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Sunday Service LIVE: The Prophet confirmed! Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

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Sunday Service LIVE: The Prophet confirmed! Prophet Shepherd Bushiri


Sunday Service LIVE:
“Heavenly father, help me today as l believe You for family deliverance against any tomenting spirits.
As you raise your hands, l want you to think about which of the five spirits l mentioned is afflicting you. Clap your hands and pray in faith, knowing that God is delivering you from all bondage.
Pray! Pray! Pray!”
– Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
ECG church and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
ECG church and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

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God Bless you


The Prophet confirmed!

“There is a Prophetess from Botswana named Monica who is not aware of her calling”, announces the Prophet, and a lady comes forward from the back of the church to confirm this to be true of herself as well as that she is doubting her calling, just as the Prophet had said.
“Host, what is Host?”, Major 1 asks and she confirmes that it is the name of her ministry. “I want to confirm your calling Monica, do not be afraid and do not doubt for God has called you, and now that I have confirmed your calling no one will ever undermine you. Take the grace”, and by laying hands upon her, the prophet let her go.
Glory be to God!!!

Sunday Service LIVE:

Prayers to begin the year.
“I want you to be in prayer as l pray and deliver you from the following afflictions.
1. Backslidding.
2. Sickness.
4. Disappointment.
5. Setback.
These spirits have been afflicting many of you here today but by the mantle upon me as your spiritual father, l command a stop to them all and set you free in the Name of Jesus!”
-Prophet Shepherd Bushiri


I want to tell you about God’s goodness. In the first chapters of Genesis, God had already shown His goodness. (Genesis 1:31) I want you to see and experience God’s goodness. You cannot call yourself a Christian yet you have never experienced God’s goodness in your life, how will you convince the non-believers if you yourself are not fully convinced.
In the book of Exodus 33:18 God says, I will make all My goodness come in front of you. Refuse not to experience God’s goodness.
-Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Sunday Service LIVE: Prophecies

“Raymond from Botswana”, calls out the Prophet. “Take 4 steps forward said the Prophet”, so he did.
“The four steps you have just walked, mean that things will turn around in your life. Are you in construction?” Asked the prophet, and he confirmed and the prophet went on to explain that the symbolism of the four steps he walked is a dry season for two months and the next two, being April and May, you shall see plenty. for plenty.
The Major prophet, continued, “God performed a wonderful miracle in your life sir and you are not aware of that. You need to appreciate God for what He has done in your life. God brought you a supportive person and you thought it just happened and gave Him no glory for it. Do not play with your blessing.
And the oracle of God laid his hands upon the man and sent him on his way.


The Prophet of God points out a woman in the congregation and prophesied to her that the Lord is showing him an open window.
God will perform a big miracle for her. He also prophesied to her that the devil wants to bring a sickness into her family and to stop the blessing of God, but it will not happen and has been cancelled in the name of Jesus.
Sunday Service LIVE:

Worship rendered to The Master of all eternity

The house of God is ablaze with saints giving heartfelt worship to Him who reigns supreme. Hands held up high lifting higher even, the name of Jesus. The Jesus Nation is living the scripture, worshiping The Lord before His coming.
All hail Jehovah El Elyon
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a South African Christian religious leader, who is the founder and leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church. He is also known as Major 1, and claims to have prophetic powers. He has a large following in South Africa, as well as other countries in Africa and beyond.
The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church is a Christian denomination founded by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, also known as Major 1, in South Africa. The church is known for its charismatic worship and emphasis on the prophetic, with Bushiri claiming to have prophetic powers. The church has grown rapidly and has a large following in South Africa and several other countries in Africa, with several branches and satellite churches established throughout the continent. The ECG church is known for its large scale events and gatherings that are attended by thousands of members, where they believe that the prophet has the ability to heal, perform miracles and prophecy.

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