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Shout a Glorious Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

I know without any doubt that your Hallelujah can be louder than that –
Having to do with all that the Almighty God has done for us in the Past one (1) week (For the 69th RCCG Annual Convention 2021) and our Father-in-the-Lord has taught us that there must be a New Way of shouting our Hallelujah.

Are you ready to shout now?

Let the Living shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


Shall we wave our hands to the Almighty God and bless His Name.

Let’s worship Him, let’s exalt Him, let’s give Glory to the One who lives from Everlasting to Everlasting.

Let’s bless the Author of Life – The One who has visited us in a very Special manner in the Past one (1) week.

The Lord of Host Himself, the Living God, the King of Glory.

Just go ahead and bless His Name – Let the Lord hear your Voice.

Father, we bless Your Name – We appreciate You exceedingly for all that You have done.

We do not have enough words to Thank You, Daddy –
You are just Good, just Wonderful.

Lord God of Heaven we experienced the Splendor of Your Power and of Your Glory in a Way we have never experienced it before.

We just Thank You Lord – Who is like unto thee, Oh Lord? Who can do Wondrous works in the midst of His Own People?

We exalt You Oh Lord, we Thank You – Glory and Honour be to Your Name.

Thank You, Daddy –
Thank You for Your Power, for Your Might, for Your Excellent Greatness.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Thank You, Lord –
We just Honour You, Daddy, we appreciate You, Lord.

Thank You, Lord; Thank You, Lord!


Then sing my Soul
My Saviour Lord to thee
How Great thou hath
How Great thou hath
Then sing my Soul
My Saviour Lord to thee
How Great thou hath
How Great thou hath

… Repeat!


Father, we bless Your Name this morning.

We appreciate You for who You are – You are the Lord of lords; You are the King of kings;
You are the King of Glory; You are the Lord of Host; You are the Wonderful, the Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, the One who was, the One who is, the One who will ever be. The never Changing God.

Father, accept our Thanks and Praise in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

Who is like unto thee?
Who can we compared with you?

You have been so Good to us – You stretch forth your Mighty Hands into the midst of Your People and in a week, you launched us into a New Level of Glory.

Father, Thank You in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

We Thank You as Individuals, we Thank You as families; more importantly we have come to Thank You as a Church.

Father, we Thank You Lord because you have shown evidently that You are the Covenant keeping God.

Thank You because You are the God of The Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Accept our Thanks and Praises in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

Today, we have come for an Encounter with You; Daddy, we Pray that You will do a New Thing in our lives.

Everyone of us; we will Encounter You anew.

Thank you Heavenly Father and blessed be Your Name.

In Jesus Mighty Name we Pray – Amen!

And everybody will say – Amen!

Let the Living shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

I like you to just wave to those around you and welcome them to this Particular Service of Divine Encounter (August 2021).

Tell them: You will experience a Divine Encounter today.


And then we can have our seats, Please.

We want to thank God on behalf of our Father-in-the-Lord –
For giving us this Unique Privilege to bring the Word of the Lord in this Divine Encounter – The first in this New Redeemed Year.

We want to thank God for His Strength upon his Life, for the Grace of God upon Him and for the Power of the Almighty that was released upon him in a way we have never seen it before.

We give Glory to the Living God for increasing his Strength everyday.

May he continue to grow from Glory to Glory – Amen!

We also want to thank God for our Mother-in-the-Lord –
The Mother in Israel.
We bless the Name of the Lord for her care, her concern and her Sacrifice.

May the Almighty God continue to keep her Strong in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

This Morning, we continue in this Particular Study of a New Wave of Glory. And this Morning, I am looking at: THE GLOW IN YOUR GLORY!

I want you to tell your neighbour: There is Glow in your Glory!

Please say it very well – There is Glow in your Glory!

I want us to know something and got something in mind –
That the convention that we have Passed through (RCCG Convention 2021) was not an Ordinary Convention. It was a kind that we have never had before.

Like Daddy said: This Particular Convention, the Theme was Prophetic and Futuristic.

And so it’s not a Theme that has happened; just an event like that.

You got to know that it is time for you to Shine the way you have never done before.

Tell your neighbour: I will Shine – I will Shine.

Please say it very well – I will Shine.

I have got to tell us today that it is time for us to hit the ground running – It’s not the time for you to go home and sleep.

You cannot hear the things that we have heard and experienced the Anointing of God in your Life the way we have done and go home and sleep –
Not in the least.

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for – It is the opportunity to Shine, to Glow.

This Particular Convention is not just to create an Awareness by the Theme – A New Wave of Glory. It is to create an Awakening.

If something has not awoken from within you to a New Start; you have got to wake it up this Morning – Amen.

If you have not received that New Impetus; that New Move that will give Speed to your feet, you must receive it this Morning – Amen.

And I am trusting God for you that: By the Power of the Living God; you will receive that New Impetus in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

This Particular Theme was not an information – It was not to Provide you with an information but with the necessary input you need to complete the Picture of your Life.

Many People when they come to Programs; they only come around to gather information.

This Theme was not an information – It was that necessary input, that factor that you need to complete your equation.

And I am trusting God that as you begin to treat this New Wave of Glory as that necessary input; the Power of the Living God will be unleashed through your life in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

Listen very well: This is the Theme that does something to you because God wants you to do something for Him.

This is the Theme that transforms and transports you to that New Location that God Himself has designed for you

And as I begin to look at this Topic all over again; I saw an Individual in the Bible who actually epitomised this Theme – And that individual was Moses.

The Story of Moses was all about the Place – But let us concentrate this Morning on Exodus 3:1-3:

1 Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law, the Priest of Midian: and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the Mountain of God, even to Horeb.

2 And the Angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.

3 And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this Great sight, why the bush is not burnt.

And on that Particular day, as Moses turned aside to behold the Great sight; the Almighty God turned him also to a “Great Size”.

That from that moment on it was not the same Moses – Moses became a terror to the Pharaoh of Egypt – The Man who was the most Powerful in the world as at that point in time.

As you have come into the Divine Encounter of today or read now  your Life shall become a “Great Size” – Amen!

What everyone will say: We have never seen it like this before; that would be your Testimony in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

I’m going to examine some things about the life of Moses which will help us to Pray the Prayer that God wants us to Pray this Morning

We are going to look at two (2) waves in the life of Moses.

You know his Story very well – That Moses was Picked up by the bank of the Red sea and he found himself in the Palace.

But somewhere along the line something happened and he ended up at the backside of the desert.

So, we are going to consider the first (1st) Wave and then the New Wave.

… The first (1st) Wave and the New Wave!

Whatsoever you have heard up till now, we will described it as your first (1st) Wave. What you are going to experience from now on is your New Wave.

Tell your Neighbour – I am going to ride the New Wave from now on.

Please say it with confidence – I am going to ride the New Wave from now on.

1. The first (1st) Wave raised Moses up by Human efforts.

That first (1st) Wave raised him up by Human efforts because you know very well he was Placed by the bank of the Red sea to die as there was no way the mother could keep him anymore.

But on that Particular day because there was something about Moses; the daughter of Pharaoh was Passing by and saw the basket.

And the daughter of Pharaoh raised him up.

And from that moment on, the daughter of Pharaoh took him to the Palace.

The first (1st) Wave raised him up by Human efforts.

2. But the New Wave raised him up through a Divine Encounter.

It was the New Wave that happened to him at the backside of the desert forty (40) Years after he had left Egypt.

The New Wave came suddenly:

I. As at the time when he thought that God had forgotten him and

II. As at the time when he thought he had become too Old.

III. As at the time when he thought all was over.

He was not expecting to achieve anything substantial in the world anymore

*I don’t know exactly whatsoever is happening in your life right now – Maybe you are like Moses.

And after your first (1st) Wave, you had thought you cannot achieve anything anymore – I have a Good News for you: You are going to have a New Beginning right now – Amen!

Psalms 20: 7-8 says:

7 Some trust in Chariots, and some in Horses: but we will remember the Name of the Lord our God.

8 They are brought down and fallen: but we are risen, and Stand Upright.

*Many of us we rely on Human efforts, we rely on Human Help, we rely on Uncle, on your Brother, on your father, on various People that you think will be able to help you. You run helter skelter whenever you have Problem.

The only Person you refused to run to or you remembered to run to at all is God –
And it is only when all Others have failed that God becomes your Last Resort.

It shouldn’t be so.

You have been relying on Human efforts up till now; God had sent me to challenge you today – You trusted in Chariots, you trusted in Horses; all of them have failed you. Why don’t you turn to the Living God Himself?

We will remember the Name of the Lord our God – Others will be brought down and they be fallen but we are risen and we shall Stand Upright.

That will be your Testimony in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

If you have been trusting in the arms of flesh up till now; God is asking you to turn your attention to Him – The Only One who cannot fail you.

The first (1st) Wave delivered Moses from death:

I. He could have been eaten up maybe by crocodiles.

II. Maybe he could have drowned when he was still very small

… That first wave delivered him from death.

But the New Wave delivered him from death of Destiny.

There is a lot of difference between Physical death and death of Destiny.

And in case you don’t understand that; you need to look at the life of a man called Samson.

When Samson discovered that his Destiny was dead, he wished for Physical death.

Judges 16:30, the Bible says: Samson said, Let me die with the Philistines. And he bowed himself with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the People that were therein.

Samson actually committed suicide!

When you see People who committed suicide; it was because they knew that their Destiny was dead.

Because you are here today, your Destiny is not dead – Amen!

It doesn’t matter what it is about your Life; it doesn’t matter how low you may be; it doesn’t matter what have happened up till now – Because you are still alive; you shall fulfill Destiny – Amen!

The first (1st) Wave Strengthened a Temporary Glory – A Temporary Glory but the New Wave Strengthened a Permanent Glory.

There is always a difference between Temporary Glory and Permanent Glory.

And when you considered the life of Moses you will see the difference.

When he became the son of the daughter of Pharaoh, he was a Prince – He was rising, he was trained by the best Professors in the world by then. He knew a lot of things, he was Strong, he was Powerful, he was living in the Palace.
But all those were mere Temporary Glory.

Many People glow in Temporary Glory – They glow in their wealth, they glow in their Possessions, they glow in several things that they have in Life.

I was reading the Story of a lady recently – Who had to be moved to Old people’s home.

She had gathered a lot of things all her life, she had a whole house full of things

Many of us we have a whole house full of things – We have forgotten that whatsoever we have now, anything that you can call Possession is mere Temporary Glory.

When it was time for her to move to Old People’s home and she realised that she was going to live in only one room; she had to make her choice on what is important and what was not important.

Now the sad Part of the Story was that all the other things that remained after the one she knew was important; many of them cannot be used by her children – They are already Old.

Many of them they have to dump them in a dung site; some of them they had to be burnt.

In the meantime that was what she had invested her life into.

Listen to me: Are you investing your Life in things that are mere Temporary? Are you Pursuing Positions that are Ordinary Temporary? Are you Pursuing an ambition that is only Temporary?

Remember Moses – But when Moses experienced the New Wave which swept him to Permanent Glory; he went from Glory to Glory.

For someone who is listening to us today or reading now on the You will go from Glory to Glory – Amen!

You know the story of Absalom – Absalom was full of ambition.

Absalom was a Man who knew what it means to experience Temporary Glory.

In fact, if we are going to describe Absalom today; we will call him Temporary King.

Oh he declared himself King – He drove his father off the Throne, he became Powerful.

More People followed him – They hailed him as King but the only thing he didn’t know is that God has not Chosen him to be King.

At the end of the day he learnt his lesson too late.

When they list the name of Kings of Israel today, you will never find the name of Absalom there.

That is the difference between Temporary Glory and Permanent Glory.

I pray for you that your Trust will not be in Temporary Glory – Amen!

The first (1st) Wave took Moses to the Palace; the New Wave took him to Purpose and Achievement.

There is a difference between living in the Palace and fulfilling Purpose.

The first (1st) Wave took him to Palace and all that he got out of it was mere Pride –
He became full of himself, he became full of his Ambition.

He wanted to show the People of Israel – The Hebrews, that he was their Deliverer.

He will match to the site every day to supervise their work, to show and sell himself to them as the future Deliverer.

In the course of doing that he acted so foolishly that one day out of thoughtlessness, he became angry, he became temporary insane and he killed someone.

And by so doing his Destiny was suspended

When you are full of yourself, you will lose Destiny.

You will not be able to fulfill your Purpose –
That was the Story of Moses in his first:(1st) Wave.

He was trying to sell himself to his People –
He killed an Egyptian.

He didn’t think through, he didn’t know exactly what he was doing – His anger boiled over.

Everything that is an evil habit, a negative habit in your Life that will not allow that Particular Glory that God has designed for you to manifest; today the Lord will destroy it – Amen!

Our Father-in-the-Lord spoke so much about this on Thursday Night of the Convention (Day 4 Evening Session) –
That the Greatest enemy of every individual is himself.



For this Divine Encounter to launch you into that New Wave today; you have got to identify that Particular habit that has been dodging your step, that Particular habit that will not allow you to rise.

When you look at Sailors – When you look at the way they ride the waves; they are never afraid of Storms, they are never afraid of the waves of the oceans.

Infact, the higher the Wave of the ocean, the higher they go.

*When you are on the side of God and the Lord is lifting you up; it doesn’t matter what maybe the waves and the storms around you, it will only take you higher.

But every Negative habits will bring you down.

You got to identify that today and deal with it because as you have entered into this New Year; it is to launch you into New Beginnings and you will experience that New Beginning in the Name of the Lord Jesus – Amen!

You know very well that Saul was in the Palace but Saul was a Man who didn’t know what is called Achievements.

You cannot compare the achievement of Saul with that of David – Saul was in the Palace but he was full of himself.

It wasn’t long before he began to disobey God.

Those who Glow in Palace experience, who Glow in their Promotion; very soon they will begin to disobey the God who had raised them to that Particular height.

But for David, it was a different story – David did not only live in the Palace, he didn’t just Possess the Palace; he fulfilled Purpose.

He became a Man of Achievements that at the end of the day David became the father of the King of kings.

Something New is about to happen to you – Amen!

The first (1st) Wave made Moses to become the son of a Princess; the New Wave made him the Son of God and a Member of the Community of God.

Are Glorying in who your Parents are? – Is that where your Glory lies?

Are you Glorying in the City where you are born?

Are you Glorying in your Lineage? – Is that where your Glory lies?

That was where the Glory of Moses lies initially – So when he moved out he will move with that swagger – The son of a Princess is around
The man who is going to become the next Pharaoh is around.

He moved around with the air of Pompousity, he moved around with that air of being the son of a Princess.

And at the end of the day, his balloon was deflated.

And when that balloon was deflated, he knew there was no other thing for him than to run away to the backside of the desert for the next forty (40) Years – Nothing was heard of him.

Then one day, there was a Glow – That Glow at the backside of desert, that fire that was burning, that Glory that cannot be described, that glory that attracted attention.

Your Life will begin to attract attention from this moment on – Amen!

He went to the backside of the desert just like at any other time and remembered very well that every morning, he will carry the flocks of his father-in-law.

You can imagined a Man at the age of eighty (80) Years who had nothing that you can call Possession –
That was the height of Poverty.

Every morning, he will carry the flocks of his father-in-law and he would go to the backside of the desert that was all he was doing – Eighty (80) Year Old Man, he had nothing to Point to.

*I don’t know exactly how Poverty has dealt with your life; I don’t know how long you have been fighting this Problem of Poverty – Moses was a very Good Example.
He fought Poverty for all those Years.

When he fell, he fell so hard that for forty (40) Years that he couldn’t rise.

But the New Wave came and we thank God because for The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) – For someone who is listening to me now or reading now The New Wave has come (Amen)!

When the New Wave came on that day and he saw the Glow, all of a sudden everything Changed – He said: I will turn aside and will look at this sight. This is not an Ordinary Sight.

And God saw that he turned aside and God called to him – He began to hear the Voice of God.

God called him by name.

Every Gift of the Holy Spirit that you have left or that are lost for one reason or the other; beginning from this Morning or as you are reading now  will be restored back to you – Amen!

There is nothing beautiful than to hear the Lord – To hear God speak to you specifically about situations, to hear God warning you about the Future.

One of our sisters was travelling to the US and she has a Stop Over in London at Heathrow Airport (That is the name of the Airport in London).

As at that time, not today, if you want to make a Phone Call, you have to step out of the building.

So, she stepped out of the building and saw a long line. She was the last Person on the line.

She wanted to make a Phone Call to one of her friends that she was in Town.

Somehow she just had this feeling – Okay, maybe I should just go, take a cup of tea for maybe few minutes and then I’ll come back and make the Phone Call.

As she stepped out of line to enter into the building, he heard a sound behind her – When she turned back a Vehicle had hit the last Person in the line and the Person fell down immediately and died.

… She would have been the one but she had a Voice.

The Lord will open your ears – Amen!

Until the Lord opened the ears of Moses; Moses was at the backside of the desert.

Moses was only hearing the bleating of goats, he was only hearing the voices of animals every day and he had gotten used to it.

But on that Particular day, he had a different Voice – The Lord spoke to him.

When a child of God hears the Voice of his Father, that makes all the difference – You know that tomorrow will be alright. It gives you that confidence, that assurance that it doesn’t matter what is happening now; God is still in charge of my Life.

When God spoke to him and said: Moses, Moses; that was his New Beginning:

I. A New Wave made him to begin to hear God.

II. The New Wave joined him back to the Community of the People of God.

III. The New Wave Changed the Story of his life – His narrative became a different thing.

IV. The New Wave returned him back to fulfill Destiny.

As you are leaving here today or after reading this Message You will go forth and fulfill your Destiny – Amen!

I want you to begin to get yourself Prepared for the Prayers that we are about to Pray because we have heard so much in the course of this Convention.

And you must Pray these Things into your System, you must Pray them in, until they become realities in your Life.

It is not just about hearing – Many of us have heard so much and that is why we treated every Program as an Event.

No, this is not an Event – This is a New Beginning.

You got to Pray these Things into your Life until something New begins to happen in your Life.


But listen to me before we begin to Pray; you must realised that there was a time when Moses was just the son of a Princess but there was a time when he became the Son of God.

Until he became a Son of God and a Member of the Community of God; nothing New happened in his Life.

Until you become a Child of God, in truth and in deeds; until you become a Member of the Community of Saints, in truth and in deeds, nothing New will happen in your Life.

That is the reason why before we go to the Place of Prayer this day – As we begin to rise and Pray, you will walk to the front, to the Altar not to meet a Man but to meet the Living God because He is the Only One who can give the New Wave.

So, wherever you are, I like you to Stand up on your feet.

You want to give your Life to Christ, you want to become a Member – A Member of the Community of Saints; so that you can experience this New Wave. Wherever you are, Stand Up on your feet and began to come to the Altar at this Point in time.

Every Other Person let us also rise as we begin to Prepare ourselves for the Prayers that we are about to Pray.

And those of you who wants to give our lives to Christ; let us begin to come to the front quickly.

Remember Moses used to be the son of a Princess but nothing New happened in his Life.

That will not take you anywhere – I am Prince, I’m Princess.

That means nothing in the annex of God.

But when you become a Member of the Community of Saints; your Life is about to become meaningful.

So, if you are coming, Please make sure you come quickly because we shall begin to Pray now.

If you are coming wherever you are, let’s begin to clap for our Brothers and Sisters who are coming at this Point in time to the Lord.

Let’s begin to come quickly – This is your opportunity to experience the New Wave; the opportunity you have been waiting for to experience the New Wave.

This is the first day of your Future – The first day of that Great Future that God has in Mind for you.

If you are coming, Please come quickly – And as you are coming begin to call upon the Almighty God: And ask that the Almighty God Himself will touch you, that the Glow in your Glory will begin to Shine, that the Glow in your Glory will begin to Shine.

Thank You Jesus –
Glory be to God

Let’s stretch our hands towards our Brothers and Sisters – Our New Brothers and Sisters and let’s begin to Pray for them.

Let’s ask the Almighty God to do a New Thing in their lives today.

Let’s ask the Almighty God that He will put an end to everything that has gone wrong with their first (1st) Wave and the Almighty God will launch them into that New Wave.

Let’s Pray for them –
Let’s call upon the Lord that the Almighty God will save their Souls, that from today they will know Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour of their lives; that the Power of the Living God will come upon them the way they have never experienced it before.

Let’s Pray for them –
That the Lord will do a New Thing in their lives, that as they are releasing their hearts to the Almighty God, that Jesus will take up His residence in their hearts

Thank You, Heavenly Father, we bless Your Name, Oh God, we Worship You and we Honour you.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Blessed Father we give You Glory, we Honour Your Name on behalf of Your dear Children.

They have come unto You and not unto Man;
Daddy, we Pray today You will receive them.

We ask Oh God, You will set up Your Throne in their hearts in the Name of Jesus.

Everyone of them they will experience a New Beginning.

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You will write their names in the Lamb’s Book of Life in the Name of the Lord, Jesus.

Father, we Pray this our New Brothers and ourselves and everyone who is here today or reading now we shall reign with You in Glory.

Thank You Heavenly Father.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Our Brothers and Sisters; I would want you to remain where you are for now because we are going to Pray very soon.

And we want the Counsellors to Please meet them there so that we can begin to Pray and all of us can Pray together.

If you are ready for Prayer, I want you to shout a Good Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


1. I want you to raise up your hands to God and begin to bless His Name for such a time like this.

For such a Great Privilege to experience this New Wave of Glory – It doesn’t matter how your first (1st) Wave has ended; God has brought you to experience this New Wave.

Bless His Name, worship Him and exalt His Mighty Name.

Thank you Heavenly Father.

In Jesus Mighty Name we Pray – Amen!!!

2. This Prayer is very important, you will say: Heavenly Father; as you delivered Moses, deliver me from death of Destiny.

Pray that Prayer for yourself – My Father, I’m asking God today deliver me from death of Destiny.

In the Name that is above every other names; Daddy, deliver me from death of Destiny. What makes People to think of suicide don’t let it ever happened to me.

Thank you Heavenly Father. Blessed be your Name.

In Jesus Mighty Name we Pray – Amen!

3. You will say: Heavenly Father, I don’t want Temporary Glory, I want Permanent Glory!

Call upon the Lord
Pray for yourself.

I don’t want temporary Glory. That is not what I desired. Every Ambition that make People to experience that Temporary Glory, deliver me from it – Adonijah, had Temporary Glory, Samson, had Temporary Glory; I don’t want Temporary Glory.

Lord, it is Permanent Glory I desire my Father, in the Name that above every other names.

Thank you Heavenly Father.

In Jesus Mighty Name we Pray – Amen!

4. You are going to Call upon the Lord –
You will say: Heavenly Father, I don’t want to rely on Human efforts;
I want Your Hands to continue to lift me up.
Only Your Hands, only Your Hands –
No Human efforts.

There is an extent Human efforts can lift me – Only You can continue to lift me up from one level of Glory into another.

Thank you, Heavenly Father.

And it shall be so in Jesus Name – Amen!

I believed that the Lord has blessed somebody – If you are that Individual put your two (2) hands together for the Lord!


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