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OPEN HEAVENS MARCH 2021 Tuesday March 2

OPEN HEAVENS MARCH 2021 Tuesday March 2


Memorise: Go and tell my servant David, Thus saith the LORD, Shalt thou build me an house for me to dwell in? 2 Samuel 7:5

Read: 2 Samuel 7:1-17

March Open heaven
March Open heaven

Many times, listen to people preach and I notice certain things they say that are not correct. This makes it pertinent for me to share with you that thee vessel bringing the message is very important. This is not necessarily because the fellow preaching Is a sinner, but rather that sometimes, preachers say things based on their emotions. Pastors are human too, you know. For example, in Our Bible reading for today, David told Nathan that he wanted to build a house for God and Nathan said God was with him.

And Nathan said to the king, Go, do all that is in thine heart; for the LORD is with thee. 2 Samuel 7:3

Nathan was excited at the thought of a temple for his God. He also assumed that God would be excited about the idea too, so to him, God was definitely in support of David. Later on, God told him, “Nathan, I am not in support of David’s idea to build a house for Me as you told him”. Thank God that Nathan was humble enough to go back to tell David that he was wrong, and then he relayed the real message from God to him.

Dear child of God, please always ensure that you are relaying the correct message from God to the people, and not just what you feel is correct. Also, because you are human, if it so happens that you say something that is not correct and God corrects you later, please don’t hesitate to tell the people the correct thing.

Some other times, the message is coming from God but may be polluted by the human nature or spirit. No matter how pure the water may be, the vessel has something to do with the final product. This is why we children of God must ensure that we are led by the Holy spirit at all times. No passing of a message in the flesh is allowed at all. No matter your opinion on an issue, if God gives you a related message, deliver it exactly as relayed by God. Don’t let your culture influence a message from God. Don’t let your emotions, whether anger or excitement influence how you pass on a message from God. Being used by God is a privilege that should never be taken with levity.

If you are not yet being used by God however, ask yourself if you have yielded completely to Him. Purify yourself with the blood of Jesus and you will become fit for the Masters use.

OPEN HEAVENS MARCH 2021 hymn 14: Jesus my Lord My God, My All

Action point: Please pray for me as mark another birthday anniversary today, that the lord will do greater things than ever before through me, for His glory, in the Mighty name of jesus

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