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God Bless you

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God Bless you


1. Let’s worship the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Ancient of Days. Bless His Holy Name, give Him Glory, give Him Honour, give Him Adoration.
Praise God – He is worthy to be Praised, He is worthy to be Adored, He is worthy to be Magnified. Praise the Owner of the Earth, the Owner of the Fullness thereof, Praise the One who never fails.
Thank Him for all He has done for you since the Beginning of the Year, Praise Him for Preservation, Praise Him for Healing, for Health, for Promotion, for Protection – He is worthy to be Praised, He is worthy to be Adored. Bless His Holy Name.
Thank You Father. Glory be to Your Holy Name.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
2. Now, I want you to Pray for all our Rulers at every Levels.
That the One who Himself is called “The Burden Bearer” will help these People to carry their own Burdens.
They have been carrying the Burdens of Kingdoms, of States, of the Nations but they have their own Burdens.
Let’s cry to God that the Almighty God will carry their Burdens for them – Their Individual Burdens, Burdens at Home, Burdens over their children, Physical Burdens, Materia Burdens, Spiritual Burdens.
Pray that “The Burden Bearer” Himself will Help and Assist them.
Go ahead and cry to the Lord.
Thank You Father.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
3. Let us Pray that the Almighty God will give them Wisdom, He will give them Understanding, He will give them Directions from Heaven so that they will be able to rule us aright.
Pray that God will give them “Special Divine Enablement” – Strengthen them, Stand by them.
Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God.
Thank You forever Oh Lord.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
4. Brethren, when David made a mistake and God decided to fight; there were thousands of People in Israel that died – Not a Single one in the Palace.
Let us cry to God and say: Father, don’t let our Rulers make mistakes. Because if they do, we are the ones who will suffer.
Please Lord, don’t let them make mistakes. Help them Lord – Direct their Actions, direct their Thoughts.
Thank You Father. Glory be to Your Holy Name.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!
5. Now, you are going to Pray for yourself.
You are going to cry to Him and say: Father, another Year is coming to an End, fulfill Your Promises for me.
We are in October already Lord; another Year is about to End; Please fulfill Your Promises to me.
Thank You Lord.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
You are the Mighty God
The Great I am
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
You are the Mighty God
The Great I am
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
… Repeat!




Father Almighty – The All Sufficient God, Jehovah El-Shaddai, the One who lives forever, the One who can do anything, the Great Burden Bearer – Accept our worship in Jesus Name.
Thank You for January Lord, Thank You for February, Thank You for March, Thank You for April, Thank You for May, Thank You for June, Thank You for July, Thank You for August, Thank You for September and now Thank You for October – Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.
It is of Your Mercy that we are not consumed – There are many People who says Happy New Year with us that are no more.
That we are still alive today Thank You – Thank You for Preservation, Thank You for Your Provisions, Thank You for Your Support – Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.
Father today, we Your Children across the whole world are in one Accord and we are crying unto You for our Leaders – Oh, we are always quick to criticize them but we forget that they have their own Problems too.
Oh, Great Burden Bearer, bear their Burdens for them.
Whatever may be their Individual Problems – Whether Physical, Material, Spiritual, Marital or otherwise; Please Lord solve all their Problems; Support them, Defend them, Fight their battles for them.
In their various Domains my Father and my God, send them Help and give them Wisdom, Understanding and don’t let them make mistakes so that we don’t suffer.
And Lord, Please this Year is going to an End; there are so many Promises You made for us, that You Prophesied into our lives since the beginning of the Year (2021). Before this Year ends Father answer us, fulfill Your Promises.
And Lord, all Your Children who has been Faithful in the Payment of their Tithes and in the Giving of their Offerings; this Month embarrass them – With Your Blessings, embarrass them.
The kind of Blessings that they will say: God this is too much, Father give unto them.
And Lord God Almighty, in the lives of everyone of Your Children all over the world, let this Month be a Month of Miracles.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
Let someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.
Wave your hands to one (1) or two (2) People and say: Good Morning, God Bless You.
And then you may Please be seated.
We are delighted to welcome the Number One (1) Citizen of Lagos State to our midst today – God Bless You sir, God Bless You ma.
And we are delighted to welcome all our Royal Fathers too.
And so that I don’t miss anybody; we are delighted to welcome all our Brothers and Sisters to Church this Morning – God Bless You (Amen).
And in case anyone is here saying that we didn’t hear you Pray for Nigeria; we have done that on October 1st at the Holy Ghost Service (HGS). And we know God has already heard us.
Whether the devil likes it or not; all is going to be well with Nigeria – Amen!
2 Chronicles 20: 20-30:
20. And they rose early in the morning, and went forth into the wilderness of Tekoa: and as they went forth, Jehoshaphat stood and said, Hear me, O Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe His Prophets, so shall ye Prosper (How many of you believed the Prophets of God, then you shall Prosper)
21. And when he had consulted with the People, he appointed Singers unto the LORD, and that should Praise the beauty of Holiness, as they went out before the Army, and to say, Praise the LORD; for his Mercy endureth for ever.
22. And when they began to sing and to Praise, the LORD set ambushments against the children of Ammon, Moab, and mount Seir, which were come against Judah; and they were smitten (May I Prophesy to someone that all your enemies will destroy themselves)
23 For the children of Ammon and Moab stood up against the Inhabitants of Mount Seir, utterly to slay and destroy them: and when they had made an end of the Inhabitants of Seir, every one helped to destroy another.
24. And when Judah came toward the Watch Tower in the wilderness, they looked unto the Multitude, and, behold, they were dead bodies fallen to the Earth, and none escaped.
25. And when Jehoshaphat and his People came to take away the spoil of them, they found among them in Abundance both riches with the dead bodies, and Precious Jewels, which they stripped off for themselves, more than they could carry away: and they were three days in gathering of the spoil, it was so much.
26. And on the fourth day they assembled themselves in the Valley of Berachah; for there they blessed the LORD: therefore the name of the same Place was called, The Valley of Berachah, unto this day.
27. Then they returned, every Man of Judah and Jerusalem, and Jehoshaphat in the forefront of them, to go again to Jerusalem with Joy; for the LORD had made them to rejoice over their enemies (Everyone of you will rejoice over your enemies – Amen)
28 And they came to Jerusalem with Psalteries and Harps and Trumpets unto the House of the LORD.
29. And the fear of God was on all the Kingdoms of those Countries, when they had heard that the LORD fought against the enemies of Israel.
30 So the realm of Jehoshaphat was quiet: for his God gave him rest round about (I decree to Nigeria: God will give you rest).
This Morning, I have been asked to speak to us on: “DIVINE INVOLVEMENT”.
What do we mean by Divine?
We all know that one – It does not need a lot of definition.
It simply means something that has to do with God.
What do we mean by Involvement?
In the Language that a Market Woman can understand; Involvement simply means to have a “Hand In”.
So, when they say that you are involved; they mean you have a Hand in the matter.
For example in Matthew 8: 1-3 – A Leper came to Jesus Christ and said that I know that you can make me Whole if You are Willing.
If You decide to have a Hand in my situation, You can make me Whole.
Jesus Christ said that I am Willing and He touched him.
… He had a Hand in the situation and the Leper was Cleansed.
So, when we talk about “Divine Involvement”; we are talking about God having a Hand in your situation.
So, I’m Praying for everyone of us – Everyone listening to me all across the Globe or reading on the Label of DMC: From this moment onwards; God will have a Hand in your affairs – Amen!
1. For an Individual
I. You see because when God becomes involve with an Individual, when He has a Hand in your situation: The Incurable can be cured.
I mean you know the Story of Naaman in 2 Kings 5: 1-14.
This Man was rich, he was Successful, he was famous but he has a Problem – And that Problem is Leprosy.
And in those days, Leprosy was Incurable. But God had a Hand in his situation – God told him to go and wash in a Particular River.
You don’t get cured of Leprosy by washing in any River no matter how clean.
And the River God even asked him to go and wash is a dirty one – He himself said so. He said that there are better Rivers where I come from.
But because God has a Hand in it; he washed and he was clean.
In John 9: 1-7 – There was a Man who was born blind and People were talking about him. They said: How come he was born blind? Was it his father who sinned or mother?
Jesus Christ said that it was not the question of sin; I just want to show you what happens when I get involved.
He spat on the Ground, made some mud, Put it where the eyes are supposed to be and told the Man to go and wash.
And the Man washed and came back seeing.
… He had no eyes but God got involved and he got two (2) Brand New eyes.
And I Pray that, that will be a Message for somebody today – Amen
Several Years ago in Rowe Park Yaba Lagos when the Church was still “Very Small”, we held a Crusade – And Rowe Park Yaba Lagos then was big enough back then to take all of us.
And then we had a Testimony: There was this Young Man who was born with only one Testicles. And the Parents in trying to help him, took him to an Herbalist who said he could help but in the Process of trying to help him, he destroyed the only Testicles that he had.
… That is Involvement of an Herbalist.
Then they came to Rowe Park Yaba Lagos and as the Preaching was going on; God said that He was distributing Spare Parts.
… May I claim that for you this Morning (or as you now on the Label of DMC) – Amen.
And all of a sudden, we began to hear somebody shouting and the boy came forward and said that the Almighty God had given him two (2) Brand New Testicles.
Now, this boy had been married and because there was no Testicles before; there was no Pregnancy for his wife.
But after that incident; some six (6) Months or so later, he came to see me in the office – He came with his wife and I could see the belly of the wife.
He said: God did this for me! Daddy, do you want to see it?
I said that I can see it already – The belly of your wife!
I Pray for everyone of you in Need of a Spare Part(s) from Heaven: Get it today in Jesus Name – Amen!

II. When God is involved with an Individual, He can turn a Failure to an “Over-Night” Success.
Luke 5: 1-7 – Peter had fished All Night and he caught Nothing.
Peter was hardworking but there was nothing to show for his hard work.
And then Jesus Christ got involved. He stepped into his boat and in one throw of the Net, he caught so much fish that his boat and the boat of his friend were filled to Overflowing with fishes.
When God get involved with an Individual, he gets a Financial Breakthrough that he will need the Help of somebody to manage
Very soon, your Testimony will be: My Problem is not having money; my Problem is how to spend the money – Amen!
III. When God gets involved with your situation; you can get “Sudden Accelerated Promotion”.
In 1 Samuel 16: 1-3; the Bible tells us that God sent Samuel to go and anoint a King in the house of Jesse.
When he got there; there were some “Big Boys” that the father felt they deserved to be King.
But there was this Young Man called David – According to Bible Scholars, because he was a Product of a “One-Night Stand” which the father had with a woman who wasn’t the wife; he wasn’t even invited for Presentation.
But because God was involved in his case; God said through His Prophet that we won’t even sit down until you bring this boy – And then they brought him.
… And the boy woke up as a Shepherd Boy; he went to bed a King because God got involved.
I Pray for someone today: Those who should Promote you who are not doing so; they won’t even be able to rest – Amen!
I mean several Years ago; we were at a Workers’ Meeting here at Evite Metta (RCCG National Headquarters Parish).
And during the Workers’ Meeting on Sunday Evening, we will take a Bible Passage and then ask everybody to contribute – The Workers sit on one side, the Pastors and Deacons sit on one side so that we can know who is who.
And everybody was making Contributions and some of the Contributions were way, way off.
And then one Young Worker got up and said: This is what I believed the Bible Passage is saying.
… And he was right on Target.
And I looked at him and said: Well done Deacon!
He looked at me and somehow the matter sunk into his Mind – He just Picked his chair and crossover to where the Deacons are sitting.
And the People there were saying: Where are you going?
He said: The General Overseer called me a Deacon; from now on I am a Deacon!
I decree today (or as you read on the Label of DMC): God will send Promotion to you – Amen!
IV. You see, when God has a Hand in your situation; He will grant you “Unusual Favour”.
You can read Genesis 39: 1-end.
Joseph was a Slave, he was bought by a Man called Potiphar.
But because God has a Hand in the Life of Joseph, he became a CEO (Chief Executive Officer).
The Bible said that Potiphar handed over everything to him – That the only thing that Potiphar got himself in was the food he ate and it was Joseph who decides what food they should give him.
Then, there was a crisis when the wife of Potiphar tried to cause Joseph to sin and Joseph refused and so the wife lied against him and he ended up in Prison.
When he got into Prison, because God’s Hand was still on his affairs; the Jailer made him the Controller of the Prison.
And somebody said that if you are the one Put in Charge of a Prison by the one who is supposed to be looking after the Prison; then Life cannot be that bad.
Because the Bible said that everything that happens in the Prison was in the hand of Joseph.
So, he decided what to eat, he decided when he wanted to sleep, he decided what he wanted to do because the Hand of God was with him.
When God’s Hand is in your situation; He grants you “Unusual Favour”.
He sends Help to you because if we continue with the Story of Joseph; we will see how God Intervened from the Prison till he became the Prime Minister of Egypt.
I have told you the Story of one of my children, the name of one of the children is: “God Cares”.
So, when you ask him: How can you give your son such a name? – And it gives them an opportunity to Testify.
They went to America to School on Government Scholarship.
When they got there, as soon as they began to settle down; there was a Military coup (That was in the era of Military coup upon Military coup in Nigeria).
And a New Government came and cancelled every Scholarships – But they were already there Studying with a Set of Twins.
No Scholarship means no money coming from anywhere and no Working Permit. So, automatically they ran dry and terrible hunger sets in.
There was one day that the twins were crying badly – Because there was no food for the Parents, so no food for the children. Then the husband said that I can’t bear the cry of the children anymore.
So, he ran to the Library at least to Pretend to be Studying and Mama was left alone with the children crying for food.
And then some People came to Witness (House to House Witness) – They have been doing it since Morning and they got to a Point and say they should go. But the Leader said: Just one more house and they came to the house of this my daughter was with the children.
At the moment, she had remembered something that I taught them long ago – That if you Pray and you don’t get answer, try Praising God.
So, she took her Tambourine and she started singing – At least, the singing will drown the crying of the children a little.
And suddenly the door opened and the children saw a Huge White Man and they kept quiet at least for the moment.
And the Man saw Tambourine in the hand of my daughter and said: Oh, we came to talk to you about Jesus Christ but we can see you with a Tambourine. Are you a Christian?
She said: Yes. Come in.
And they came in and my daughter said: Oh, we would have loved to offer you some things but there is nothing in the house.
The White Man said: What do you mean Nothing in the house? Not even a bottle of coke?
Nothing, she said.
So, he went, opened the fridge and there was nothing there, went to the Kitchen, nothing there. He said: Wait for me!
He went out, came back loaded with food – That was Saturday. By Monday, got the husband a job.
And after that incidence; the first child they had after; was the one they named: “He Careth”.
I am decreeing to the Life of someone today: God will send Help to you today – Amen!
… But that is for the Individual!
2. But today, we are celebrating the 61st Anniversary of our Nation Nigeria – So, what happens when God gets involved in the affairs of a Nation?
I. If God gets involved in the affairs of a Nation; that will Put an end to Terrorism.
Ha, you say that where is that in the Bible? – I will show you shortly.
We all know our Problem in Nigeria – The Kidnapers are not even Kidnapping People on the road anymore; they are going to the Houses of Rulers, kidnapping Rulers.
In Yorubaland in Nigeria, it is a Sacrilege that you touch a Ruler.
DMC NOTES: Sacrilege means Violation or misuse of what is regarded as Sacred.
When I was Younger, I don’t know what situation has become now – If you see a Kabiyesi (The name a King is called in Yorubaland in Nigeria) coming; you will move aside for him to Pass. You don’t even want his dress to touch you.
… There is so much Power and aura of Majesty around.

Aura means the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a Person, Thing, or Place.
Now, to go and Kidnap a Ruler?
But that is about to end – Amen!
In 1 Samuel 17: 1-end; the Bible tells us that Goliath terrorised Israel for forty (40) Days and forty (40) Night. It was so bad that when he gets up in the Morning and he roared, even the King will give into hiding.
But then God got involved and brought a “Small Boy” who with just a Piece of Rock silenced the enemy Permanently.
I don’t know how it is going to happen; but because you came to Church this Morning (or reading now on the Label of DMC): In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, very soon all the acts of Terrorism, Banditry, all kinds of evil will come to an end very soon – Amen!
II. When God gets involved in the affairs of a Nation, He will Protect the People from Pandemic.
You say: Where is that in the Bible? – I will show you!
Read Exodus 12: 1-36 – A Pandemic swept through the Land of Egypt and this Particular Pandemic that we are talking about was “Very Selective” – It kills only the First Born (Every First Born in every House was killed by an enemy that they could not see).
But because God has a Hand in the affairs of Israel; not a Single Child from the Nation of Israel died.
I told those of you who came to the RCCG October 2021 Holy Ghost Service (HGS) – I said that when God told me on January 1st 2020 that the whole world is going to behave like a Child in Convulsion – I told everybody.
Of course, I didn’t understand what that meant – I could interpret it several ways: It could be that there will be Earthquake over the world or something like that.
… But I just told you the way He told me.
When later on, He said that the whole world will be on “Compulsory Holiday” – I told you.
Then Coronavirus came and the whole world is still Convulsing.
“Compulsory or Public Holiday” came and you can’t believed it – You see the Streets of London, Tokyo, everywhere deserted because God spoke.
And then, there were all kinds of Predictions – Oh, World Health Organisation (WHO), all the Experts; they say: What is going to happen to Africa now? They will be dlying like Chicken.
I even know one of the Pastors or one “Big Man of God” who said: Oh God, before July the People who will be dying in Lagos State Nigeria will be hundreds of thousands.
I said: What have we done? Why will they single me out? – Because I belong here.
I cried to God: Daddy, Please remember that the Elders has a Proverb – The cow that has no tail, it is God who will be chasing away the flies.
… We have no Help but You – Help us!
And He spoke and said: Son, I have heard you. Only those whose time has come will die.
I mean when your time is up, there is nothing anybody can do about that.
And like I told you on Friday – I read not too long ago that the People who died from Snake bite on the average in Nigeria is at least 2,000 a Year – Which means that in 2 Years, 4,000 deaths due to Snake bite.
Now, those of us in Lagos we won’t understand that – You go Upcountry, you will see what their farmers are going through.
Almost 2 Years gone, those who has died by Coronavirus are not up to 3,000 yet. They are less than those killed by Snake bite because there is a God who answers Prayers.
I am decreeing to you right now (or as you read now on the Label of DMC): Coronavirus will not come to your house
III. When God has a Hand in the affairs of a Nation; He can turn the Tides Economically.
If we have a Problem in our Nation now; it has to do with Economics.
Like I said when I was asked to Preach in Abuja last Sunday – During the 61st Independence Anniversary of Nigeria and 45th Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Anniversary.

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When I asked those who understand the Language – What do they mean by how much we need to Service our debts?
They said that is the Interest you Pay if you don’t touch the debt – Something you Pay that they will know that you are still alive.
And they said that what we need to Pay to keep the debt breathing is about 98% of our Income.
… We have Problems!
And that we are still borrowing a little more.
But when you read 2 Kings 7: 1-end – You will find out that when God is involved with the affairs of a Nation; He can turn the Tides Economically.
I mean there was a situation in a Place called Samaria – Things were so bad that Women were eating their children.
… We will never get to that Stage in Jesus Name – Amen.
But a Man of God Prophesied and said that within twenty four (24) hours; there will be so much food that nobody will want to buy.
And the Expert said that: How can that be? If God were to make a Window in Heaven open, will that be Possible?
But God showed him.
Whether you believed it or not, one way or the other: Nigeria will survive – Amen!
IV. When God is involved with a Nation, He can solve a National Crisis Overnight.
Have we Problems in our Nation Nigeria?
You have to be deaf, to believe that we have none or blind.
… We have Problems and they are quite a few.
But when you read Exodus 14: 1-end – When Israel got to the Red Sea and they looked back and they saw the Armies of Pharaoh closing in on them.
And they have no weapons to fight – They did not even know how to fight back because they have been Slaves all along, they are busy making Bricks.
But there was nothing they could do – They can’t go forward because the Sea was there, they couldn’t go backwards because the enemies were closing in.
… They had a Problem!
They even said to Moses: At least you should have left us in Egypt. If we die in Egypt, there would have been Burial Grounds there.
But then, God get involved and told Moses – Tell them: The enemies you see today; you will not see them again.
I don’t know how many of you will believe with me: But very soon this Country (Nigeria) will be another Testimony to the world – Amen!
One day, Israel thought that they are finished but by the following Morning, they discovered that they are just beginning.
I believe that Nigeria is just beginning – It will be well with us in Nigeria (Amen).
Now, that brings me back to the Bible Text that we read in 2 Chronicles Chapter 20 that I read before.
If you read the Story from Verse 1 (2 Chronicles 20:1 downwards); the Bible tells us that a King was sitting down in his Palace, minding his own Business, serving God; when News came that three (3) Mighty Kings have joined themselves together and said: Let go and wipe him out.
And by the time he heard that they were coming, they are just twenty four (24) Hours distance away.
Ha, he said: What do I do?
When you find yourself in a situation when you know you can’t fight the battle, then Call on the Lord of Host.
He gathered all his People together, they all stood before the Almighty God: Help us they cried.
And then, God sent a Message – He said: Don’t worry, I will be involved. And He told them what to do which is what I will advice you this Morning.
He said: Worship Me, Praise Me, don’t Panic, I have never lost a War. I will fight for you but you must worship Me.
And the Bible said that they worshiped Him.
I mean you can imagine someone going to war and he Put the Choir Infront.
He told the Choir: You keep singing, those of you with beautiful voices while those of us whose voices are not too good will be making a Joyful Noise behind you.
The Bible described what happened that day, it is amazing – Three (3) Kings with their Mighty Armies, they were United to destroy Israel. God got involved, and we don’t know exactly what happened; all of a sudden the People of one King looked at the People of the other King and they say we hate you. And the other People say we hate you more. Let’s see who can win.
And they finished one Nation. And then the few that remained faced each other and they fight on.
… The Bible said that they finished one another.
It is always amazing when God is involved – He will Prove Himself in such a manner that everybody will know that this can only be God!
One very Great Scientist and I was discussing not too long ago and he said: The fact of what had happened with Nigeria in Particular (He was talking about Coronavirus) shows that there must be something there that is not anywhere else.
I said do you want to know what is there?
At least once a Month; thousands of us gather together in a Place called “The Redemption Camp” Praising God!
… There is something there that they don’t do elsewhere – At least once a Month.
And He said I believed you – I said that you better do.
If only you will Praise God today like you have never done before; very soon People will come to you and say: You have a Secret.
Why are you so successful? Why is it that when People are dying, you are getting Stronger? How come you have “Absolute Peace of Mind when other People are trembling?
And you will tell them: You want to know the Secret?
I have a God and I worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.
Which brings me to the Conclusion:
When God speaks, it is done; when He sends a Word of Prophesy, you can be sure as soon as it goes out; it is Settled
But it is always settled only for His Own People – Not for Outsiders!
The Bible says that: Bless the Lord for He is Good, for His Mercy endureth forever.
But then He went on to say: It is the Mercy of God that got the children through the Red Sea and the same Mercy of God drown their enemies.
So, the matter is actually in your hands – Do you really belong to Him or are you a Pretender?
In the time of Crisis, He will separate those who His friends and those who are Pretenders.
That is why if you are in Church this Morning; wherever you are listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC and you know that you are not 100% committed to God; let me tell you; the Bible says: At the end of the Age, there will be Noisome Pestilences.
And I told you at the beginning that Coronavirus is just one Noisome Pestilence – Just noisy and just one.
Believe it or not; there are others to come but we do not have to worry because it won’t matter to us.
But if you are not on the side of the Lord; God have Mercy on you.
So, if you want to be on the side of the Lord; you want to surrender your Life to Him; you want to really surrender to Him not Pretending; then I’m going to count from one (1) to ten (10) – Before I say ten (10); come and Stand before the Altar.
Let us Pray that God will save your Soul so that you will become Part of His Family and then you can say: I have nothing to fear because the Lord is on my side.
So, if you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ; come now as I’m counting.
… The Choice is yours as Nobody is compelling you.
Now, those of you who has come forward – Cry to the Almighty God: Ask Him to be Merciful unto you; ask Him to save your Soul, tell Him that you want to be Part of His Family, Promise Him that you will serve Him for the rest of your Life, Promise Him that you will have nothing more to do with the works of Darkness, nothing more to do with the devil.
And the rest of us, let us Stretch our hands towards these our new Brothers and Sisters and intercede for them.
And Pray that the One who saved our Souls will save their own Souls also. Let’s Pray that His Blood will wash away their sins.
Pray for them for one (1) Minute.
Thank You Father. Glory be to Your Holy Name.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Saviour, I want to Thank You for Your Words; I want to give You all the Glory and Honour because of these People who has come forward to surrender their lives to You.
Please remember Your Promise – That whosoever will come unto You, You will no wise cast out.
They have come to You now; Please receive them, have Mercy on them, save their Souls, let Your Blood wash away their sins; Please write their names in the Book of Life and from now on, anytime they cry unto You, answer them by Fire.
And I Pray that they will serve You for the rest of their lives.
Thank You Father!
And now very soon, Your Children will be Praising You and they will be worshipping You – I Pray Lord God Almighty that as they do so; You will get involved with them: Get involve with them Physically, Materially, Maritally and Spiritually.
And Please Lord, because Your Children who are going to be worshipping You today; get involved with Nigeria.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!
Now, I want to rejoice with those of you who has come forward today.
I want to Promise you that God helping me, I will be Praying for you on a daily basis.
So, I need your name, your Address and your Prayer Request.
And so, if you will turn to your left; you will see someone there like lifting a Placard with Counselling written on it – Follow him, he will take you to where other Counsellors are waiting to get the information that I want.
Let’s clap for them as they go.
Can you Please Stand?
You know that there is a saying that: If your Hallelujah is louder than your neighbour; your Miracles will be Greater than their own.
So, let me hear your Hallelujah – Hallelujah!
I want to appeal to you that even if it is only for five (5) Minutes; worship God like you have never done before.
And you begin to take note that from now on, you will see His Hands in your affairs.
Just go ahead worship the Almighty God – Praise His Holy Name, Praise Him like you have never done before; Give Him Glory, give Him Honour, give Him Adoration. Bless His Holy Name!

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