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1. Now, let us lift our hands to the Almighty God – Go ahead and bless the Name of the Lord; let’s give Him all the Glory, let’s give Him Adoration.

Thank Him for January, for February, for March, for April, for May, for June, for July and now for August. Bless His Holy Name for the Salvation of your Soul, bless His Name for Protecting you over your enemies (Known and Unknown), bless His Name for Provisions, for Supports and Mercy. It is of the Mercy of the Lord that we are not consumed.

Bless His Name for His Great Faithfulness, bless His Holy for Standing by you when everybody else has for forsaken you, bless Him because He is the Only friend that you can trust.

Bless Him for the Past so that He can take care of the Future.

Thank You Lord, blessed be to Your Holy Name Lord. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

2. Let’s lift our voices to God and say: Father, today we are committing it into Your care all the Widows, all the Widowers, all those who has lost Someone close to them. You are the Husband of the Widow, You are the Father of the fatherless; Please take care of these People.

Go ahead, let’s cry to God. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

3. Then you lift your Voice to Him and said: Father, this very day; let my Season of Jubilation begins. Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Our Father in Heaven
We Glorify Your Name
We bow down before You


Ancient of Days, the One who has No Beginning, the One who has No Ending. The Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning, the Ending; the One who was, the One who is, the One who is to come; the Almighty God. Glory be to Your Holy Name.

Thank You for January, Thank You for February, Thank You for March, Thank You for April, Thank You for May, Thank You for June, Thank You for July and now Thank You for August.

Thank You for The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Thank You for Seventy (70) Years of Existence, Thank You for Seventy (70) Years of Miracles, Seventy (70) Years of Signs, Seventy (70) Years of Wonders, Seventy (70) Years of Salvation, Seventy (70) Years of Joy – Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

It is written Lord that after Seventy (70) Years that You will visit us – During this our RCCG Annual Convention 2022, Please visit us.

You said that after Seventy (70) Years, You will Perform all Your Promises concerning us.

Please Lord, even as we are beginning our Annual Convention this Week, the kind of Miracles, Signs and Wonders that the world has never seen before, Perform them in our midst.

Remember us Lord, Visit us Lord, fulfill Your Promises, do more than we can dare hope for.

As for all Your Children – Widows, Widowers, the fatherless; everyone of us with one ache or the other in our hearts, I Pray that beginning from now, our “Season of Jubilating” will begins.

And for the rest of our lives, we will never know sorrow again.

Thank You Fathe.

As for Your Children who are Faithful in the Payment of their Tithes, in the Giving of their Offerings; this Particular Month, Father embarrass them. That kind of Blessings that they will say: God this is becoming “Too Much”, Pour it upon them.

Thank You my Father and my God, Glory be to Your Holy Name.

And Please Lord, have Mercy on Nigeria!

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

You can shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People and say: God will remember you today! And then you may Please be seated.

I’m sure that you know that our Annual Convention begins tomorrow (8th August, 2022).

This Year’s Convention is very, very Peculiar in many ways:

I. It marks Seventy (70) Years of Existence of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

II. It is the fortieth (40th) Convention that we are going to hold at the Redemption Camp.

III. And by the Grace of God, I am Eighty (80) Years Old.

I mean that if you roll those three (3) together; you will know thar God is up to something!

IV. And it is a “PERFECT JUBILEE”.

And as you will discover, Jubilee is a combination of two (2) things – Restoration and a New Beginning!

I. That means that everything you have lost during this Convention, you are going to get them back – Amen!

II. It also means that even if you have mistakes; if you are in trouble today because of some troubles you have made in the Past – In the Year Jubilee, mistakes are cancelled because it is a New Beginning.

So, I’m believing God for every Members of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) that this Week (Not Next); there will be a New Beginning for you – Amen!

… A New Beginning of Joy, of Success, of Promotion, of Anointing, of Victory.

You see because one of the beautuful thing about Jubilee is that it is Decree from God. And when God opens a door, Nobody can shut it.

I can decree to you that during this Convention, anyone who tries to stop you; the Fire of God will consume – Amen!

Let me hear Somebody shout Fire – Fire!

So, if you love yourself; don’t miss this Year’s Convention – Oh, to travel from your house to the Camp everyday, for one Week; that is going to be tough!

If Somebody tells you that all that you have been Praying for will be fulfilled Provided you travel to a Place called Redemption Camp continually for one Week – Will you do it?

Jubilee is also an “Individual Event”

The Bible teaches that when God commanded and He says: All those who has been holding anybody in Bondage, release them. And you know that God has to be obeyed.

Somebody may get up and say: I don’t want to go, I want to remain a Slave forever.

In Exodus 21, God said in that case, allow him to remain.

How many of you want to be Freed once and for all; let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

I beg you – Don’t be your Enemy. A Man is Seventy (70) Years old only once in a Lifetime. This kind of Annual comes only once in the Life of a Church. But if you are too comfortable to come – God Bless You (Amen).

Bible Text: Acts 3: 1-10

1. Now Peter and John went up together into the Temple at the hour of Prayer, being the ninth hour.

2 And a certain man lame from his mother’s womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the Gate of the Temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms of them that entered into the Temple;

3. Who seeing Peter and John about to go into the Temple asked an alms.

4. And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us.

5. And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them.

6. Then Peter said, Silver and Gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

7. And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received Strength.

8. And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the Temple, walking, and leaping, and Praising God.

9. And all the People saw him walking and Praising God:

10. And they knew that it was he which sat for alms at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple: and they were filled with Wonder and amazement at that which had happened unto him.

What God is going to do in your Life this Week, even you yourself won’t recognise yourself – Amen!

What is Jubilation? – Forget Grammar but in a Simple Language (In the Language of the Market Woman).

To Jubilate simply means to Rejoice in a certain way: Openly, Loudly and Energetically (With all your Strength).

1. OPENLY – In Genesis 21: 1-7; when Sarah who has been barren for ninety (90) Years suddenly got a Child, she rejoiced “Openly”.

She sais that God has put laughter in my mouth and I’m not the only one who will be laughing. She said that all those who heard will laugh with me.

2. LOUDLY – Luke 17: 12-19; the Bible talks about ten (10) Lepers that Jesus Christ Cleansed. One of them came back and with a loud voice he Praised God.

The boy was Jubilating and he was doing it “Loudly”.

3. ENERGETICALLY – In 2 Samuel 6: 1-16; David was bringing the Ark of Covenant into the City of David. On the way, an accident happened and Somebody died.

And David said that I didn’t knew that the Ark of Covenant of God can be so dangerous. So, he took it to the house of a Man called Obededom – Saying: This Fellow is a Stranger; he can die.

The Ark landed in the house of Obededom and God began to bless Obededom so Mightily that within three (3) Months, the whole Nation heard about the Blessings and they told David and he said: Is that so? They said Yes sir. I gave it (Ark of Covenant of God) to him, I will go and get it back.

He (David) went to the house of Obededom and say that I have come for my Ark – You know that Jubilee involves Restoration.

So, he grabbed the Ark of Covenant this time and when it finally got into the City, the Bible said that he was Singing, he was Leaping, he was Rejoicing Energetically – He danced with all His Might. So Mightily that his wife looking down from the Window of the house saw the King Jumping, Shouting, Dancing Energetically and said: Ha, your Majesty, take it gently.

You know the rest of the Story – God got angry – Ha, Ha; my King was Praising me, treating me as the King of Kings and you dare raised your voice against him? He (God) said that I close your Womb for doing that.

When you are Rejoicing, you rejoice how? – OPENLY, LOUDLY and then ENERGETICALLY!

You see the Point is that:

1. There are some Problems that can be Hidden.

In Mark 1: 23-27; the Bible says that Jesus Christ came into the Temple and there were a Man there with an “Unclean Spirit” and Nobody knew. He was coming like everybody but trouble was with him.

There are many People who come to Church well dressed and the Problem is inside well covered by the Good Dress they wear.

Someone once said that the reason some People go from Air-conditioned house into Air-conditioned car, into Air-conditioned office is because fire is burning under the dress.

Today, every “Secret Problems” you have, my Father will solve – Amen!

2. But there are some Problems that cannot even be Hidden.

In the same Mark 3: 1-5; the Bible said that there was a Man with a Withered Hand. The hand used to be Good but it has now become Useless. And anybody seeing him coming, the first thing they will see is the Withered Hand.

There are some of us that has Problems that we can’t hide:

I. You have been married for twenty (20) Years, no Child – You can’t hide that.

II. By now, you should be married and settled in your own home but you are still living with Mama – You can’t hide it.

III. You are Lame – You can’t hide that.

And you know that when People wants to talk about you; they used that Problem to describe you – Blind Bartimaeus, that is what they calked him. Two thousand (2,000) after God opened his eyes, they are still calling him blind.

That Problem in your Life that is causing People to say that: Where is your God; the Fire of God will consume today – Amen!

That is why some Testimonies can be Hidden – There are many of us who has received Miracles from God but we don’t talk about it.

Why? – Because the Problem was not known and so when the Miracles came, we just kept quiet.

I remembered the Testimony of one of my daughters who came to me and said: Daddy, Pray for me. I said about what? She said: No, just Pray. When the answer comes, I will come and tell you. Okay, God Please solve all her Problems.

Thank God, God answered and finally she came back and said: I couldn’t tell you because even at twenty three (23) Years old, I am still bedwetting. She said that I have never went out with my Colleagues overnight. Whenever they say that they are travelling anywhere and I asked them: Are yiu returning today? If they said No, I will say I’m not going because to sleep one night outside the house will revealed my Problem.

But when the Problem was over, Glory be to God!

Every Problems that you are covering with your “Beautiful Clothes”; in the Name that is above every other names, before Friday, you will Testify – Amen!

But some Testimonies cannot be Hidden – That is where Jubilation comes in!

In the Bible Text that I read to you (Acts 3: 1-10); the Man – Everybody knew him that he was a Lame Man (Born Lame), he was always there by the Temple begging Alms.

When all of a sudden, his Day of Jubilee came and all of a sudden his ankle bones received Strength – Oh God, he jumped up and said: Am I the one walking. He said let me try if I can jump; he jumped and landed. He kept on Leaping and Praising God.

Everybody saw him and knew that this is the Fellow who used to be at the Gate begging for Alms.

And the Bible says that he is more than forty (40) Years Old.

That Problem that you are born with, my God will remove it today – Amen. And when you begin to Jubilate – Singing, Shouting, Leaping and Dancing; everybody will know that your God is Great – Amen.

Some Miracles cannot be Hidden – There is a way God can bless you and everybody will know that this is Unusual (This does not normally happen – Blessings that cannot be Hidden).

Let me tell you a Story and then it will be time to Pray:

When I told my People that I got Promoted two (2) times in one Year in the University, they said: No way! It doesn’t happen. So they asked me how?

I said that I was Promoted to Lecturer Grade 1 at the University of Lagos and then I saw an Advertisement at the University of Ilorin and I applied and I went for the Interview.

As soon as I got there, the Man at the Head of the Panel used to be my Dean at the University of Lagos and he knew me – Ha, its you Adeboye and I said Yes sir.

Okay, you should know that the Interview will go well and I got the Position – So, I moved from Lecturer Grade 2 to Senior Lecturer in one Year.

Some People say that is No Miracle now! – That it is because of the Fellow that you know.

I said that is what I’m saying – You know the King of Kings, you know the Lord of Lords, you know the Ancient of Days, you know the Great Promoter. That kind of Promotion that everybody will say: Hey, we have not seen this one before is coming your way now – Amen.

Jubilation comes when God does something that everybody will know – This can only be God!

And I am trusting God – The One who called me and sent me to you that before the end of this Year’s Convention, you will have that kind of Testimony – Amen!

But in Closing, there is a Passage in Job 20: 4-5 – It says: Don’t you know even from the beginning of the world that the triumphing of the Wicked is for a short time?

That if a Someone is a sinner and he is even Rejoicing/Jubilating; one day He said that the Joy will not last, the Jubilation won’t last.

The Triumphing of the Wicked is for a short time!

One man came here Years ago – We are still in that little hut behind then.

What is the Problem? – He said that he went to swallow a charm to make money and they told him that he will be very rich but will die after seven (7) Years and he agreed – At least seven (7) Years of enjoyment is something.

And instead of getting rich, nothing happened. Year after Year, everytime everybody is saying: Happy New Year, he says one Year is gone.

So, he came and we said that we know Someone who can drive that thing out.

Every Plants that God has not Planted shall be rooted out – Amen!

Will you give your Life to Jesus Christ? He said: Ha, he said no Problem. You can deceive the General Overseer but you can’t deceive God. But God is a God of Mercy – Occasionally, He will credit you a Miracle on Credit.

So, we Prayed a Simple Prayer and he vomited the thing. And the thing that he vomited, to show you how it was, the thing began to jump, trying to run away that we had to Pursue it to catch it.

Everything that God has not Planted in your System is coming out this Week – Amen!

And of course, you can see a lot of Jubilation that day – Singing, Shouting, Rejoicing, Jumping, Clapping.

And after some time, we didn’t see Brother in Church anymore.

What happened? So, we followed up – Brother, what happened.

He said: Oh, they told me that I swallowed that one wrongly. So you mean that you have swallowed another one? He said Yes!

Okay and I am telling you that money came. And then when it was almost seven (7) Years because we tried our best to bring him back to God – No, if you need money, ask me. We told him: No, we don’t want “Blood Money”.

When the seven (7) Years was almost expiring, he thought that he was Clever and said that this demon can only operate in Nigeria. I will run to Britain since there is money now. The demon only operate in Hot Weather, over there is Cold.

Do you know that there are some People who thought that demons are only in Africa – They thought that they can’t operate Abroad. I told them Abroad that there are demons everywhere and that the only difference between the demins in Nigerua and the demons in London is that the demons in Nigeria didn’t go to School (They are illiterate) and so they are easy to recognise. The demons in Nigeria can marry twenty one (21) wives.

He thought that there is no demon Abroad but he died on the Plane.

The Joy, the Rejoicing, the Triumphing of the Wicked is for a short time!


If you want your Tribulation to last forever, you better give your Life to Jesus Christ, let His Blood wash away your sins, then you can have a “Permanent Jubilee”, you can rejoice for the rest of your Life.

So, if you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ – Nobody is forcing you as it’s your own Choice. Come now, God is Calling you, Come and surrender your Life to Jesus Christ.

I am going to count from one (1) to seven (7); if by the time I say seven (7); you are not infront of the Altar, then it is up to you – The Choice is yours.

But if you want Joy that will last forever, Permanent; come and give your Life to Jesus Christ now. I’m counting!

Those of you infront, cry to Jesus Christ: Save my Soul, let Your Blood wash away my sin, I don’t want to live with sins any longer, I want Joy that will last. Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God.

And the rest of us, let us stretch our hands to our Brothers and Sisters and intercede for them – That God will save their Souls and give them a Brand New Beginning so that their Salvation will be Genuine.

Please Pray for them. Thank You Lord. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Saviour, I want to say Thank You for Your Words, Thank You for the People who has come to surrender their lives to You.

Father, Please receive them, have Mercy on them, let Your Blood wash away their sins. Please Lord, write their names in the Book of Life, give them a Brand New Beginning, put an End to sorrow in their lives.

And Lord, as they begin to Rejoice in You, from now on, let their Jubilations last forever.

Thank You my Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Now, I want to rejoice with those of you who has come forward today – It’s a Great Day for you, a New Beginning and you yourself will know very, very soon that your Joy will begin to bubble out and it will never end.

The Counsellors will attend to you. But before you go, I want you to be Part of the Prayer now!

The rest of us, are you ready to Pray? Stand on yiur feet and shout a Big Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Lift up your voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, from this Day onwards, let me begin to Jubilate and don’t let my Joy ever end. Don’t let me ever know sorrow again in my Life.

Go ahead and cry to God!

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