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Immortal God
Invincible God
Immortal God
How Great thou Art

The King of Kings
The Lord of Lords
Immortal God
How Great thou Art


Immortal God, Invincible God, the All-Knowing God, the Omnipresent, the Omniscience, the Omnipotent; the Almighty God, how Great thou Art. We Worship You; Please accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Thank You for all You have done for us in the Past, Thank You for what You are doing now, Thank You because we have the Assurance that our tomorrow will be alright; Father accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Please send Your Words to us again and do what You alone can do.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Greet one (1) or two (2) People and say: God Bless You Mightily today. And you may Please be seated.

We are continuing in our Series on: “For Whom The Heavens Open, as we go on to Part 12.

And we will be reading the same Bible Text again and again – This should tell you that we are going somewhere and we have not arrived there yet.

In Joshua 5: 13-15; we see Example of what happened when the Heavens opened.

The Elders has a Saying – They say that when the Black Snake is hitting an Iron again and again and again on one Spot; it is a Sign that there is something very Significant that it is trying to say.

For the Past few weeks, I have been speaking again and again and again about you getting back to Church.

It can be a very dangerous thing to be at the Wrong Place when you are supposed to be in Church.

I don’t know whether you read the News – Something that happened sometimes ago. When one Young Man was speaking to the Police, making a confession that was made Public.

That they went to the house of a Man to steal and not to kill. They thought that he has already gone to Church but he was at home. It surprised them and they were all well known to him.

So, the only thing that they could do to Silence him was to kill him.

That man died because he was in the “Wrong Place” on that Sunday Morning!

They thought that he has gone to Church but he was at home and that is why Death met him there!

When I’m appealing to you again and again – Go back to Church, be where God expects you to be on Sunday; it is not just appealing to you to go and have Fellowship, or to go and enjoy the Blessings of Corporate Anointing; it is to warn you that there might be Danger if you are not where you are supposed to be at the Right Time!

We used to sing a Song years ago:

I have gone with Jesus
Death came to my house
And found that I wasn’t there.

Take my Warning – I might not repeat this again and again anymore but don’t say that you are not told.

The Series that we are doing, the Sunday Services that we Organised through these Series of Sermons is to be a Supplement!

It was started when the Lockdown was on and the Lockdown is over now.

We are continuing it because it has been a Great Blessings to some People – It is not a Substitute for not going to Church. A word is enough for the Wise.

And as a matter of fact, after saying all these things again and again now for almost six (6) weeks; it is no longer “Half a Word” and I think it is a word that has come again and again.

Now, we said that when the Heavens Opens Divine Visitation is Automatic!

A. But when the Heavens opens, God may send Angels to come and give you Good News.

B. But then, we said that God may come Himself.

1. And we said that because He is seated in the Heavens, if He has to come Himself, He will Stand Up first.

– And we said that when He arises, His Enemies will Scatter.

2. And then we said that when He comes like that, He will come in form of a Man.

And so as He has to walk from whatever Place He landed on the Earth and walks towards the Direction He wants to go:

3. And we learnt from the Last Series that when He is Passing by, He will be distributing Miracles.

And we gave you illustrations.

4. But today, we want to look at what happens when He arrives.

In other words, we are assuming that the Almighty God is going to arise and then not just walk by your house but walk into your house.

When He arrives – And in the Name that is above every other names; He will arrive in your home today (Amen); certain things will happen:

I. There will be Earthquake – “A Spiritual Earthquake”.

Acts 16: 25-43; the Bible tells us that when Paul and Silas were imprisoned and they are having Church in Prison.

They are saying to the Almighty God – We would have been in Church today but we are on Lock-In here and here we will Conduct our own Service.

As they are Singing and Praising God, the Almighty God said – Okay, because you couldn’t come and I know why you couldn’t come; I have come Myself.

And then suddenly, there was an Earthquake.

Whenever there is an Earthquake, several things could happen:

I. One of the things that could happen is that since the Foundation of the Prison was shaking, it implies that your Foundational Problems will be dealth with.

There are some Problems that has their Foundation long before you were born.

Like in 2 Kings 2: 19-22; the Bible tells us that Jericho was beautiful but Jericho was living under a Curse.

And as we will continue with this Series, we will see where that Curse came from.

When God opens the Heaven to Elisha, for whom this very Series started; and he came to Jericho; the People there came to Him and said: Sir, we have Problems – Everything looks beautiful but there is Barrenness, there is Death.

That Day, Elisha asked them to bring him Salt in a New Cruise. He took the Salt, went to the Source of their River – The very Foundation of the water they were drinking; Poured in the Salt, made a decree and their Problems were over.

In the Name of the One who sent me; I’m making a decree today: Every Foundational Problems in your Family will be over today – Amen!

In Exodus 14: 1-28; the Bible tells us about what happened in the case of the children of Israel when they were on their way to the Promised Land.

And the Enemies that had been the Enemies of their forefathers Pursued them – It was a Generational Problem Pursuing them.

But in the Name that is above every other names, just like that very day; the Enemies they are seeing before they never saw again. You will not see your Generational Enemies again – Amen!

There are some Problems that are “Deep Rooted” – They are not Problems that started today!

You will remembered the Story of that Lady who came – Now, I am a Child of God but I have a Problem.

What is the Problem? At the age of thirty three (33); and married, she was still Bed-Wetting. We said that is not a Problem – We will Pray to God that He should give her a Brand New Bladder.

She said, No sir, before you Pray; she said that my mother was also a Bed-Wetter and the Grandmother was also a Bed-Wetter. Every girl in the family bed-wets.

And we knew that we are not dealing with a Physical Problem – There are some Problems that Medicine cannot handle, Problems that you can’t see on Xrays or MRI (DMC NOTES: MRI means Magnetic Resonance Imaging); Deep Rooted Problems.

When we Prayed and we asked the Almighty God to put an end to everything that has been in the family, troubling the whole Generation of girls.

Because at the end of the day when we made some Enquiries; we discovered that it was Somebody who Placed a Curse on the Grandmother – There was a quarrel and Someone said from now on, every woman born in your family will bed-wet.

But there is Somebody who is called “The Alpha”; the One who was before the Beginning of your Problem; the One who has been there before the Mountains were brought forth.

And He can speak a Word and Mountains will be Uprooted!

We spoke a Word, the following day the woman came back and said that for the first time in my Life; I woke up this Morning and I was dry.

She went and brought all the girls in the family. We Prayed the same Prayer and all their Bed-Wetting ended.

Everything causing you Sorrow, causing you Shame; things that you can’t even explain to People; in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, today as the Heaven opens for your family, these Problems will be over – Amen.

II. If the Heavens opens, and the Almighty God arrives in your homes; Doors opened.

Because when He arrived at that Prison, all of a sudden; the Prison Doors were flung open.

And you know the beauty of it is this – Whenever God opens Doors, Nobody can shut it again.

Revelation 3:7 – He said that I have the Keys of David; when I open, no Man can shut.

We all know that there are families where for one reason or the other; they never go beyond a certain Limit – Everybody in that family will keep rising until they get to a certain Level and then the Door shut.

It might be for such a Person that God is speaking today or you are reading now on the Label of DMC!

And then, there are some of us of course that we know that all we need is just for a Single Door to open and our Breakthrough will come.

We have been Praying and Praying – Thank God, there is a God of Breakthrough because it takes only one Breakthrough for everything you do now to begin to Prosper:

– It is a Breakthrough in Business that turns Someone who used to be your Peer to becoming a Man to be reckoned with.

– It is a Breakthrough in Ministry for your Ministry to begin to Blossom.

When Doors opens, suddenly every Plans to Stagnate your Destiny becomes aborted.

In Acts 5: 17-25; the Bible tells us that there was a Power to arrest the Apostles, threw them to Prison. But then the Angel of the LORD came at Night – The Heavens opens, released them and said: Go ahead and continue to Preach.

The Bible tells us that the following Morning, these People sent a Message that go and bring those People.

They came, the Doors of the Prisons were securely locked; they opened the Door only to discovered that the birds had flown.

It is my Prayer for you today that those who thought that they have locked you in, by tomorrow morning they will discovered that the birds had flown – Amen!

I can tell you Testimonies – This Particular one, I don’t know for whom it is intended but God is speaking to Someone.

In the case of a Man who was doing well and will get to a certain Level and things will begin to go down. They came to the Lord, and the Lord took Control.

And the Story came that the wife took his Picture to a Herbalist; they put it in a basket and put a Cover over the Picture.

The Herbalist told her – Anytime he is beginning to get well with him, cover the basket. But if he is becoming “Too Dull”; remove the cover of the basket so that he doesn’t become completely an Imbecile.

So, whenever the man is Prospering, and he is beginning to say that the Lord is Good to me, the basket will be closed and then he could no longer think straight. Because the wife wanted to remain in Control.

My Prayer for you today for those of you who might be concerned – If there is any Force covering your Destiny; that Force will be removed today – Amen!

Because when He arrives, and Doors are Opened; you can then shout – “Freedom at Last”!

Because in John 8: 32 and 36; the Bible said that you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you Free. And that whosoever the Son has set Free shall be Free indeed.

And then if there is Freedom, you can now begin to move Forward – Like in Acts 3: 1-11.

When that Lame Man by the Beautiful Gate was set Free, he wasn’t just Walking; he was Leaping, he was Jumping and he was Praising God.

III. You see, when God arrived, He makes sure that there will be no more Limitations.

You know, there is a Statement in Isaiah 40: 28-31 – It tells us what happened when you are connected with God. That you will be Walking, you will be Running and you will be Flying.

That means that your Progress will no longer be Stagnated in any form – You just keep on going Higher and Higher and Higher.

Just some days ago, my wife and I were remembering what Somebody said in Gratitude to the Almighty God.

He said that anytime we come to visit you at the Redemption Camp, we discovered that it is not always where we left you that we meet you. You are already a Step ahead.

And I said: Glory be to God!

That is the way of God and that Testimony will be true for all of you too – Amen!

Everyday, God will move you Higher – Amen!

IV. When He arrives and there is an Earthquake and Prison Doors are flung open; it doesn’t end there; Enemies become Servants.

Because the Jailer – The man who was supposed to oversee the Imprisonment of Paul and Silas, was now the one who was bathing their wounds, who was Preparing food for them to eat and who was serving them.

You can see in Proverbs 16:7 – The Bible made it Clear: When a Man’s way Pleases God, He will cause even his Enemies to be at Peace with him.

In Psalms 23:5; it says: Thou Preparest a table before me in the Presence of my Enemies.

It is Possible for the Almighty God to bless you even while your Enemies are Watching you.

Why? Because He has the Ability to Paralysed them.

Oh, how I Pray that the Almighty God will visit you today and all of a sudden, the People who has been so adamant that it won’t be well with you, will now be the People who will now be serving you – Amen!

I know that you know the Story of Bartimaeus that I mentioned earlier on,

When God was Passing by and he was able to attract the Attraction of the Almighty God; the very People who were asking him to shut up were the People that brought him to Jesus Christ. Because the Almighty God commanded: Go and bring him.

I Pray that the Heavens will open today, that God will speak, that He will Command even your Enemies to go and help you – Amen!

V. When He arrives, even Lions become Subdued.

In Daniel 6: 19-23; you will discovered very well that when they threw Daniel into the Den of Lions; the Lions could not eat him.

I am fully aware of the situation that some of us have found ourselves – There are some of us working in situations where to be called a Christian is a Dangerous thing.

… And some of us knows what I am talking about,

I remembered the Story of a Man whose name was “Moses Dada”. But he was working in a Set Up where to be called “Moses” was a very Dangerous thing.

He Changed his name to “Musa Dandada” until God intervened.

Every Lions that is trying any way whatsoever to hinder your Progress, to Terminate your Destiny; the Lord will arrive and every Lions will be Silenced – Amen!

VI. When He arrives, Arch Enemies are Humiliated.

Because when in Acts 16: 35-40; when He (God) arrived at that Prison and the Prison shook and the Doors were flung open and the Yokes were destroyed and the Jailer becomes a Servant; the following day, the Arch Enemies – Those who threw Paul and Silas into the Prison sent for them and said let these People go.

Overnight, God has shown them that you arrested the Wrong People. And so they said that we are sorry, let them go.

Paul said: No, we are not going anywhere. You brought us here, come and get us out!

Your Arch Enemies will bow to you – Amen!

God will give you a Victory so Mighty that those who has thought that you will never become anything; they will come and beg you – Amen!

That is why one more time, I am appealing – If you are not in the Side of God; you are in Danger.

And in any case, there is a Saying that if you can’t beat them; join them.

Whether you believed it or not, those of us who are Christians, it is written that we are More Than Conqueror – We have Someone behind us fighting our battles for us.

You don’t want to be against Him because when He rises, His Enemies Scatter!

Please come to Him today, be on the Side of the Almighty God, be on the Winning Side, become a Child of God and He will begin to fight your own battles for you.


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So, if you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ, wherever you are; Stand on your feet, just give Him a Signal that you are surrendering your Life to Him.

And call on Him to have Mercy on you, ask Him to save your Soul, ask Him to make you a Member of His Family and Promise Him that you will serve Him for the rest of your Life.

And I will join my Prayers with yours now and God will save your Soul – Amen!

Thank You Almighty God. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Father, we just want to say Thank You one more time for Your Words and Thank You for the People who has decided to surrender their lives to You today.

Father, Please receive them, have Mercy on them, and let Your Blood wash away their sins.

I Pray Lord God Almighty that You will receive them into the Family of God today and I Pray that from now on, You will be fighting their battles for them.

Let them serve You till the End.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

I am rejoicing with those of you who has given your Life to Jesus Christ today.

I want to Promise you that from now on by God’s Grace, I will be Praying for you.

So, I need your name, your Address and your Prayer Requests.

Contact me as quickly as Possible and Please go to the nearest The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG); tell the Pastor there that I sent you and he will tell you what to do next.

God Bless You – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!!!

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