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1. Any time you see a counterfeit – it means the original must be somewhere.

2. If you kill a Muslim – you are killing a potential convert – someone who is dead cannot be converted and of course a Muslim killing a Christian – you are also killing a potential convert. But I think most of the crisis in Nigeria is not really religion – its politics.

3. If you fail to vote, fail to participate in the political situation and someone gets to become your ruler and you say you don’t like the way he’s ruling you – who’s fault? Where were you when he was being voted into power? And if someone gets into power and he’s not doing what you expect him to do – then vote him out.

4. Protesting outside government house – how much has it achieved? You go there – you carry placards, if you’re fortunate – you will return home alive, if you are not fortunate – some overzealous police officer might accidentally discharge some bullets. And you protest day after day after day and after some time you get tired.”

5. The economic situation, social problems that we face in Nigeria have been a very good catalyst in bringing people to Christ.

6. I think the largest number of students I had in one class must be less than 100- now to see you could influence 1million people at a time can be very exciting.”

7. What is the Nigerian way of worship? It is our freedom of worship – the way we dance, shout, enjoy the almighty God.

8. I believe the gospel is for all people. But I believe it is even more for the masses and majority of the masses – if you are going to reach for them you have to be at their level.

9. Everybody should decide who is going to rule over him and you should not complain about anything you permit.”

10. In the past – the people have been so focused on making it to heaven that they don’t want anything to do with politics – politics has gizzards, which is another way of saying politics can be dirty.

11. When you have this kind of congregation – you have members of every party in the congregation and if you want to retain their respect for you – you must be neutral.

12. Make sure you vote for the person of your choice – if the choice you make turns out to be right – glory be to God, if your choice turns out wrong then maybe another time.

13. Don’t look onto government for everything – be creative.

I4. I would have loved to retire – I had plans of what I could do in retirement – when you are retired – you are more or less your own master – wake up whenever you like, go where you want, when you want. If I’m retired I don’t have to be in charge of the congress – I can just come and enjoy.”

15. Don’t let sin truncate your destiny.

16. If I had my way, I would not want influence over anyone but my little family.

17. Of what use is prosperity to you if you are not going to heaven.

18. I love fishing. I used to be a boxer – unfortunately I can’t box anymore, except box the devil maybe.”

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19 . Many are poor because of their sole reliance on government for everything.

20. Christians are the light of the world – should be shining a light not being the salt of the earth which is only of use if its applied – so I think we should be doing more than we are doing now.


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