ibi ba lo niwaju, e o ni ba (If trouble is going Infront, you won’t meet it)

Bi Ibi ba bo leyin, ko ni ba yin (If trouble is coming from the back, it won’t meet you)

E o ni se aseti (You won’t find it difficult to do things)

Oju ko ni ti yin (You will not be put to shame)

Aye ko ni ri idi yin (The world will not know your Secrets)

Ota ko ni yo yin (The Enemies will not mock you)

Oke, Oke le o ma lo (You will be going Upwards and Upwards)

Gbogbo ohun ti e ba gboju le, a ma yo ri si rere (Everything that you are Trusting God for will be Successful)

Awon eni Ibi to da mu gbogbo agbaye won ko ni ya odo yin o (All Evil People troubling the world, will not come to you)

E o ni ri ogun Ekun, e o ni ri ogun Ose (Things of weeping and regrets will not be yours)

Iroyin Ayo la o ma gbo si yin (We shall be hearing Good Reports concerning you)

E o ni toroje (You will not beg to eat)

E o ni taraka (You will not Lack)

E o ni wo akisa (You will not wear rags)

Iwaju, Iwaju le o ma lo (You will be going Forward and Forward Movement)

Gbogbo ohun ti Olorun fi te eniyan lorun ti e fi dele, Olorun a fi tele yin (Every Good Things that God uses to give People till you get home, God will let it follow you)

Bi e si tin lo layo, le o ma bo layo (As you go out in Peace, so you will come back in Peace)

Iroyin ayo ni a ma gbo si yin (We shall be hearing Good News Pertaining you)

Iroyin ayo le o ma gbo si mi (You shall be hearing Good News concerning me)

Eyin na, yio sin Olorun do pin (You will serve God till the Very End)

Odun Idasile yin ti o ti bere yi, titi aye lo ma wa (Your Year of Jubilee that has started will be forever)

E o ma ga si (You shall go Higher)

E o ni lo le (You won’t go down)

Eyin na yio sin Olorun do pin (You too will serve God till the End)

Tile, Tile; tona, tona ni yio ma da fun yin (In all your ways, it shall be well with you)

Be lo ma ri (So shall it be)

Ori yin ko ni ko Adura (Your Head will not reject Prayers)

Ti yin ko ni soro se (Your own case will not be difficult)

Oba to gbo Adura, a gbo Adura yin (The God that hears Prayers will hear your Prayers)

Gbogbo wa la ma sin Jesu do pin (All of us will serve Jesus Christ till the End)

And so shall it be!

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

You go in Peace, the Almighty God will go with you and I will see you again – Amen!

Let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

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