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OPEN HEAVENS MARCH 2021 Wednesday March 17


Memorise: And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Matthew 3:2

Read: Acts 5:1-10

OPEN HEAVENS MARCH 2021 Wednesday March 17
OPEN HEAVENS MARCH 2021 Wednesday March 17

When people hear the topic of today, they feel the preacher is only trying to manipulate them into surrendering their lives to Christ immediately.

There is no need for a preacher to manipulate you; if he says tomorrow may be too late, he knows what he is saying. I have seen, many times, where a fellow did not get the chance to repent before he or she died and went to face judgement in heaven. They refused to repent when they had the chance until it became too late.

There was a chief I had been preaching to for years, who kept saying he would repent but not yet. One day, he suddenly had a stroke but managed to tell his people to Send for me. I went, prayed for him and God healed him. Then I said”Chief, I sense that God only gave you a second chance. Will you give your life to Him now?” He said “Not yet”. The next time I heard about him, he was dead.

There was another man who was sick and at the point of death. I went to pray for him, but each time I came to the hospital, somehow, I was unable to see him. I kept trying to see him for about two days but couldn’t. At last when it seemed like I would be able to see him the next day, I arrived at the hospital and learnt that he had died. If only I had gotten the chance to see him, I would have asked him to give his life to Christ first before praying for him. If he had died then, at least I would have known that he went to heaven.

There was another man -a Pastor, someone people looked up to as a great man of God. I got the report that he was committing sexual immorality with girls and he denied it so I set up a committee to investigate. In the meantime, put the Pastor on suspension. The people investigating brought evidence to prove that he was guilty of the allegations against him. The plan was to walk him through a process of repentance, but while the investigation was ongoing, he died in a car accident

Beloved, it may seem as if there will always be time to repent and start living holy, but tomorrow really may Be too late. Everyone has a cup; the day that cup gets full is the day the fellow’s time to repent runs out. In your own interest, drop that sin and begin to live holy from today. A word is enough for the wise.

OPEN HEAVENS MARCH 2021 Hymn 29: What Can Wash Away My Stain?

Key Point: tomorrow may be too late.

Bible in one year: Exodus 38-39

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