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VIVA JESUS NAZARENO! Meaning Long live Jesus of Nazareth

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VIVA JESUS NAZARENO! Meaning Long live Jesus of Nazareth

O Beloved Lord Jesus, Black Nazarene,
we come to You to help us.
Life is a constant struggle,
and we now feel the pain of our journey.
Bless us Jesus and teach us to listen
to You in all the events of our life,
knowing that nothing happens by chance.
Everything that happens has a reason.
When we feel the pain of sickness,
teach us to cope with loving surrender,
to unite ourselves with You on the Cross,
and to believe in the power of healing.
When we experience emotional,
financial and psychological brokenness,
and all types of difficulties,
help us to rise up with belief that with God,
nothing is impossible.
We come to You today,
to pray for healing and
to ask Your mercy:
Jesus, to listen to our petitions
(say petitions…)
;We pray to You with the help of our Mother Mary to answer our prayers. Amen.
Jesus, the Black Nazarene
We put our trust in You!❤?❤?❤?❤?
“Viva Jesus Nazareno” is a phrase in Spanish that means “Long live Jesus of Nazareth.” Nazarene is a term that is used to refer to Jesus of Nazareth, who is also known as Jesus Christ. It is a common phrase used in worship and devotion by many Christians, particularly Catholics, as a way of expressing their love and devotion to Jesus. The phrase “Viva Jesus Nazareno” is often used as a way of expressing the belief that Jesus is alive and present with his followers, and that he continues to work in the world through the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ and an important figure in the Christian faith. According to the Christian Bible, Mary was a young woman living in the town of Nazareth when the angel Gabriel appeared to her and announced that she had been chosen by God to give birth to the Son of God. Mary is revered by Catholics and many other Christians as a model of faith and obedience, and is often invoked in prayer and devotion. In Catholic tradition, Mary is considered the mother of the Church and is honored with the title “Mother of God.” Many Catholics also believe that Mary is a special intercessor with her son Jesus, and that she can help to bring people’s prayers and petitions to him.

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