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RCCG  Open heaven Daily 31 January 2023

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Open Heavens 2023
Open Heavens 2023

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Memorise: Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him Job 13:15

Read: Luke 7:2-10


How well you know Jesus has a lot to do with what you can get from Him.

In Matthew 8:1-3, the Bible says a leper (note that humanly speaking, leprosy was an incurable disease) came unto Him and said, “I know that you can make me clean”. He did not say, “I believe”, He said “I know”.

He knew Jesus could heal him without any doubt and he got his miracle. In Mark 5:25-34, the woman with the issue of blood was saying, in essence, “I know that man, I know there is enough anointing in his clothes to take care of my problem”.

In Luke 7:2-10, the centurion more or less said, “I know that when you command sickness, it obeys you“. When you know the kind of person you are talking to when you are praying, you can get anything you want. After the successful completion of one of our annual conventions in The Redeemed Christian Church of God, I was extremely tired, so I told my wife and children that I was going to bed and did not want any disturbance.

A woman came from the North just around the time I got into the bed and asked my children, “Is Daddy at home?” My children could not lie, so they said “Yes”. “I need to see him” she said.

“He is not coming out again today” they replied. “Who is talking about today? Since he is in, no problem; I will stay here until he comes out”. She stayed by the door. They gave her food, but she did not leave that spot. She just sat there by the door.

At some point, my wife had to come and wake me up and I reminded her I had said I shouldn’t be disturbed at all. She eventually got me to climb out of the bed to attend to the woman. She requested that I should just touch her head as she was confident that her situation would turn around for good.

She knew and she got her miracle. When you go to God, praying in the name of Jesus, do you really know that God hears you? Do you really know that the God who can hear you has the ability to do whatever you are asking Him for? Do you really know that He wants to solve your problem? If you know, then congratulations, because your problems are already over.

Hymn 27 What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Action Point: Approach God in prayer now, knowing fully well that He can hear you and solve all your problems. Co ahead and ask Him for whatever you want.

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Bible in one year. Leviticus 11-13


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