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God Bless you

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DATE: 6TH JUNE, 2021

Pastor EAAdeboye

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God Bless you


1. Let’s worship the Almighty God – He is the Ancient of Days, He is the same Yesterday, the same Today, the same Forever.
Magnify His Holy Name, Thank Him for all He has done for you Particularly from the Beginning of the Year till now.
Thank Him for January, Thank Him for February, Thank Him for March, Thank Him for April, Thank Him for May; now Thank Him for June. Give Him Glory, give Him Honour; He is worthy to be Praised.
Thank You Father.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have given Thanks – Amen.
2. We want to Pray for all Traditional Rulers.
I want you to lift your Voice to God and say: Father, in the Kingdom of these Your Children; let there be Peace, Progress, Joy, Success, No Problem at all, no Trouble, No disturbance. Do it for them so that the world will know that it Pays to serve God.
Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God.
Thank You Father.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
3. Let’s Pray for all fathers – Young and Old; including those that are believing God that one day they will become fathers.
That the Almighty God will “Still” every Storms in their homes; that God Himself will be the Controller of every situation in their homes.
Let’s go ahead and talk to the Almighty God.
Thank You Father.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
4. Then why don’t you cry to God for yourself and say: Father, let this Month be “Very Successful” for me.
Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God.
Thank You Father.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name Oh Lord
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name Oh Lord
Mighty is Your Name
Mighty is Your Name
Mighty is Your Name Oh Lord
Mighty is Your Name
Mighty is Your Name
Mighty is Your Name Oh Lord
Jesus is Your Name
Jesus is Your Name
Jesus is Your Name Oh Lord
Jesus is Your Name
Jesus is Your Name
Jesus is Your Name Oh Lord


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Father Almighty, King of Glory, the I am that I am, the Unchangeable Changer, the Most High – The One that is Higher than the highest, the One that is Stronger than than the strongest, the One that is Older than the oldest, the One that is Wiser than the wisest – Glory be to Your Holy Name.
Please, accept our Worship in Jesus Name.
Thank You for January, Thank You for February, Thank You for March, Thank You for April, Thank You for May, Thank You for June – Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.
Today, Father we are committing all our Traditional Rulers into Your Holy Name; in their Kingdom, there will not be tragedy – There will only be Progress, there will always be Abundance.
Father, if there is anyone trying to cause any kind of Storm(s) in their Kingdom; Father arrest the Fellow.
I Pray Lord God Almighty that in all their Kingdoms, every Force of darkness will be Put to Flight and that Your Light will Shine.
And we commit all fathers into Your Hands, Lord Please everything that they need to be “Good Fathers” Please Provide for them. Any Kind of Storm(s) in their families; Father, Put an end to it.
As for those who are trusting You that one day they too will become fathers; Lord I Pray that You will Provide them “Good Wives”.
And Lord God Almighty; those who are married and they are trusting you for Children so that they too can become fathers, answer them this Month.
Father, I’m committing all Your Children who has been Faithful in the Payment of their Tithes and in the Giving of their Offerings into Your Hands; this Month, surprise them, bless them beyond Measures, everything they touch, let it Prosper.
Answer all our Prayers today and take all the Glory.
Please Almighty God, have Mercy on Nigeria and in all Nations of the world where they are listening to us or reading now on the Label of DMC this day.
Please, Lord have Mercy on them.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
Well, let someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!
Wave your hands to one (1) or two (2) People and say: Good Morning, God Bless You – Amen.
And then you may Please be seated.
Today, we are talking about: “THE SURE MERCIES OF DAVID.
Bible Text: Isaiah 55;4:
Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your Soul shall live; and I will make an Everlasting Covenant with you, even the sure Mercies of David.
… Sure Mercies of David – Three (3) crucial words here!
1. The First word us a Noun: Mercy.
2. The Second (2nd) is the Adjective that follows it: Sure.
3. The Third one of course is David.
1. What is Mercy?
Mercy is a word that has so many other words that can be associated with it – Grace, Compassion, Kindness etc.
In the Language of the Market Woman; Mercy is that which gets you what you don’t deserve – This is also in the Language of those who has not gone to the School of Theology or People like me that don’t know much!
We know that Mercy gets you what you don’t deserve!
Every Good Things that you want, that you don’t even deserved; may the Mercy of God give it to you today – Amen.
In Mark 10: 46-52; the beggar called Baetimeaus, who was blind begged for Mercy.
And he said: Who am I to be calling on the King of Kings to come and do something but it is just Mercy.
… And Mercy got him what he wanted!
In Matthew 15: 21-28 – A woman came to Jesus Christ and said: Help me, my daughter is grievously vexed of the devil – You know the Story.
Jesus Christ said: I can’t give the bread of children to dogs.
Is that? – I am a dog. I am just asking for Mercy and she got what she wanted.
In Marks 1: 40-45; the Bible tells us that a Leper came to Jesus Christ, fell at His feet and said that I know You have the Ability (Abilities) to heal me. What I’m not sure is whether you will be Willing.
The Bible says that Jesus Christ moved by compassions – This is another word for Mercy.
Jesus Christ moved by compassions touched him and said: I am Willing; be thou Cleansed.
When God decides to show Mercy; He will break all rules.
Because one of the Cardinal Rules in the Olden Days is that a Priest must not touch a Leper because anyone who touches a Leper is supposed to remain Unclean till Evening.
He should stay away from everybody, don’t touch any other Person until in the Evening so that you don’t transfer the Leprosy to somebody else.
But Jesus Christ who made the Rules, broke the Rule in order to have Mercy on the Leper!
Every Rules that God must break today in order to give you your Mercies, may you get it through the Mercy of God – Amen.
There is something very interesting about God:
I. God can say: Gold is Mine, Silver is Mine – He is speaking the Truth.
II. He can say: The Earth is Mine and the Fullness thereof – He is speaking the Truth.
… Because He created everything!
But when He wants to tell you how “RICH” He is; He will say: “I am Rich in Mercy!”
Ephesians 2: 4-6 – God boasts of His wealth as regards Mercy.
2. Now the Adjective there is: SURE.
What does Sure means?
Again in the Language of a Commoner; it means: Certain, Settled, Unchangeable, Fixed.
When God wants to talk about Foundation – He said: The Foundation of God Standeth Sure!
… It is the Foundation that you can rely upon
So Sure means: Oh, this is a Settled Matter.
Now when God wants to describe how “Sure” His Mercies towards David is – He talks about it as if it is a Covenant!
Now, we Young People don’t know the meaning of Covenant – The Elders can tell you.
When two (2) Elders enter into a Covenant; usually you break the Covenant, you die.
The Elders will say: You break a Covenant; the word they use for breaking a Covenant is that you insult the Earth. And they said the Earth will swallow you – That is how Strong Covenant is.
Now, God said that when He is talking about His Covenant or Promises to David.
He said in Jeremiah 33: 20-21; He said if it is Possible for you to break my Covenant with Day and Night; if it is Possible for you to make sure that if there is Night, there won’t be a Morning or if there is Morning, there won’t be a Night – If you can see that, then can you break my Covenant with David.
… That is how Strong the Covenant of God with David is – It is Sure, Settled!
3. Now, when it comes to David; how come God is now talking about: “Sure Mercies of David”?
The reason the word “Sure” was applied to the Mercies of God concerning David is that not all Mercies are “Sure”.
In other words, Somebody may get Mercy from God today and lose it tomorrow.
For example: When you read 1 Samuel 10: 1-24; there was a Young Man called Saul and he was made a King.
How could he become a King when he himself said if you read 1 Samuel 9: 1-end.
The Young Man said that my Tribe is the smallest Tribe in Israel. If they are looking for a King, they should go and look for one among the biggest Tribe. He said that my family is the smallest family in our Tribe.
So, you come and Pick Somebody from the smallest family in the smallest Tribe and you say you want to make him King? – It can only be God’s Mercy.
You know: There might be one (1) or two (2) People here today who are sure beyond all doubts that it is the Mercy of God who has made them who they are.
If there is any Fellow like that here or reading now on the Label of DMC; let me hear the Fellow shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!
I have told you before that there are three (3) ways of doing things:
1. The Good Way
2. The Bad Way
3. The God’s Way
What do you mean by that?
God is the Almighty, He does as He Pleases – Nobody can argue with Him. If He decides to be Merciful to somebody, Nobody can query Him.
I remembered Years ago – When I was just a Young Christian and I was trying to query God: How can You make Solomon King? – The father was an Adulterer, the mother was an Aldultress of the worst type; the one that led to the death of the husband.
You combine these two (2) together, You Produce Somebody and You made that Fellow King.
… God, I don’t understand You!
God said: Is that so? – I said Yes.
He said by the way – Your mother, is she the first wife of your father? – I said No.
How come that I bypassed the First wife and I went to the Second and choose you out of that Particular situation?
… I said: No More Questions!
Is there anybody here today that you know that if not for the Mercy of God; you won’t be where you are today. Do I hear that Fellow shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!
So, God took Saul – A Nobody, from a family that is unknown, in a Tribe that is the least and made him King.
And now by the time you now get to 1 Samuel 15: 1-23; this King disobeyed God – He didn’t obey Him completely.
And God says that I take away My Kingdom – I am the One who gave you and I take it away!
… His fault? – He did not obey God completely!
But then look at David – He was also a Nobody.
In 1 Samuel 16: 1-13; when God wanted to select Somebody else to replace King Saul, he went to the house of Jesse and said I will choose a King from among his boys.
David was such a Nobody even in his father’s house that the father did not Present him for consideration.
But God Picked him from the bush, to come above all the Elders and made him King.
Then you now go and read 2 Samuel 11: 1-end – And you see what David did.
He committed Adultery, killed the husband of the woman, Pretended to be a Good King.
A soon as he discovered that the wife was Pregnant, he invited the husband who was a Royal Soldier.
Invited him home and said: Oh, how are you? I hope the battle is going on well?
That one said: Yes, your Majesty.
Okay: Eat and drink and go and spend some time with your wife.
He was Pretending to be a very Good King and the Man said how can I go and sleep with my wife when my fellow Soldiers were at the battlefront?
So, he refused to go out of loyalty to his King!
The Second (2nd) day, the King discovered that this fellow hasn’t gone home and so he couldn’t cover what was going on.
To cut a long Story short, he gave the order to kill this man and told the man to carry the order himself to the Commander In Chief.
… And God was watching!
The Soldier died for being loyal and then David Pretended further to being a Good King – Hey, sorry. Oh, my Soldier died; don’t let the Widow suffer. Come and be living in the Palace.
Then God looked down from Heaven and sent a Messenger to him in 2 Samuel 12: 1-25.
By the time the Prophet finished telling the Story; David said whoever did that kind of thing in my Kingdom shall be killed.
The Prophet said: Well done sir; you are the Man.
David said: God I have sinned and the Man of God said you are Forgiven, your sin is taken away but you will Pay for it. You shall be Punished because I’m an Holy God.
But don’t worry, you are not going to die.
So, you see: There are Mercies and there are Mercies – Mercies that are “Not Sure”; Mercies that are “Sure”.
… Now, which one do you want? – Mercies that are “Sure”.
You better let God hear you saying it – Mercies that are “Sure”.
So, I have to sit down and Study David a little bit – What is it that is so Special about David that:
I. God would forgive so Speedily.
II. That God could still Produce out of this man Someone who will sit on the Throne.
III. That God could say: As long as there is Day after Night; there will always be Somebody on the Throne from the Tribe of David.
And whether you believed it or not; there is still Somebody sitting on that Throne and His Name is Jesus Christ.
… Baetimeaus said: Thou son of David; have Mercy on me!
The Person sitting on the Throne is the King of Kings and He will be on that Throne forever – Amen.
What is it that is Peculiar about David – I’m sure you will want to know:
1. When David repented; his repentance was Genuine.
When he said: I’m downfall, I have sinned – He meant it.
… He was truly, truly sorry!
When you get home; I want you to read Psalms 51: 1-end.
He was crying to God – He said: God, Yes Uriah was the fellow I killed but it is not Uriah that I have offended. It’s You!
It is against You that I have committed this terrible thing.
He said: Please, don’t take Your Spirit from me. Restore unto me the Joy of Your Salvation.
He says: If you can just forgive me; I assured You that it was not going to happen again.
… He was Genuinely sorry – He wasn’t a Pretender!
How many times many People will come to the House of God; when we give the Altar, they came forward, they Pretend they are saved but they are not.
And you can’t deceived God – He knows if you are sorry; He knows if you are really mean it that you will never again offend Him.
In the case of King Saul that was removed before him (David) – When the Man of God told him in 1 Samuel 15: 24-30: Hey Oga, you have offended God and God has rejected you.
He said: Yes I know I have sinned but Man of God Please just don’t disgrace me before these People.
Ha, Ha; you are being told that you are being replaced; you are still talking about the People.
… He said: Hmmm, just don’t disgrace me before these People.
The Elders will tell you: It is only a Goat who will hear the date of his death and he will still be eating Grass.
The one before (Saul) was a Goat while the one after (David) was a Sheep.
2. He was Humble.
Oh, you want to see how Humble he was; read 2 Samuel 6: 14-16.
When it was time to Praise God; there was not even any Member of his Kingdom who could dance better.
When he was dancing; the Bible records for us that even his belly came out of his Flowing Gown – He couldn’t care less.
He was dancing before the Almighty God because he was Humble.
And the Bible says that: God gives Grace to the Humble – God resists the Proud but gives Grace to the Humble.
Like I told you earlier on – The word “Grace” is another word that still means Mercy!
3. He was Grateful
He knows how to show Appreciations.
Of course he realises where he was coming from, now he has become Great, he has not forgotten that it was God who made him Great.
David is the one who wrote and said: Your Gentleness has made me Great.
… I am Nothing, it is just because You decided to be Merciful unto me; that is why I am something.
In 2 Samuel 6: 20-22; when he got home after he has been doing that “Mighty Dance”; the Bible said that he danced with all his Might. The wife looked at him and said: What kind of King are you? Dancing like a Commoner?
Ha, David said: Dancing like a Commoner? – I was dancing before the God who took the Kingdom from your father and gave it to me.
He said: Listen very well; you haven’t seen anything yet. You thought that I was dancing very well today, wait till tomorrow.
I remembered some Years ago: One Chief Judge – I think at that time it was a combination of Edo and Delta States (Former Bendel State) in Nigeria.
A Chief Judge gave his Life to Jesus Christ and then he led a Group of Christians either on Christmas Day or Easter Day to dance round the Compound to Advertise Jesus Christ.
And then the Governor summoned him and said: Chief Judge, I learnt that you my Chief Judge was dancing on the Street like a Common Man.
He said: Your Excellency, your Chief Judge? – I am not your Chief Judge but the Chief Judge made by the Most High. Long after the Governor is gone, the Most High will still be on the Throne. I was dancing for the Most High, I was dancing for the One who can never be removed from His Position. They didn’t vote Him to Power, so they can’t vote Him out of Power.
… And so I am going to keep on dancing!
Is there anyone here who will keep on Praising God for the rest of your Life?
Let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.
4. David was a Soul Winner, he was a Witness, he was a Testifier.
He said in Psalms 89:1 – He said: I will sing of the Mercies of the Lord forever. With my mouth will I made known His Faithfulness to all Generations.
… He said: I will just keep on talking about Him. I can’t keep my mouth shut because He has been Good to me.
Psalms 34: 1-3, He said: I will bless the Lord at all times, His Praise shall continually be in my mouth.
Then in Verse 3 (Psalms 34); He says: Magnify the Lord with me, let us exalt His Name together.
He was a Witness – He refused to shut his mouth!
5. He was Dedicated to God One Hundred Percent (100%).
One day, he woke up in his Palace and said: David; Ha, Ha – You are the one who has become this! Look at your Palace!
And God is living in an Ark (Ark of the Lord) – Just a Tent.
He said that I am going to build a House for God – Such a House that Nobody has ever seen its kind before.
And God took note and sent His Servant to go and tell him – David, sorry oh! You have been a Warrior, there is a lot of blood that has been shed by your hands and so you can’t build a House for Me.
But I will give that opportunity to your son (Solomon) – He will build a House for Me.
David said: Is that so?
The Man of God said: Yes, that is what God said.
He said no Problem “Solo” (Short way of calling Solomon); you are the one to build the House – Congratulations!
He said that I won’t let you spend a kobo of your money – You will do the building oh, but the money that will build that House, not a kobo will come from any other Source other than from me.
Then who is building the House?
If you read 2 Chronicles 22:14; he Prepared one hundred thousand (100,000) Talents of Gold; One Million (1,000,000) Talents of Silver; he Prepared Brass, Iron without weights – Everything that will be needed for the House he Provided for it.
Why? – Because he said: I love my God!
No wonder God Himself said in Acts 13: 21-23 – He said that I have found a Man after my own heart who will do all my Will.
When God find someone who is one hundred Percent (100%) committed to Him; who is interested in only making God happy, when the Person makes a little mistake, God forgives!
That is why God Himself said: This boy who said I will bless the Name of the Lord forever, His Praise shall continually be in my mouth; God said: My Mercy for you will be “Sure”.
In Psalms 27:4; David said: Only one thing I ask of the Lord, only one thing I seek after – I just want to dwell in His House forever; I just want to sit down there, observe His Glory.
Well, no wonder he said in Psalms 23:6 – Surely, Goodness and Mercy shall follow me.
For how long? – All the days of my Life.
Do you know that in the Name that is above every other names, I had the Authority to declare to somebody here today or reading now on the Label of DMC: You will enjoy “SURE” Mercies of God – Amen.
But that is for only those who are Genuinely committed to God.
So, if you have been Pretending to be a Christian up till this moment; you have heard this morning that there are two (2) kinds of Mercies – It is by the Mercy of God that you have not been consumed.
But will that Mercy be “SURE”; will it be forever? – The Choice is yours!
If you want to really, really surrender your Life to Jesus Christ; the Altar is Open.
Come, I will Pray for your Salvation and you too can begin to enjoy the “Sure Mercies” of David for the rest of your Life.
I am going to count from one (1) to seven (7); if by the time I said seven (7), you are not Standing before me here, before the Altar of God; I will know that you are not sure or you don’t want to really surrender your Life to Jesus Christ.
But if you really want to really, really want to surrender your Life to Jesus Christ; Come now as I count!
Oh, the Message of this Morning is only for someone in Particular – So, you might be the only one and so you don’t have to wait for anybody else.
Oh, David was truly Repentant when he said I’m sorry, he meant I’m sorry.
Now, those of you who are already Infront, just talk to Jesus Christ: Ask Him to have Mercy on you, ask Him to save your Soul and Promise Him that you will serve Him from now on. And I will Pray for your Salvation.
The rest of us, let us stretch our hands towards these People and Pray for them – That the One who save our Souls will save their own Souls also.
… Intercede for them!
Pray that the Lord God Almighty will save the Souls of everyone of them.
Thank You Father, Glory be to God.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
Saviour, we Thank You – Thank You for Your Words, Thank You for the “Sure Mercies” of David, Thank You for these People that has come forward to surrender their lives to You.
Father, Please receive them, save their Souls. Today, let Your Blood wipe away their sins, write their names in the Book of Life and from now on, let them serve You.
From this moment onwards, anytime they cry unto You, answer them by Fire and let them serve You till the very end.
Thank You Father.
And now my Lord and my Saviour; I’m committing Your Children to Your Hands; as many that are really determined to serve You all the days of their lives; when they cry to You for Mercies today, answer us all.
In our homes, let us enjoy Your Mercies; in our Places of work, let us enjoy Your Mercies; in our Villages and Towns, let us enjoy Your Mercies; God even in our Nations, let us enjoy Your Mercies.
Thank You my Father.
In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!
I want to rejoice with those of you who has come forward today – I can assure you that the Mercies of God will continue now to be available for you.
So, I’m going to need your names, your address and your Prayer Request so that I can continue to Pray for you.
The Counsellors will attend to you in a moment.
But even before you go; I want you to be Part of the Prayers we are about to Pray before we really begin to sing, dance and Praise the Lord.
Anybody here ready to cry to God for Mercy?
Oh, Stand on your feet and shout a Big Hallelujah – Hallelujah!
Baetimeaus cried for Mercy; God changed his Darkness to Light.
That woman whose daughter was being disturbed by demons cried for Mercy and the devil left her family alone.
That Leper who was completely incurable cried to God for Mercy and God reverse the irreversible for him.
I want you to cry to God with all your heart and say: Almighty God, Please have Mercy on me!
Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God!
Thank you so much for staying all through to read.
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