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God Bless you

Pastor Adeboye preaching
Pastor Adeboye preaching

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God Bless you





Why don’t we just lift our hands to the Almighty God and bless His Holy Name – Give Him Glory, give Him Honour, give Him Adoration for a Brand New Year.

Worship the Ancient of Days and let Him hear your Voice that you are Praising Him for seeing a New Year.

Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Worshipped – Amen!


We give You all the Glory
We give You Honour
We give You all the Glory
We give You Honour


Ancient of Days, the I am that I am, the One who never grows Old; the same Yesterday, Today and Forever; the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the Ending; the One Who was, the One who is, the One who is to come; the Almighty God. Glory be to Your Holy Name.

Father, Thank You for All what You did for us Last Year (2022); Thank You for Your Mercy, Thank You for Your Support, Thank You for Provision, Thank You Health, Thank You for Strength, Thank You for Victory – Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

We are here this Morning to Thank You – Lord God Almighty, as we gather together to Thank You; Please be Present in our midst.

And I’m especially committing into Your Hands all Your Children who has been Faithful throughout Last Year (2022) in the Giving of their Offerings and in the Payment of their Tithes – This Year (2023); embarass them with Your Blessings. Bless them so much that their Colleagues will come and say: How are you doing it.

And Lord God Almighty, in the Life of everyone of us this Year (2023); do something New, do something Glorious, do something Divine, do something Miraculous, do something Wonderful.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Well, shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People and say: Happy New! God Bless You all.

Well, you may be seated even though you would soon Stand Up to Praise God.

*I discovered something while I was Preparing for the New Year – Something that we have not been doing that we should be doing from now on!*

*And that is that – We have not been Celebrating!*

Many atimes, you wait for People to Celebrate you and they don’t Show Up.

*I discovered that Spiritually Speaking, it is Good to Celebrate Yourself!*

You know that when we were in the Primary School; when you do something “Very Good”, the Teacher will say: Clap for yourself!

*I know that it will sound Strange to you; initially it was to me too until I can see from the Scriptures that we need to Celebrate even if we need to Celebrate Ourselves!*

*So, you are going to be helping yourself this Morning, by going to two (2) or three (3) People and telling them to Celebrate you – Tell them: Celebrate me; I am a Survivor!*

You know that the Elders has a saying – And I’m telling you that next to the Bible, the next People that you should be listening to are the Elders. They have Wisdom.

They (The Elders) said that: The Lizard with the Red Head, it jumped down from an Iroko Tree. When he landed, he nodded his Head three (3) times.

And the Elders say that what he was saying is: I tried. If Nobody is Praising me, I will Praise myself.

*Now, when you say that you are a Survivor; let your Neighbour know:*

I. Ebola came; I survived!

II. Coronavirus came; I survived!

III. Kidnappers are out there; I survived!

IV. Bandits are out there; I survived!

V. There are Murderers wearing Police Uniforms; I survived!

VI. I survived 2020, 2021 and 2022.

*Go ahead and tell two (2) or three (3) People that “I am a Survivor” – Celebrate me Men!*

*Now, it may sound Strange to you – Why should I Celebrate Myself?*

I discovered that when you go through the Book of Genesis Chapter 1, then you noticed that you have a Lesson to learnt from God!

When He finished the work of Creation in the 1st Day; because there was Nobody around to Celebrate Him, He looked at everything He has done on the 1st Day and said: This is Good!

… There was Nobody to say it to Me, and so I say it to Myself!

The 2nd Day, “This is Good”; the 3rd Day;,”This is Good”; the 4th Day, “This is Good”; the 5th Day, “This is Good”; the 6th Day, He says: Maybe I should Create Somebody who Probably will be Celebrating me later on.

When He finished Creating now on the 6th Day; He said now, “This is Very Good”. And then He took a Whole Day off to Celebrate!

*Clap for yourself Men! – You are a Survivor!*

*And you know what? – It is not even Expensive to Celebrate. You don’t need to be Rich to Celebrate!*

When I Graduated from the University in 1967, Nobody attended my Graduation Ceremony except the girl that I finally married. And the same was true of my Best Friend – Only the girl he too later married attended. Other People’s Parents were coming in big cars to celebrate with them.

But we celebrated! – How do we do it?

We went to the Motor Garage, there is one “Mama Buka” (Woman running a Canteen Service) there. We bought four (4) big wraps of Amala (Amala is Yam Flour – One of the Local food the Youruba Tribe in the Western Part of Nigeria eats) and bought eight (8) pieces of meat – 4 Beefs and 4 Ponmo (Cow Skin). We finished the thing and drowned it with a bottle of coke each.

… And I’m telling you that we celebrated!

*And I am telling you that you can Celebrate today just by going out – Go out and Celebrate Men!*

*You see for us Christians; Probably because we do not Celebrate, that is why we don’t Praise God enough!*

*Because as you are Celebrating that you are a Survivor, it will dawn on you that you survived only because Somebody was taking care of you!*

David said in Psalms 18:35 (And you can read from that Verse 18 through to the end at home) – He said: Your Gentleness made me Great!

Do you know what he is saying – I am Great but that Greatness come because of God!

I am still alive today because New every Morning is His Mercies!

One of my Househelps, whenever we are having Morning Devotion and we asked her to Pray – She will conclude in her Prayer any time that: God, I Thank You because not everybody who slept yesterday is awake this Morning.

*There are People who didn’t survived Year 2022 because they died on the 31st of December!*

*You are here, you survived and there is no doubt about it; just because Somebody is taking care of you!*

Paul the Apostle said in 1 Corinthians 15:10 – He said: I am what I am by the Grace of God.

You see – There are so many things that we don’t even think about when it comes to Praising God.

The other Day, I was just Praising God and I remembered one situation – I remembered a Chief (A Very Wealthy Man). He sat down to eat Pounded Yam – He took the first Morsel.

Morsel is a small piece or mouthful amount of food) and he remembered something that he wanted to say. He was trying to swallow the Pounded Yam, he was trying to speak at the same time and the Morsel got stucked in his throat.

Before he got to the Hospital, he was dead!

*How many Morsels have you been swallowing and you are talking?*

Asked the Doctors – They will tell you that there is a Valve where the Voice is coming from and where the food should go down.

And you are eating and talking at the same time – And the Valve is swinging to the Right and to the Left so that you can eat and talk at the same time and you don’t get Choked!

There is Somebody in Charge!

That is why David said in Psalms 108:1 – He said: I will bless the Lord at all times. And then he said that my Heart is fixed within me, I will Praise the Lord.

Then he went on to say in Psalms 34: 1-3 – He said: I will bless the Lord at all times, His Praise shall continually be in my mouth.

I am not going to wait till a Thanksgiving Sunday or Annual Thanksgiving Service before I bless the Lord – I will bless the Lord at all times, I will bless the Lord everyday.

Why? Because just like that my Househelp said – It is not everybody who slept last night who woke up this Morning.

Because there are some of us, the devil does not want us to wake up because he knew that each time we wake up, there is trouble for him.

He knows that if he can just kill this one before the Morning, the trouble will be less.

And while we were Sleeping – And I tell you: Nobody is Powerful when he Sleeps. Only that there is Somebody who neither Sleep nor Slumber.

Those of you who are High and Mighty People – You have Bodyguards et cetera et cetera. Let me tell you one thing – If you rely on Bodyguards then you are dead.

*There is Only One Fellow – Who neither Sleeps, nor Slumber. He is never tired – He is watching over you, watching over your children, watching over your Business; sending whatever Problems you have away so that weeping may endure for the Night but Joy comes in the Morning!*

Will you shout Hallelujah to Him? – Hallelujah!

And David said something – He said: Magnify the Lord with me; let us Praise His Name together!

Now, what is the meaning of Magnify?

*To Magnify means: “Make Bigger”.*

I. How can you make Bigger Someone who is Bigger than the biggest?

II. How can you Enlarge God?

We sing a Song that says: Heaven and Earth cannot Contain Him!

While He is sitting in Heaven, He is using the Earth as His Footstool.

And yet David said: Magnify Him (Make Him Bigger)!

And we all know the Secret of the Juju Musicians (

: “JUJU” Music is a Brand of Song common among the Youruba Tribe in the Western Part of Nigeria) and how they make Money.

As soon as they arrived in a Party, they send their Apprentice to go round, check the names of the Big People there (Big People there means those wearing Bjg “Agbada” (Clothes) around).

And as soon as they begin to Play their Music, they zeroed in on your names and they begin to call you names and big Titles – Emergency Contractors, this, that and your Head swells. The Money you don’t Plan to spend, you end up spending it.

*When you Praise the Almighty God, His Head swells!*

The Bible says that He inhabits the Praise of His People.

The Bible says that He is seeking for those who will Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

*When you Praise Him the way He should be Praised, He will leave His Throne and Pay Him you a visit!*

*And when He Pays you a visit; Yokes will be destroyed, Prison Doors will be opened and Mighty Things will begin to happen so much so that your enemies will become your Servants.*

*So, David now went ahead and concluded with a Question – What shall I render?*

You see – This God who has done so much for me. He took me from Nothing and now I am a King. His Gentleness has made me Great!

What can I render – That should be a Question that you should ask yourself this Morning!

God has been Good to me – I don’t know about you?

*You may think that you are Nothing but:*

I. There are several People who are Jealous of you.

II. There are People who are Praying that if only I can become like you; God I will be satisfied.

… God has been Good!

I told you of a time when I was in the Camp trying to Prepare for the New Year Service.

I said: Lord, just the two (2) of us o – You are my Daddy, I’m your son and I know that I am your “Favourite Son” so I can talk to you.

I will tell the People to Praise You on Sunday but honestly speaking, I have Nothing to Thank You for – You didn’t do anything for me. But I will tell the People to Praise You; I will do my duty as a Pastor.

He spoke back to me – He said: Son, is that so? I said Yes Lord. That is the Truth – A Whole Year Passed and I can’t think of a Single Miracle.

And He said: Take your Exercise Book and He said that I just want to ask you some Questions and you write it down.

I. He said: January 1st Last Year, you slept and you woke up on January 2nd? I said Yes sir! Is that a Miracle?

II. He said that how many People slept on January 1st and didn’t wake up on January 2nd? Well, there might be some People.

And incidentally, just by the End of that Year, there was the Story of a Trailer going to Ilorin (Capital City of Kwara State Nigeria), that got to Ibadan (Capital City of Oyo State Nigeria) and the Driver lost Control and the Trailer hit a house and kill Somebody sleeping on his bed.

By the time He has been talking to me for 10 Minutes; I was flat on my face – Father, I Thank You.

III. Because He asked me – How many times have you travelled and you came back safely?

IV. He said that are you sure that every Drivers coming in the Opposite Direction are not on Drugs or Demon Possessed, whose Relatives are Pursuing to make sure that he doesn’t arrive?

How come that they didn’t branch across the road to kill you?

V. Do you think that it because you are Clever, that is why you travel everyday and you returned?

I said: God, I apologised!

*New every Morning is His Mercy – It is of the Mercy of God that we are not consumed because He kept on renewing it everyday!*

*Do you know some of the implications of what David said means – When He said that: All that is within me, bless His Holy Name!*

I. Do you know know if there is a Problem with something inside of you that could lead to Death?

II. Do you know that there is something within you that they called a “Voice Box”? – That thing that Produces Voice.

III. Do you know that there is something that is very Precious to you called “The Memory”? – The ability to remember things.

IV. Have you ever seen anybody suffering from “Memory Lost”? – There is Nothing as Painful as the fact that you can’t even remember your name.

*I decree in the Name that is above every other names – You won’t ever lose your Memory – Amen!*

*Because if you don’t Thank God for the Year 2022; He is waiting – The Year 2023 has just started. Ignore Him for all He did in Year 2022 and you will have Him to deal with you in Year 2023.*

*Don’t let anybody deceived you – Not everyone who said: Happy New Year today will be around in a Month’s Time!*

*But you survived thus far and you can keep on surviving if only you know how to say Thank You!*

*Let me hear you say it – “THANK YOU LORD!*


That is why those of you who are not Born Again; you don’t even know the danger you are in Particularly in the Nigeria of today.

Some days ago, it was in the News just in our next door Country in Ghana that any Pastor that Prophesy any frightening thing will be arrested. And do you think I won’t learn from that?

Agba to wò̧lu ti ko tȩ̀ ìwò̧n ara rȩ̀ ló mò̧.

*(DMC NOTES: Meaning An elder should put himself in a place of respect to avoid embarrassment).*

.., If you don’t know the meaning of that, I do

If you don’t give your Life to Jesus Christ; very very soon, God have Mercy on you.

*This Year is going to be a Year of Wonders!*

But there are two (2) kinds of Wonders – Good and Bad.

I. When a Woman who is 99 years Old Plus give birth to a Child – That is a Wonder.

II. When a King becomes an Animal – That is a Wonder.

Which one do you want?

If you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ; I will count from one (1) to five (5) – Come to the Altar very quickly so that we can Pray for your Salvation.

Now, those of you who are already infront – Talk to the Almighty God by saying: Lord, just save my Soul, I want to be in Your Family so that any danger that is ahead won’t touch me.

Save my Soul, forgive my sins and I’m Yours Forever.

The rest of us, let us Stretch our hands towards our Brothers and Sisters and intercede for them – Pray that the Almighty God who saved your Soul will save their own Souls also.

Pray for them and Intercede for them!

Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


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My Father and my God, I just want to say Thank You for Your Words and Thank You for this Day that you have made.

We bless Your Holy Name for those who has come forward to surrender their lives to You.

Father, Please receive them, have Mercy on them, let Your Blood wash away their sins, save their Souls today and write their names in the Book of Life and let them remains Yours forever.

My Father and my God; I’m also committing all Your Children all over the world inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC into Your Hands. As they will be Praising You today, Lord God Almighty Please accept their Praises.

And as it is written that when Praises go up, Blessings will come down – The more I request that you bless them in Jesus Name.

And Lord God Almighty; when David said that: What shall I render? What shall I do for God? He suddenly decided that I will build a House for God.

My Father and my God, I Pray that Your Children this Year (2023) will build Houses for You so that You will build houses for them.

Thank You my Father and my God.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

So, if there is anybody who can remembered just one (1) thing that God did for you Last Year (2022):

I. The fact that I am still Breathing is enough – The Bible said that: Let all that has Breadth Praise the Lord.

II. The fact that my “Vocal Cord” is still functioning.

III. The fact that my Memory is still working.

*If you can remembered something Great that God did for you Last Year (2022); go ahead and Praise Him!*

Praise Him for just 5 Minutes and let Him hear you this Morning!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.


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