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The Bible says, God is a Spirit: and they that Worship Him must Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24).

We are many here tonight, but God is looking for someone in Particular or reading now on the Label of DMC, to give a New Song to. And that Fellow is going to be the one who can Worship Him the most.

So, I want you to go ahead and just Worship Him: Bless His Holy Name, give Him Glory, give Him Honour, give Him Adoration. Praise His Holy Name.

Give Him the kind of Worship that He cannot resist. Worship Him, Bless His Holy Name.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Worshipped – Amen.


You are the Mighty God
The Great I AM,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
You are the Mighty God
The Great I AM,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah.



The King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Almighty, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Unchangeable Changer, the One Who has no Beginning and has no Ending:

The Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning, the Ending, the One Who was, the One Who is, the One Who is to come, the Almighty.

Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace; the I AM THAT I AM, The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob. Glory be to Your Holy Name!

Oh, Father accept our Worship, in Jesus’ Name.

Tonight Father, all we are requesting is that You Prove Yourself: show Your children that You are truly the Almighty.

Before we leave here Lord God Almighty, Please put a New Song in our mouth, save Souls tonight, heal tonight, set Captives free tonight. Just let all be well tonight.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Let someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

And then you may Please, be seated!

Glory be to God!

There is someone here or reading now on the Label of DMC, who will never weep again – Amen.

I know there is somebody hearing me tonight or reading now on the label of DMC, who believes that God is going to solve his or her Problems – Amen.

God is here tonight, so I ask: When do you want your Miracle? – Now!

Okay! Let somebody shout another Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

Psalms 118:14

The LORD is my Strength and Song, and is become my Salvation.

… Let’s start with a little bit of definition.


In the simplest Language, Strength is what it takes to get a job done.

For example, if I want to move this table from here to the end of the Hall; a little boy would not have enough Strength to get the job done. I will need someone who is Strong.

Strength is what it takes to get a job done – It is an Inner Force.

Just like Electricity, you can’t see it. You can only see Strength by the result a Produces.

For example in Judges 16:14-15, when Samson took the jawbone of an Ass and dealt with a thousand (1,000) Soldiers; when he killed a thousand (1,000) soldiers. I believed the others fled! They knew, “this man has Extraordinary Strength.”

That is why when in Judges 16:15, after he had uprooted the Gate of the City, and then got married to one of their girls; they told her, “find out what the Source of his Strength is.”

However, you hear Paul Praying for the Ephesians in the Book of Ephesians 3:16 – He Prayed that God would Strengthen them in the Inner Mind.

Strength is Inside, it is an Unseen Force. It resides inside the Person who is Strong.

But tonight you don’t want to talk about just Ordinary Strength used in moving chairs for example; we want to look at the deeper definition of Strength.

In a deeper sense, what is Strength?

Strength is that which enables you to achieve the Purpose of your Life.

And believe me sincerely, according to the Word of God, God has a Purpose for your Life.

And as the Lord knows, that Purpose for your Life shall be fulfilled – Amen.

Immediately you will be going to say: What then is the Purpose for my Life?

I can give you one Comprehensive Purpose for your Life; and that is to bring Pleasure to God.

The Bible tells us that you were created for His Pleasure – God Sent you into this world, to give Him Pleasure.

As a matter of fact, every Part of your body was created Specifically to give Pleasure to God:

1. Your Hands: For example, your hands are created to clap!

That is why God says in Psalms 47:1, clap your hands all ye People – Everybody!

And that is why if you read Mark 3:1-5, talking about the man with the withered hand.

Withered Hand means:

– When your hands cannot achieve what it is to achieve;

– When you cannot spend as you used to spend;

When you can’t get certain things done as you used to be able to do them; they say your hand is Withered.

I just want to Decree that anyone here today or reading now on the Label of DMC with a Withered hand; before you go out of here, your hand will be restored – Amen.

2. Your Legs: Whether you believe it or not, the basic reason why God created your legs is so that they can dance for Him – He created you for His Pleasure!

I mean, read Psalms 150:4, it says you should Praise Him in the dance.

You see what happened in Acts 3:1-10; it talks about a man who was born Lame – Meaning that the legs were not able to Perform the Purpose of God for legs.

That is why when he was asking for money, God say to this man (through Peter), what you need is not money: “What you need is that your legs should fulfill it’s Purpose.”

The Bible says, when Peter took him by the hand, his ankle bone received Strength.

He got Strength and jumped up! – He wasn’t just Walking: he was Leaping and Praising God. He was dancing.

I Decree in the Name of the One Who sent me, that when you are leaving here in the morning you would be dancing – Amen!

If you want to know how important dancing is to God, then you should read the Story of 2 Samuel 6:14-23 – It tells us the Story of a King called David.

Because I know that many of you don’t dance, because you are ‘Big People’.

Back home in Africa, we dance! Particularly those of us who are ‘Small’; so that God can make us ‘Big’.

When a King was dancing and his wife saw him dancing, the Bible tells us the woman looked at him and said, what is wrong with this Fellow? Don’t you know you are dancing like a “Common Man”?

God was so upset, that he made sure that woman never had a child.

Your legs you were made to dance!

… Do I give you one (1) Minute to dance? Yes!

Alright, go ahead and show Him that your legs can dance for Him; that you are not “Too Big” to dance for Him.

Let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah! Glory be to God – Amen.

3. Your MOUTH: Do you know the most important reason God created your mouth? It is so that you can sing and shout!

So when He asked you to clap your hands, the next thing He asked you to do is shout unto God (Psalms 150:5).

When you look at Psalms 98:4, when He was telling us to shout – It was to the whole Earth. It was a Command to the whole Earth.

He created your mouth Principally to sing His Praise, to shout unto Him.

I know there might be some of you who cannot sing as beautifully as this fantastic Artists who Ministered today.

But He knows that anybody can shout. That is the reason He says, “make a Joyful noise.”

And there is a Story that will help you understand this Point very well – It is a Matthew 12:22.

They brought a man to Jesus Christ, the Bible says the man was blind and dumb.

Jesus healed him. And they said, “the man both spake and saw.”

… Blind and Dumb – Speak and Saw!

I am thinking like a Mathematician – If you were “Blind and Dumb”, it should be “he Saw and Spake”.

But they turned the thing – He Spake first before he Saw.

… God wants your mouth to open first even before you begin to see.

I am sure by now you are beginning to understand why I have to sit down – This Festival of Life (FOL) is not just an Ordinary one; I want us to do some serious Bible Study, so you won’t forget it in a hurry.

You are made for a Purpose and you need the Strength to fulfill that Purpose.

It is very difficult to shout; for example, if you have been Fasting for thirty (30) days and thirty (30) nights – Because by then you will be weak. So you need Strength to shout, you need Strength to dance, you need Strength to clap, et cetera.


Strength can come from various Sources, but only one of the Sources is the most reliable – And that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let me show you very quickly;

1. Strength can come from Youthfulness:

When you are Young, you are Strong.

Proverbs 20:29 says the Glory of the Youth is in their Strength.

But Isaiah 40:30 tells you, the Strength that comes from Youthfulness is Unreliable.

Because even Young men can become tired, they can become weary, they can even utterly fall – The Strength of Youth can be drained.

2. Money can give you Strength:

On Ecclesiastes 10:19, the Bible says “money answereth all things.”

I might not be Physically Strong enough to carry this table from here to the back of the hall. But I can Pay somebody to do it for me.

All that is important is that I get the job done!

So, if I have money I have Strength.

I think there was an inscription in the Old Arena when it was first opened. I don’t know if it’s still there.

They wrote there – “When money is speaking Nobody checks the Grammar.”

Money answereth all things! – So money can supply the Strength you don’t have Physically.

However, Money can fly away!

Proverbs 23:5 says money can develop wings and fly away.

… So the Strength can comes from money is Unreliable!

3. And then, Strength can come from Association:

Ecclesiastes 12:10-12 says, two are better than one. The other one can Supply the Strength to lift him up.

And then if somebody is trying to box your friend to a comma, you can come in and supply the Additional Strength to overcome the enemy.

But when we are talking about Association, it has to be a “Good Association”, to be Profitable.

Because in 1 Corinthians 15:33; the Bible says: “Evil Communications corrupt Good Manners.”

And Proverbs 13:20 tells us straightaway that, the Companion of fools shall be destroyed.

So, if you are talking of Strength from Association, what kind of Association are you talking about?

4. Strength can come from Wisdom:

Ecclesiastes 7:19 tells us that Wisdom Strengthens the Wise more than ten (10) Mighty men.

In other words, a Wise man may be Stronger than ten (10) Mighty men put together.

But Wisdom can fail.

Oh, Thank You Father!

The Lord says there is for somebody here tonight, or reading now on the Label of DMC – You came in with a Blood Group “SS”.

He asked me to tell you, “go and see your Doctor again; your Blood Type now is “AA” – Amen.

Thank You Father!

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 1: 19-20 that God can turn the Wisdom of men to foolishness.

There are situations where Wisdom will fail.

There are situations when the Doctors would say to you, “there is nothing more we can do – We have reached our Limit”.

Now, that they reached their Limits, then God begins! Because the Strength of the Almighty God has no Limits.

I wasn’t Planning to tell you Stories tonight; but there was a situation long ago – A woman came to us and said the daughter in America was Pregnant and was about to deliver.

The Doctors checked and found that the baby was too big to be delivered Naturally. So they wanted to Perform a Cesarean Operation.

And then they checked the Blood of the woman and found that the woman was suffering from a very rare disease. And that is: her Blood can never Clot. So they knew that if they cut her open, she will bleed to death, because there will be no way of stopping the bleeding

Now they had a Problem – The baby can’t come out on his own; the woman cannot be operated upon. So the daughter informed the mother and said, “what am I going to do?”

The mother came to us; I didn’t know why God said I should ask her to bring two (2) Handkerchiefs.

She brought two (2) Handkerchiefs; I held them in my hands and Prayed. I said she should go to America, lay the Handkerchiefs on the daughter.

She got there, laid one Handkerchief on the daughter and told the Doctors that they should Please watch for sometime.

By the following morning she came back to see the Doctor in the Hospital; they searched everywhere they couldn’t find the Handkerchief.

And the woman said no Problem, I brought two (2) Handkerchiefs – The second one she didn’t just give it to the girl; she tied it so tightly round her wrist that anyone who is going to get rid of it would have to cut off the wrist.

The Doctors said they couldn’t wait much longer, that they would wait till at 10am – If nothing happens they will bring out the baby, and take their Chances with the mother.

The baby came at 8am – Hallelujah!

If there is anyone here today or reading now on the Label of DMC, and you find yourself in a situation whereby Science can no longer help you: receive your Deliverance, in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

5. Now the Strength that comes from the LORD is the Most Reliable:

Why? It is always Constant! It doesn’t fade.

– It is not as if you have the Strength in the Morning and it is gone in the Evening.

– It’s not that you are having Strength when you are Young and now when you are Old, the Strength is gone.

Because if it is coming from the Lord, according to Hebrew 13:8 – Jesus Christ the same Yesterday and Today and Forever.

If the Lord is your Strength, your Strength will be constant even in old age!

Deuteronomy 34:7 tells us that even at one hundred and twenty (120) years, Moses was still as Strong as Possible: his eyes were bright, and his Natural force unabated.

And the Strength that comes from the Lord is Comprehensive:

Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me.”

… All things!

I. According to Mark 16:17-18, I can even lay hands on the sick and they will recover – Amen!

Because that is what you would begin to do from now on – Amen.

II. t also means I can cast out devils – The same mouth that is created to Praise God can command demons to leave!

Because when he says I can cast out Demons, it doesn’t mean I will go into the body of the Fellow who has Demons, grab the Demons with my both hands and throw it away.

You command!

And so straightaway, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, every Demons that followed you here, I Command that they get out now – Amen.

III. Do you know according to Mark 11:23, the same mouth that you use in Praising God can move Mountains?

… You speak to the Mountains and it would move!

And in the Name that’s above every other names, I speak to every Mountain here today, get out in Jesus’ Name – Amen.


That’s the Cruise of the matter!

1. I can get the Strength from His Joy:

Thank You Father!

The Lord says there’s someone here tonight, or reading now on the Label of DMC – That when you do just a little job; any little exertion, you begin to Pant.

He asked me to tell you, from now on, that is over – Amen!

Nehemiah 8:10 tells us that the Joy of the Lord is our Strength.

So if I want to get Strength; all I need is get Joy from the Lord.

And He says the Joy is there for the asking.

In John 16:24 He says “ask until your Joy be full.”

2. I can get Strength from the Lord through His Name:

In Philippians 2:9-11, the Bible made it clear, “at the mention of the Name of Jesus every knees shall bow.”

Which means I can get any job done by using the Name of the Lord Jesus.

For Example, in 1 Samuel 17:42-51; David said to Goliath, “you have come with all manner of Human Resources that you thought will give you Victory; but I come against you in the Name of the Lord of Host.”

And before the battle is over, it was Goliath who was down with his head off.

The Name!

Let me hear somebody shout Jesus – JESUS!

That Name Supplies so much Strength; because in John 14:14 it is written, “if you he ask anything in my Name I will do it for you.”

Any work you want done, ask God to do it for you and He said, it would be done!

Thank You Father!

The Lord says there is for somebody here tonight, or reading now on the Label of DMC: He said you are forgetting things frequently and easily.

He asked me to tell you, “I will revive your Memory – Amen.

Thank You Daddy!

The Lord asked me to tell Somebody here tonight and by extension reading on the Label of DMC:

You once Dreamt of becoming Great, but the Dream has faded because of the circumstances in which you find yourself.

My Daddy asked me to tell you, “I will revive the Dream and I will bring it to Pass – Amen!

Now, if you are that one, I think you should shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

If you are that Fellow, I want you to Stand on your feet, and with anger Command every Mountain in your Life to move!

… You can get things done through His Mighty Name – Things can be done through His Mighty Name!

I can never forget the Story (I know you’ve heard it before) but it is very Significant;

I was traveling several years ago from Ibadan (Capital City of Oyo State in Nigeria) to a town called Ilorin (Capital City of Kwara State in Nigeria).

On the way, there was this Narrow Bridge – The Bridge was so Narrow it can only take one vehicle at a time.

So if you are approaching the Bridge, you will see a Sign “Narrow Bridge ahead.”

So you will slow down because if there is another Vehicle on the Bridge before you got there, you will park; otherwise you want to drown. Because the Narrow Bridge was over a very deep River.

We were already on the Bridge, when a Trailer (you call it Truck here) was coming from the other side. Whether he didn’t see us or he couldn’t stop, we never found out. But he just came on the Bridge all the same! And he was coming at top speed.

My driver and I, we had a Choice – Either to die by head-on collision or to via into the River below and drown. There was no time to Pray, but there was enough time to shout the Name Jesus.

Both of us spontaneously shouted the Name JESUS!!!!

We met the Truck in the middle of the Bridge and somehow we Passed! – He went his way; he didn’t even wait.

That Name has Power! And it is responsible for my still being alive today. Glory be to God – Hallelujah.

Now when we got to the other side of the Bridge; my Driver was so badly shaking that he Parked!

And he was still shaking like banana leaf.

Fortunately for me, he didn’t look back because I was shaking more than he was.

By the time he was able to compose himself to ask me any Question, I had settled down.

He said “Daddy what happened?” I said “God expanded the Bridge.” – Hallelujah!

And for the rest of the Journey to Ilorin, the boy just kept on saying Wonderful!

I said, that is His Name!

Are you in a tight corner? Let me hear you shout the Name – JESUS!!!

3. Then I can collect Strength through His Blood:

Enough Strength to defeat the worse of all enemies – Satan himself!

In Revelation 12:10-11; the Bible says, we overcame him (That’s the devil) by the Blood of the Lamb.

Many of us don’t know the Power in the Blood of Jesus Christ.

A few of us had, had to deal with some terrible evil forces. And our Victory had come through Pleading the Blood.

There is so much Power Mighty in the Blood of Jesus Christ, that He can subdue Satan himself.

If you pay attention to the Song the Choir rendered tonight, you would find all these things there – Because of the Blood I can overcome even the bad devil.

4. And then I can get Strength from His Word:

Thank You Daddy.

I won’t embarrass you: But the Lord says there is for somebody here tonight, or reading now on the Label of DMC – That you belong to a very dangerous cult.

You were deceived into it – You didn’t know what you were entering into when you joined. Because of their threats that if you dare leave they will kill you;

That my Daddy asked me to tell you tonight that he will “Unplug You” – Amen!

The Word of God is forever settled (Psalms 118:89).

And when the Lord Jesus had to fight the devil himself in Matthew 4:1-11, the Weapon He used was “It is written.”

The devil never never argued against “it is written”. All he did was that he too tried to quote the Bible. And of course, he quoted them very wrong.

But I want to assure you: There is Mighty Strength in the Word of God – If it is written, the devil can’t Change it.

And it is written in Psalms 118:17 (I believe God was talking about me when He wrote that Passage); that I shall live and not die; and I am going to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the living.

So on the basis of that alone I can declare that the Appointment somebody has with Death is Postponed – Amen.

5. And then I can get Strength from His Love:

Simply because He loves me, I have enough Strength to win any battle.

According to Romans 8:37, we are More Than Conquerors through Christ that loved us.

And do you know the meaning of “More Than Conquerors?” – It simply means winning without fighting.

If you look at Romans 8:31; it makes it clear, “If God be for us who can be against us?”

And the Good News is: He Loves Us! – “For God so loved the world…”

And I am sure you are included among those People.

But the beauty of it is whether you believe it or not; He loves some People a bit more.

For Example, I know He loves me more than He loves you.

You’ll agree with me that He loves some People extra.

So, when my daughter (Minister Mercy Chinwo-Blessed) was singing “Excess Love”; I said, just go ahead, and you are right on target!

He loves some People more than others.

If He loves you more than your Neighbour, let your Hallelujah be louder than that of your Neighbour – Hallelujah!

One thing His love does for you is that you may even be getting the things that you are not aware of.

– I want to say Amen to this before I tell you;

Because Daddy says, the Last Miracle you got was a big one. He said, but the one that is coming would be Bigger – Amen.

Isaiah 54:15 says, Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.

You will be Childish to think everybody loves you – No!

As a matter of fact, you will be amazed to know that some People hate you that are Members of your Household.

I am not the one who said so, it is the Lord Jesus Christ.

He said “a man’s foes shall be People of his own Household.”

Only God can tell how many Meetings are being held behind your back to do you evil. But God loves you, that is why when they gathered together He scatters them!

And that is why you can go home singing tonight – Because it doesn’t matter how many of them are gathering together against you, they shall be scattered – Amen!

… All these are very beautiful Sources of Strength for Him but then I like this one;

6. You can draw a lot of Strength from His Promises:

Numbers 23:19 tells us that He is not like the People you know, who would be Promising you things when they know they are lying. Making Promises that they know they are not going to keep!

It says, “God is not a man that he should lie.” When he Promises you something, He is going to do it. It may take time, but He will bring it to pass.

Every Promise of God that you have received, Particularly tonight; would come to Pass – Amen.

Why? Because in the 2 Corinthians 1:21- One the Music Ministers also referred to it tonight, “His Promises are ye and Amen.”

I. And one of the Promises of God is that, you can go to war confident that you will win.

Now that is “Real Strength”.

Why? – Isaiah 54:17 He says clearly, “No weapon formed against you shall Prosper and every tongue that shall rise against you in Judgement shall condemn.”

That is a Promise of the Almighty God – And He can never ever lie.

As a matter of fact in Deuteronmy 28:7; He says, The LORD shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways.

In other words, you are not the one who would do the fighting; you will just be watching and see them being smitten.

… By the way, who is God talking about here? – The DMC FAMILY MEMBERS!

II. Another Promise of His that I am sure you will love so much is in Deuteronmy 28:18; It says no matter what happens, you will always end up on Top.

When We are young we used to play with house cats. We would hold the four legs (of the cat) and put the back on the floor. And then we would remove our hands. As soon as we removed our hands (just like Lightning) the cat is back on its feet.

The Elders in Africa have a saying: “The back of the cat does not touch the Ground”.

That is another way of saying, it doesn’t matter what is happening you won’t lose.

And I believe sincerely in my Heart that there is somebody who needs that Word tonight – It doesn’t matter what’s going on, you will win – Amen.

At the beginning of the Festival of Life (FOL); we used to hold Dinners for other Men of God. Because we are very small then, we wanted them to cooperate with us.

And so we would hold a Dinner Party and ask one (1) or two (2) of them to speak – Hoping that they will bring their Congregation, so that we can Pray together for Revival.

Well, quite a few of them ate our Dinner and never turned up.

But one day I went to one of such Meetings and my Heart was troubled about several things, and I was Praying “God, speak to me tonight!”

Is there anybody here tonight saying: “God speak to me?” Yes – The DMC FAMILY MEMBERS!

Well, may I speak to you on His behalf and said: it shall be well with you – Amen.

And so, one of the Preachers we invited was Preaching and all of a sudden he just broke away from the Topic and said, I made a discovery last week and it is that “at last, you will win!” And then I knew he was talking to me.

There somebody here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC; lift your hand high – The Almighty God say: At last, I will win!

That is His Promise!

He says it doesn’t matter what is happening, you will always be Head and not Tail; Above only and never beneath.

Thank You Father!

I want to say Amen to this also, before I tell you;

Daddy says somebody came here tonight or is reading now on the Label of DMC – That the reason He brought you here tonight is to just hear this Word:

And the Word is: “I have moved Mountains for you before, I will do so again – Amen!

… Please, let’s give the Lord a big round of applause for that!

7. Now I get a lot of my Strength from the many Titles of the Lord.

We know His Name; but He has many Titles;

For example:

I One of His Titles is found in Exodus 15:26 “I am the Lord that healeth thee.”

That gives me enough Strength to overcome any Sickness.

Because, like I shared with some of you not too long ago: when a Fellow is sick and he goes to the Hospital, a Doctor attends to you.

If the Doctor can’t help, he refers you to Somebody he considers a better and more qualified Doctor.

And they can keep on referring you – Taking your money; like in the case of the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5:25-34.

They kept referring her until they took all her money.

And then this woman came in contact with the Lord that healeth; the God who never refers a case. And that day she got her Healing.

I feel like jumping up for Joy because I feel in my Spirit somebody is here today or reading now on the Label of DMC: That the doctors have told you there is no way, there is Nothing more they can do for you.

By Monday go and Pay them a visit: they will look for the Sickness and won’t find it again – Amen!

I have only one appeal to you: wherever you are, don’t keep the Miracle to yourself: Testify, tell others because God has done it Amen.

And by the next Festival of Life (FOL); let us hear your Testimony!

The Doctors have said there is no hope; the One Who is called The Hope of the Hopeless asked me to tell you, “I have to overturned their Report – Amen.

Sickness (I am sure you know) is that force that drains your Strength.

So, when I have somebody Who is called the Lord that Healeth; and when I come in contact with Him, I draw Strength from Him. When I come in contact with Him I overcome my Sickness.

After all it is written, by His Stripes we were Healed!

II. And then He has another beautiful Title, and it is called “The Truth”.

In John 14:6 He said, “I am the way the Truth and the Life.”

The beauty of that is what gives you Strength to overcome any bondage.

Because in John 8:32 and 36 it is written; And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you Free. If the Son therefore shall make you Free, ye shall be Free indeed.

Of what use is your Physical Strength if you are in Bondage?

You know Policemen, as soon as they arrest somebody, they put them in handcuffs. Because they know, “this Fellow may be Stronger than the Police himself.” But as long as he is chained, his Strength becomes useless.

And there are quite a lot of People who have been chained by Forces of Darkness; chained by enemies – Known and Unknown so that a Business everybody is doing and Prospering, if they try it they will become bankrupt.

But there is a God whose Name is the Truth: once you know Him, He will set you Free – Amen!

And I decree tonight, whatever it is that has been holding you back shall be destroyed tonight, in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

III. Another one of His Titles: He is the All-sufficient One:

Genesis 17:1, Jehovah El-shaddai – The God Who is More Than Enough.

That is what gives me Strength to defeat Poverty; It is because I know I serve a God Who is More Than Enough.

You may think I am boasting: but my boasting is based on the Title of my Lord, “the God Who is More Than Enough.”

I can boldly say, “I will not die in Poverty!

And I decree the same thing to you: In the Name that is above every other names, you will not die poor Amen.

Why? Because Philippians 4:19 says, But my God shall Supply all your Needs according to His Riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.

How many of your need? – ALL!

When God says, “I will Supply all your Needs” He is saying that, whenever you Need something I will be there!

I can’t resist telling you this Story – You know I have had some Encounters with God; and some Promises from Him.

Like I said, things were a bit tough when I became the General Overseer. And then because I had served the Government for Twenty nine (29) years before I came into Full-Time Ministry, I went to collect my Gratuity.

That is, all the ‘Thank You’ that Government would say if you have served for a long time. And it was quite a lot of money compared to Nothing that I had. And I was happy, I was going to be comfortable on that for some time waiting for the Church to grow.

And then all of a sudden I remembered; “I am now under a New Management.” So I turned to God: Father, what do You want me to do with this money?

I thought He would say, pay your Tithes, give Offerings and then enjoy the rest.

But He spoke to me and said: divide the money into three (3). I said Yes Lord! I thought maybe He would ask me to invest one-third (⅓). But He said to me: give one-third (⅓) to so-and-so Ministry. I said, Yes Lord! Give the Second Part to so-and-so Ministry. The ‘Yes Lord!’ was very Low.

And I was seriously hoping He would let me retain the last one-third (⅓). But He said; give the last one-third (⅓) to such and such a Ministry.

I am telling you, my Faith shook!

But then He made a Promise – And I am claiming that Promise for you today. He said son, I will be your Source.

From now on, my father and my God will be your Source – Amen.

And then He fulfilled it in a very Special way I can never forget:

I travelled to America and if you know me, when I go to any Nation; because I have Limited time, I am booked back-to-back. By the Grace of God, He has Provided me with a Jet (you know that)!

We have just finished in one Place and we had to fly to the next Town. We were already inside the Plane about to take off. They wanted to close the door of the Plane when suddenly, it began to smoke.

And when they see smoke on the Ground, they say Thank God. Because in the Sky, there is no Parking Space! So we had to disembark.

By the time we were getting on the Plane, the People in the next Town where I was to Minister were already gathering.

I came out of the Plane; there were no Commercial Planes traveling until around 4 pm and I needed to be at the Program by 10 am. “God what am I going to do?”

Then all of a sudden my son came to me and said: “Daddy, I can see a Jet on the Tarmac. I recognised that jet, I think I might know the Owner.”

While we were still talking, the Pilot of that Jet came and he met them and said, Daddy GO is here.” And so they all came: Hello Daddy!

To cut a long Story short; the Lord had already Provided a Jet to move me to the next Place of Assignment, even before our own Plane gave trouble.

In the Name that is above every other name, from now on: before your Problems surface, God would have Provided the Solution; because He is the All-sufficient God – Amen.

IV. Psalms 46:1 calls Him “The Ever-Present Help in trouble.”

With that in my heart, I have Strength to face the Future.

Because it doesn’t matter what trouble may be lying ahead; I already have with me, the One Who will solve the Problem.

And you know, He will show up on time – Amen! God Is never late, and He will never let you be put to shame, He will show up on time – Amen!

V. Psalms 121:5 calls Him “My Shadow”: “The Lord is your Shade..” Shade means Shadow.

Do you know what that means? I can never be alone because there is no way you can separate a man from his Shadow.

It doesn’t matter where I go, I know my Shadow by my side.

So, if you are feeling lonely just remember; one of His Titles is “my Shadow” – He will be there by your side.

Occasionally you get into situations – When you look right and there is no one to help; you look left, you try to phone the Pastor, his Phone is switch off.

How many of you understand what I am talking about? – The DMC FAMILY MEMBERS!

And you begin to say: God where are You? He is by your side; as close to you as your shadow.

There are other Titles: For Example

VI. He is the True Vine: which is why I can never be barren.

VII. He is the Way: which is why if anyone says there is no way for me, the Fellow is not aware of my God.

When people say there is no way, you are leaving out to the Parameter (as you call it in Mathematics).

And that Parameter is the One Who is called the Way!

… We’ve talked about “My Strength” let’s spend few Minutes talking about “My Song.”

Man was born to sing like I told you earlier. That is why we have a Song for every Occasion.

– When we are sad, we have a Song.

– When we are happy, we have a Song.

– When a Child is born, we have a Song.

– When Somebody is dead, we have a Song!

Now, if you are a Christian, in whatever situation you find yourself there is a Song. And that Song is based on the Lord.

I. For Example, if you have just lost a battle – Let us assume that you have just fought a battle and you lose.

Proverbs 24:16 made it clear: you may fall, but that is not the end. It says: For a Just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

Have you just lost a battle? Good News: you are going to Laugh Last – Amen.

Or you are applied for something and they denied you? Just smile at them: those who said No, will say Yes – Amen.

Are you fighting a battle when it is very hot? You have a song you can sing:

Jesus is a Mighty God (He’s a Mighty God).
Jesus is a Mighty God (He’s a Mighty God).
Goliath bow before Him (He’s a Mighty God)!

When the war is hot, like I haveve always told my children, “when prayers fail, try Praise.” If you have Prayed and Prayed and Nothing has happened switch stop Praising Him.

Some of you remembered the Story of a crisis that happened during a Wedding in one of our Churches – Beautiful wedding, everything going fine. Then it was time for the Couple to go and Sign the Marriage Register. Usually, they go to the Vestry and the rest of the Congregation will be singing.

The husband had Signed; the pen was in the hand of the Bride and suddenly the Groom heard his name called. He was the only one who heard somebody calling him and he answered.

Now, those of you who are from Africa you know what that means!

If you are not from Africa there are Demons everywhere!

The only difference between our Demons and your Demons is that our Demons in Africa didn’t go to School (Laugher). So they are raw and easy to recognise.

But your Demons here are Superior – They went to School. Some of them ride in Rolls-Royce – So they are more difficult to deal with.

Anyway, this boy heard somebody called him (he was the only one who had), he answered! And of course the next thing is, he dropped down and died in the Vestry; on his Wedding Day.

Talk about Pandemonium: Nobody was Signing anything anymore, everybody was Praying and Shouting – five (5) minutes, ten (10) minutes Twenty (20) minutes – “Death we rebuke you, Satan we bind you.” And the boy was getting colder.

After about thirty (30) minutes, the most Senior Pastor there remembered my advice – “When Prayer fails, try Praise!” So he told everybody stop Praying, begin to Praise God.

… Which is something we are going to do tonight.

Then he ran to the Church: by now the People were wondering, “what are you People Signing?” Because they’ve been singing and dancing for about half-an-hour. He told them, “keep on Praising God, we will soon join you.”

He ran back into the Vestry; and by now everybody was Praising God Compulsorily with everything within them. Calling Him: the King of kings, and Lord of lords, I AM THAT I AM, Unchangeable Changer.

And all of a sudden, the boy who had been on the Ground for thirty (30) minutes sneezed! Opened his eyes and said, “what am I doing on the floor?” They said, get up first, then we will tell you.

Is anybody really expecting a Miracle tonight? Yes, for The DMC FAMILY MEMBERS! Let me hear you shut a really big Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH.

When the battle is hot Praise Him. Sing His Praises; and watch the LORD of Host come to Action.

Automatically of course, if you’ve just won a Victory what should you do? Praise Him!

In Exodus 15, you will see Moses composing a Song after Pharaoh has been drown with all his Hosts and the children of Israel had Passed through on Dry Ground.

When you Sing His Praise, things happen when you make Him your Song.

There are many Songs about His Name – When the battle is hot, Sing His Name. When you’ve got Victory, Sing His Name.

… Maybe I will close with this: Strength is within (inside) you.

Do you know that if the One Who gives Strength comes to dwell in you?

There is no doubt that for the rest of your Life, it will be from one Level of Glory to another?

Colossians 1:27 says, Christ in you the Hope of Glory.

That is why you are missing a lot if the One Who is supposed to be your Strength; the One Who is supposed to give you Strength – So you can do all things; If the One Who is supposed to give you Strength so you can check the Purpose of God for your Life – If that Person is far from you and you are relying on Unreliable Strength, you can understand why you end up in shame.

But if Christ is dwelling in you, you can be sure your tomorrow would be alright – Amen.

I will tell you one final Story and then I will invite you to make up your Mind.

I have told you before; a man came to me and said, “Sir, we learnt that you are a Prophet of God.” I said I am not a Prophet, I am a Pastor.

He said, “we have heard that whatever you say God said had always come to pass.” I said, God has been Faithful; but I am not a Prophet – I am just a Pastor.

He said alright, “can you tell me my future?” I said that is easy! All you need to do is answer a Question: “are you a Child of God? Are you Born Again? He said no! I said, “your future will be terrible!

He said, “how do you know, you have never even asked for my name, you have not even Prayed?”

I said there is no need, it is written in Isaiah 3:11; Woe unto the Wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.

He said okay, supposed I said I am Born Again, that I am a Child of God? I said then your future will be alright. “How do you know?” Isaiah 3:10, Say ye to the Righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.

My brothers and sisters, I have taken time, and you would Notice that I quoted several Passages of Scriptures trying to explain to you why the best Strength you can have is from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now I am telling you: Do want your Future to be Glorious? Give your Life to Jesus. If you haven’t done so, come and do so now. I would join my Faith with yours, we would Pray for the Salvation of your Soul.

And I can tell you in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, your tomorrow will be alright – Amen!


So if you want to Surrender your Life to Jesus Christ, begin to come now, so that the Lord can save your Soul and give you a Brand New Beginning.

Because the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:17, Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a New Creature.

Talk to God now: Tell him to save your Soul, ask Him to have Mercy on you and wash you Clean with His Blood. Promise Him that from now on you will serve them all the days of your Life.

Brethren, let’s Stretch our hands to these our New brothers and sisters and intercede for them. Pray that the Almighty God who saved our Soul would save their Souls also.

Ask the Almighty God to wash them with His Blood and write their names in the Book of Life. Pray for them Brethren!

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Almighty God I want to say Thank You very much for Your Word. And I want to Thank You for these People who have decided to Surrender their lives to you today.

Father, Please receive them, in Jesus’ Name, have Mercy on them and save their Souls. Let Your Blood wash them Clean. Please, write their names in the Book of Life; and give them a Brand New Beginning.

I Pray that from now on anytime they cry unto You, You will answer them by Fire!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Good! Congratulations – I want to rejoice with you. And I want to assure you that from now on, that by the Grace of God I will be Praying for you.

So I need your names, your Address and your Prayer Requests.

God Bless You – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah.

Before we do some serious Praising, I have explained to you what you should do – Even if you seem to have been defeated;

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What you should do if you are fighting a serious battle. And of course, what you need to do if you have just won a Victory.

So, I want you to think of a Song of your own that you want to sing to God; the Song that would tell Him, “You know I may be down but I am not out!”

“Oh, Lord God Almighty the battle is on now, You that defeated Goliath come to my aid;”

Or, “I want you to say Thank You for the Great Deliverance you have granted me; Please, let it be Permanent.”

I want you to stand on your feet just for five (5) minutes and Praise God. So, go ahead Clap, dance and show Him that you believe He is Your Strength.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Worshipped – Amen.

I am going to Pray for you; after the Prayer; then you will Worship God. And yokes would be destroyed even as you Worship Him.


My Father and my God, Thank You!

I want to Thank You on behalf of these Your Children. They are about to Praise You, some of them, like they have never done before;

My father and my God, when Jehoshaphat was going to war you said that Singers should lead the way. As these Singers began to sing, You turned the enemies against the other; even as Your Children demonstrate to us tonight in the Play.

This Night, as Your Children would be Praising You, every Enemies of their Progress be destroyed!

Every Enemies of Your Purpose for their lives, be destroyed!

Every Enemies of their Joy Father, be destroyed!

Before Your Children will stop Singing, each and every one of them, give them at least a Miracle!

And then we will Glorify Your Name again.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

So, I am going to start by singing this Song:

I will sing unto the Lord
A Joyful Song
I will Praise His Name
For the Lord is Good (Hallelujah)!

Okay! Let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

Do you know your own Testimony would come before Sunrise? Yes for The DMC FAMILY MEMBERS!


As it is our custom to say Thank You to God when He has done something for us; let’s quickly get ready our Thanksgiving. And that will give us another opportunity to Praise Him some more.

After that, we will Pronounce the Final Blessings on you and then we willl be on our way home.

Tank You Father! Over to you Brethren – Tonight, we win or our battles by Praise.

Amen! I know inspite of everything God has done tonight, there would still be some People who would follow me saying, “I need Special Prayer.” Your Prayers have been answered!

But if you still need Special Prayer, step forward.

Now, the rest of us, ask God for one Special Thing only He can do.

Those who say they need Special Prayer, talk to God: O LORD, this is what I want you to do for me Specifically before I leave this Place this night.

Thank You Father! Glory be to God! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


My Father my God, You are the All-sufficient God; And You Promised us Lord God Almighty, that even if our Faith is as small as a Mustard Seed, You can use it to move Mountains.

The Faith of these Your Children is that we must Pray this Special Prayer; Father, honour their Faith.

Whatever it is that they want You to do for them; Father, do it right now!

That something Special that they believe You for; my Father and my God, do it for them right now!

Before the Sun rises, Lord God Almighty, turn their Requests to Testimonies.

My Father and my God, I am Praying because when You anoint my Head with Oil, my cup runs over. That is what Your Word says – Overflowing Blessings, give to this Your Children!

Extra Miracles, give to them! Special Divine Intervention, give to these Your children. Surprise them, Bless them, Fight their battles for them, Promote them.

In Your own Miraculously way, each and every one of these Your Children, move them to Higher Heights!

And even if there are things they should have asked for that they have forgotten, Father give them all the same!

Please Lord God Almighty, let their New Songs be Permanently of Joy; let their Victory be Permanent; and let their Future be Glorious.

And Father Please, accept their Offering; Sanctify it, Use it for Your Glory. And I Pray that these Your Children will never Lack again.

My Father and my God, I have a very very Special Request: before we meet in October (2023); among those who are here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC; let there be at least a hundred (100) Millionaires.

The kind of Breakthroughs that these Your Children never Dreamt Possible; Father, give unto them.

And Anoint every one of them; use them for Your Glory.

Oh Daddy, I Pray that each and every one of them will be Greater than I. And that we will serve You till the End.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

If you really believe that God has heard it, now let me hear you shout Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!!!

God Bless You – Amen!

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