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God Bless you

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God Bless you


DATE: 12th FEBRUARY, 2023
Thank You Father!
We give You all the Glory,
We give You Honour;
We give You all the Glory,
We give You Honour.


Almighty God, the Alpha and the Omega. The One Who spoke and it’s done, we worship You.
You are the Great Builder: when You said, “Let there be Light” there was Light!
You spoke the world into existence, You spoke this building into existence; Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus’ Name!
Thank You for this building; Thank You for all who have contributed one way or the other to making this building a reality. Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus’ Name.
My Lord and my Saviour, I am asking that You would turn this building to a Miracle Center – That anyone who comes in here will go out with a Testimony.
Heal the sick here, set Captives free here, make the barren Fruitful here. When the Poor come here to worship let the Poor Prosper. If they bring the dead here let the dead rise!
Father, every Prayers Prayed here, answer by Fire. And let the Miracles begin right now.
And all Your Children that one way or the other You have used to build this building; Father Please, build for them! Build them, build their homes, build their Business, build them Spiritually.
And I am Praying Lord God Almighty, that this day will mark a Turning Point for the better for all of us.
*Even as we Dedicate this Building today, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit – Amen!*
Well, let someone shout Halleluyah – Hallelujah!!!
Shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People and say: God will bless you Mightily today!
… And then you may Please,be seated.
*Even if I am the one saying so: This is Beautiful!*
*Apapa Family had always been known for Excellence. Well, Thank God they have Proved it again.*
I am almost lost for words, because I remembered the early days – Some of my children are here. In those days when I used to Prophesy to them: tell them what is coming!
And they must have looked at me and Probably (secretly) thought that, ‘either this man is crazy or he’s out of this world!’
*Believe it or not, all those things I told you then, that are yet to come to pass, will come to pass – Amen!*
I mean, surely it doesn’t make sense saying that, “Ushers will be coming to Church in Helicopters. And Choir too!”
But you see, when I told them that by the Grace of God we are going to have a Church Building within five (5) minutes distance of one other (in Lagos) they thought I was crazy.
*We haven’t seen anything yet! We will get there – Amen!*
*Probably I should start by Prophesying to someone that, your own Glory is just about to begin – Amen!*
Almost every other thing I would have said, my wife had already helped me – She appreciated so many of you.
*DMC NOTES: Watch Out for the Address and Special Greetings from Mummy GO; Key Note Address by His Excellency Pastor (Prof) Yemi Osibanjo, Governor Babajide Sanwoolu and various Video Clips Session of the Service Only on the Label of DMC!*
So I think I will just go straight to the Word of God.
And my Text would be Isaiah 56:6-7;
6 Also the sons of the Stranger, that join themselves to the LORD, to serve him, and to love the name of the LORD, to be his servants, every one that keepeth the sabbath from polluting it, and taketh hold of my covenant;
7 Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.
*You can write this down. I keep telling People that I am not a Prophet; which is true! I am just a Pastor. But I hear from God once in a while – Whatever Prayer you Pray here today, WILL BE ANSWERED (Amen)!*
1. *The House of the Lord (according to Him) is to be called the House of Prayers.*
More than anything else – House of Prayers.
In other words, a House where Prayers will be Answered.
Now, I know you will tell me that God is everywhere – Which is true! “Do we have to come to His House to Pray before we get an answer?”
Well, in Jeremiah 33:3 He has said: Call unto me, and I will answer you He didn’t specify where you’ll do the calling;
However, in Isaiah 55:6, He said: Seek the Lord when He may be found, call ye upon Him while He is near.
Now the Problem is, how do we know when He is near because we can’t see him?
I mean, Job said, I looked to the right He is not there; I looked to the left He is not there; I looked you, I can’t see Him.
*So how do we know when He’s near?*
At least one thing is certain: In His house, He is at home.
*He is here today! And He is going to answer your Prayers – Amen!*
*Let me be bold to say, that your Doctors are going to be surprised, because you have come today – Amen!*
2. *His House is a House of Joy.*
Psalms 16:11 tells us that: in His Presence there is Fullness of Joy.
*I Decree in the Name that’s above every other name, whatever that is causing you sorrow now would be over before the Sun sets – Amen!*
Which is why David said: I was glad when they say unto me let us go into the House of the Lord – Psalms 122:1.
And in John 16:24, that you are free to ask till your Joy is full.
*The Joy of somebody will be full today – Amen.*
3. *The House of the Lord shall be called a House of Prayer – So I can come in here and ask for Wisdom.*
Because the Bible says if any of us lacks Wisdom, we should ask God and He will give to us liberally – James 1:5.
And the Bible made it clear to us in Proverbs 4:7 that Wisdom is the Principal Thing;
Just ask for Wisdom – Even if that’s the only thing you’ll ask for today, it will be Sufficient because you need Wisdom desperately at a time like this.
Because the Bible tells us that Wisdom is a defence; and we need defence. The kind of defence that gives Life.
4. *The house of the Lord is a House of Healing and Deliverance.*
Why? Because when you come to His House, you would hear the Word of God.
Psalms 107:20 says, He sent His Word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.
*As the Word of God is going forth today, may you receive your Healing – Amen! And may you receive your Deliverance – Amen.*
An Uncle of mine – That some of you have heard about; was in a very desperate situation. Things were bad; he used to be very very Wealthy but then the tide turned and he ended up having nothing left.
Things were so bad that he had to be using the wrapper of his wife to sew Buba and Soro (DMC NOTES: “Buba and Soro” is a Specific type of Shirt and Trouser made in the Culture of the Yoruba Tribe in Nigeria).
So he woke up one day and decided that “death is better than shame.”
So, he decided he would go to Church – He would sing and dance like Nobody; so that everybody would notice him and then he would come home and commit suicide.
And then he came to Church, danced, jumped up and down, and attracted a lot of attention.
The Preacher began to Preach, and he heard a Word.
The Preacher was Preaching on Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. And the Preacher said when the three (3) Hebrew boys said, “Our God whom we serve will deliver us”; they did not know how but God came through!
He made up his Mind, “I don’t know how God will solve my Problem, but I refuse to die!”
The day he was sharing his Testimony, he had just bought fourteen (14) cars in one day, for his workers.
*I don’t know who that Word is for – It doesn’t matter how desperate your situation is now: in the Name of the God that I serve, before the end of this Month (February 2023), we will hear your Testimony – Amen.*
5. *The House of the Lord is the House of Victory.*
In Psalms 24:7-10, the Bible tells us that the Owner of this House is the One that is called the Lord of Hosts. And when He was coming into His House, He told all the doors to lift up their heads that they are coming!
*You cannot be in the House of the Lord of Hosts and not get Deliverance!*
I’m old enough now to know that, a beautiful dress can cover a lot of problems; I know!
I know you can come to Church, look around you and see everybody beautifully dressed: carrying a lot of Problems – Im old enough to know that.
Someone told me that the reason he went from an air conditioned bedroom to an air conditioned car, to an air conditioned office is because: “there is a lot of fire burning under his dress.”
*If there’s a fire burning under your dress today, God will put it out – Amen!*
In Mark 2:1-12, there was a man who really had a Problem – He was Paralyzed from neck down. He couldn’t go to the toilet by himself, he couldn’t feed himself – He was completely Paralyzed.
And he told his friends, “just get me to the Presence of Jesus Christ,and I know my Problems will be over.”
*Because you came today or reading now on the Label of DMC, my God will reward you by solving all your Problems – Amen!*
I’ve always shared with you the Story of a man that was told that he would die in a Particular year. And he said, “is there anything I can do so I don’t die this year?” They told him, nothing! You will die this year.
Well, He said, “if it is certain that I will die this year, can I at least live till December 31 (after all, December 31 is still this year)? They said, sure but you will die this year. He said, fine.!
December 31 came, very early in the morning, he got up from his house and ran into the Church. Came to Ebute Meta (RCCG National Headquarters Parish); refused to take any taxi. When he saw anybody coming he dodged – He couldn’t tell whether the fellow was coming to kill him or not.
As soon as he entered the Church, he said, Hahaaa! “The death that will come and kill me here, I will wait and see.”
… He lived for many, many more years!
*Because you are in this Church today, I decree: Your Appointment with death is cancelled – Amen!*
6. *The House of the Lord is a House of Restoration.*
You come to His House, you have a brand New Beginning. Because, the House of the Lord is the House of the One Who is called, ‘I AM.’
In Exodus 3:13-14; He said, my Name is the I AM THAT I AM:
Not “I ‘was”‘, not just that “I will be” – He said, “I AM”.
In Mark 3:1-5, the Bible said Jesus came into a House of God, and He found there a man with a Withered hand.
Some of us know the meaning of a Withered hand – It could mean the hand is Withered Physically. But actually what it means is that, that hand could no longer do what it used to do.
And there’s nothing as terrible as being an Ex-champion; nothing as terrible as being an Ex-rich. Because if you had always been Poor, somehow Poverty is not as difficult to bear;
If you have always had to wake up very early in the morning to catch a bus; as soon as you see the bus coming you’re happy. And People trample on you when you’re trying to catch the bus but that’s Natural.
But if you used to own your own car, you sit at the back and somebody is driving you and then the tide turned and now you have to catch a bus;
*… That will never happen to you – Amen!*
But we all know the reality of Life – There are People with Withered hands. And when Jesus came in, He restored the hand that had Withered.
*That’s why I am here today: I’m sure by now you must have discovered that I’m not here to Preach.*
*I am here to Prophesy, I am here to Decree to somebody, that your Withered hand shall be restored – Amen.*
There was a woman who came to us years ago – She came for Prayers and her Story was that she used to be very, very Wealthy but things had Changed.
So I Prayed for her that “God will turn the tide for you!” et cetera, et cetera. And then I said, now you can go.
Oh, she said: “Pastor, I don’t have the money for transport back – That’s how terrible things are! I am the one who’s supposed to bring you something – “You don’t come to a Man of God empty-handed.”
… But Man of God, unless you give me something, I can’t go back home.
And I took the little I had, gave it to her and said to her, “this money will never finish.”
It hasn’t finished till now!
*In the Name of the One Who made Heaven and Earth:*
I. You will never lack – Amen!
II. Whatever you have now will never finish – Amen!
7. *The House of the Lord is where the Irreversible can be Reversed!*
You know John 11:39-44; tells us the Story of a man who had been dead and buried, four (4) days.
The One whose House we are in, got there and brought him back to Life!
The Owner of the House we are talking about is the One Who moved in Ezekiel 37:1-11.
He is the One who told His servant to Prophesy to dry bones so that they can live again.
*He is the One who sent me here today to come and speak to any dry bone here:*
I. In the Name that’s above every other name, dry bones live again – Amen!!!
II. All those of you who have lost Hope – Hope of having children, Hope of even getting a husband, Hope of reaching your Goal, Hope of reaching the top – As the Lord lives; whose son I am; from now on, your Hope would begin to rise again – Amen!*
III. Now, it doesn’t matter who had decreed that you won’t make it. It doesn’t matter who it is that had Pronounced a curse on you – In the Name of the One who is called AMEN, I cancel all curses – Amen!*
*And I say, you will surprise your enemies – Amen!*
… I am about to conclude: I have done what He asked me to do
Some of you Probably know one old man who came to us.
He was an extremely Wealthy man – Extremely Wealthy!
When I visited his house in Ogun State (Nigeria) if they don’t lead you, you can get lost in the house.
But then he gave his Life to Jesus Christ and then suddenly he came to me in the Camp and said, “Sir, I am about to die.” I said, why? Are you sick? He said, No!
He said, but I met a Prophet forty (40) years ago – When I was forty four (44) years old; and he told me everything that would happen to me in details – How I would Prosper, the kind of Business I will do, etc.
But he told me that at the age of Eighty four (84) I will die. He said, there are only two (2) weeks left for me to go.
He said, “I have decided to come to Redemption Camp, that Holy City of God; so that if I die from here, I know I will go Straight to Heaven.”
So I asked: Papa, are you ready to die? He said, not really! But the Prophet said…
I told him, are you ready to serve the Lord? He said, I have enjoyed the few days I had as a Child of God. I would love to serve Him.
I said, what if I tell you that you are not going to die, you’re going to live?
He laughed! He said, you don’t know the Prophet who spoke; everything he said came to pass!
I said, well, by the Special Grace of God, there’s a Greater Prophet here. I told him, you are not going to die – You’re going to live and you’re going to serve God.
When Papa was few days to a hundred (100) years old, he sent for me and said, “Thank You very much! I think I’m ready to go now.”
*I say it one more time (and you better hold on fast to what I am saying) because we don’t know what is around the corner – Your Appointment with death is cancelled – Amen!*
*All those who are expecting you to die, you will attend their Funeral Service – Amen!*
Now let me close:
Coming to Church is Good, because it is the House of Prayer:. A place where Prayers are answered.
But you better know the Owner of the House.
Because if you don’t know the Owner of the House, you can be in the House and see others being blessed – and you will just be a Spectator!
I was glancing at the Newspaper this morning (as I was coming) – When you get home, check one of the Papers.
A fellow said, “I was singing in the House of the Lord, but I was dining with the devil” – It’s in the Newspapers’ Front Page of one of the Newspapers.
*… He was Singing in the Church, and he was Dining with the devil.*
The Word of God made it abundantly clear, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked.”
The Almighty God said clearly, He knows those who are His Own, He knows those who are Pretenders.
If I ask you now: how many children of God are here? All hands will go up! But God knows those who are His Own.
Where I come from they have a saying – They say, “Every child is the son of Ọwa (Owa is the Traditional Ruler in Ilesha, Osun State Nigeria). But when the night falls, Owa knows how many children come to his house to sleep.”
Oh, we are all children of God. But God knows His Own!
Don’t deceive yourself – If you’re not one of His Own, you will hear the Testimonies of the People who are in the Church with you today.
I have not Preached to you, I’ve come to Prophecy because that’s what God asked me to do;
*And every Word I’ve said is already established – Amen!*
But if you are not one of His Own, you would watch others Testify, and you will say, “but I was there: I heard it, I claimed it, how come?’
… And the Almighty God would say: because you are not My Own.


But you can become His Own today if you would stop Pretending!
If you would take a step forward and say:
Lord Jesus, now I Surrender to You: – No more Pretending, I want to be saved. I want You to forgive all my sins. I want to become a True Child of the Living God. I want today to be a day when all things become New for me.
If you do that, the Almighty God will receive you, He will save your Soul, He will take you to join His Family; and I’m telling you, you will never forget this day.
So, if you are here or reading this Message now on the Label of DMC, and you want to surrender your Life to Jesus Christ – You really mean business, do so now!
The Choice is yours!
You can keep on Pretending, but you can become a Child of God today!
Thank you, those of you who are Clapping – It’s Jesus Christ thar you are clapping for. Please, do it wholeheartedly. Keep Clapping, your hands will never wither!
Thank You Lord!
Now, those of you who are are ready to Genuinely surrender your Life to Jesus Christ today, talk to God – This is a very important day for you.
Tell Him: I’m not joking anymore, I’m not Pretending anymore, save my Soul; Forgive all my sins and I will serve You for the rest of my Life.
Please Lord Jesus Christ, become my Saviour, become my Lord. And for the rest of my Life; I will do Your Will.
And the rest of us, Please let’s Stretch our hands towards these our New Brothers and Sisters and intercede for them;
Pray that the One Who saved your Soul would save their own Souls also. Pray that God would have Mercy on them. That His Blood would wash away their sins.
Thank You Father! Glory be to God.
In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Ancient of Days, we want to bless Your Holy Name.
We Thank You for Your Word that has gone forth; we Thank You for these People who are here, ready to surrender their lives to You.
Father Please, receive them; have Mercy on them, save their Souls, write their names in the Book of Life, receive them into the Family of God.
And Father I Pray that from now on, anytime they cry unto You, You will answer them by Fire!
Thank You Almighty God!
In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
Oh, Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!
I rejoice with those of you who have Genuinely surrendered your Life to Jesus Christ today;
And I want to Promise you that from now on, I will be Praying for you.
Very soon, you will be receiving Miracles you have not even asked for. Then you’ll know somebody somewhere is Praying for you.
… That somebody would be me – That’s a Promise: I promise you that.
So, I am going to need your names, your Address and your Prayer Requests.
Now, those of you who are in God’s House of Prayer and you believe God is going to answer you today, Stand on your feet and shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!!!
I’m going to open the Windows of Heaven for you today – I am going to cry to my Father…
*You see, I am Practically overwhelmed with Joy; because this House is a Symbol to me that God does answer Prayers – Amen!*
So, with that heart of Gratitude within me, I’m going to cry to Him, to tell Him: “You are my Daddy, these are Your children that You have given me.
As You have been answering my Prayers, answer their own.”
I think that’s enough a Prayer!
And when I’ve finished Praying that, it will then be your duty to ask God for a Dedication Present.
You are going to ask God for a Miracle that you would remember today by! – A Miracle you can’t Possibly forget; a Miracle that only God can Possibly do.
I hope you understand?
Don’t ask God for small things today.
You are going to ask Him for something really big and He is going to surprise you!
Alright! Now lift your hands to the Most High God:


My Father and my God I want to bless Your Holy Name.
Thank You Lord! Father, Thank You.
Thank You for Your Faithfulness. Thank You that when You speak, it is done.
You told me some of the things that will happen to these Your Children, and now I’m seeing Manifestations.
Father, Thank You!
Please, accept our Thanks in Jesus’ Name!
You’ve asked me to come here today and issue Decrees; I have Decreed to Your Children.
I have Decreed Answered Prayers; I have Decreed Joy; I have Decreed Health, I have Decreed Life, I have Decreed Deliverance, I have Decreed Restoration.
Father, back it up, in Jesus’ Name!
Establish these Decrees, in Jesus’ Name!
Now, in a moment Your Children are going to be asking for Specific Things – Miracles so big that when it is done, People will hear the Testimonies and Shout!
Please Lord, whatever Your Children ask You today, before the Sun sets, let it be done!
No matter how impossible, no matter how dry their bones might be: You who can reverse the Irreversible; today, as they cry unto You, my Father and my God, before the Sun sets, turn their Requests to Testimonies!
Don’t let them leave here empty-handed; answer all their Prayers, Glorify Your Name!
And I Pray that in Your Kingdom, none of us would be missing.
Thank You Almighty God!
In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!
Now, it’s up to you! – It’s between you and God.
*Go ahead and cry unto Him – Ask for Something Big!*
Forget everybody now, it’s you and God – Just go ahead and ask Him for something only God can do.
Go ahead, talk to Him!
Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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