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God Bless you

You may want to write down your Prayer Points:

1. Preambles: When God told me that He was going to build me a City; it was difficult for me to believe.

When He brought me here and then showed me two Hectares of Land – In a Place that is a Jungle, Headquarters for Highway Rrobbers and the Den of Snakes and Pythons.

But then I saw a City then – The City you are seeing today,

Pray: Father, open my eyes to see the Invincible. Let me see where You are taking me to.

Please, Enlarge my Vision.

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2. Preambles: When I became the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG); the Church was just in one corner of South West Nigeria.

The first Branch of the Church outside this Nation was because a Man saw one Tract that I wrote in Ghana and he said that God told him that is the Man he must follow.

And then he travelled down to Nigeria and he said: Come, God wants RCCG in Ghana.

I said: Sir, go and Pray again. But he said that he has Prayed and that he has even brought down his Sign Post and put that of RCCG.

When God decides to Enlarge your Coast, God can do it without your Efforts

Pray: Father, Enlarge my Coast.


3. Preambles: Some of us will be so happy if all we can get is a Third-Hand Car – Then we will sing Praises to God.

Whereas, God wants you to have many Luxurious Buses and use it to bring People to the Holy Ghost Services.

Let me tell you something:

I. If you are Poor, People will still hate you – The Bible says that the Poor Man is hated by his own Brethrens.

II. If you are Rich, they will still hate you for being Rich.

So, which one will you Prefer?

Pray: Father, Enlarge my Capacuty to be Blessed – Don’t let me be afraid of Blessings.

Bless me so much that I can be a Blessing to Thousands.


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4. Preambles: Someone was asking me not too long ago that way back in 2009; a Magazine Published fifty (50) names of what they called “Most Influencial People” in the world and only two (2) Men of God made the List – The Pope and your father here.

So Someone asked me how do you get into the List and I said that I don’t know,

Pray: Lord, Enlarge my Spare of Influences – Don’t let me die a Local Council Chairman but to be a Blessing to the whole world.


5. Pray: Daddy, Enlarge my Capacity to Progress – I want to move Fast.

I don’t want to walk, run or fly but to move at the Speed of the Holy Spirit,


6. Pray: Father Enlarge my Capacity for Joy.

I have heard enough of Bad News and I don’t want to Sorrow again – Let Joy and Good News be my Portion everyday.


7. Finally, say Father: Enlarge my Capacity for Gratitude.

Teach me to be Grateful to You all the Time Oh Lord.


8. Then you are free to add whatever other areas of Life that you want God to Enlarge you.

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