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Let Us Pray!


The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Jehovah, the Man of War
Your Mercy endureth forever and ever
Oh Praise His Holy Name


The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob; the Original “I am” – The I am that I am, the Unchangeable Lord, the One who knows the End from the Beginning; we Worship You.

We give You all Glory, all Honour, all Adoration for Your Mercy that has kept us thus far – It is of Your Mercy that we are not consumed. It is because that Mercy are renewed everyday, that is why we are still here today. We Worship You Lord. Father, Please accept our Worship in Jesus Name.

Today Your Children are gathered together again to Worship at Your Feet, we Pray that in Your Own Wonderful Way, You will open the Heavens unto us and You will let all the Miracles that can follow from an Open Heaven become available to us.

Help us Oh Lord, speak to us Oh Lord, heal us Oh Lord, set the Captives among us free Oh Lord and let us begin to enjoy Your Mercy like never before.

Thank You Almighty God. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People and say: Good Day, God Bless You Mightily today. And then we may Please be seated.

We will be continuing our Series on: “To Whom The Heavens Open” and today we will be in Part 7.

We will be considering the fact that one of the most important things that happened to Elisha the day he got a Double Portion of the Spirit of Elijah was that the Heavens opened unto him!

We have said that he wasn’t the first or Last to whom the Heavens opened. And so we decided that we will pick these People one by one and see what we can learn from them so that the Heavens may open unto us and we will also know what and what to do after the Heavens has been opened unto us.

So, we started with Noah being the first Person to whom, the Heavens opened. We jumped from there to Abraham and then we have been considering what happened when the Heavens opened to Moses.

We discussed in the Part 6 of this Series Specifically about who exactly is this Moses? And one of the things that we saw about him was that:

I. He was a Man with Special Hands.

He was a Man who could win a war simply by raising up his hands to Heaven. And that, that hand became Special because it touched the Holy Ground.

And we concluded by saying that your hands can also become Very Special so that when you lay hands on the Sick, they will be healed.

II. We said that he was a Man with Special Feet because his feet touched the Holy Ground.

And your own feet too can also become Special as you go on with the Almighty God.

III. And we also said that he was a Man with Special Faith that was Shinnining so Bright that he has to cover his face with a veil before People can come near him. And that is simply because he saw God.

And that we too can have a visit that will be Shinning as the Sun; Particularly as we behold the Glory of God and are transformed from Glory to Glory.

But today, we want to back up a little bit as we consider who is this Man called Moses?

And we see that basically, Moses is a “Child of Destiny”.

And our Bible Text for today is going to be found in Jeremiah 1: 4-5:

Jeremiah 1:4-5:

4. Then the Word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

5. Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a Prophet unto the Nations.

The Almighty God made it clear that before any of us ever come into this world, we were known by God!

He knew our Parents, He brought them together to Produce a Very Special Person and that Person has a Specific Assignment that the Almighty God has for him.

So, you are not here by Accident – That is very important!

You and I are “Children of Destiny” – God knew what He was doing when He brought us into the world. And He will use any means to make sure that He gets us there!

So, there is no Accident in the birth of any Child!

Occasionally, Parents are desperately looking for a boy and God gives them a girl because it is the girl that He wants to send for a time like this.

He knows what He is doing – He knows the End from the Beginning. He knows your End before you were born.

Moses was a Child of Destiny – That is Good News for you and I that we too are Children of Destiny..

So what exactly do we mean by saying that Moses was a Child of Destiny?

In Genesis 15: 13-14; God was speaking to Abraham – And He told him that your Seed, your Children they are going to be Strangers in a Particular Land and they are going to be there for at least four hundred (400) years. And then God said something very interesting – He said when this your Seed or your children will be leaving that Nation where they will be Strangers, they will leave with a lot of Wealth.

Oh, talk about a God who knows the End from the Beginning.

It will interest you to know that it is written in Exodus 12: 35-36; that when the Children of Israel were leaving Egypt, the Almighty God said that they “Spoilt the Egyptians”.

The meaning of that Statement is that they Practically raided the Treasuries of Egypt – The Egyptians were too eager to let them go that they gave to the Children of Israel anything that they asked for.

They (Children of Israel) left Egypt loaded with the Wealth of Egypt – This was Prophesised more than four hundred (400) years before.

Don’t think that God does not know where you are going to End – That is very important!

So, you are a Child of Destiny just like Moses – And that is Joy for anyone to know that: Moses was a Child of Destiny, the Heavens opened unto him. I am a Child of Destiny and one day, the Heavens will open to me too also.

And so the devil was waiting for Moses – He knew what God Prophesised. That at a Particular Period in History, the children of Israel is going to leave Egypt and so the devil was waiting for him. That Somebody is going to be born very soon; who will lead Israel out of Egypt

So, around the time when Moses was to be born, suddenly the King made a decree in Exodus 1: 15-17 that every Male child born to the children of Israel must be killed.

The devil knew that the child that is going to be born is going to be a boy – It will take a Man to lead these People out of Egypt.

So, the King made a decree because if you read the Story very well in Exodus 1: 15-17; the children of Israel began to multiply Mightily again based on the Prophesy of God.

Saying: Abraham, I am going to multiply you Greatly. And so all of a sudden, the children of Israel began to multiply. And the more they were Persecuted, the more they increased.

And so the devil moved the King of Egypt to say that every boy that is born get him killed.

But the Bible said that Moses escaped death from even the hands of the Midwives because the King said if it is girl that is born, let the girl live but if it is a boy killed him. The Midwives did not obey the King because God was in Control.

God had been in Control of your Life long before you were born – He was in Control the day you came into this world.

I was trying to explain to some of my children that: Oh, Praise God that some of you came at a time when things were much better.

I. In the time that People like me was born, there was Nobody called a Midwife, there is no Hospital, no Maternity Center.

II. When we were born, our Unbiblical Cord was cut with any knife the Old Woman in the house can find.

The knife that only God knows how many germs were there and somehow, we survived.

III. We were in the time that if we therefore fall sick, they give us Concortions that they put together and there was no dosage. The more you drink of it, they thought that is better for you.

IV. When you are sick and your body is very hot, temperature extreme; that is when the mama (Meaning Mother) will put you at his back and wrapped clothes round you so that you can get hotter.

And yet we survived because we were all Children of Destiny.

So, you were here and we escaped death because in Deuteronomy 32:39; the Almighty God said: I am the one who decides who will live; I am the one who decides who will die. It is the One that He kills that dies and the one that He keeps alive that will be alive.

Which is another God News for you today – Nobody can kill you unless God is ready. It doesn’t matter how many attempts the enemies may make on your Life; only God can kill.

And that is Good News because we are living at very dangerous times – We don’t know who is a friend, we don’t know who is an enemy, we don’t know who are Planning to destroy you but be at Peace Child of God, you won’t die unless God said so.

And until He is ready to bring you back home, you are here – Safe and Secured!

So, Moses as a Child of Destiny, death was waiting for him when he came and then God made sure that he did not die.

And God did something extra – He got this boy raised by his arch enemy. The very Person that this boy is going to bring down on his knees was the one who Paid for his Maintenance.

So, He shows you that He is the Almighty.

He got his mother to put him in a basket, put him in a River; He got the Princess to come to bath at the right time, found the boy, Pulled him out of the water, got his mother again to come and take care of him and then she Paid for the Upkeep.

Then when the boy was old enough, they brought him to the Palace – He was going up and down, trained and raised by the very People that he was going to spoil later on in Life.

He says in His Words in Psalms 23:5 – He says: Thou Preparest a Table before me in the Presence of my enemies.

You have been growing, you have been Succeeding, you have been Prospering even though you are surrounded by enemies. Because there is a Power that is above all Powers; there is a God – The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the Lord of Host Himself.

And when He says you will Prosper in the Presence of your enemies, so shall it be – Amen.

And then Moses began to grow and there was something within him that kept on telling him – You are like a Prince now in Egypt but you have a Purpose!

Destiny kept on beating in his Heart – Telling him: Oh, Oh; you are born a Deliverer. You are not to stay here in Egypt, Pretending to be a Prince. This very People that are being treated as Slaves, they are your “True Flesh and Blood” and you have an Assignment for them.

So one day, according to Exodus 2: 11-12; the Bible says that Moses want to go and see what is going on in the field where his Flesh and Blood were moulding blocks and bricks and building.

And he saw an Egyptian ill-treating an Hebrews Boy and here he comes, riding in as a Prince of Egypt and he said what is this Injustice all about?

And then he intervened – And in his intervening, his anger got a better of him and he killed the Egyptian. You know the Story.

There are many of you who from time to time, something within you tells you – You are more than who you think that you are.

Deep down within you, you know that you are not here for fun but you are here for a Mighty Purpose. And that thing keep Pushing you, telling you that God has an Assignment for you.

I Pray for everyone listening to me today or reading now on the Label of – That Assignment that God has for you; He will reveal it to you today – Amen!

And then we learnt a Big Lesson from him – He tries to achieve the Purpose of God by using “Raw Physical Strength”. And oh how terrible that he failed.

If there is any Lesson to learnt from Moses, from that incident; it is that according to Zechariah 4:6; it is not by Power (Physical Power), not by Might (Physical Might) but by the Spirit of the Almighty God.

The Assignment God has for you cannot be achieved by Human Abilities – You are going to need the Spirit of the Living God to achieve it.

Because the Purpose of God for your Life is “Too Big” for you to achieve it on your own Strength!

Where God is taking you to cannot be reached by Human Reasoning, by Human Ability, by Human Education at all.

Each time that I looked back at my own Life, I found out that Step by Step; God brought me to where I am.

I have said it before – A Mathematician should not be a Pastor.

Why? Because Mathematics and Christianity logically speaking are running in Parallel Lines.

A Mathematician goes by Proofs – You Proof it and I believed it.

Christianity says: You believed it, I will Proof it.

It says that the Just shall live by Faith.

And then the Almighty God crossed the Parallel Lines – He grabbed a Mathematician and turn him to a Pastor. Only God can do that.

I can tell you Stories upon Stories that led me to where I am today – And thank God that He is still in Control and I know that there is a Great Future ahead of all of us.

But you are going to need the Spirit of the Living God – It is not by Power, not by Might but by my Spirit.

And then, what about the Days in the Desert because as a result of the mistake of Moses, he ended up in the backside of the Desert and he waa there for forty (40) years.

Several Lessons to Learn:

I. Destiny could be delayed but it will not be denied.

Oh, you could take the Example of Joseph in Genesis 37: 5-11 – God showed Joseph what He is going to become. How he is going to be the Ruler even over his Brethrens. But you know the Story, you know how everything went.

One way or the other, he was sold into Slavery, he got himself into Prison for obeying and being True to God. And in the Prison, he met certain People, help them – One got to the Palace and told him not to forget him.

That one forgot him Promptly. Why? – For your “Ultimate Destiny”, God has a Time Table.

I can tell you that when finally in Genesis 50: 15-21; when the brothers of Joseph came to him, fell before his face and said that we will be your Servant. I am sure that Joseph would have remembered that this is where God was taking me.

So, when God was ready, that was when all of a sudden; the Heavens was opened.

When you read Exodus 2: 23-25; the Bible says that after the children of Israel were suffering but God was counting the years.

When the Almighty God saw that the Particular Time that He had in Mind had come; He said alright now, let’s do something about it.

That is when Exodus Chapter 3 followed – That is when the Heavens opened unto Moses.

Because it is written in Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8; God has a Time Table for everything.

And when you read Acts 2: 1-4; the Bible says something. It says that when the Day of Pentecost was finally come, that is when the Heavens opened to the Apostles.

There is a Time that God has attached to your Destiny!

My Prayer is that, that Time will be now – Amen!

Oh, because He says in His Words in Habakkuk 2:3 – He said that the Vision is for a Particular Time. If you think that it is tarrying, wait for it as it is coming.

Where God is taking you to, you are going to arrive. There might seems to be things that are causing you delay but the Almighty God is working His Purpose Out!

And I believed in the Mighty of Jesus Christ, the Day for Somebody to suddenly see the Heavens opening is today – Amen!

Why? Because God is never late as He is always on Time.

Psalms 46:1 tells us that He is the Ever Help in the times of Trouble.

… He comes in at the Right Time – Never too late and you can’t force Him!

As soon as the Time comes, certain things will work out for your Glory!

Which is why He says in His Words concerning some of you who are listening to me now or reading now on the Label of who has not yet surrendered your Life to Him (Jesus Christ).

In 2 Corinthians 6:2 – He says: Today is the Day of Salvation.

You are listening to this Message or reading now on the Label of and all of a sudden something in you says that it seems it is me that the Pastor is talking to.

Oh yes, God is saying that there is an “Accepted Time” – And for your Salvation, today is the Day of your Salvation.


So, if you are listening to me or reading now on the Label of and you have not given your Life to Jesus Christ; I beg you – Don’t let this Day Pass you by because you may never get another opportunity.

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So, if you haven’t given your Life to Jesus Christ, Please respond now because God is passing by you and He is beckoning unto you saying: Come, this is your Day of Salvation.

Go to Him, bow your Head to Him and cry to Him for Salvation.

Begin to Pray and say: Lord, I come to You; Please save my Soul today and I will begin to serve You like I have never done before.

And the rest of us, Oh let us thank the Almighty God because this might be the Day the Lord has made – The Day when we are going to rejoice, the Day when we are going to be glad, the Day when the Heavens are going to open unto us.

Let Us Pray!


My Father and my God, I want to Thank You once again for Your Words.

I give You all the Glory and Honour for the People whom the Heavens will open today – Those of you who are rushing to Him now, crying to God for Salvation.

Please receive them, save their Souls, let Your Blood wash away their sins, receive them into the Family of God today and let the Heavens open unto them.

And for us – Those of us who are Your Children, those of us who knows that without any doubt; that we are Children of Destiny. Please Lord God, let our Day come today, let the Heavens open to us and we will Praise You Forever.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Now, I want to rejoice with those of you who have given your Life – I want to thank God for your Life because this is a New Beginning for you.

I will love to be Praying for you from now on – If you Please let me have your names, your Addresses and your Prayer Requests. And I will be Praying for you.

Please go to the nearest The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) to you and ask the Pastor there – What do I do now. I have just given my Life to Jesus Christ and they will counsel you.

God Bless You all in Jesus Mighty Name – Amen!

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