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Let Us Pray!

Pastor Adeboye preaching
Pastor Adeboye preaching

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God Bless you



Who is like Unto thee, Oh Lord
Who is like Unto thee, Oh Lord
Among the gods
Who is like thee
Glorious in Holiness, Fearful in Praises
Doing Wonders Hallelujah


Wonder Working God, King of Glory, the Lord of Host Himself; Glorious in Holiness, Fearful in Praises, Wonder Working God.

There is no one like You – You ate the Almighty God; the same Yesterday, Today and Forever; the Unchangeable Changer, we Worship You.

We Thank You for all You have done for us since the Year began; Thank You because everyday Your Mercy has been renewed; Thank You for Your Faithfulness because it is of Your Mercy that we are not Consumed. That we can gather again this Sunday to Praise You is because of Your Mercy. Father, Please accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Again today, show us Mercy, send Your Words to us, heal us, set us Free, Glorify Your Name and at the end of it all, Please take all the Glory.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People near you and say: God Bless You today!

We will continue with our Series on: “For Whom The Heavens Opened”.

The Bible Text that we have been reading had been Joshua 5: 13-15.

We have said in the Past few Sundays that when you are Conducting a Series, it will be a Good Idea once a while just to go back a little bit for the sake of those who are just joining us in the Series.

And that if we repeat anything, afterall it might be:

1. For those who are just joining us.

2. A very Good Repetition for those of us who has been there at the very beginning because we might have forgotten some things or some things might have been overlooked.

And one of the things that we have been saying for some few Sundays now is that by the Grace of God; we have Survived Coronavirus and in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, we will keep on surviving – Amen!

But we have mentioned again and again that: Don’t stay at home now; Coronavirus is over for you and you should be back to Church.

You see, it can be a “Terrible Mistake” not to be where you should be when your Day comes.

In Acts 3: 1-11; there was a Man who was even born Lame but everyday he went to Church.

Oh Yes, we will say but he was always at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple. He didn’t enter but he was “Beautifully at the Gate”.

So, when his Day came, it met him where he was supposed to be.

When the Almighty God Paid him a visit at his “Regular Spot”; he was able to move now straight into the Temple – Walking, Leaping and Praising God.

Could you imagine what could have happened to that Man if on that “Particular Day” he had said that I will stay at home? He would have died a Lame Man.

You never can tell when the Almighty God will Pay you a visit; you can’t tell when the Heavens will open for you Specifically – Get back to Church as it is for your own Good!

And the Almighty God will not let you miss your Day of Miracles in Jesus Name – Amen!

Now, I have said that when Heaven opens, Divine Visitation is almost Automatic – It will be Expected:

A. We have said that it might be an Angel that God will send to bring you Good News.

I. We gave Examples of: When the Angel of the LORD came to the wife of Manoah in Judges 13: 1-14; to announced the Good News that a Great son is to be born to the family.

II. We gave the Example in Luke 1: 5-17; when the High Priest was busy in the Church and the Angel of the LORD visited him and told him that he was going to have a son. A son that became known as the Greatest of all the Saints of the Old Testament.

B. We have learnt that occasionally, God may come by Himself.

I. And we gave the Example of Genesis 18: 1-5 – God visiting Abraham in his Tent.

II. And then gave Example in Exodus 3: 1-6 – God visiting Moses in the midst of a “Burning Bush” that was not consumed.

And then, we began to look at what happens when He comes Personally – That was where we ended the Last Time.

We said that if God has to come Personally, it means:

1. He has to “Get Up” because He is normally seated on His Throne in Heaven.

Isaiah 66:1 says; the Almighty God said that Heaven is my Throne and the Earth is my footstool.

That He could remain seated in the Heavens and control everything that is happening here on Earth because the Earth is His Footstool.

Psalms 115:3 says: Our God is in Heavens, He does as He Pleases.

I. And when God arises, His enemies will be Scattered – According to Psalms 68: 1-3.

II. And we said that because God has no enemies rather than your enemies – As we find in Acts 9. It means that when God arises, your enemies will be Scattered.

III. Now when God arises, the Earth Trembles – According to 2 Samuel 22: 7-10.

When God hears the cry of one of his Servant and He arises, the Earth will Tremble,

This is to be Understood because if the Almighty God that we have learnt a little bit about His Size – With those “Mighty Legs”; Legs Stretching all the way from Heaven to Earth should Stand Up, the Earth will know that something is happening.

As a matter of fact, the Bible says that when God Stands Up like that, even the Earth itself will begin to Smoke – Mountain will begin to Smoke (Psalms 144:5).

2. Even more interestingly than all these things is: What happens when He now begins to Move?

I. You see, when God is visiting as the Heavens Open; He comes in the Shape of a Man – So, He has to take steps like a Man going from one Place to the other.

How do we know that?

In Genesis 18: 1-22; Abraham saw what looked to him as “Three Men” but God was one of the “Three Men”.

And you will discovered that after a little incidence in the Tent of Abraham.

And the three (3) of them (The Three Men) got up and they were beginning to go; it got to a Stage where two of them continued on the Journey to Sodom and Gomorrah and the Third One stayed with Abraham.

And the Third One that stayed with Abraham is the One that began to discuss when God said that I don’t think I want to hide from Abraham these things that I’m about to do because I know the Kind of Person he is – He is going to train his children in the way of the Lord. Let me share my Secrets with him.

My Prayer for you today or as you read on the Label of openheaven.net is that the Heavens will Open, God Himself will Pay you a visit and He will begin to share His Secrets with you – Amen!

It was the Third One among the “Three Men” that Abraham was talking to, interceding for Sodom and Gomorrah – Having in Mind Particularly his Relation that is there (Lot).

Because when God told Abraham – I’m going to this City, I’m going to find out if they are as Wicked as they say they are so that I can deal with them.

Abraham quickly do a little bit of Arithmetics – My Relation is there, his Wife is there, he has Daughters (2 of them); the Daughter has boyfriends they will marry and the boys have Parents (fathers and mothers)

Quickly he did Calculation and said that I have ten (10) People that are Precious to me in that City.

And he (Abraham) began to Plead – God, if you get to that City and You can at the very, very worst find ten (10) People who are Righteous, will you spare a City because of the ten (10)?

Abraham thought that there will be ten (10) People in the City but unfortunately, there weren’t ten (10).

I Pray that in the Time of Judgment, God will find more than ten (10) People in your Town – Amen!

Which is why you need to do something urgently concerning your Cities and Villages – That you make sure that the Light of the Gospel is Shinning there.

If Judgment comes, God might spare your Villages and Towns if He can find at least ten (10) People saved and commitred to the Almighty God.

As I have always encouraged you – Build a Church in your Village and Town because you never can tell when the Heavens will open and God will come down about to Pass Judgment.

And so when the “Two Men” got to Sodom and Gomorrah, it was only two (2) of them now that met Lot in Genesis 19: 1-3.

The Third Person – That is God Himself, also came as a Man. That is the Point that we are trying to make.

3. Now, when God comes and He begins to travel, then He distributes Miracles along the way.

I. He said that He was going to Sodom and Gomorrah but on the way, He branched at the Tent of Abraham and gave Him his own Miracles.

II. But you will know that the Bible says in Psalms 97:3 that when God is travelling; a Fire goes before Him – That is He has an “Advance Team” – And that “Advance Team” is made up of Fire.

Which means that if God was to get up today and He is coming to Pay you a visit; Fire will come before Him, Clearing on the way everything that is evil, and Preparing the way for the one whose Name is “The Consuming Fire”.

But as He is coming, He will be distributing Miracles!

For Example in Matthew 8: 1-3; the Lord was Passing by and there was a Man who was a Leper who came, knelt down before Him and say: Ha, I recognised You if others don’t. I know that You have the Power to make me Clean even though I’m not sure that You will be willing.

But when the Almighty God said that I’m willing and He touched him, instantly the Man was Clean.

I want to Pray for Someone – That maybe it is not you that God is coming to see today; but as He is Passing by your house; everything that they considered Incurable in your family will be dealth with in Jesus Name – Amen.

Because when the One who is Passing by – The Almighty God, according to Jeremiah 32:27, the Bible made it clear that because He is the God of all flesh, there is Nothing “Too Hard” for Him to do.

My Prayer is that everything considered Impossible in your Life will be made Possible today – Amen!

4. And then something happened to the Leper – He wasn’t just cured, suddenly his Loneliness was over because a Leper is not supposed to come into the Congregation of the People.

When God is Passing by, He can only Pass by your house today – All those who are Lonely in the family will discovered Miraculously that their Loneliness will be over (Amen).

Meaning Specifically for Someone that this “Very Day”; all the days you have been waiting that where will my Partner comes from, when will I cease to be lonely; the Almighty God will give you a Surprise – Amen!

I. And you know one thing about the Almighty God is this – That the moment He Passes by your house/family; He becomes your friend and the Friendship will Last.

Because in John 13:1; the Bible makes it clear – In Loving His Own, He loves them to the End.

5. In Mark 5: 24-35; He was Passing by, when the Woman with the Issue of Blood grabbed her own Miracle – You know the Story very well.

And the implication of that Story that might be very Applicable to you is that if only God could just pass by your house today; you may suddenly discovered that you will no longer put your money in “Bags with Holes” again.

Because the Woman with the Issue of Blood was just spending without getting Results.

And I’m sure that many of you, if you will sit down and take Accounts – And you know how much money came into your hands at the Beginning of the Past Year to the End and you sit down and said: Wait a Minute, this much money came and where are the things to show for the money?

I decree today in the Name that is above every other names; everything that is draining your Resources will come to an End today – Amen!

6. That Woman with the Issue of Blood, because the Lord came by; she stopped Depreciating because she was loosing Blood constantly, getting weaker, getting Poorer, getting Less and Less.

If God Passes by, Depreciation ends!

Because He is the One who said in John 10:10 that He has come that we may have Life and have it More Abundantly.

It is Possible that the reason that you are listening to this Sermon or reading now on the Label of openheaven.net right now is that the Almighty God wants to Pass by your house so that there will be no more Depreciation and so that from this moment onwards, you will just keep on Increasing on a Daily basis.

7. That Woman grabbed a Miracle when the Lord was Passing by and she suddenly discovered that for the rest of her lives, there was no more Secret Sorrows.

That woman was sad but she couldn’t even share her Sorrows with the Public – Because if you have an Issue of Blood, you are considered Unclean.

A lot of People has Sorrows that they can’t share; Problems that they are hiding under “Beautiful Clothes” – It is Possible that this Message is directly for you!

I’m Praying in the Name that is above every other names that whatever may be your Secret Sorrows, will end today – Amen!

I have shared with you the Testimony of one of my daughters who came and say: Daddy, Please Pray for me.

I said what about? She sats No, you don’t need to know. When the Prayers has been answered, I will come and share the Testimony.

I said: How am I going to Pray? She said you are not the One who is going to Solve the Problem. Just cry and ask God to Solve my Problem.

I Pray for everyone of you listening to me today or reading now on the Label of openheaven.net – That Problem so Secret that is causing you so much Sorrow, that you can’t even Share with your Pastor; may the Almighty God solved the Problem today – Amen.

She was a Young Lady, over twenty (20) years Old but she was still Bed-Wetting.

She said that I couldn’t tell anybody – I can’t travel with my Colleagues whenever they want to stay overnight because I know that before the Morning, they will discovered who I was.

But now, you have Prayed and the Problem is over.

In the Name of the One who cause you to be listening to this Particular Message or reading now on the Label of openheaven.net; every Secret Sorrows of your Life will disappear today – Amen!

8. In Marks 10: 46-52; the Bible tells us that the Almighty God came to Jericho and He was already leaving Jericho – He has finished His Assignment and He was Passing by. And Bartimaeus heard and he cried out.

And then, several things happened to Bartimaeus – Many of which I’m claiming it for you today (Amen):

I. Darkness loose hold on Bartimaeus.

Because the One who was Passing by, was the Light of the world.

In John 9:5; He said that as long as I’m in the world, I am the Light of the world.

And in John 1: 4-5; the Bible says that the Light shines in Darkness and Darkness cannot overcome it.

I Pray that the Heavens will open today, that the Almighty God will Pass by.

Even if He is not coming to your house, I Pray that He will Pass by your family and that every Forces of Darkness, no matter how many of them will let you go in Jesus Name – Amen.

II. And of course, you know the rest of the Story – From that day onwards, Bartimaeus never begged again.

III. As a matter of fact, he had a Change of Garment – His Garment of Sorrow, Sickness, Loneliness, Barrenness was removed.

IV. And he moved from the Roadside to become “The Center of Attraction”.

I am Praying that when the Heavens Open today; the Almighty God will Pass by your house and He will Change Darkness to Light – Amen!


Which is why I am inviting those of you who are yet to surrender your Life to Jesus Christ – Light is Passing by you today. That is why you are listening to this Message today or reading now on the Label of openheaven.net.

Take Advantage of it – Run to the Light of the world so that He can give you Salvation, so that He can grab you and drag you out of the Kingdom of Darkness and bring you into the Kingdom of Light.

Surrender your Life to Jesus Christ today and for the rest of your Life, you won’t have to deal with Darkness anymore.

So, wherever you are; if you want to surrender your Life to Jesus Christ, just show the Almighty God that you are ready to surrender to Him and do so very quickly.

And cry to Him for Salvation and I will Pray for you – Ask Him to have Mercy on you, ask Him to save your Soul, Promise Him that from now on, you will serve Him.

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… And He will begin to do Miraculous Things for you!

Let Us Pray!


My Father and my God, I want to Thank You once again for your Word and I want to Thank You for all those who has decided to surrender their lives to You now.

Father, Please receive them, save their Souls, let Your Blood wash away their sins, give them a Brand New Beginning, receive them into the Family of God. Surround them now Perpetually with Your Light and let them serve You till the Very End.

In all the homes of all Your Children who has heard Your Words today or reading now on the Label of openheaven.net; my Father and my God, Please Pay us a visit.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Now, I rejoice with those of you who has given your Life to Jesus Christ today – Please get in Contact with me as soon as Possible so that I can continue to Pray with you.

I want to know your name, your Address and your Prayer Requests.

And Please, visit The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) nearest to you.

Tell the Pastor there that I sent you and he will tell you what to do next!

God Bless You – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!!!


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